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Key Points

  • Floor pillows and regular pillows differ in size, cover materials, and price, with floor pillows generally being smaller, made of more durable fabrics, and more economical in cost.

  • Floor pillows offer various uses and benefits beyond seating, such as decoration, dining options, meditation support, and reading nooks, and contribute to improved posture, better digestion, joint pressure relief, increased circulation, and overall comfort.

  • Different shapes, designs, and types of floor pillows cater to a range of preferences and needs, providing versatile options for enhancing living spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Sometimes the name of an object tells you exactly what the object is. One might think a floor pillow — a cushion that is on the floor — falls into that category. However, the floor pillow has more uses than just for extra seating.

Explore the key distinctions between floor pillows and standard pillows, uncover the many applications and advantages of floor pillows, and discover some of the top options on the market to enhance your relaxation experience in style. Whether looking to add comfort, style, or functionality, understanding floor pillows opens new possibilities for enhancing your living space.

Floor Pillows Vs. Regular Pillows

Believe it or not, there are several ways in which floor pillows are different from bed pillows. This article takes a look at a few of those differences to help you better understand what a floor pillow is.


Perhaps the most obvious difference is size. Normal pillows used for sleeping have a range of sizes from 26" long for a standard pillow to up to 36" for a pillow for a king-sized bed. Body pillows, additionally, are up to 4' long.

Floor pillows are usually smaller but come in different sizes. Some are just 20" long, but others are as long as 36". Floor pillows tend to be smaller because you don't necessarily roll around as much on a floor pillow as you are likely to do on a sleeping pillow. You might adjust your sitting position on the floor pillow, but that doesn't require as much space.

Cover Materials

The distinction between floor pillows and standard pillows extends to the choice of material for their coverings.

Regular pillows tend to use soft and gentle materials like cotton, nylon, satin, or silk for their covers. These fabrics ensure comfort against the skin but may be prone to staining and often require delicate handling, such as handwashing, to prevent damage in a washing machine and dryer.

In contrast, floor pillows have durability in mind, utilizing thicker, more rugged fabrics such as corduroy, cotton, suede, and chenille. These materials can endure more wear and are typically more resilient to staining, enhancing the lifespan of the floor pillow. Conveniently, most of these fabrics are suitable for both washing machine and dryer use.


Another major difference between the two types of pillows is their price.

The cost of sleep pillows can vary widely based on factors such as firmness, size, and materials, with prices ranging from $10 to several hundred dollars.

On the other hand, floor pillows typically come at a more economical price, often costing less than $100. Their smaller size and lack of specialized features for sleeping contribute to the lower cost. This also makes it much easier to buy several floor pillows, which allows you to stack them or place them side by side to create a bigger seating area.


When you think of a normal pillow, what do you picture? Probably a normal, rectangular shape that has rounded edges, right? That rectangular shape is just about the only shape for bed pillows.

Now, what shape do you think a floor pillow would be? Don't feel bad if you drew a blank or didn't know the "right" answer. Floor pillows come in many different shapes, including square, rectangular, and circular shapes. 

How To Use a Floor Pillow

There are many uses for floor pillows other than just sitting on them. From interior decoration to functional convenience, floor pillows can serve various purposes in different settings. Explore some of the most popular and innovative ways to utilize floor pillows in your living space.

Extra Seating

One of the most popular uses for floor pillows is to provide extra seating in the house. They're an inexpensive seating option for those who wish to entertain guests and are easily moved if needed.

Outdoor floor cushions extend their utility to outside settings for activities such as camping, yoga, or garden gatherings. Careful handling is a must for these pillows, including storing them indoors when not in use to protect them from weather elements.


Another use for floor pillows is home decor. They can make great accent pieces for other furniture, add a perfect splash of color, or complete a specific look for a room.

There are hundreds of different floor pillow designs and bright colors available, so chances are you can find the perfect option for your interior design needs.


Using floor pillows as an alternative to tables and chairs may seem unconventional, but it opens up creative possibilities for your home's arrangement. Picture hosting a movie night with friends; with popcorn and snacks ready, the living room transforms into a comfortable theater. Floor pillows serve as seats, and an empty one in the center acts as a makeshift table.

Beyond movie nights, floor pillows have broader applications. In various cultures around the world, it's common to sit on floor pillows during mealtime.


Many people use floor pillows during their meditation practices. Many believe meditation provides physical and mental health benefits, but there is no rule that says you can't sit in comfort while meditating. Some floor pillows are even crafted with meditation in mind, featuring calming patterns and colors designed to relax the user.


Another popular use for the floor pillow is to create reading nooks. You can make a cozy nook by finding the comfiest part of your room and accessorizing it with floor pillows on the ground as armrests or even backrests. Now you've got a great place to read, and you won't feel uncomfortable while doing it!

Using a floor pillow for reading as opposed to a reading chair can also save you space, which is good for those with not a lot of room to spare.

Benefits of Floor Pillows

Although floor pillows may be uncomfortable to use at first, they provide many benefits once you start using them. Here are a few of those benefits.

Improved Posture

One of the most obvious benefits of using floor pillows is that they help to improve your posture.

Floor pillows don't have backs or other supportive features on them. Unless you sit up against a wall while sitting on the pillow, you naturally sit up straight because slouching for a long period of time is uncomfortable.

As you get used to sitting upright with your floor pillow, the small changes in your posture carry over even when you are sitting in a chair or on a couch.

Better Digestion

Our bodies are not designed to sit while slumped over. While this may feel comfortable at first, over time, you may notice some aches and pains associated with that poor posture.

Sitting upright on a floor pillow eventually helps your body reach the more natural state it should have with proper posture. This results in several benefits. One is that you have better digestion.

Gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital Kyle Stellar told Havard Health Publishing, "Slouching puts pressure on the abdomen, which can force stomach acid in the wrong direction…And some evidence suggests that transit in the intestines slows down when you slouch. In my opinion, it probably does play a small role."

Sitting up straight on a floor pillow can help you digest more efficiently.

Alleviates Joint Pressure

Sitting on a floor pillow and finding comfort may appear unrelated to joint health, but the connection exists.

As you shift and find the ideal position on a floor pillow, you inadvertently relieve pressure on joints that often become tense and painful over time. The act of adjusting and repositioning targets common pressure-sensitive areas such as the hips, knees, and ankles. By easing these tension points, floor pillows can offer an unexpected benefit to joint health, making them more than just a stylish seating option.

Increased Circulation

The benefit of improved circulation from sitting on a floor pillow might not be immediately apparent, but over time you notice the differences.

Traditional seating options like couches or chairs with inadequate lumbar support may lead to sensations like "falling asleep" in your hands, legs, or feet, or even cooler extremities. These sensations indicate interference with your blood circulation system.

By contrast, a floor pillow forces you to sit upright and maintain a proper position, promoting better circulatory health. This seemingly simple change in seating can have a significant positive impact on your overall well-being.

More Comfort

Using a regular pillow in place of a floor pillow could lead to discomfort. Regular pillows lack the design and structure to provide proper lumbar support when used for sitting, resulting in potential soreness.

In contrast, floor pillows are specifically crafted to offer more support and comfort. Being thicker and constructed from superior materials, floor pillows allow you and your guests to sit on the ground for extended periods without serious discomfort.

The Best Floor Pillows

Now that you know more about the various uses and benefits of floor pillows, it's time to look at some popular floor pillow options that allow you to relax in style. These specially designed cushions cater to a range of preferences and needs, enabling you to find the perfect match for enhancing your living space.

Azza Floor Pillow Square Pouf Chenille Tufted

by Intelligent Design 

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02/26/2024 09:29 pm GMT

Intelligent Design Azza Floor Pillow

The Azza Floor Pillow from Intelligent Design offers a blend of comfort and style. With dimensions of 20" x 20" and a thickness of 5", this square floor pillow provides ample support. The construction of high-quality chenille fabric, a robust combination of materials, ensures durability. Additionally, the hypoallergenic fabric incorporated into the design helps prevent allergic reactions for those with sensitive skin.

The pillow's scalloped edge and tufted appearance contribute to its aesthetic appeal, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The blush color can let it blend with various types of decor.

Floor Square Meditation Pillow


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02/26/2024 10:00 pm GMT

HIGOGOGO Gray Square Tufted Floor Pillow

HIGOGOGO's Gray Square Tufted Floor Pillow emerges as a choice suitable for varied activities, including use as a meditation cushion. Measuring 22" in length and width and over 3" in thickness, it provides a balanced size for comfort. The corduroy construction underlines its durability, giving assurance of longevity. A neutral gray color enhances its versatility, enabling it to complement various room themes, thus easing the styling process.

Constructed to retain its shape, this floor pillow also has a lightweight design, contributing to its portability throughout different living spaces. Its design elements align to provide both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Large Pouf Cushion Mandala Floor Pillow


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02/26/2024 10:03 pm GMT

HIGOGOGO Large Pouf Mandala Floor Pillow

The HIGOGOGO Large Pouf Mandala Floor Pillow is a fun addition to various living spaces. Its distinct mandala pattern, featuring diverse designs and colors, contributes visual interest without overwhelming the eyes.

Crafted with a cotton linen blend, this pillow measures 22" both in length and width, with a thickness of slightly over 3". You can use this versatile floor pillow as a meditation cushion, yoga support, or home decor.

Large Boho Stripe Floor Cushion


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02/26/2024 09:44 pm GMT

HIGOGOGO Large Boho Stripe Floor Cushion

The HIGOGOGO Large Boho Stripe Floor Cushion stands out with its unique round shape and substantial thickness of 8", compared to other floor pillows. Measuring 24" in diameter, this cushion contains durable cotton linen fabric, promising longevity.

The case is removable for easy cleaning. The textured, striped design gives a three-dimensional appearance to the pillow, and its dark gray color means it matches most interior design aesthetics.

Large Floor Pillows Seating

by Yipto 

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Yipto Brown Large Floor Pillow

Yipto's Brown Large Floor Pillow, measuring 20" x 20", is a versatile option for those seeking to enhance comfort in their living spaces. Constructed from rich suede material with a half-inch thickness, this square pillow provides a balance of softness and support.

This versatile pillow is suitable for various activities such as meal times, entertaining guests, meditation, and more. Experts recommend spot cleaning for maintenance. The brown color, neither too dull nor too bright, makes it quite versatile, enabling it to blend seamlessly with diverse room themes.

Floor Cushion Pouf


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02/26/2024 09:56 pm GMT

HIGOGOGO Floor Cushion Pouf in Yellow

The square Floor Cushion Pouf from HIGOGOGO, with its bright yellow hue, is a standout choice for those looking for a cheerful addition to their space. Measuring 20" x 20" and 5.5" thick, it offers comfort without sacrificing style. The thick chenille fabric ensures durability while still being cozy enough for a good sit-down.

A tufted design adds depth and a touch of personality to the pillow. Its lively yellow color makes it a versatile piece, fitting well in various settings like meditation areas, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more.

Meditation Floor Pillow

by Degrees of Comfort

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02/26/2024 09:52 pm GMT

Degrees of Comfort Turquoise Meditation Floor Pillow

Degrees of Comfort's Turquoise Meditation Floor Pillow offers a comfortable and practical solution for your calming routines. With its 22" x 22" size and almost 4" of thickness, this square pillow provides ample space to stretch out or sit cross-legged without discomfort.

The vibrant turquoise color not only adds beauty but also versatility, as you can use it for more than just seating. Think of it as an accent piece, paired with throw pillows on a sofa, or as part of the overall living room furniture scheme. And when not in use? Simply slide it under the coffee table.

Should You Get a Floor Pillow?

Understanding the distinction between floor pillows and regular pillows helps in making informed decisions for your home comfort and decor needs. The differences lie in their sizes, shapes, cover materials, prices, and functions.

Floor pillows are versatile, designed with durability in mind, and often cost-effective. They come in various shapes, including square, rectangular, and circular, and cater to diverse uses like extra seating, decoration, dining, meditation, and reading. In fact, it's believed that our bodies should sit on the floor, according to an April 3, 2023 article from Time.

Selecting the right pillow depends on the specific requirements of your space and lifestyle. Whether for comfort or aesthetic appeal, floor pillows offer a wide array of options that can enhance your living experience.

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