What Is the Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers?

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Key Points

  • Stomach sleepers, making up about 16% of the population, need to prioritize proper spinal alignment and neck support to avoid potential discomforts or pains associated with this sleeping position.

  • Finding the perfect pillow, which should be relatively flat but supportive, plays a crucial role in achieving restful sleep, with emphasis on the right loft, support, and firmness to prevent neck strain and maintain a neutral spine position.

  • Alongside choosing a pillow with the appropriate shape and temperature-regulating properties, stomach sleepers might benefit from consultations with healthcare providers or sleep specialists to create an optimal sleep setup, fostering a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Ever tossed and turned, trying to find that perfect position that transports you to dreamland? If sprawling out on your belly, cheek smushed into the pillow, feels like a little slice of bedtime heaven, then you're not alone.

However, make sure you're not sacrificing health for comfort. Discover the intricacies of stomach sleeping, its pros and cons, and the quest to find the ultimate pillow that promises a night of blissful slumber.

Are You a Stomach Sleeper?

Determining whether you are a stomach sleeper may sometimes require a bit of self-observation. Stomach sleepers are individuals who find the most comfort and ease in falling asleep when lying on their stomachs, usually with their head turned to one side to facilitate breathing. You just might be among the 16 percent who sleep on their stomachs, according to a 2012 survey conducted by Anna's Linens.

Although sleeping on your stomach can sometimes facilitate easier breathing and snoring reduction, it's not always the best choice for spinal alignment. In this position, the neck is turned to the side for extended periods, which "can put a strain on your spine and neck," according to an article from the Mayo Clinic.

Moreover, stomach sleeping may place additional strain on the lower back if not adequately supported. It's essential for stomach sleepers to choose a pillow that provides adequate neck support, to maintain a neutral spine position and prevent potential discomforts or pains over time.

Health professionals often recommend stomach sleepers to opt for a thinner pillow that offers gentle support. Identifying the right pillow can be a significant step towards achieving a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

The Perfect Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Identifying the best pillow for stomach sleepers necessitates a focus on features that encourage proper spinal alignment and prevent neck strain. Generally, the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers should be relatively flat, yet supportive enough to prevent the neck from sinking too deep, which can create tension and lead to discomfort.

For stomach sleepers, maintaining a neutral spine position is of paramount importance to avoid waking up with aches and pains. This means the pillow should not only support the head but also aid in keeping the spine in a natural, straight line.

As stomach sleeping can sometimes exacerbate lower back strain, pairing the right pillow with a supportive mattress is also key in achieving the best sleep setup. It's advised to conduct thorough research and possibly consult with a healthcare provider or a sleep specialist to find the perfect pillow that caters to your specific needs.

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How To Choose the Perfect Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Choosing a pillow as a stomach sleeper requires understanding these key elements: pillow loft, support, firmness, shape, and temperature regulation. Each of these factors has a huge impact on the overall quality of your sleep. The size of your pillow can also be an important consideration.

Every sleeper type has different needs and preferences, but stomach sleepers face some common issues. Notably, it can be difficult to keep the neck and spine in healthy alignment.


The height of a pillow is referred to as its loft. This is crucial for stomach sleepers because it determines the amount of support provided by the pillow. Depending on the type of pillow, fill can be removed or added to change the loft. Stomach sleepers prefer a low loft pillow; generally one less than 3 inches thick.


Support is a crucial factor when choosing the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers. It refers to the pillow's ability to provide a stable and even surface that supports the head and neck adequately throughout the night.

Ideally, the pillow should mold to the contours of your neck and head, providing a gentle cradle that avoids any pressure points, yet maintains its structural integrity to hold your head at the correct height, avoiding any spinal misalignment.


Firmness plays a vital role in ensuring comfort and support during sleep. For stomach sleepers, a pillow with medium to soft firmness is often recommended. This ensures that the pillow can cushion the head and neck softly, avoiding any unnatural bends or strains that can occur with overly firm pillows.

The perfect balance of firmness will help maintain the natural curve of the spine, promoting a comfortable and restful sleep experience.


The shape of the pillow is another essential aspect to consider. Stomach sleepers may benefit from a pillow with a slight curve or a tapered edge that accommodates the natural positioning of the head and neck when lying face down.

Additionally, there are specially designed pillows available in the market that come with contours and indentations to support the unique needs of stomach sleepers, promoting comfort and minimizing the chances of neck strain.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is an often overlooked yet significant factor in choosing the right pillow for stomach sleepers. Given that stomach sleepers tend to have more of their body in contact with the mattress and pillow, it's essential to select a pillow with good breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Materials like latex, buckwheat, or other specialized cooling fill can aid in maintaining a cool and comfortable sleep environment, preventing overheating and ensuring a restful, undisturbed sleep.

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Original Loft Pillow

by Coop Home Goods 

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The Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

The ideal pillow for stomach sleepers requires considering several different key factors. Before you begin your journey to find the perfect pillow for you, it's also important to understand the different pillow materials and types out there. Then, explore some of the best pillows for stomach sleepers.

Coop Home Goods Original Loft Bed Pillows

The Coop Home Goods Original Loft Bed Pillows are one of the best adjustable pillows that you can buy. Tailored to individual sleep needs, you can add or remove the pillow's memory foam fill for optimal support and comfort. This adaptability is advantageous for stomach sleepers, who need a low-loft pillow.

The third-party CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certifications highlight a commitment to safety, eliminating concerns over harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the Lulltra fabric offers a dual advantage of breathability and softness.

Manufactured in the USA, the product's emphasis on using fresh foam rather than repurposed materials signifies a dedication to quality. Although the bonus 0.5 lb bag of fill adds to its appeal, stomach sleepers might want to exercise caution and ensure they don't overfill, potentially compromising alignment. Overall, for those in search of top-tier pillows, this option ranks high on the list for stomach sleepers.

Bed Pillows for Sleeping
£106.13 (£53.06 / count)

by Beckham Hotel Collection 

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Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

The Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows promise superior comfort with a 250 thread count cover and soft down alternative filling, which appeals to those setting up a new living space.

Their emphasis on breathability, aimed at those who experience night sweats, is noteworthy. The pillows' machine washability is also a welcome practical feature.

Being produced in an OEKO-TEX Standard Certified factory, these pillows adhere to high safety and environmental standards, adding an element of trust.

Stomach sleepers should note that, although they're not specifically designed for their sleeping style, the no-shift design promises to maintain its shape. However, stomach sleepers will need to personally evaluate its thickness and support to ensure spinal alignment.

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Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillows

The Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillows, constructed with a polyester microfiber shell, promise both softness and durability. Measuring at 26 x 20 inches, these standard-sized pillows come in pairs and tout a soft density, potentially aligning with the needs of stomach and back sleepers.

While the down alternative fill can be seen as an advantage for those with allergies, users should be wary of its longevity and support consistency. Its production in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100% certified factory underscores a commitment to safety and environmental standards. However, stomach sleepers should evaluate the pillow's actual loft and firmness to ensure proper neck alignment.

Bedding Bed Pillows for Sleeping, Queen Size
$26.99 ($13.50 / Count)

by Utopia 

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Utopia Bed Pillows

The Utopia Bed Pillows are a set of two with distinctive white gussets, white piping, and double stitching, aiming to combine aesthetics with durability. The pillows utilize a poly fiber filling, suggesting an uninterrupted sleep experience, though stomach sleepers may need to assess the density for neck alignment.

While marketed as versatile for various sleep positions, the true test lies in the pillow's adaptability for stomach sleepers. Furthermore, the care instructions point towards spot cleaning or hand washing, which might not be as convenient for regular maintenance.

Utopia pillow

Molded Memory Foam Pillow

by Sealy 

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Sealy Molded Memory Foam Pillow

Sealy's Molded Memory Foam Pillow emphasizes a balance between luxury and support, promising a rejuvenating sleep experience. Its pressure-relieving memory foam claims to adapt to individual contours, potentially providing tailored head and neck support.

However, stomach sleepers should be cautious of the height and firmness, ensuring it doesn't elevate the head excessively. While the ultra-plush knit cover is an added comfort layer, and it can be machine-washed, which is practical. With its standard dimensions of 16” x 24” x 5.75”, make sure the pillow's loft works for you.

Bed Pillows Standard Size Set of 2, Luxury Hotel Quality
$37.99 ($19.00 / Count)

by viewstar 

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Viewstar Standard Pillows

The Viewstar Standard Pillow presents an enticing proposition of down-like plushness achieved through soft, lightweight microfibers, potentially offering a luxurious feel. While its premium down alternative clusters suggest a "just-right" support, stomach sleepers should assess the pillow's firmness to ensure it doesn't compromise neck alignment.

Its promise of retaining fluffiness is noteworthy, though long-term consistency will determine its true merit. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification emphasizes safety, with the synthetic fills aiming to counter common natural down issues.

The machine-washable aspect is pragmatic, but make sure the pillow's thickness and resilience is right for your needs.

Sleep Restoration Bed Pillows

The Sleep Restoration Bed Pillows assert themselves as a quality choice with their 250-thread count, 100% cotton cover and gel-infused down-alternative filling. While the claim of superior cooling features seems promising, stomach sleepers might find the "bounce-back" design could potentially cause neck strain if the loft is too high.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a gel infusion is noted for potentially offering a cooler sleep compared to memory foam counterparts, but the actual cooling efficacy should be personally evaluated. Conveniently, these pillows can be machine-washed. The various size options and the sateen cotton striped cover hint at an upscale experience, but stomach sleepers should prioritize comfort and spinal alignment over aesthetics when choosing.


The COZSINOOR Bed Pillows promise a balance between softness and support through the utilization of plush hollow fiber filling. While these pillows are touted to prevent neck pain and headaches, stomach sleepers should approach with caution to ensure that the plushness does not compromise spinal alignment.

The polyester blend cover, although claimed to be breathable, may not offer the same natural breathability as cotton, potentially affecting the thermal comfort during sleep.

Moreover, the no-shift construction suggests stability, but stomach sleepers should verify if this feature doesn't result in a pillow that's too firm, hampering comfort. On the other hand, the convenience of machine-washability cannot be overlooked.

Premium Adjustable Loft [Queen Size 2-Pack]
$49.99 ($25.00 / Count)

by WonderSleep 

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WonderSleep Adjustable Pillows

The WonderSleep Adjustable Pillows are an appealing option, particularly for stomach sleepers who are seeking personalized comfort. Its primary feature, the adjustable shredded memory foam filling, offers an opportunity to find an individualized comfort level, potentially aiding in relieving neck and shoulder pain.

The pillow utilizes quality materials, including a breathable cover constituted of 40% Viscose Rayon, derived from Bamboo, and 60% Polyester, promising not only comfort but also dust resistance for a peaceful sleep environment. While it advocates ease of use with its adjustability, the maintenance to retain the desired firmness, which involves tumble drying every 6 months, might be viewed as a bit meticulous for some.

Meoflaw Pillows

The Meoflaw Pillows offer a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Constructed with a premium microfiber cover, its standout feature is the double-sided ultrasonic three-dimensional embossing. This, combined with the chic blue piping, not only grants it a luxurious appearance but also promises durability.

The pillow’s filling composition is designed to strike a balance between softness and support. Its "no-shift" construction might be especially noteworthy for those seeking consistent support throughout the night. An additional convenience factor is its easy-care design; it can be machine washed at a gentle 30°C.

However, while the product description suggests it's suitable for all sleeping positions, stomach sleepers might wish to take advantage of the 30-night trial to gauge personal comfort, especially given the unique demands of this position on pillow firmness and loft.

Meoflaw Pillows

The Final Word on Stomach Sleeping

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect pillow as a stomach sleeper? Remember, it's all about maintaining harmony between comfort and the right amount of support, like the harmonies found in the new Mitski album. A few aspects demand your attention: the loft, firmness, shape, and temperature-regulating properties of the pillow. These features work hand in hand to ensure a peaceful night's sleep, free from strain and discomfort.

Bear in mind that stomach sleepers have unique needs. The goal remains to find a pillow that not only cradles the head gently but also keeps the spine in a natural position, preventing potential aches and pains that may arise from improper alignment. Engaging in thorough research and possibly seeking advice from healthcare or sleep specialists aids in this endeavor.

As you navigate through various options, focus on pillows that offer a low loft and a medium to soft firmness level, aiding in preserving the natural curve of the spine. Moreover, consider pillows that are specially designed to accommodate the particular needs of stomach sleepers, fostering comfort and minimizing neck strain.

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