5 Cozy Earth Bedding Products To Support Your Deep Sleep

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In the words of the uber-famous Oprah W., “I love the buttery soft feel of Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets.” That was way back in 2018 when life was good and carefree compared to the 2020 and beyond chronicles. It seems like a whole different feel to life in 2018, but one thing hasn’t changed; the endorsement that Cozy Earth gets from Oprah. The television show host and philanthropist is the true-to-herself queen who’s known to only endorse those companies and charities that she truly believes are excellent. Oprah even has all her favorite things that are full of Cozy Earth bamboo sheets, Bamboo and silk comforters, the duvet cover that snaps onto the comforter for a warm and cozy cover, and loungewear. But, the original product she fell head over heels for is the quintessential 100% bamboo viscose sheet set in white. If that doesn’t make you feel an urge to google or fact check us, maybe you need more proof that the pudding is truly good at Cozy Earth. Well, let’s start with Tyler Howells, the founder of Cozy Earth, the man himself.

The Man Who Believes in a Deepest Sleep for All

Introducing you to the man behind the mission, Tyler Howells. Tyler has never been an ordinary man, left California as a young man to serve a mission with his church in Australia, and after 2 years, he was again called to serve, this time he learned what it would take to serve the Chinese people. He worked hard to learn the language and the customs before he was in China, and while there, he fell head over heels in love with the people and culture. When his time in China was up, he kept on with his college education where he fanned the flames of his passion for Chinese by using his fluent Mandarin to emphasize his college major. After school, he knew that his heart belonged to the Chinese people, so he went back and found the missions he served, for the people there were a great start to be his entrepreneurship since he’d gained experience rebuilding homes during the housing crises and got versed in selling construction materials. Mr. Howells ultimately settled into a career using his passion for the people and their language and began selling overseas. This was a long-winded way of explaining where Mr. Howells found his place in China, sourcing and selling the best bamboo worldwide. However, he doesn’t sell just ANY kind of bamboo bedding products and he uses the best business and integral practices while selling his goods.

The Bamboo Sleeping Experience

What’s the most perplexing part perhaps may be the whole idea of bamboo trees made into bedsheets and the like. Let’s break it all down then, shall we? The way Mr. Tyler Howell implements his business practices into his textile-producing processes is a bit different than most others. With a keen eye, Mr. Howell is always looking for bamboo suppliers who are using a responsible growing and harvesting process. He begins his process with 100% USDA-certified organic farm-raised bamboo trees. These bamboo trees reside in China on a carefully plotted piece of land and are harvested at an old age to reduce waste and allow the trees to serve their life’s purposes, giving air that we use to breathe in and such. Once the trees have had their day in the sun, almost literally, they’re harvested to serve a better purpose, Cozy Earth’s bedding and loungewear, of course! So, the mature harvested trees are then made into a type of mulch where they can better process the fibrous thread-like strands that live inside the bamboo stalks, called the bamboo pulp. From this point, the stalks’ strands, as long as a bedsheet or a blanket, are then pressed by an environmentally-friendly water-based solution called a viscose process of the fibers, or the pulp, of the stalks. This is done to ensure that the “threads” are milled properly to become the softest feeling material you’ve ever experienced. The viscose process was once done with hazardous chemicals, but the suppliers for Cozy Earth used their recycled water to reduce the chemicals they use in their manufacturing practices. The milling that takes place after the viscose process of the bamboo produces a soft and fluffy cotton-like material that’s then spun into thread to weave a premium sateen weave for strength and super durability. Don’t confuse the cotton-like description with actual cotton sheets and bamboo sheets, they’re totally different. Cotton and linen sheets may have more of a comparison than cotton and bamboo. Once the milling, spinning, and weaving are finished, the fabric is hand-sewn into the softest and most delectable bedding products and loungewear that you have to feel to understand the coziness of it all. Cozy Earth tests regularly that the products are of the highest quality and has a strict quality control process to ensure that your products are the best that you can ever get.

White Queen Bamboo Sheet Set

by Cozy Earth 

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Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set for a Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s start with an easy one. Who doesn’t use sheets? Everyone uses sheets, of course, but the real question you need to answer is, are your sheets capable of sucking you into a warm yet cool embrace that lasts all night long? Well, the magic of the softest, silkiest, and most “buttery smooth” feel of the luxurious Cozy Earth bamboo sheets is unmatched. The best part is that the products all get softer after each wash, and with a no-pill, no-shred guarantee you can count on. The sheet set is not only cooler than its cotton adversary by a few degrees, but it doesn’t hold humidity or moisture like cotton. Bamboo sheets are 50% drier than cotton. As you may already know, the body’s internal temperature rises just before dawn, often arousing you out of a good dream. Interrupted dreams are a thing of the past with the dreamiest sheets and pillowcases by Cozy Earth because of its ingenious way of regulating your body temperature every time you get in bed. Every item in the bamboo sheet set is naturally moisture-wicking fabric and the cooling sheets have a kind of effect unlike any other to keep you cool as a cucumber all night long- or all day if that’s more your style, nobody’s judging you. All of the products from Cozy Earth are tested and proven to have no harmful chemicals and are safe for even the most sensitive skin. The sheet set is made safe for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic even with the new eco-friendly method of bringing forth color in your life and bedroom. The pale neutral colors are simple and gorgeous, like the oat that’s ivory with the slightest tinge of pink. The other hues for your boudoir are light grey, charcoal, and driftwood. If you have a thicker-than-life mattress, don’t worry, the pockets are 20″ deep for people just like you, and the 2 pillowcases are a standard size for any regular pillow. The bamboo sheet sets are available in sizes twin/twin XL ($319), full ($349), queen ($369), king ($409), split king ($439- 2 twin sheets), and California king ($419) and these prices drop low for great sales Cozy Earth loves to host for holidays such as Labor Day and Mother’s Day.

Cozy Earth Comforter for a New Sleeping Experience

Made from 100% viscose bamboo, you’ve never felt anything softer let alone ever slept on something more fabulous! The bamboo comforter goes above the normal bamboo softshell that it’s made of, but the inner lining of the comforter is full of a bamboo fiber filling that never shifts or falls flat, guaranteed! More guarantees the Cozy Earth store gives you to rest easy upon are the no-pill and no-shred guarantees. Cozy Earth even gives you the option of standard or extra fill for your best comforter. Eat your heart out, memory foam! The all-climate comforter is a great lightweight blanket to use when it’s just a bit chilly in the house or when it’s wintertime and the heater is doing its job wonderfully, but you need something to cover with, you know, out of habit. This means that this comforter is temperature regulating just as the sheets are, so you won’t need to stick a foot out to keep cool. And, hey ladies, whether you’re getting hot flashes from menopause or birth control, the comforter is going to be your answer to your uterus’s most heartfelt prayers. This bamboo comforter is a God-send to all the people who sleep hot, not only for the ability to regulate your body’s temperature but the cooling effect that’s moisture-wicking as you sleep or whatever it is you may do in bed (wink wink). This softer than a cloud bamboo comforter, paired with a 100% bamboo duvet cover, is like a dream on top of a dream. The bamboo comforter comes prepared to be snapped into the duvet cover as an added measure of softness and lightweight warmth and is made to be used as an insert to the duvet cover. The duvet ($339) and comforter ($399) together, cost about $740, but there are select bundles to save you some dough. The sizes of the comforter are standard, a twin ($399), a full/queen ($469), and a king ($539). Also, if you’re not into bamboo for whatever reason, try the Comfy Earth silk comforter, it still has the option for the extra fill of the bamboo fibers inside.

Cozy Earth Fitted Sheet Because You Can’t Just Have One

Of course, we already got a taste of what bamboo can do for you with the bamboo sheet set, and all the same applies here, too. However, what if you’re on the fence about this Cozy Earth ordeal? We aren’t saying that their products aren’t expensive, because they’re pricey. We can’t get deliciously “buttery, smooth sheets” without some repercussion. Think of all that the company does to make these products responsibly sourced and produced and free of chemicals, dyes, and quality control issues. That stuff isn’t free, honey! If you want the BEST sheets in the universe, somebody has to pay for them. Besides, getting a flat sheet and a couple of pillowcases may be a fun trial for you before you go all out and buy a big bundle. Plus, the company has a very generous 100-night sleep trial. But it’s smart to give it at least 20 days of steady nights using them before deciding either way. After your purchase, the company also carries a 10-year warranty for things like the rarest of the rare pilling or shredding. Plus, the company has a guarantee that none of your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforter, or the duvet cover will ever, ever, in this lifetime, pill or shred. That’s a sound offer, and if they ever did, they’ll gladly replace all of it. The Cozy Earth fitted sheet has a 360-degree sure fit for the fitted sheets they make, so although the sheet has deep pockets, it’ll surely fit any mattress profile size. The sizes go all through the twin/twin XL ($139), the full ($149), the queen ($159) the king ($169), and all the way up to the big boy California king ($179).

The neatest part is that Cozy Earth has concocted a way to dye the sheets and everything else bamboo! If you weren’t aware that bamboo is almost impossible to dye, well, it is! Cozy Earth has made a way through the struggle! They now have all the neutral yet vivid hues to style your bedroom. They have the original white, charcoal, oat, light grey, and driftwood. The colors are, indeed, as beautiful as their names.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket: Don’t Forget the Baby Blankie

So, we’re sure you’re thinking, “What in the heck is the difference between the comforter and a blanket?” Well, wait for it! First, the comforter is a companion to the duvet cover, and, of course, they go together like peanut butter and bananas, but if you want a plush, soft, and fuzzy blanket to have on the ready for a good snooze fest or a Netflix-and-chill kind of night, go to your new go-to blanket. If anything, this can be a throw for the family room or your own room especially when you don’t want to mess up your beautifully made bed. This blanket is worthy of the go-to blanket title; you’ll certainly fall in love with your new favorite oversized, fluffy, and incredibly soft blanket. The blanket is so breathable that your baby can safely have his or her very own blankie! The same sizes go for this best blanket on earth twin ($289), full/queen ($339), and king ($379), well, except for the new addition, the baby blanket ($109).

Cozy Earth Pillowcases for Cozy Bedding

The pillowcase is necessary to the whole shebang, isn’t it? What’s the use in getting a duvet cover or the fitted sheet if you aren’t up for the whole sleeping experience? The pillowcases are cooling and temperature-regulating just like all the other bamboo bedding solutions. The breathable and ultra-soft magic is continued in the pillows, it’s all so vital to a good night’s sleep and any other resting you may do on your bedding. If you are a fan of naps, you may not need them anymore, but then again, you can always set your morning alarm a bit early to have sleep in you for a short nap later. Either way, the pillows aren’t just an addition to your new bedding, they’re vital for getting the whole experience. The pillowcases are available in standard ($89) and king ($99) and come in colors that match the sheets’ hues. Caring for your pillowcases is a cinch. Machine wash and dry with regular detergent, but don’t use fabric softener, it’ll ruin the feel of the fabric.

What Are You Sleeping on Tonight?

The little details surely do matter, case and point. These are just a few examples of the Cozy Earth experience here. The company is also devoted to its loungewear line of the same buttery soft bamboo viscose that goes into the bedding solutions. “Why, solutions”, you may wonder? Well, they’re solutions when the hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews all say essentially the same thing: “I’ve never slept so well in my whole life,” and, “I love going to bed now!” These are real words from real, verified customers on their website. Even if you just peruse through the customer reviews, you’ll be convinced. And if not, maybe Afterpay financing, shipping protection, free shipping, and a cute tote with your purchase of the bedding that it comes in will work wonders on your skepticism. Just, go and get the sheets, you can thank us later!

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