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Venturing through a gauntlet of sleep solutions, from mattresses to pillows to sleep tech, Mark has pioneered unique data-driven methods for the ultimate sleep product review.


  • I've personally tested over fifty different mattresses -- and I sleep on one every night (the DreamCloud, if you're curious).
  • I also review music, movies, and TV shows for the renowned Asian American publication, the International Examiner.


I've tested a wide range of sleep products, from expensive (and floppy) latex mattresses to Oura rings to buckwheat pillows. I also developed novel testing methods to gather all sorts of data on mattresses to better inform the resulting mattress reviews. Oh, yeah, and I used to host the Sleep Foundation YouTube channel. Those videos are still up, but you're going to have to find them yourself.


Santa Clara University, Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology University of Washington, Certificate of Professional Technical Writing

Expertise: Cell and Molecular Biology

Education: Santa Clara University and University of Washington

Location: Sacramento, CA

Title: Writer

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