How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

woman laying in bed under a weighted blanket

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are heavy blankets used to relieve stress, anxiety, enhance sleep, and reduce insomnia. The problem with these blankets is that they come with special care and cleaning requirements. The following will explain how to wash a weighted blanket.

Studies performed in 2018, reported findings that suggest weighted blankets have the potential to reduce insomnia and anxiety. Essentially, weighted blankets are an investment in a restful night’s sleep. Like any blanket, these heavier blankets get dirty and must be cleaned to make your investment last.

A randomized controlled study by Bodil Ekholm, Stefann Spulber, and Mats Adler submits that weighted blankets provide a safe method of intervention for patients with insomnia who also experience psychiatric disorders like bipolar depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder.

A good side effect is that it also improved the patients’ daytime activities, according to the same controlled study. Imagine the results when you keep the weighted blanket clean by knowing how to wash the weighted blanket. The fresh, clean scent and the fact that you are sleeping under a clean blanket complement the calming and relaxing effects of weighted blankets.

So, we know that weighted blankets have applications for improving sleep for virtually anyone. That’s all well and good, but how do you wash and maintain weighted blankets?

Do you dry clean weighted blankets? Do you hand wash them in cold water, warm water, or hot water? Do you use a mild detergent or organic detergent? Can you use bleach on weighted blankets? What about spot cleaning and using a stain remover on these blankets?

These are all valid questions that will be answered in this guide on how to wash a weighted blanket.

close up image of a gray weighted blanket

How Frequently Should You Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets, like a conventional comforter, require washing no more than three to four times per year, according to Insider. Otherwise, if it gets stained, smelly, or dirty before that, you should handle that as it happens. You want to sleep with a clean blanket over you.

If you want to follow expert advice, Luxome’s founder, Hyaat Chaudhary, recommends washing weighted blankets a minimum of two to three times per year. Chaudhary also reminds you not to be intimidated by washing your weighted blanket.

If your weighted blanket is machine washable, according to the care and cleaning label on it, just follow the guidelines without worry. Most brands will tell you how to wash a weighted blanket on their website if there is no manual available.

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How Do You Know if Your Weighted Blanket is Machine Washable?

Before you find out how to wash a weighted blanket, you need to know the fabric content. Generally, weighted blankets are composed of cotton, poly-cotton blend, or fleece. If so, your weighted blanket is should be machine washable.

How Do You Wash Your Weighted Blanket?

Before you wash your weighted blanket, you need to understand how to wash a weighted blanket. Therefore, you should begin by reading the manufacturer’s care instructions. You can find these instructions either attached to a seam of the weighted blanket, or on the brand’s website.

The care instructions for how to wash a weighted blanket will differ depending on the fabric, filling, weight, etc. It’s not as easy as washing conventional blankets. In any case, you must learn how to care for your specific weighted blanket before you clean it.

The weight of the blanket is something to factor into how to wash a weighted blanket. You can wash these blankets in your high-efficiency or front loader machine (if it has no agitator that sticks up in the center of the machine) if it weighs 20 pounds or under.

If your blanket is machine washable, you will first check it for stains. If you find any stains, use mild dish soap or detergent mixed with water to rub them out and lift the stains from the blanket. Using a soft, soapy cloth will do the trick. Alternatively, you can use a stain remover and follow the instructions.

Next, you will set your washing machine to the gentle cycle and the cold water setting. Washing in cold water prevents color fading and also prevents damage. Part of knowing how to wash a weighted blanket involves knowing to use mild detergents without bleach to wash weighted blankets.

Any weighted blanket weighing over a 20-pound must be washed at your local laundromat. Heavier blankets require commercial washing machines to accommodate the excess weight. Most laundromats offer commercial machines for washing and drying heavier blankets.

man sitting on a couch under a red weighted blanket

How Do You Dry Your Weighted Blanket?

Machine drying is the most efficient method of drying a machine-washed weighted blanket. Even though these blankets don’t absorb much water, they still need to be dried. Unless you have a commercial dryer at home, you shouldn’t dry your blanket in your home dryer.

The blanket needs to be dried alone, separate from any other laundry. It requires all the tumbling room a commercial dryer offers to get dry. Set the dryer on low heat to prevent overheating the inner blanket filling.

Before placing the weighted blanket into the commercial dryer, check the lint trap and empty it for safety and efficiency. Load the weighted blanket into the dryer and set the dryer to the air setting or low heat. Now you can start the dryer.

You may want to check the blanket every half hour since weighted blankets don’t absorb much water. Properly getting your weighted blanket dry is an important part of ensuring the cleanliness of your blanket.

Can You Spot Clean a Weighted Blanket?

It’s inevitable that your weighted blanket is going to get dirty between washings. Therefore, spot cleaning for spills and drips is recommended. The goal is to prevent any stains or dirt from setting into the fabric, making it difficult to get out later.

You want to start by pretreating the stain, spot, or drip. Using a mild detergent, gently scrub the affected area with a sponge or soft cloth. Do not use a pretreating product or detergent that has bleach or a bleach alternative in it.

After giving your stain a gentle, but effective scrubbing, rinse it off in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water. Maytag has a few suggestions for how to wash a weighted blanket.

Can You Dry Clean a Weighted Blanket?

While not all weighted blankets require dry cleaning, there are some that must be dry cleaned. The easiest way to dry clean a weighted blanket is to take it to your local dry cleaner, of course. You can just drop it off and pick it up when it’s ready.

Alternatively, if you can’t wait a few days for your blanket, you can purchase a home dry cleaning kit that is safe and effective for this purpose. Remember to read the manufacturer’s label on the blanket first and then follow the directions on the dry cleaning kit.

Choosing the dry cleaning method for your weighted blanket depends on your lifestyle. If you have time to do it yourself, you can. If not, have it done if you can afford it. The costs of dry cleaning are worth it to protect your investment.

detailed image of a grey weighted blanket

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket by Hand

One of the best methods of care and cleaning weighted blankets is to wash them by hand. Hand-washing and air-drying weighted blankets can help preserve the blanket’s structure and fabric and filling quality.

How to wash weighted blanket instructions for hand-washing involves first filling your bathtub half full of cool or lukewarm water (not hot or warm). Like machine washing, you should check the blanket for stains and gently treat stains before placing your weighted blanket into the tub.

Expert, Jana Van der Linde of Bearaby, advises soaking the stained area of the weighted blanket in cold water and rubbing it down with a sponge or soft cloth that has a little mild detergent on it.

Once you have managed the stains, immerse the whole weighted blanket into the tub of water, and lightly scrub each section until you’ve washed every section. Now, you can let it soak in the tub for 10 minutes or so. Next, you will repeat the scrubbing pattern. Now, drain the bathtub, rinsing out the weighted blanket until it’s free from soap and suds.

After hand-washing a weighted blanket, gingerly squeeze out the excess water but don’t wring the blanket. That is how to wash a weighted blanket by hand.

Finally, find ample space to lay the blanket out flat to dry. You need a large enough area where there the airflow is good.

It’s imperative to note that some weighted blankets have a type of filling that cannot get wet. Fillings such as beans, rice, or sand should not be washed the same way as blankets with micro glass beads in them, because it could cause the filling to rot and become smelly.

You need to check with the manufacturer or brand’s website when the filling is not washable to find out how to best wash the weighted blanket. One example from the Layla Sleep website provides information on how to wash a Layla weighted blanket. Most manufacturers and brands will offer information about how towash a weighted blanket.

When you decide how to wash a weighted blanket by hand, it won’t matter the size or weight of the blanket. The filling will matter since some cannot get wet, but overall, if you have the space and time to do so, you can hand wash any weight or size weighted blanket.

How Do You Maintain a Weighted Blanket?

One of the elements in how to wash a weighted blanket involves knowing how to properly maintain your blanket to keep it in good shape. While you should follow the blanket’s care label instructions, there are a couple of methods for maintaining the quality of your weighted blanket that can be followed for maintaining cleanliness.

Be sure to clean spills or stains immediately to prevent them from setting in and making it a challenge to remove them. Spot cleaning should be done as needed and as a method for pretreating when washing your blanket.

Refrain from sleeping directly under a weighted blanket. Place your weighted blanket over your comforter or at least your top sheet. This is how you reduce the number of times your blanket needs washing and prevent skin oils and dirt from potentially damaging the fabric. So besides knowing how to wash a weighted blanket, you must also protect it.

man holding a coffee cup sitting under a weighted blanket

Dos and Don’ts For Washing Weighted Blankets

Before you learn how to wash a weighted blanket, you need the dos and don’ts of doing it.


  • use a mild detergent, eco-friendly detergent is preferable
  • check the manufacturer’s care label
  • wash in cold water
  • take any weighted blanket over 20 pounds to the laundromat and wash it in a commercial machine
  • wash weighted blankets in cold water
  • wash weighted blankets on the gentle cycle
  • tumble dry the low heat setting to preserve the fabric’s quality
  • wash weighted blankets at least two to three times per year, or if needed, monthly or as needed


  • use bleach
  • use fabric softener
  • try to wash a heavier blanket over 20 pounds in your washing machine
  • hang out weighted blankets as that causes them to stretch out
  • try to overload your washer by checking its max load capacity

What Are Other Considerations for Washing Weighted Blankets?

Not all weighted blankets are alike. Some cannot be washed in the traditional way due to the inner filling. Poly pellets and glass microbeads are commonly used in weighted blankets. These fillings don’t affect machine washing or hand washing. Beans, sand, or rice filling require alternative cleaning methods.

Additionally, some weighted blankets require more care or have extra features. You may find that some weighted blankets come with a removable cover that should be removed for cleaning. You may need to clean the cover more often than the blanket. If you are so inclined, you may also buy a duvet to put over your weighted blanket to help protect it.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is to always check the weighted blanket’s label for its care, fabric content, and filler. If you cannot find the information you need on how to wash a weighted blanket on the label or on the manufacturer’s website, use this guide or seek out information online. Be sure that the information you find is relevant to your weighted blanket, its fabric, filling, and size.

folded weighted blankets stacked on top of each other

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Do You Still Have to Practice Good Sleep Habits If You Sleep With a Weighted Blanket?

When you consider the benefits of sleeping under the weight of a heavy blanket, you are getting a gentle hug that results in feeling calmer and more relaxed. At least that is how some people describe the sensation, according to Psychology Today.

However, just because you’re getting a gentle hug from your weighted blanket doesn’t mean you neglect to practice good sleep habits. You should not watch TV, look at your cell phone, or engage in any other brain or sensory stimulation when you’re trying to fall asleep. Sleep is a time for disengaging your brain for rest.

It’s also essential to know how to wash a weighted blanket to further improve your sleep and relaxation at bedtime. Imagine disengaging your brain from technology while sleeping under your clean weighted blanket.

Don’t expect to get the best results from a weighted blanket if you keep your body and mind stimulated right before you go to bed, or while you are falling asleep. The Cleveland Clinic has a few things to say about weighted blankets and sleep.

Do You Think You Need a Weighted Blanket?

Now that you have ample information at your disposal, should you be using a weighted blanket? Do you now know how to wash a weighted blanket to preserve your investment?

Studies like this one from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) show how weighted blankets reduce the severity of insomnia. If you suffer from any of the mentioned disorders, you should probably consider investing in a weighted blanket.

If you have a child or an adult to take care of, this Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy study from Taylor & Francis Online shows the efficacy of weighted blankets on sleep and daily activities in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder.

If you discover that you do need a weighted blanket, at least now you know how to wash it and care for it.


Since we, as humans, spend 1/3 of our lives either sleeping or trying to get to sleep, it makes sense to utilize whatever works for helping us sleep better. If that means investing in a weighted blanket, then so be it.

While weighted blankets have their usefulness, it’s wise to know how to wash a weighted blanket to enhance your sleep beyond what that comfort provides. Snuggling into your bed at night, ready to take in some sweet dreams can be interrupted by sensory stimulation.

Therefore, a dirty, smelly weighted blanket will likely disrupt your sleep, defeating the very purpose of that rather large investment. When you are spending between $100 and $300 on average for a weighted blanket, you should want to keep it in good shape which involves learning how to wash a weighted blanket, and how to keep it maintained.

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