Hush Blanket: Worth the Money? Here Are the Facts.

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The ultimate comfort object for babies and adults is the blanket. In fact, a third of Americans still sleep with an object from their childhood. Blankets help to provide the quality sleep you need. They can provide a sense of calm and serenity to help you get to sleep. Blankets help us handle the lower nightly body temperatures. They also increase serotonin and melatonin to provide relaxation. Most people have been trained to use a blanket since they were small children. Having a blanket has created a cue that it is time to go to sleep. Blankets are an essential part of your nighttime routine.

Blankets are thought to have been created in the 14th century by a weaver named Thomas Blanquette. They were then made from wool to provide warmth and avoid catching on fire.

Today, blankets are made from a wide variety of fibers. Blankets can be weighted or can provide extra heat when using an electric blanket. Many families have favorite blankets that are regularly argued over. For a good nap or a great night of sleep, blankets are a key part of the puzzle. The perfect blanket will be warm enough to keep you comfortable but also needs to be breathable to avoid sweat and moisture.

Some blankets even help to reduce anxiety and insomnia. Sleeping with a weighted blanket is effective in providing more peaceful sleep. Weighted blankets feel like you are getting a pressurized hug all night long. They are an excellent choice to add to your sleep essentials.

What Is the Hush Blanket?

The Hush Blanket is a weighted blanket. The Hush Company founders Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak wanted better quality weighted blankets. They are Canadian-designed and a high-quality option designed to look good in your bedroom. One of their products, the Hush Iced, was a Kickstarter campaign due to the number of people searching for a cooling weighted blanket. The founders were featured on Dragon’s Den (similar to Shark Tank) and got offers from all six dragons.

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What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a heavier version of a regular blanket. They come in a knitted style and a duvet style. The duvet style has added weight due to plastic beads, glass beads, or other heavy fill items. Knitted blankets gain weight due to the weight of the yarn used.

Why Do I Need a Weighted Blanket?

There are many people who benefit from the use of a weighted blanket. Those struggling with stress, anxiety, insomnia, or even autism can benefit from using a weighted blanket. They provide extra comfort and security to help you get a good night’s sleep.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

Your blanket should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight. Find options with materials you like. Also, consider how the blanket is made and what type of fill is being used. Choosing the best weighted blanket for you will provide comfort but not create excess heat.

Why Choose the Hush Blanket

This company has worked tirelessly to provide excellent products to the bed linen market. Check out their reasoning for why you should choose their products.


The company has a major focus on quality. They produce a well-built cover with high-quality fabric. While there are cheaper options available, the saying “You get what you pay for” exists for a reason.


Weighted blankets can get quite expensive. While they can be a good investment toward quality sleep, most people don’t have a few extra hundred dollars to spend. This company focuses on quality while still keeping a fair price.

Blanket Technology

The founders of the company have worked hard to create a unique product. Their blanket has weight distribution within the blanket to avoid all of the weight falling to the bottom or edges.

Warranty & Free Shipping

This company offers a 100-night trial guarantee. If the product doesn’t work well for you, you can ship it back and get a refund. Additionally, they ship quickly and for free.

Hush Gives Back

If you love companies that give back, this is a great fit for you. 1 out of every 5 kids’ blankets and 1 out of every 10 adult blankets is donated to special needs programs or homeless shelters. Providing the less fortunate with high-quality blankets is an excellent way to help out.

Hush Blanket Options:

Hush offers several different blanket options. Understanding the differences between each will help you make the best purchasing decision.

Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Weighted Blanket

Many people feel discouraged from purchasing a weighted blanket because they think that weight equals heat. That is exactly the reason behind the creation of this blanket. The Hush Iced 2.0 will provide weight without heat. The iced cooling cover is 100% bamboo and ultra-soft. It wicks away sweat to keep you cool throughout the night. The Hush Iced blanket also has quality stitching and non-leaking beads to make sure your blanket is effective and durable. The beads they use are glass sand that does not have an odor. This blanket is rated 4.4 out of 5-stars. It is offered in several sizes and weights. It ranges in price from $259 – 299 based on size and weight. It comes in both grey and white to provide a neutral option for your room. The Hush Iced blanket is an excellent choice if you need additional weighted comfort in your blanket.

Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Weighted Blanket
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Iced 2.0 Cooling Weighted Blanket

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Hush Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover

This blanket option provides a soft “Minky” threading to provide the ultimate comfort. The Hush Weighted Blanket with Duvet Cover is made for someone who has trouble sleeping. If you have a hard time getting asleep, staying asleep, or tossing and turning, this blanket is for you. This blanket is a best seller and helps you to feel a sense of calm on even your worst days. The Hush Classic blanket includes a duvet cover build for the weighted blanket so you don’t experience any sagging. But, if you just want to use the inner blanket, it is made of microfiber so that is an option too. This blanket also uses glass sand to provide quality and non-toxic materials. Rated a 4.5 out of 5-stars this is a great choice. You don’t have to suffer from poor sleep, try this weighted blanket. The price ranges on this option from $199 to $259.

Hush Classic Blanket

The Hush Classic Blanket is a great choice for when you need just a little extra comfort. It is Okeo-tex certified meaning it uses non-toxic materials and certified cotton. This quality guarantee is a reason behind the price. The Hush Classic weighted blanket also has the same Minky fabric used in the other options. It runs from $98 to $219 based on price and size. It comes in eight weights/sizes to give you plenty of options to choose from. It is ranked 4.4 out of 5-stars. The Hush Classic Blanket is a great option to meet your needs.

Hush Classic Weighted Blanket
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Classic Blanket

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Hush 2-in-1 Luxury Weighted Bundle

Have a hard time deciding? No worries. The Hush 2-in-1 bundle gives you both the Classic Cloud and Iced covers for the inner weighted blanket. This is a great choice for hot sleepers. You can have the cooling weighted power in the summer and then switch to the classic cover in the winter. Having two products will also help your blanket last longer. It comes in classic white and grey to fit any room design. This option is a bit pricier, it ranges from $299 to $389. But, keep in mind you can use the weighted blanket alone or with either of the covers provided in the bundle.

The Hush Weighted Throw

If you aren’t ready to fully commit your regular bedding to a weighted option, the Hush Weighted Throw is for you. It is perfect for naps, watching movies, or cuddling up with a great book. It can ease you into the weighted blanket market without having to make a full commitment. The weighted throw is 8lbs. and 42X72 inches. It is dual-sided and made from high-quality microfiber. The cover on this throw can be removed for easy washing. The throw is $199 and has excellent reviews. One reviewer states, “I love my weighted blanket. It makes me relax and feel snug and secure. I regularly doze off under it which is good as I didn’t sleep well before. Can’t recommend it highly enough!”. The throw is an excellent choice to try out the weighted blanket without committing to a full bed linen.

Hush Weighted Throw
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Hush Kids

Have an uneasy child? There’s an option for you too. The Hush Kids Weighted Blanket is great for kids needing a little extra hug throughout the night. This option is 7 lbs. and 50X60 making it the perfect size and weight for your child 70lbs and up. This blanket can provide an extra sense of security and help your child sleep through the night. It also has a removable zipper cover for easy washing and drying. It has two kid-friendly patterns. It also offers the Chill Kids option with the same cooling technology used in the other options. The Hush Kids blanket is $149. This is such an awesome idea to help little ones in need of extra support.

Hush Kids Weighted Blanket
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Is the Hush Blanket Worth the Money?

70 million Americans struggle to sleep at night. These individuals are willing to try almost anything to get to sleep and stay asleep. We know how important sleep is to our physical and mental health. A lack of sleep can cause difficulty making decisions, issues remembering things, and having a harder time controlling your emotions.

Imagine the effects on children. Insufficient sleep in children can cause decreased brain development, learning problems, more negative emotions, and growth issues. Sleep problems in children can cause lasting effects. Children need quality sleep to become their best selves.

Investing in your sleep is never a bad idea. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. Without sleep for an adult or child, you can run into some major issues.

So is the Hush Blanket worth the money? In short, yes. If you have sleeping problems this is a product that is likely to help you. The benefits that sleep provides far outweigh a few hundred dollars investment. If the price seems a bit high for your budget, they may offer sales throughout the year. Days such as Black Friday can bring major price cuts on quality products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have or use discount codes. So waiting for a sale is your best bet. But, high-quality products can be worth the wait. Unless you are having a major sleep issue, it is worth it to save your money and buy quality products. Products such as the hush blanket can give you the relief you need to get quality sleep.

Other Hush Products

Once you have fallen in love with the Hush blanket, you may be ready to continue to invest in your sleep. Here are some other great Hush products.

The Hush Mattress

The Hush Mattress brings cooling technology to a whole new level. The Hush Iced Cooling technology will provide a cooling sleep surface all night long. The coils inside the mattress are individually wrapped ensuring that you don’t feel any movement from your partner. It has a pillow top to create a cloud-like feeling. With this mattress you feel comfortable, cool, and supported. A twin-size mattress is $800. A King size mattress is $1,500. Both are a fair price for a quality product.

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Hush Iced Cooling Sheets and Pillow Case Set

A cooling mattress and cooling blanket are great. They can be amplified even more with the Hush Iced Cooling Sheets and Pillow Case set. If you are a sweaty sleeper or suffer from breakouts, this is a great option for you. These sheets are anti-bacterial and sweat-wicking. This will keep you cool and keep your mattress dry. The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases. The sheets are made with 100% Viscose Bamboo. No wonder, they keep you cool! The sheets are available in sizes twin to king. They come in six colors to ensure it will meet your needs. The sheets range from $99 to $129 based on the size you select. The Hush Iced Cooling Sheets are a great choice to help you stay cool and stay asleep.

Hush Pillow
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The Hush Pillow

With all of the other sleep essentials, it was important for them to add a pillow to the collection. The Hush Pillow is a hybrid to meet the needs of any sleeper. It is fully adjustable allowing you to have as much or as little fluff as desired. The pillow is filled with shredded memory foam and vegan down for your comfort. One side of the pillow has the Hush Iced Technology while the other is bamboo. Both will provide you with breathable, cool, and comfortable sleep. They also include a travel pillow for you to keep any additional fluff you aren’t using. This is a great option for combination sleepers or those with various medical needs. The ability to adjust your pillow as needed is a great concept and extremely versatile. This pillow also has a removable cover to help keep it clean. The amount of dirt, oil, and bacteria that collect on your pillow is disgusting. Having the ability to clean it regularly is a major perk. The pillow also comes with a 100-night trial guarantee. This makes trying the product an easy choice. Knowing you have the ability to return it after more than 3 months is great. This pillow is on the more expensive side at $119. But, this pillow has great value with both the trial and the adjustable fluff factor.

Quality sleep is no joke. Investing in your sleep is an investment in yourself. It is important to find companies and products that can best support your needs. Hush seems like a reputable company with quality products you can trust. Weighted blankets are extremely valuable, especially for those with medical needs. Feeling a big hug as you sleep can help to alleviate the extra daily stress you carry. From the Hush Iced technology to the Hush throw blanket there is a product to meet your needs. The company also continues to grow with essentials such as mattresses, sheets, and pillows. They are clearly doing something right! Overall, Hush is a company with great values and it is easy to see they pride themselves on high-quality products and giving back to others. A weighted blanket or other essential sleep product may be just what you need to get the quality sleep you have been searching for.

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