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blue duvet on a bed with blue pillows

Comforter vs duvet: both are popular, affordable, and readily available. So which do you choose? Before selecting the same style you used before, read on to learn about the exact differences between the two in terms of materials, care, longevity, and price. Maybe you’ll decide to try something new! What is a Comforter? A comforter

cotton comforter with teal headboard

One way to enjoy the best night’s sleep is to use the right mattress, the right pillows, and the right sheets and bedding. Studies show that when you sleep well, you have more energy, you feel more focused, and you can live your best life. Does that mean you should get a cotton comforter? Maybe

simple modern bed with a white comforter

On average, a third of our lives are spent sleeping. Since you do spend so much time between the sheets, make your bedroom a place of luxury with the best comforter set to fit your needs. A white comforter set will go with any bedroom design and add a lot of brightness to the space.

viscose fabric in purple

What is Viscose Fabric? Viscose is a soft, lightweight fabric, a wardrobe staple since the late 1800s. Although it’s produced from trees, this type of rayon is manufactured using chemicals, making it less environmentally friendly than other rayon varieties. Still, viscose is cheap to produce and highly versatile, a popular choice for garments and home

white sheets and bedding on bed

There’s nothing more inviting than a clean, white comforter on a perfectly made bed, but keeping it sparkling white can be a tough challenge. How Can You Keep Your White Comforter Looking Brand New? Buying a white comforter can be intimidating because dirt and stains stick out like a sore thumb. The good news is