Is a Murphy Bed With Couch Right for You?



Tall, grandiose beds that covered three-fourths of a bedroom’s floor went out of style long ago to make way for minimalist Murphy beds to take the design industry by storm. A Murphy bed with couch is a versatile, minimalist, and space-saving option that keeps a bedroom nice and tidy and can flip out for a bed and couch. They’re perfect for saving room in a small apartment, condo, or smaller bedroom. You can even turn a regular room like a living room or office room into a spare/guest bedroom by hiding a Murphy bed with a couch that you can easily pull out into a full-sized bed. This transformative new technology can make a room anything you want. In this article, you’ll learn all about what Murphy beds are, why you might choose one, Murphy vs. sleeper sofas, long-term care, and pros and cons. 


What is a Murphy Bed with Couch?

A Murphy bed with couch is a bed that is disguised upright in a cabinet or as part of the wall with a regular couch in front of it. You can pull the Murphy bed out of the wall and down over the couch to transform the couch into a full-sized bed. There are many different sizes you can pick from just like with a classic bed, and Murphy beds are always discreet and perfect for guests or living rooms. Some Murphy beds are horizontal and others are vertical. Sometimes, you only order the mechanisms/bed frame and you will need to purchase your own mattress to make the bed. 

The design came from San Francisco in the late 19th century by a man named William Murphy who wanted to create a “secret” bed for a room. Many Murphy beds are sold without couches, but a couch will help support the bed and also helps save even more room because you don’t need to have a separate couch and bed in the room when you can have both in one.

The amazing technology of a wall bed isn’t limited to its hidden pull-down mechanisms. Some luxurious options even have desks, charging ports, shelves, or drawers for you to have more room for things in even less floor space. With the decrease in home sizes and rise in apartments/condos, Murphy beds are taking over due to their versatility in small and large spaces alike. 

Why Should I Get a Murphy Bed? 

There are many reasons why you might choose a wall bed with couch over a standard floor bed. The number one reason you might make the switch is due to saving space. If you are moving from a home to an apartment or condo, or smaller living space in general, a Murphy bed with couch will ensure that your room stays open and clutter free, especially if you need more legroom than a standard bed will allow. 

Additionally, a Murphy bed with couch is the perfect solution for families or homes where lots of people are living. If you are expecting more people to move in or live at home but don’t have the space to put more beds, getting Murphy beds won’t take up any more space than before. Plus, if you have children, the 2-in-1 couch option is great for them to sit during the day instead of laying in bed and cluttering the area on top of it. Some Murphy beds are also sold as Murphy bunk beds which can work great for children’s rooms that sleep more than one and don’t have a lot of space. 


A wall bed can be used as a room transformer. For example, if you have a living room, it can be transformed into a guest bedroom by adding a Murphy bed that you can pull out whenever a guest comes over. Also, if you already have a bedroom, you can transform it into another type of room like a home office room by adding a Murphy bed with a couch or desk to make the room appear more professional, which is perfect for those who work from home and want to create a more productive space. 

If you live in a vehicle or own a camper/RV that you use for travel, you can get a Murphy bed to save room in them as well. Remember that Murphy beds arrive in many different sizes. Before purchasing your bed, take good measurements of your space and make sure that they match up with the dimensions of the product. Also, consider whether a horizontal or vertical bed will be better. 

How to Use a Murphy Bed with Couch

Murphy beds use spring and piston lifts to be able to move up and down and stay in their position. Something important to note about Murphy beds is that if you aren’t very technical you will likely need it to be professionally installed to ensure safety. Once you do have your Murphy bed installed, using it is simple. Grab the handle at the top of the bed and pull down. Once halfway down, pull out the legs or rotate them (depending on the bed). Then lower it fully and set it towards the floor on the sofa. Pulling up the bed is the same but with the steps reversed — however, you need to be careful not to have any pillows or blankets poking out of the bed. 

Spring lift Murphy beds have sets of springs on the sides of the bed to pull and control the tension. Some spring lift beds require the bed to be floor mounted, so if this is the case you will need to check with a landlord before mounting. The springs should be tightened and greased every few years to ensure proper functioning. 

Other Murphy beds use a piston lift system. Pistons are pressurized with gas and are much easier and quicker to install. This type of lifting has a locking system so that the bed is locked in place and does not spring up accidentally. One downside is that piston lifts can’t be adjusted.

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Buying a Murphy Bed with Couch (Prices and brands)

There is no doubt that a loft bed can be pricey. In addition to the cost of the actual Murphy bed mechanism, you will need to spend more on a mattress, bedding, and installation costs. Many Murphy beds with couches will be in the 1000-2000+ dollar range on their own. For a mattress, pick any mattress that correlates with the size of the Murphy bed. You can choose from down or memory foam mattresses, as well as more luxurious adjustable ones. Then, pick the same size bedding and a comforter or duvet set. Professional installation costs for a Murphy bed should also be considered unless you want to install it yourself. In the latter case, you can purchase a DIY installation kit for Murphy beds for a few hundred dollars. However, it is recommended to have it professionally installed. One last cost to take into consideration is that of removing the Murphy bed which can be costly if you ever need to do it. 

With all of this to keep in mind, where do you even start? One of the most popular, affordable, and best Murphy bed brands out there is Lori Wall Beds. A Lori wall bed Murphy is very durable and made with 100% real wood, comes horizontally or vertically and in a variety of colored wooden finishes. They are affordable at only $999 due to their lack of lifting mechanism — all you need to do is manually lift it up and down with another adult so you don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing and installing an expensive lift system. 


Murphy Bed with Couch Pros and Cons


One of the most notable pros of buying a Murphy bed is saving space. Murphy beds take only 16-19 inches of wall space, and this is also customizable as you can get a horizontal or vertical bed. You do not need to have a separate couch and bed when you can have both in one. Secondly, Murphy beds also function as other pieces of furniture. When not being used as a bed they can have couches, desks, and shelf space to conserve even more room. Also, Murphy beds add a modern and elegant aesthetic to any living space. They have beautifully decorated wood shelves and cabinet space along the frame. You can also add your own touch to this space by attaching lighting or other decorations. Wall beds are great for families, guests, and rooms that aren’t intended for bedroom use. 


A loft bed may not be suitable for many people who are short-term renters because landlords may not allow the mounting of a Murphy bed onto the walls and floors. Wall beds are also very difficult to install alone and expensive to have professionally installed. Some Murphy beds may permanently damage floors when mounting and you also need to pay to have one removed, although it is unlikely you would need to remove your wall bed after installation. If you want a Murphy bed but live in an apartment where it’s not an option to mount one, consider a freestanding Murphy bed. This is perfect for those who want a Murphy bed temporarily or if your landlord does not allow you to mount anything. 

Something that may be both a pro and con — if you have a Murphy bed, you’ll need to get into the habit of making your bed daily and quickly. If there are items on top of your bed or it isn’t neatly made, it won’t fold in correctly. Lastly and most importantly, Murphy beds can be very expensive and often don’t arrive with a mattress. 

Murphy vs Sofa Bed

You can’t use the words sofa and Murphy interchangeably — a Murphy bed with couch is not the same thing as a sofa bed. A sleeper sofa is a sofa/couch that has a mattress, typically a queen-sized foam mattress, inside that you pull out and extend into a bed. It’s great for guests and is a cheaper option than a Murphy bed. However, it has no connection to the wall. A Murphy bed is similar in that it saves space and has a couch, but it is more complex, expensive, and modern. It’s good for everyday use and is more comfortable to sleep on. A sofa bed is mainly intended for use as a couch while a Murphy bed is mainly intended for use as a bed. 

In terms of convenience, wall/Murphy beds are much easier to pull out and use than sleeper sofas since they are meant to be pulled out every night. You can also fold the folding bed already made, while for a sofa bed, you will need to make it every time you use the bed because bedding will not stay in place. At the end of the day, if you plan on having a more permanent, long-term option that you will use often, a wall bed is a much better option than a sofa bed. 

Murphy Bed With Couch Maintenance

If you’re considering spending a sum on a Murphy bed with couch, you may be curious about the long-term aspect of owning and regularly using one. A wall bed can be used everyday, and they are intended for regular use like this. For comfort, you can get any type of mattress you want as long as it fits, so it’s not uncomfortable like a foam mattress sofa bed. However, the mechanisms on the bed do wear down over time and may need maintenance care after around 5+ years. You can expect your actual Murphy bed to last 15 years assuming it is used daily. This is shorter than a traditional bed– wall beds do not last as long as traditional beds. You will notice that the bed will be much more difficult to lift as the mechanisms wear down. At this point, the best option is to get the parts replaced or buy a new Murphy bed with couch.

To prolong the life of your Murphy bed, take care of its joints. The joints ensure the bed stays in place and should be oiled regularly especially if you hear them squeaking. Also, make sure that nothing gets caught in them like clothing or bedding. Avoid jumping or any harsh movements on the bed so as to not break the joints or springs. For your safety, don’t sit or lie on the bed unless it has been fully pulled down. Don’t place your hands near the joints where they could get caught in either. All in all, you’ll want to treat your Murphy bed’s delicate mechanisms with care to prolong its life. 


Murphy beds are the latest new minimalist trend. This bed is hidden behind a couch that can turn into a regular sized, comfortable bed with the pull of a handle and then pulled back up during the day when not in use. A Murphy bed with couch is perfect for children’s rooms, small condos or apartments, home offices, living rooms, guest rooms, vehicles, or for anyone who is looking to save space. The design was coined in the 19th century by a man named William Murphy who wanted to create a bed that would stay hidden. 

Murphy beds use either spring or piston lifts to support the bed and keep it locked in place whether it’s stowed away or pulled down for use. A Murphy bed should be professionally installed unless you want to purchase a DIY kit and know how to do it alone. Since they need to be mounted, you should always check with a landlord to ask if it is allowed — Murphy beds are permanent. Something important to note about Murphy beds is the price. Costs can add up, and they aren’t always cheap. A Murphy bed will cost anywhere from 1000-5000 dollars or more, and they don’t always come with a mattress — usually only with the mechanisms and couch. You will need to purchase a mattress separately along with bedding and pay the costs of professional installation. However, once purchased, you can expect your Murphy bed to last 15-20 years as long as you are taking good care of the joints and springs. Lastly, a Murphy bed is not the same as a sofa bed. Sofa beds are not intended for daily use and are just a sofa with a bed under the cushions that pulls out. They are much more difficult to pull out and put back in and may be an inconvenience if you plan on using it regularly. 

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