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Sleep is a crucial element of being healthy, especially as people age. Unfortunately, as you get older, it becomes more challenging to get a good night’s sleep, and you find yourself waking up exhausted or unable to sleep for lengthy periods. Sleep deprivation has been related to an increased risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, memory loss, and even obesity. On the other hand, a good night’s sleep regularly benefits your body in various ways, namely increasing your memory, creativity, and decision-making abilities. In addition, like oxygen and food, your body also requires sleep to function correctly. In 2010, a systematic review indicated that sleeping less or not at night increased the risk of reducing the life span of a person. Excessive tiredness, frequent yawning, irritability, and afternoon weariness are all indications of sleep deprivation. Some people might look for the best mattress, smart bed or an adjustable bed to deal with this issue.

The body recovers and reestablishes its chemical balance as people sleep. The brain creates new connections in the mind and aids memory retention. For older adults, it is essential to create the right atmosphere to help them have a goodnight’s sleep for a minimum of eight to nine hours. Sleep overheating can lead to suffocating, sweaty nights. If your body can’t cool down, whether a person has night sweats or generally feels hot, it may be difficult to fall and remain asleep. This is critical since core body temperature significantly impacts sleep duration.

When creating a cozy sleeping environment, many people focus on finding the most excellent, comfortable, customized, and cost-effective mattress they can find. True, a bed is half the battle for getting a good night’s sleep, but the other half is equally important. The second half of the equation includes anything from a well-ventilated room, ambient noise, background light, a healthy diet, and a comfortable bed sheet. Choosing the correct sheets for hot sleepers is one approach to ensure that they sleep peacefully. Sheets made of flannel or acrylic, for example, might create extra heat.

Others fail to soak up or distribute moisture, leaving people uncomfortable and damp. Because cooling sheets or cooling pillows are composed of textiles meant to lower body heat or evaporate water, they minimize these problems. Some sheet options include bamboo sheets, flannel sheets, and Egyptian cotton sheets.


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About Sleep Number

A bed sheet may considerably affect a good night’s sleep, whether fitted or flat, cotton or polyester. Sleep Number is professional in manufacturing top-quality bedding, mattresses, and other sleeping essentials. In addition, each bed sheet set includes various upgrades to ensure a person gets a product that will keep them comfortable for a long time.

Protection Plan and Free Shipping

People may get free shipping on any bed set they choose when they order it from Sleep Number. A person can test the bedsheet for 30 nights to see if they are satisfied and if the product performs as stated. Individuals can exchange the merchandise after 30 days by notifying customer service. Every Sleep Number bed sheet collection features a 2-year limited warranty covering only manufacturer faults, not human mistreatment.

Perfect Fit

Sleep Number offers one of the best sheets on the market. Their fitted sheets feature a Smart Fit design. In addition to being durable and elastic, Sleep Number‘s products also include connector bands, which keep your sheet from bunching up. Several sheet bundles also have ‘Exact Fit’ characteristics, ensuring that the sheet moves with the user as they sleep.

Smart Tags

The unique ‘Logic Labels’ are integrated into the Sleep Number bed linens. A label can be seen on the left corner of each flat sheet, allowing people to make the bed easily. Every performance hacker will tell themselves to begin their day by doing something challenging. So, what could be more complicated than matching the sheets and remaking the bed in the morning?

Worth The Money

The products offered by Sleep Number may be pricey for some people, but the quality and features are worth the money. The products are durable and long-lasting and provide a superior sleeping experience. Not only this, but the brand has introduced a Sleep Number credit card to ensure that everyone had access to high-end items. Hence, if a person wants to pay for their bed in installments, they can apply for a credit card right when they want to.

User-Friendly Site

The website of the Sleep Number brand is quite simple and user-friendly. One may choose their bed size, the bedsheet set they want, the color, and even add a blanket and comforter to see how their bed would look using a virtual simulator. This allows users to envision the bed setting to decide which chromatic option best suits their bedroom décor while also giving customers a preview of the finished product. This option is convenient for customers who are hesitant to buy things online and prefer the in-person shopping experience.

High Rating

The majority of Sleep Number‘s bed sheet sets have more significant than average ratings, with only the In Balance set receiving 3.6 out of 5 stars. Every other model gets a 4.4 or higher rating. The Supima cotton sheet set is the consumer favorite, with an overall grade of 4.8 out of 5 stars depending on the number of comments to rating ratio.


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Top Sleep Number Sheets

Sleep Number has something for everyone in their bedding collection, including something fluffy and cozy for those who want to cuddle on a chilly winter evening and enjoy bedding that keeps their feet warm and their souls fed. In addition, Sleep Number manufactures several other bedding accessories such as memory foam, mattress pads, microfiber sheets, etc.

Essential Fit Cotton Sheets

The Essential Fit Cotton sheet set has a 300-thread count and is made up of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane for comfort and longevity. The exact fit design allows the sheets to move with you while recovering the next day quickly. Even if you have a habit to toss around while sleeping, the ‘Smart Fit Design’ will hold the sheets firmly. The borders are elastic and have an additional anchor band for added security.

Users will receive both a fitted and a flat sheet when they order the Essential Fit Cotton Sheet set. The Split King size is unique in that it includes an extra fitted sheet. In addition, the twin and twin extra-long sizes will come with a single pillowcase, while the rest of the models will come with two. Finally, by using a moderate washing cycle in the washing machine, one can simply clean the bedding.

It comes in various sizes such as twin, twin extra-long, full size, queen size, expanded queen, king size, split king, FlexTop king, and California king. In addition, it has a variety of colors available such as wheat, white, ivory, steel blue, light grey, sage, poppy, wine, dark teal, and navy.


The thread count on this cotton bedsheet is 300, which ensures durability. One additional pillowcase is included with the more significant size selections. In addition, an extra fitted sheet is included with the Split King size.


The material isn’t as soft or firm as sheets with a greater thread count, and the surface may be scratchy.


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True Temp Sheet Set

The True Temp Sheet Set is known for its unique 37.5 technology, which claims to respond to the skin’s microclimate and make you feel more comfortable. They’re distinguished by the amount of breathability they provide, preventing sweat-related discomfort. Regardless of how much people sweat during the night, the corner bands stitched into the sheets are superb at keeping them anchored into the mattress. In addition, the sheet includes Sleep Number‘s well-known Logic Labels, which are frequently used in its models. Ideally, these labels are placed in the lower-left corner to make the bed easy.

A flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases are included in the set. 2 × twin extra-long fitted sheets are included with split king and split California king orders. The True Temp Sheet Set includes 76 percent cotton, 22 percent polyester, and 2% spandex. The mark-up thread count is 300, and the weave is silky, providing sateen sheets.

It is available in sizes such as queen, king, California king, split king, Split California king, FlexTop king, and FlexTop California king. In addition, it is available in colors such as white, pacific blue, aqua, dune, and slate.



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Who Should Try True Temp Sheets

The True Temp sheets benefit hot sleepers as they offer cooling capabilities. In addition, True Temp sheets will fit perfectly to the bed frame, ideal for active sleepers who move about at night.


For added comfort, the set includes the trademarked 37.5 technology. These sheets can be machine washed in cold water with a gentle cleanser on a gentle cycle.


It’s only available in five colors, which isn’t as extensive as other Sleep Number sets. After the initial wash, the surface may feel harsh.

Winter Soft Sheet Set

The Winter Soft Sheet Set is the most outstanding choice for anyone who gets particularly cold in the winter and would want a soft, fluffy, and warm bed sheet set. It’s a combination made in heaven when users slip into bed with a cup of hot chocolate! The skin will be kept warm and comfortable thanks to the polyester microfiber. The set is durable and will last long.

It is suggested that sheets be washed in cold water with no chemicals or fabric softener added.

This set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. A single pillowcase comes with the twin and twin extra-long sizes, whereas the split king and split Cal king sizes come with two twin extra long-fitted sheets. It is available in different sizes such as twin extra-long, queen size, king size, California king size, split king, FlexTop king, and FlexTop California king. The available colors for the winter soft bedsheet set are white, grey, taupe, sky blue, and blush.


winter sheets sets

This sheet can also be used under a top sheet in the summer for added comfort. When sleeping, it offers a velvety, and soft feel.


It has the potential to overheat the body. In addition, improper maintenance might result in lint stacking and excessive fluff.

Supima Cotton Sheet Set

Sleep Number‘s Supima Cotton linens are often regarded as the best. Compared to other models with a thread count of 300, this one offers a twofold figure, implying twice the comfort. In addition, these OEKO-TEX made in Green sheets is environmentally friendly. Users will receive one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases when they order the Supima set. 2 × twin extra-long fitted sheets are used in the split king and split California king sets.

It is available in different sizes such as queen size, king size, California king, split king, split California king, FlexTop king, and FlexTop California king. The colors available are white and gray.


There are no negative reviews for Supima cotton sheets. The thread count is 600, and the feel is smooth and consistent on both sides.


The color palette is limited. When contrasted to many other Sleep Number bed sheets, it is pricey.

Lyocell Ultra Sheet Set

The Lyocell Ultimate Sheets are a mix of soft and breezy material that promises to absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe comfortably throughout the night. They are suitable for any mattress up to 18 inches thick. One flat fit, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases will be included in the set when you order it. The split king and split California king sizes come with two twin extra-long fitted sheets, whereas the twin and twin extra-long sets only come with one pillowcase.

The available sizes are queen, king, split king, FlexTop king, grand king, California king, split California king, and FlexTop California king. The available color options are white, ivory, stone, cloud gray, marine blue, sea green, and blush.


The sheets are well-fitting and true to size. It comes in seven different color variations and has a clean and silky surface.


Compared to other Sleep Number products, this product has mixed reviews. Where there was sweat, users experienced bleach-like stains.

It is essential to choose the best bedding sets. It is also crucial to know when to wash the sheets to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Often to Change Or Wash Sheets?

According to the National Sleep Foundation research from 2012, 91 percent of Americans change their bedding every other week. However, many specialists advise weekly washing to maintain cleanliness. This is because the sheets can amass many items that people can’t see, such as thousands of dead skin cells, and dust mites in some cases.

An individual should wash their sheets regularly if they are prone to allergies, dust, have asthma, an infection or skin lesion, excessive sweating, or if their pet sleeps in bed with them. But what happens if a person doesn’t wash their sheets regularly?


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What Happens If You Don’t Wash The Sheets?

People are exposed to fungi, bacteria, pollen, and pet dander on sheets and other bedding if they do not wash them regularly. Bodily secretions, perspiration, and skin cells are other substances found on sheets. Individuals will not necessarily become ill as a result of this. However, taking precautions is necessary. It could also induce eczema or contact dermatitis in persons who already have the ailment.

Additionally, sleeping on dirty bedding can aggravate or provoke asthma and allergy symptoms in people with these conditions. Allergies affect more than 24 million people in the United States. Even if they aren’t normally allergic to things, they may wake up with a blocked nose and sneezing if their bedding isn’t clean.

Final Thoughts

Sleep Number products have become quite popular in the market, particularly for people who suffer from insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Because of its reputation for producing high-quality mattresses, bedding, pillows, sheets, and other items, Sleep Number has developed a devoted following. In addition, their sheets and pillows have a higher thread count than others, making them more durable and comfortable. Some types also promise to drain sweat and soak and absorb body heat, so people won’t feel hot while sleeping.

The Supima cotton bed sheet set is a standout in regards to quality. It’s made with only the best American cotton, which is woven with tremendous precision and care to produce a product that’s durable, smooth on both sides, and has an extra thick thread count that ensures extra comfort for whoever sleeps on it.

Winter soft sheets are perfect for individuals who want to add a bit of additional warmth to their sleeping routine. For example, the Winter set is necessary if a person frequently wakes up with cold feet in the winter, if they toss away the blanket because they’re too warm and then feel too hard, or if they’re a major fan of all things fluffy and fuzzy.

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