Miracle Sheets Review: Are They Worth the Money?


Sheets are an important part of our everyday life. They can be an added comfort to your nightly sleep, or they can be a source of frustration. When sheets don’t fit the bed properly or are too hot, it can ruin your best sleep. Dry skin and irritated skin can also be a sign of poor sheets. Finding the best sheets is important to your overall health.

26 years is the time a person with an average life span will spend sleeping. With that much time spent on sleep, you know it is important. Why are luxury sheets and top-tier bedding often pushed to the wayside? Sleep helps us to relieve stress and improves our mental focus. Poor sleep can cause poor memory, paranoia, and a foul mood. Upgrading your bedding can lead to major perks in the sleep realm.


Many brands state they have the best sheets. From Brooklinen sheets to Hotel Collection there are many options. But, have you ever heard of Miracle Sheets? The name alone can cause customers to be curious about their so-called magical powers. Can sheets really be a miracle? If so, how much will that miracle cost you? Here is the Miracle Sheets Review: Are they worth the money?

Extra Luxe Bed Sheets Set (Stone King)

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What Are Miracle Sheets?

Germaphobes, this one is for you. The Miracle brand has created a luxury sheet set that prevents 99.9% of bacteria. The magic lies within the anti-microbial silver fiber. This silver causes ionization and keeps the bacteria out. Ionization provides cleaner air and products.

These sheets also help with your skin as you will have little bacteria to cause acne. The sheets are temperature regulating to keep you cool all night. With less sweaty sheets and fewer bacteria this option also provides the luxury of less laundry. That is a dream all on its own! The traditional sheet does not provide any of these perks. The Miracle brand may be onto something big with these sheets. This technology may change stinky and sweaty sheets for good. It is necessary to complete a Miracle sheet review.

How Dirty Are Bed Linens?

You know you should wash your sheets regularly. But, with claims of a super clean miracle sheet you have to wonder how dirty your sheets are. One survey found that 44% of Americans wash their sheets once or twice a month. 11% of people wash their sheets once a quarter. 5% of people wash them only once or twice a year. Gross!

Another study suggests that the average human dumps about 26 gallons of sweat onto their sheets per year. The number of bacteria, skin cells and other gunk in 26 gallons of sweat is unimaginable.

Women are also more likely to change their sheets more quickly than men. On average, men wait up to ten days longer to change their sheets than women. Married couples tend to change their sheets every 20 days. While single people wait around 37 days. The worst of them all – single men. Single men often wait 45 days or more before putting their sheets in the wash. It sounds like, single men could use some anti-bacterial fibers.

WebMD states that we each shed around 500 dead skin cells per day. These skin cells will sit on your sheets. Dead skin cells are a favorite food of dust mites. Dust mites will leave their droppings which can cause allergies, asthma, and eczema. This is not to mention the amount of extra dirt, hair, and bacteria if you sleep with pets.


Imagine all the bodily fluids, allergens, and fecal matter that could be on your bed. If you or your bed buddy do not shower before bed, it’s even worse. The amount of contact you have with any of these factors daily is overwhelming. This doesn’t include if you happen to put anything on your bed. The extra germs from your daily products placed on your bed only add to the picture.

One study found that an unwashed pillowcase has thirty-nine times more bacteria than a pet food bowl. It had several thousand times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Sleeping on a toilet seat could be cleaner than your pillowcase.

If you have skin problems like acne, your dirty bed linens may also be to blame. A build-up of dirt, oil, and dust from your room can clog up your skin. You may need to consider your washing practices. Cleaner sheets make for cleaner skin. Frequently washing your sheets is a key to remaining blemish-free.

The worst of all the bedtime critters, bed bugs! While bed bugs aren’t caused by dirty linens, it is easy to miss them initially if you don’t strip your bed regularly. Stripping your bed should allow you to inspect your mattress for any nasty critters.

If you are too busy to think about the need to wash your sheets weekly, it may be time to make a new plan. Consider purchasing Miracle Sheets as they need to be washed less. There are some great options available and they are likely to be cleaner than your regular sheets.

Extra Luxe Bed Sheets Set (Stone King)

by Miracle Made 

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Best Miracle Sheet options

Miracle sheets can be found in retailers across the country. There are so many options to choose from. Here are some top-rated choices.

Miracle Made Signature Bed Sheet Set

This Miracle Made sheet set has a 350 Thread Count and is a premium percale cotton. Miracle Brand sheets are infused with natural silver. They are naturally thermoregulating and boast that they eliminate 99.9% of dust and germs. Percale sheets provide breathability and durability. They state they give a “cool and crisp sensation while you are sleeping”. The Miracle Made Signature Bed Sheet is said to last three times as long as regular sheets. Allowing you to skip the need for weekly laundering. This queen set includes two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet. The set costs $118 making them an affordable option. You can also get them with free shipping from Amazon. The signature sheet set has a 4.1 out of a 5-star review. This is a great option for miracle sheets.


Miracle Made Extra Luxe Bed Sheet Set

The Extra Luxe Miracle brand sheet is 100% USA grown. You have to love American-made products! These sheets are Supima Cotton, also known as superior Pima cotton. They have a 500 thread count for your best night of sleep. These sateen sheets have a weave that will keep them feeling soft and fresh while also keeping you clean and bacteria-free. The extra-luxe sheet set is sure to please. The silver-infused set comes in three colors and four sizes. The neutral colors of sky blue, stone grey, and white are sure to fit any decor style. From Twin-KIng size mattresses, you will be covered. 70% of reviewers give the Miracle Made Extra Luxe set 5 stars. One reviewer states, “At first I did not believe this antimicrobial silver thing but I do struggle with acne so I decided to give it a try. They have definitely helped keep my skin more clear since I started using them!”. With reviews this good, these sheets may be worth the $128.

Miracle Made Extra Luxe Pillow Cases

If splurging on sheets isn’t in the cards for you right now, pillowcases may be a good start. At a price point of only $44, you can find your way to cleaner sleep. Avoiding the growth, oils, and dirt pile-up will undoubtedly help your skin quality improve. A new pillowcase may be exactly what you need. Miracle Brand infused silver fibers also work to eliminate odors. Rest your head on your pillow and breathe deeply knowing you are safe from excess germs. These pillowcases have an outstanding 4.4 out of 5-star rating. They are a great choice to add to your bed linen collection.

No matter which option you choose, you can’t go wrong. The Signature Sheet set is made with percale specifically for hot sleepers. This option is lightweight and breathable. But, it still provides the luxury comfort needed for a good night of sleep. The Extra Luxe sheets have a more silky feel. Regardless of your sleep preferences, there is a sheet set for you.

Other Miracle Products

Once you start to consider all the dust mites and bacteria on your bed, the panic is hard to ignore. The good news is, that the Miracle Brand has created a few other products to help you get clean and cool sleep.

From towels to laundry detergent the Miracle Brand is here to help. They understand the difficulty of completing weekly cleaning tasks. Creating products that require less laundry and self-cleaning properties is their specialty. Miracle Brand products may actually be a miracle.

Miracle Comforter

The Miracle Comforter is made with the same technology as the sheets. But, this product is known for being ultra fluffy. The fluffy nature of the product doesn’t increase the heat. The Miracle Comforter was still made to keep you cool. This comforter is also hypo-allergenic and 100% vegan. The full/queen size costs $189 and the King/Cal King size costs $199. Both options are fair market value for the product. The Miracle Comforter has a 4.9 out of a 5-star review. Comforters can be difficult to keep clean. With the Miracle Comforter, you can put your mind at ease.

Miracle Towel

A bath towel can be just as bacteria-filled as sheets. One study states that 90% of tested bathroom towels had coliform bacteria. 14% of towels were contaminated with E.coli. Coliform bacteria often come from fecal matter and can cause vomiting, fever, and bacteria. The same symptoms can come from E. coli.

Enter in the Miracle Towel. The Miracle Towel comes individually and in a set. The towels are made of premium cotton and also prevent 99.9% of bacteria. The set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths for $99. It comes in three colors and says it’s better for your skin. The best part about the Miracle towel is that it dries in half the time of a regular towel. This aids in its bacteria-avoiding properties. Forget musty smelling towels and step up to the highly-rated Miracle towel.


Miracle Laundry Detergent

The company has taken its products one step further by offering laundry detergent. Their detergent has only four ingredients. It is also eco-friendly with zero waste or plastic. The soap comes in sheets and is pre-measured for easy use. The Miracle Detergent provides extra strength cleaning and works in any washing machine. For 32 loads of laundry, the price is $24.99.

Each of these products can help you rest easier at night. Fearing what may be lurking on your linens is stressful. The amount of harmful bacteria that sits on our everyday items is scary. Great cleaning practices can help us avoid these harms, but, cleaning can easily fall by the wayside. Using the Miracle Brand products can help alleviate stress from the weekly loads of laundry. You can sleep in peace knowing that you are protected from 99.9% of germs.

Where Can I Buy Miracle Brand Sheets?

Miracle Brand sheets are available on the retailer’s website. You can also find all of the additional products listed there. The sheets are also available on Amazon. Using Amazon will get you access to free and fast shipping by using Prime. Your access to cleaner sleep could be only two days away. The company also offers a limited five-year warranty. They also offer a great return and exchange program.

Extra Luxe Bed Sheets Set (Stone King)

by Miracle Made 

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Are They Worth the Money?

The first consideration for whether you need Miracle Brand sheets is your current cleaning habits. Can you confidently say you wash your sheets once a week? What about your towels? If you have a strict cleaning schedule the cost of upgrading may not be worth it. But, if your cleaning schedule is a bit more relaxed it may be time to upgrade. Thinking about the 26 gallons of sweat that are poured into your sheets yearly is alarming. These facts should help you to decide if your cleaning practices are up to par.

You should also consider if you are currently experiencing dry skin, acne, or other ailments. Research has shown that these bacteria, dirt, and oils can cause many issues. Your sheets may be a major cause of many of your problems. Small health issues can quickly lead to bigger ones. The cold or flu can infect a whole household and leave you miserable. New sheets or other products may be what you need to get back to better health.

Are your current sheets living up to your expectations? Traditional sheets need to be cleaned weekly. Are you waking up feeling clean and refreshed? Regular sheets may not provide the cooling temperatures of a Miracle Brand sheet set.

Items such as bed linens can be costly. But, they are not items you have to buy regularly. The average price for good but not great quality king-sized sheets is around $80. Even the higher-priced extra-luxe sheets are only $128. The price difference is only $48. That price difference may be well worth the peace of mind. Investing in Miracle products can save you in the long run. These products claim to save you time, energy, and money because they require less laundering. Quality bed linens can also last much longer than normal cheap sheets. Investing the additional $48 may save you from having to buy another set of sheets in six months.

Do you consider yourself a germaphobe? If so, it is unlikely that these reports are news to you. The microscope organisms that live in your traditional sheets are disturbing. Investing in Miracle brand sheets may save you the headache of examining your current sheets with a magnifying glass. With Miracle Brand products you can feel at ease that you are safer from bacteria that can make you sick. Using Miracle brand sheets may be your ticket to healthier skin.

One of the biggest things to consider is budget. Americans often live outside their means. In fact, the American household debt hit 14.6 trillion dollars in 2021. If you can comfortably afford new linens it is worth your while. Miracle brand sheets can provide cleaner sleep and potentially better health. But, no product is worth going into debt.


The big question of whether or not they are worth the money is an individual or family decision. There is no doubt that the Miracle Brand sheets are cleaner than a traditional bed sheet. It seems like the benefits of the Miracle brand sheets are well worth their cost. The clean technology and comfort make a difference you can feel. Reviewers seem very happy with the products. The ratings of these products suggest they are as great as advertised. Miracle Sheets are a great choice for clean sleep and glowing skin!

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