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Reading seems to have become a hobby people wish they could do but have no way to read comfortably. If you’re one of those people, a reading pillow may be the answer. Have you ever wanted to read a book, beginning to end, comfortably? What if you could have a sturdy way to look at

Toddler boy napping in a sleeping bag with emergency vehicles motif

Toddlers are curious, high-spirited, and, of course, active. So, as much as you like spending every minute with them and seeing the world through their eyes, you may equally appreciate the rest time they provide during their sleep (a.k.a. recharge) time. Naptime is a chance for both you and your child to rest. As a result,

two different anti snoring nasal devices on a table

Did you know that some snores come directly from a deviated septum? However, most snores derive from the back of the throat, called a soft palate. When you or your partner, whoever the chain saw and throat whistling comes from at night, goes to sleep, their tongue becomes relaxed therefore so do their throat muscles.

toddler sleeping in a bed

Sleep Training and Traveling With the Slumber Pod Hey, Mama! Have you ever struggled with sleep training? If not, consider yourself the luckiest mama in the universe. If you have, stick with me. You know the point in which all hope is lost. How about the sleep deprivation hits you so hard that you actually

baby wearing a pink wearble blanket

The Top 3 HALO Sleep Sacks The Halo company has a really impressive line of practical sleep sacks. They all accomplish various levels of comfort for baby. Our hope is that you’ll be able to understand what each of the sleep sacks can potentially do for you and your little one’s rest. In this review,

essential oil diffuser on a table in front of a plant

With all of the sleep remedies on the market, essential oils and melatonin diffusers are two of the most popular natural remedies that often promise better sleep.  Melatonin and Essential Oils: An Overview Melatonin is a popular over-the-counter drug used by people who have insomnia: those that have a hard time falling or staying asleep.

two babies wearing yellow sleep sacks

If you have a newborn, young infant, or even an older baby who still sleeps in a crib, you may be looking for new ways to keep your little one warm at night. A sleep sack is like a mini sleeping bag for your baby or toddler. It works just like a regular sleeping bag

woman sleeping in a bright room

If you struggle with having a good night’s sleep, but want to avoid strong prescription sleep medicine and other drugs, then a sleep supplement may be right for you. Sleep supplements work using natural ingredients, not strong medication, to help you drift off peacefully to sleep. When it comes to sleep supplements and sleep aids

little girl sleeping in bed with a teddy bear

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the pineal gland that is released at night. When the hormone is released, it signals that it’s time to sleep. This is sometimes interrupted by a child’s environment or even a sleep disorder or mental illness. When you have a little one or, a not so little one,

woman sleeping in a bed

You close your eyes, ready to slip away to dreamland. You lay there and wait. It seems like hours tick by, and you are still waiting for sleep to come. You consider counting sheep, but your list of to-dos keeps popping up in your head. There has to be some way you can fall asleep