Halo Sleep Sack Review: Top 3 Sacks

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The Top 3 HALO Sleep Sacks

The Halo company has a really impressive line of practical sleep sacks. They all accomplish various levels of comfort for baby. Our hope is that you’ll be able to understand what each of the sleep sacks can potentially do for you and your little one’s rest. In this review, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the top 3 wearable blankets from Halo’s incredible collection. Of course, there are various sleep sacks for practically every age graduation. So, we’ll discuss the Halo sleep sack swaddle wrap, microfiber wearable blanket, and the early walker sleep sack as well as how the sleep sack company got its wings, and how to prevent SIDS. Go get yourself a much-needed cup of coffee, we have a lot to cover.

Halo SleepSack Swaddle Wrap

If you’ve ever tried to swaddle a squirmy yet so uncoordinated little one, but you only made a mediocre swaddle about a good 14% of the time from birth to 3 months old, You’re definitely not alone, mom and dad! Swaddling is a tricky business. Well, the pros are here to save the day! The Halo swaddle wrap takes the guesswork out of swaddling your baby and makes it safer and more efficient. The wrap is designed with baby in mind with 3 different options of how a little one wants to be swaddled- and YES! Babies DO want to be swaddled. You really want to make your little one feels as secure as possible in this scary new life after the womb. The nurses at the hospital will tell you the tighter the better. But, some babies do want to have an arm or two free, and you want to be careful that the blanket won’t collapse over baby’s mouth or nose by ensuring the material fits snugly around their little body. This is true of a regular swaddling blanket and of the Halo swaddle wrap. Thank goodness for all the research and developments Halo Innovation has so strategically completed for us all!

The 3-way swaddle was created to perfection. Baby’s arm or arms can be free or the baby’s arms can be placed to have the hands at their chest for maximum self-soothing, safety, and comfort., especially, with all the perfect thermal overall grade (TOG). The Halo Sleep Sack swaddle wraps come in 100% cotton, micro-fleece, organic cotton and a patented Intellithread fabric that keeps baby at the ideal temperature. Each of these fabrics have a TOG of 1.5 except for the micro-fleece which is a warm 3.0 TOG. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes the incredible work that Halo has put into the inverted zipper. The inverted zipper not only makes nighttime diaper changes easier, but it permits the extra room for the swaddle to facilitate room for baby’s hips and legs to move about freely. The best part of this swaddle wrap is the fact that the little snuggle bug can feel like she or he is snuggled up in a warm blanket, but without the scary risks associated with suffocation in SIDS. That’s why Halo has changed the game: SIDS. Baby can rest easy- and so can all the parents! The Halo website has a 5 out of 5 stars rating for the wrap. Target has a 4.5 out of 5 stars for this super soft wearable blanket. This swaddle is for newborns and the little ones can safely wear it until he or she is ready to roll over. The baby can possibly get stuck in the sleep sack once mobile.

Halo Wearable Blanket
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The Wearable Blanket

The elephant design is the cutest, isn’t it? What’s better than the elephant design is the sleeveless micro-fleece fabric that keeps baby’s arms cool. The design is similar to a flared dress that has a bottom to it. The 100% polyester fabric helps keep baby at the right temperature, even in colder environments at a 1.0 TOG rating. It may be helpful for a mama who tends to like the AC cranked down to frigid temperatures– especially when you’re fresh out of the Labor & Delivery unit when your hormones are all over the place. Or, it may be more helpful up north where it’s snowy and all the heat units are doing their very best at keeping up with the snowstorms. This feature is from a fabric called a velboa. Velboa is an animal faux fur that originally is otherwise used for crafting, soft toys, or blankets. Now, velboa is an important piece of the softest, coziest wearable blanket keeping baby comfortable in any climate. This one is made for any baby up to 24 months of age and has all the perks and health benefits of the inverted zipper and really adorable various designs to change the sleep sacks up every night if you desire. This and all of the sleep sacks are made to fit over regular pajamas. The wearable blanket is $24.99, yet some sellers on Amazon have ones for $37.99 There were some parents on Amazon’s Q&A asking advice on how to keep baby’s hands warm. The answers are creative. One user suggested using baby socks over little one’s hands at night when the mittens are too easy for baby to get off her hands. The ratings on the sleep sack on Amazon are a complete 5 out of 5 stars and have over 5500 customers raving about the wearable blanket’s amazing design and how much baby loves it– and parents, too!

Halo Wearable Blanket
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The Halo Early Walker SleepSack

The adorable yet minimalist design on each of the early walker sleep sack is accompanied by the velboa and polyester blend of the microfiber fabric. The Halo sleep sack is not like the other ones we reviewed so far. The Halo sleep sack early walker has individual legs holes for a 6 month who isn’t maybe ready to walk just yet but is perfecting their crawling skills. Maybe your little one is getting ready to walk at 6 months old! Each and every baby is very different, that’s why the people at Halo recommend the Halo Sleep Sack early walker to wear from 6 months to 24 months. With the early walker sack, you still have the inverted zipper for diaper changes that could not be easier. These super cute sleep sacks have a 4.5 out of 5 rating and the poor reviews are all written about the sizing. Some people are upset that they followed the sizing chart on the site, yet they still were too big on their little one. On the other hand, there were mostly great reviews doting on the company’s small designs and the awesome practicality of the pants. There was one review, though, that said the sleep sacks do not all come with double zippers. It’s hard to know what the customer meant exactly. The sleep sacks all have the inverted zipper from the collar to the crotch area down the center. However, there are not any other zippers that are evident on the outfit. Amazon had many colorful reviews boasting about the functionality of the early walker sleep sack, leaving the rating a 4.6 out of 5 stars. However, there were 2 customers’ reviews exuding concern for the broken zipper their baby’s sleep sack. It is worth it to note that particular concern was not expressed on the Halo website. Among all potential independent sellers of Halo products on Amazon’s website, it may not have been something Halo did. Perhaps the independent seller had done something wrong when storing or packaging the sleep sacks. It’s a bit ironic, though, the safety of the inverted zipper is one of the things the company brags about on the website. Then, there were the same reviews as the Halo website’s. The Halo sleep sacks were sized too large for the baby’s measurements. On the bright side, most of all the reviewers were excited to have baby level up to the Halo Sleep Sack early walker. Most of the reviews with images displayed a happy baby looking so adorable in their brand-new early walker sleep sacks.

Halo Early Walker Sleep Sack
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The Best Halo Sleep

The Halo company performs similar practices when it comes to your baby and toddler. Every Halo Sleep Sack is made with the same quality and integrity. That means that Halo can make you these guarantees for your baby’s sack; The fabric is always made of premium quality and with no added chemicals, easier diaper changes, and is always safer than a blanket. You should always dress your baby in regular PJs under the Halo sleep sack. Also, please be sure of the best fit for your baby as a sleep sack that’s too small or too big may be dangerous and uncomfortable. These sleep sacks are the number one choice of hospitals nationwide!

The Tragedy Behind the Halo Brand

With a name like Halo, you’d think of a little halo or a cherub. While cherubs are arguably the cutest little baby angels, some little babies, unfortunately, do become little cherubs, or a drive to change the world’s most tragic stories into success stories.

This is exactly what happened to the founders of Halo Innovations Incorporated, long before they were founders of any organization. On that tragic night in 1991, Bill Schmid and his wife were enjoying a night out on the town after the birth of their first-born child, Hailey. On a gut feeling, Mrs. Schmid telephoned the sitter at the end of their dinner date to check on little Hailey. The nanny had already laid the baby down for bedtime by then, and by the time the phone call ended, the nanny had gone to check on her one last time. When the nanny entered the nursery, Hailey was face-down on her mattress. Hailey had turned blue by that point. Unfortunately though, by the time the Schmid’s got home, Hailey had already succumbed to the awful sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

In the midst of their grief and feelings of hopelessness, Bill and his wife were determined that this could and should have been prevented. They also felt that no other parent should have to go through this kind of heartache. So, they turned their loss of their precious daughter from SIDS, into something that would end up saving millions upon millions of lives. Over and over, the couple has been practicing prevention outreach for years. The couple donates their safe Halo Sleep Sack sleep swaddlers to over 800 hospitals nationally every year. With Hailey’s memory to keep going, Halo Innovative Inc. is a life altering business that’s been booming ever since they opened their doors. They’ve sold over 8 million Halo sleep sack products, counting more every day.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The absolutely devastating syndrome is exactly what the name says. The first year of every baby’s life is so precious and fragile in more than one way. Baby will always be laid down on his or her back to sleep ensuring that they have enough air to breathe. Caregivers must frequently check in on them in their cribs or bassinets. A baby should never be left to sleep in a swing or moving cradle. If a baby is laying on their tummy, they have a much higher chance of suffocating from re-breathing their exhaled carbon dioxide. The most deaths that occur from SIDS are in babies 1 to 4 months old- that’s 72% of SIDS related deaths! Keep baby close to your bed, but not in your bed, and keep the crib or bassinet clear of anything except for the breathable mattress that has only one snugly fitted sheet.

Halo Wearable Blanket
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Halo Has Inspired Many to Keep Baby Comfy

There are so many different brands of baby and toddler sleeping bags on the market today. Even Halo has toddler sleep sacs that aren’t just adorable, but also practical and useful. There are some great other types of famous sleep sacks that are worth acknowledging. Although we don’t have enough time here today to evaluate all of these adorable sacks, we do want to make you aware of the Early Transition, and the great options for the toddler in your life.

The Early Transition Sleep Sack

The Early Transition wearable blanket is a great tool to get baby from the swaddle to the early walker. Made for 3 to 9-month-olds, the early transition is a quilted 100% cotton fabric and has a 1.5 TOG. With such a perfect way to keep baby warm, it also keeps baby comfortable but secure. The Early Transition is for the graduate of the swaddler, but not quite at the wearable blanket, which is one step up from the swaddler, having long sleeves and no velcro. The baby’s legs are not completely free, so if your baby is mobile go right up to the Early Walker; the baby won’t be able to roll well in this one. It’s completely machine washable and can be dried in the drier on a low setting. Remove the sleep sack promptly from the dryer and ensure the zippers aren’t hot before putting it on your little one.

Halo Fleece Wearable Blanket
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Toddler Wearable Blanket By Halo

The best thing about the Halo Sleep products is that it follows your little one all the way through the toddler years. The bonus is that you know you’re doing your due diligence to ensure their safety and keep them feeling secure and comfy at the same time. It also doesn’t matter if the baby has been wearing the products for their whole, little lives, either. You can start it right where you are now. The toddler wearable blanket starts at 12 months old and goes all the way to 3 years old. The fabric is breathable and 100% cotton with a 0.5 TOG, to ensure the wild toddler is comfortable while wearing the cutest design. The design resembles a soft cozy pair of overalls and the patterns on them are the most adorable ones out there. The company has boy designs, girl designs, and gender-neutral designs to dress your baby how you’d prefer.

Highlights and Afterthoughts

After we have perused every swaddler and sleep sack up to the toddler wearable blankets, don’t give up. There are some amazing items here that actually work to have your little one dreaming in no time. It’s a process to find good rest for a restless baby; mama, nothing lasts forever. Maybe you aren’t getting any rest, right, and neither is baby! A sleep product may be a help but there’s a chance that you may need a sleep sack AND a sleep coach. It’s hard but you’re doing your best, and the baby’s best sleep is on the way. These solutions are all made for the good sleeper and wild sleeper; their products have helped so many moms and dads just like you. And there are more products than just Halo sleep sacks for the itty bitty little ones. Halo has swings, bassinets, even a breathable crib mattress that could make all the difference in baby’s sleep. You got this, Mama!

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