Sweet Dreams, Luxe Price Tags: Exploring the Most Expensive Sleep Accessories on Amazon

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Are Sweet Dreams Made of These?

With the power of Amazon at your fingertips, every night can be a trip into the lap of luxury. Dive under a weighted blanket woven from recycled materials, rise and shine with a smart alarm clock, and rest your head on a silk pillow fit for royalty. Say "goodnight" to average and "hello" to extraordinary with these premium sleep accessories.

Eye Mask: DROWSY Silk Sleep Mask

The DROWSY Silk Sleep Mask, priced at $79.00, touts features such as 100% light-blocking and a construction of 22 momme pure mulberry silk. While many users praise the mask for its padding, adjustable design, and wrap-around skin & hair protection, some find fault with the product's cost. One positive review simply states, "I love this sleeping mask so much," while a less favorable review declares, "The price for this is ridiculous."

Sleep Spray: ASUTRA Essential Oil Blend

When it comes to sleep sprays, the $59.99 ASUTRA Essential Oil Blend sets itself apart. Its selection of unique essential oil pairings aims to refresh both the mind and space. "Best thing I've smelled in a long time," one customer raves. Another laments, "It just smells like someone's auntie's cheap perfume." Despite the divided opinion on scent, this eco-friendly and cruelty-free product is worth considering for those prioritizing natural wellness. However, there are also plenty of budget essential oil options.

Pillow: Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillows

Pillows are essential sleep accessories, but the $489.95 Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillows redefine comfort. An excited reviewer mentions they feature "great support for neck, and [are] hypoallergenic." The set combines the luxury of Mulberry Silk with the robustness of sateen cotton casing. The pillows also boast ease of cleaning and a firm, supportive feel to enhance comfort while you sleep. However, these pillows are best for back sleepers. Side and stomach sleepers may want to look for a different luxury option.

Pillowcase: Fishers Finery 30mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Set

Embodying the extravagance of premium bedding, the $139.98 Fishers Finery 30mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Set offers a luxurious night's sleep. One reviewer shares their delightful experience, saying the pillowcase "glides on my skin like butter!" However, a less satisfied customer argues that it was a "waste of money,". Additional reviews claim that the pillowcases aren't that durable and don't last very long. This product aims to combine beauty sleep with opulent comfort, though your mileage may vary.

Sleep Tracker: Apple Watch Ultra

Amongst sleep trackers, the $779.99 Apple Watch Ultra is a powerhouse offering connectivity, safety, and health insights. Designed for the active lifestyle, this device promises to keep you in the know of your health statistics while withstanding the demands of outdoor adventures. One reviewer notes that the watch is "easy to read" and, crucially, "easy to operate." But, another user suggests, "a stainless steel [Apple Watch 8] is probably a better choice for most folks," adding that the additional features of the Ultra model aren't worth the hefty price tag.

Weighted Blanket: Nuzzie Knit 25lb King Woven Weighted Blanket

"Finally found a weighted blanket that I like!" With a headline like this, can you resist discovering the wonders of the $329.00 Nuzzie Knit 25lb King Woven Weighted Blanket? American-made, ethical, and sustainable, this weighted blanket stands as a luxury comfort staple. Its innovative open-weave design allows breathability, perfect for warmer climates and hot sleepers. However, one reviewer complained that "the weight feels fantastic but the overall quality of the product is subpar," noting that the edges of the blanket curl up and refuse to lay flat. Remember: it's not just about the weight of the blanket but also the quality.

Alarm Clock: LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock

"Much more than just a table clock," the $199.99 LaMetric TIME Wi-Fi Clock effortlessly merges technology with practicality. With a myriad of functions, from your daily alarm clock to the personal assistant you never knew you needed, it's more than an accessory. Its charming pixel clock face is sure to complement plenty of variety of bedroom styles. Yet, some customers have reported quality concerns, with one review warning that after less than two years, their LaMetric clock "is dead and there's nothing [they] can do about it," especially since "this thing IS NOT CHEAP." Perhaps this high-tech wonder needs to spend more time on quality control.

Sheet Set: THXSILK Silk Sheet Set

"The height of luxury sleeping," according to one satisfied reviewer, the $899.99 THXSILK Silk Sheet Set is truly the pinnacle of sleep accessories. Made of 100% top-grade Mulberry silk and boasting an OEKO-Tex certification, it's not only gentle on your skin but also temperature-regulating, providing a year-round comfortable sleep. However, a few found the manufacturer's claims too lofty. "Not for hot sleepers or those who need their bed tucked neatly," warned one user. To each their own when it comes to personal sleep style. Alternatively, you can always buy sheets that won't break the bank.

Noise Machine: Hatch Restore 2

Find peace in your sleep routine with the $199.99 Hatch Restore 2. Touted as a "peaceful way to wake up and go to sleep," this smart noise machine is more than meets the eye, offering a sunrise alarm clock function and white noise settings. One user warns that "to use advanced features, you'll need to purchase a subscription plan." This device's selection of sleep sounds, wake-up alarms, and overall features seem to be locked behind a paywall. Even the best products can leave room for improvement. Read more on white noise for sound-assisted sleep.

Pajamas: Hanro Women's Pure Essence Pajama Set

"Soft and super comfortable." That's how one reviewer described the $265.00 Hanro Women's Pure Essence Pajama Set. Made with 100% cotton and machine washable, these V-neck top and full-length pant pajamas are the epitome of practical luxury. Yet, for some, they didn't quite live up to their luxe price tag. "Not worth the $$$," says one unhappy customer, who claims the "cut is weird" and "the elastic is inadequate." Both are important facets of any good pajama set. And they're not even silk — just your ordinary cotton!

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The Takeaway

With each sleep accessory on this list, it's clear that luxury comes at a price. There are high-end options for every aspect of your nightly routine. While each product has solid reviews, remember to be critical — as demonstrated, not every product lives up to its luxe price tag. At the end of the day, choosing the best sleep accessory is about finding the right balance between comfort, functionality, and cost. After all, the ultimate luxury is a good night's sleep.

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