Bearaby Blanket Review: Best Blankets or Bust?

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A weighted blanket is exactly what its name implies, and people often use them for therapeutic purposes such as relieving anxiety or stress. They sort of act like a hug, and everyone knows how that can remedy a stressful situation. However, most weighted blankets are stuffed with plastic or glass beads and these can be very harmful for the planet in the long run. The Bearaby weighted blanket is made by a manufacturer who wants to offset such damage and so they only use plant based biodegradable materials.

Bearaby offers quite a wide variety of blankets in terms of weight and materials so the one you choose will depend on your needs. Below, we’ll go over a bit about some of the blankets they offer and what we think. But first, some history! 

The History of the Blanket

Blankets are a tool humans created to protect themselves from the elements. Think about it, you put one on your bed even on the hottest nights. You may toss them aside at some point but will eventually pull them back on. There is something about sleeping covered that’s comforting. 

You probably have many blankets at home yourself. On your bed, on your sofa, one for your dog, some in your closet for when you have guests and this is because there are blankets for all occasions. However, did you know the luxury of having a blanket is actually quite new?

Back in the day, you were lucky just to have a bed so, a blanket was something only the wealthiest had. This is because they were all woven by hand using expensive natural materials such as linen, wool, and cotton. With the invention of the loom, blankets got just a bit cheaper but were still expensive. The regular people would stay warm at night by sleeping together with other people or even with their livestock.

Blankets were so expensive they were included in wills. Fortunately, as technology got better and materials got cheaper, they became more accessible to everyone. Furthermore, they aren’t just common in colder climates and every single culture around the world has some sort of bed covering.

Your body temperature lowers when you sleep. Your body also loses the ability to control its temperature using techniques such as sweating during REM sleep. Scientists think this is why humans started needing a barrier between our body and the air. 

In addition, most of us are conditioned to feel safe when wrapped in a blanket. Think about it, you were probably covered in a blanket as a baby right after you came out of the womb. As you can see, the soft fabric around you most likely triggers a sensation of comfort and safety. 

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Weighted Blankets

These heavy blankets offer many other benefits aside from comfort and safety. As stated below, they’re used for therapeutic reasons against stress, anxiety, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders, PTSD, and Autism. So, let’s take a look at what a gravity weighted blanket can do.


Just like with any deep pressure therapy, these blankets can increase the production of serotonin, reduce your heart rate, and calm you down. This is particularly good for people experiencing stress or hyperactivity. Actually, not just people, it works on animals too! 

Scientists have also found that weighted blankets can improve your social interactions by helping you get a good night’s sleep. Indeed, bad sleep can lead to mediocre social interactions and performance at work or school because serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating your mood, sleep, appetite, and other behaviors. Its increased production won’t only improve the quality of your sleep but your overall quality of life. 

An overactive nervous system can also affect your nightly rest. Luckily, a weighted blanket can calm you down and reduce nighttime tossing and turning. This is because it acts like a cocoon and can be effective against other disorders such as restless leg syndrome. Another benefit of wrapping yourself in a cocoon is it heightens your sense of security and can even relieve the symptoms of a panic attack.  

A weighted blanket is effective for people with fibromyalgia, chronic pain disorders, and seizures. Most likely because deep pressure stimulation has positive impacts on the parasympathetic nervous system which allows your body to experience a sensation of well-being.

Other such benefits are for people on the spectrum or afflicted by other sensory disorders. For example, there’s evidence that the blankets could increase communicativeness in children with Autism. Overall, these blankets can help anyone get into a better mood as it increases the production of serotonin and oxytocin, and reduces the production of cortisol  — responsible for stressing you out. 

Chronic sleep deprivation or insomnia can be really detrimental to your health and can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. Other potential problems include obesity, depression, a weaker immune system, and a loss of libido. So, a good night’s sleep is vital!


The health downsides of these heavy blankets are actually minimal. Hot sleepers or those who are a little claustrophobic might find them uncomfortable but can always remove it. Furthermore, be careful using them on babies or small children as it could potentially crush or suffocate them.

Note that these blankets are more expensive than regular ones and require extra care when cleaning but the benefits make these two extra tasks completely worth it. The best part about Bearaby blankets is they provide clear care and wash instructions for each product to ensure they’ll last for a long time.

Bearaby Blanket Review: Best Blankets or Bust?

Bearaby and its founder Kathrin Hamm focus on the principle that self-care should be joyful, functional, and deep sleep should be drug-free. Their blankets are made with 100% natural plant-based materials or upcycled synthetic fabrics that allow them to breathe and avoid overheating. Furthermore, they’re ethically sourced and manufactured responsibly. 

Traditionally, weighted blankets use artificial fillers which are really bad for the environment. Bearaby has confronted this problem by redesigning the way they’re made so they use layers upon layers of organic fabric in order to make it heavy instead. 

Many therapeutic and self-care tools often have an institutional look to them but Bearaby paid attention to the design and ensured their blankets will be ones you’ll want to have on display on your couch. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. So, let’s take a look at some of the weighted blankets they have to offer.

Travel Napper

One of the biggest problems with heavy blankets is they’re difficult to travel with. So, the Travel Napper is for you if you’re constantly on the go. It comes with a convenient duffel bag so you can easily fold it and take it along. The peace of mind that you can “take calm” wherever you go is priceless. You’ll have to pay $209 first though.

Don’t let the price scare you, it’s totally worth it and actually one of the cheaper options due to its travel size. It weighs 10 pounds, measures 40 x 64 inches, and comes in five colors. Bearaby also offers payment plans and free shipping anywhere in the USA. They also offer a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy. 

This blanket is perfect for use while you’re on an airplane, car, or train. This is especially true for those who have a hard time sleeping on transportation. Furthermore, we know it’s difficult to sleep in a different bed away from home, so, taking a little bit of it to your hotel room will give you the security everyone needs.

Made of 100 percent organic pre-washed long-staple cotton, this blanket is as soft as your favorite t-shirt as it’s naturally breathable and biodegradable. Organic cotton is a smart environmental choice since it uses 85 percent less water than other farming methods. Furthermore, it’s free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

You can wash this blanket right in your washer, just make sure to use the delicate cycle. Furthermore, it’s important not to air dry as it would stretch out. Instead, tumble it dry on low and be aware it’ll probably take a few cycles to dry out completely. 

People who’ve bought this blanket have found it useful even for small trips such as going over to a relative’s house or visiting someone at the hospital. Some even use it as their main sleeping blanket as it’s a manageable size in comparison to some of their bigger blankets. Overall, people love it and say it’s the perfect complement to their main weighted blanket.

Bearaby Travel Napper
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This queen size weighted blanket is perfect for couples or for those that want to cover their entire bed. Just as the name suggests, it’ll feel like a big hug. You can get it directly from Bearaby for $399 in three different colors. Its elevated price is due to its size and the fact that it’s hand woven. It weighs 35 pounds and measures 90 x 90 inches. The Hugger doesn’t contain any fillers and is evenly weighted for a deeper sleep

You can comfortably snuggle in this knit blanket with another animal, be it a person or a dog or a cat or even with your favorite dust mite. That way the whole family can reap the benefits of a heavy blanket. Because of its size, it’ll cover you from head to toe, even if you’re really tall. 

Weight on your body while you sleep sparks a natural reaction. It stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin, and reduces cortisol. This will help you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rested and revitalized. This is further enhanced by the evenly distributed weight in the Hugger which doesn’t change since it doesn’t have small beads moving from one end to the other.

Made of 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex, this blanket needs some special care. Spot clean it with some mild soap and cold water if you need to clean a small spill or stain. However, if you need to clean it fully we recommend you take it to the drycleaners. Unless you have an industrial sized washing machine, this blanket is simply too massive to wash at home. 

The Hugger weighted blanket is woven. This makes it more breathable which allows you to use it all year round. Some people even like sleeping on top of it. Many customers have stated they love this blanket and that the only downside to it was that sleeping was so good, it made it difficult to get out of bed.

Bearaby Hugger
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Velvet Napper

This blanket is made of sustainable eco-velvet and is made to help you sleep better and feel calmer. It comes in six colors and three sizes. You can choose the one that suits you. Bearaby suggests your heavy blanket should weigh about 10 percent of your weight

The Velvet Napper is perfect for cozying up and looks great on any sofa. The eco-velvet is spun and brushed into a smooth and soft fabric with a lush, luminous finish. Unlike typical velvet, Bearaby makes theirs from 100 percent ocean-bound plastic and claims that each blanket prevents 900 bottles from ending up there. Dry cleaning ensures the blanket will stay soft and in tip-top shape for many naps to come. 

Since this blanket is woven by hand, the weights and sizes can vary. However, the three sizes are 15, 20, and 25 pounds. They’re made for one person but it does allow you some room to invite somebody in. You should keep it to yourself at night, though, it’s the only way to reap all of its sleep enhancing benefits. 

Other weighted blankets are known for being hot, but as reviewers have noticed, this blanket doesn’t get hot. It regulates your temperature, making it perfect for any time of the year. You can buy this blanket for yourself but it’s also a great gift for a special someone somewhere. 

Bearaby Velvet Napper
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Tree Napper

This is another individual weighted blanket. The Tree Napper comes in eight different colors and three sizes and the prices range from $269 to $299. It’s specially made to cool you down so it’s perfect for hot sleepers or those who live in hotter areas. This is because it’s made of plant-based Tencel. 

This material is made from natural eucalyptus cellulose fibers which are made from dissolving pulp and reconstituting it by dry jet-wet spinning. It’s silky soft, with a lustrous sheen and smooth, cool-to-the-touch feel. It repels moisture which is perfect for those that sweat a lot at night. Furthermore, no irrigation or chemical fertilizers are used and it’s 100 percent biodegradable. It’s more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. 

You can put it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and avoid air drying it so it doesn’t stretch out its loops. The Tree Napper comes with an organic cotton bag to make storage and transporting it easier. This blanket will increase joyful feelings, and provide you with a deep sleep and peace of mind. 

Bearaby Tree Napper
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Cotton Napper

The last Bearaby weighted blanket we’ll be reviewing today is the Cotton Napper. It comes in four different sizes and five colors. You can choose whatever size suits you best. However, keep in mind that only the smallest size, 10 pounds, is made of 100 percent organic long-staple cotton. The three bigger sizes are 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. 

This is the company’s best seller and the prices range from $199 to $279, making it one of the most affordable heavy blankets. It’s breathable, soft, and perfect for any season. You can use it while you’re taking a nap on your couch or put it on top of your comforter while you sleep at night

You know how dirty your blankets can get, especially if you have kids or pets. The Cotton Napper is great in that regard as it’s easy to wash. You can just throw it into your washer on a delicate cycle and tumble dry on low. A clean blanket will ensure you can sleep even more peacefully.

This is one of the first weighted blankets people have tried. Many were hesitant at first but once they tried it they were in for a treat and immediately noticed the difference in their quality of sleep. Others had been using a weighted blanket with bead fillers and quickly noticed the weight distribution in this one was much better as Bearaby doesn’t use fillers. 

Bearaby Cotton Napper
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Best Blankets or Bust?

Overall, we found that the Bearaby weighted blanket review is excellent overall. Sleeping under weight has many health benefits but only as long as it doesn’t crush you — no sleeping under elephants. Opt for Bearaby’s unique system of weighted material instead, it’ll ensure a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, they use all organic or sustainable materials. Having that peace of mind will also help you sleep at night

You may not realize it but the quality of your sleep affects all aspects of your life, from how you interact with people to how well you perform certain tasks. Sleep deprivation and insomnia can actually be really dangerous. There are many things you can do to sleep well such as aromatherapy or even take pills. However, a weighted blanket is the best way to do it without any side effects. It might be expensive, but we recommend trying it out if you can afford it.

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