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A weighted blanket is exactly what its name implies, and people often use them for therapeutic purposes such as relieving anxiety or stress. They sort of act like a hug, and everyone knows how that can remedy a stressful situation. However, most weighted blankets are stuffed with plastic or glass beads and these can be

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The ultimate comfort object for babies and adults is the blanket. In fact, a third of Americans still sleep with an object from their childhood. Blankets help to provide the quality sleep you need. They can provide a sense of calm and serenity to help you get to sleep. Blankets help us handle the lower

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What Are Weighted Blankets? Weighted blankets are heavy blankets used to relieve stress, anxiety, enhance sleep, and reduce insomnia. The problem with these blankets is that they come with special care and cleaning requirements. The following will explain how to wash a weighted blanket. Studies performed in 2018, reported findings that suggest weighted blankets have

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Fleece blankets come in different colors, sizes, styles, and prices. The best fleece blanket should be soft to touch without pilling or shedding over time. It should also retain its size even after several washes so that it doesn’t shrink or become threadbare within a short period of use. Choosing the perfect fleece blanket can