Dreaming of Luxury Spacious Sleep? Check out the Alaskan King!

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You wake up. You’re cramped, smushed, and exhausted after an attempt at a full 8 hours. Are you tired of waking up to a foot in the neck? A sweaty partner or child pushed up against you? Your precious pup pushing you off the bed? The solution is here! Welcome to the largest oversized bed money can buy – the Alaskan King Bed!

What Is an Alaskan King Bed?

Alaskan King? What is that? You’ve heard of the Classic King size mattress, the California King, the Wyoming King Bed, maybe even the Texas King mattress – but the Alaskan King Bed? This luxury sleep option is 9ft by 9ft giving you all the extra space you could dream of! Move over, California King bed, the biggest bed has a new name. The Alaskan King Bed is named for the size of the state, which is double the size of Texas! This mattress can sleep four adults or two adults and two kids! Imagine that! It has space for kids, pets, or the wonky sleeper! The Alaskan King Bed is the peak of the Luxury Bed community. It provides a large space for all the lounging, binge-watching, and sleeping you can dream of! What is better than waking up refreshed, relaxed, and kink-free? Do you deserve to walk (and sleep) through life with more energy and less frustration? The answer is yes! Find your way to sleep heaven with an Alaskan King!

What Are the Perks of Owning an Alaskan King Bed?

The Alaskan King Bed provides more space than any other of its kind, even you, Wyoming King. Sleeping with your kids, your pets or a large partner just got a whole lot comfier. There is nothing worse than deciding to cosleep or let your pets join you only to wake with all the extra limbs. Have these people ever heard of personal space? Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is crucial to your health. Missing quality sleep leads to poor functioning of your proper cognitive and behavioral functions. We need great sleep to become our best selves! An Alaskan King Bed may be your saving grace. The CDC explains that more than one-third of American adults are not getting enough sleep! This is also related to high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke. Taking control of your sleep is essential to your overall health and wellness. You need to provide the best possible sleeping environment for peaceful uninterrupted sleep. Think of all the room you will have to stretch out and get comfy. Space will be there when you need it. Do you roll around when you sleep? No longer an issue for you, your family, or your spouse! With the extra comfort and space provided by the Alaskan King Bed, you may be on your way to your best sleep yet! Say hello to peaceful nights, restful mornings, and waking up with true joy.

A parents’ bed is often a place of rescue, comfort, and joy. It often becomes a family bed. Some kids are scared to be alone, and the crib mattress or the double bed isn’t cutting it. Many families hang out in this space even if they do not sleep together. Having a large bed can provide a safe area for parents to rest and kids to play. The Alaskan King Bed is a great place for family movie nights or fort building. When a child has a bad dream, it can often feel like the end of the night for Mom and Dad! Lack of space often equals lack of sleep. Avoid disruptions with more sleeping space and the calm, safe environment parents provide. Large families often have difficulty making sure everyone has a place to be together. The Alaskan King Bed may be an excellent addition to your family and the quality time you spend together. Bring on the popcorn and movies; just make sure to keep the crumbs out!

Another imbalance to consider is opposite sleep schedules. An overnight shift worker can avoid the drama of waking sleepers, and they have the chance to slip right in. Constant bathroom user? Pregnant Wife? Starfish sleeper? A King-size or California King size is not big enough. Avoid all these sleep disruptions with a larger bed. Minimize the potential arguing. Give room to breathe, move, and use the bathroom freely. Forget fears of waking up the circus sleeping in your room!

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The Functionality of the Alaskan King Bed

The Alaskan King Bed has piqued your curiosity about a superior sleeping option. But your thoughts may have moved to the rational side of things. How can I make a 9ft X 9ft bed work in my space? I thought a Wyoming King was big! Some facts may help you consider what options you have! The Alaskan King Bed functions best in rooms 16ft X 16ft or larger. Luckily, many larger homes offer rooms of this size. Consider where to place the bed to ensure there is plenty of room to access the bathroom or closets. As a plus, many Alaskan King Beds ship in half or thirds. There is no need to worry about issues in fitting through standard doors. Spacious rooms provide a place for the large bed, but also nightstands or dressers. Make sure to create a layout of your space to best plan for both your bed and your extra furniture. Create a space that is functional for your family. Make it aesthetically appealing and fit your daily needs to add to the serenity in your bedroom.

How important is the spaciousness and setup of the master bedroom, really? Realtors suggest during a home sale values increase between 1-5%; when staged properly. What is one of the top three rooms to stage? The master! A well decorated, calm, spacious room provides you a luxury retreat, but can also help you in the sale of your home! Potential buyers may imagine themselves in each room of your home. The Master can become a focal point and haven of comfort. Committing to an Alaskan King Bed can offer the feel and appearance of a top-tier home.

How difficult will it be to buy the needed accessories for your new Alaskan King Bed? There are a surprising amount of options for bedding, bed frames, and any other items you may need! There is no need to special order every single piece of bedding or accessory. Even Amazon has products you can use for your spacious new bed.

Let’s talk specifics. What are some options you have for your Alaskan King bed frame? Good news! There are also several options for a new bed frame. If custom isn’t in your budget right now, several online retailers have a variety of selections.

A great online retail pick is the Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame from Mattress Insider.

This Alaskan King bed frame boasts strong and flexible support slats. It is 12.5” in height, and does not need a box spring or mattress foundation, providing your Alaskan King Mattress with plenty of support. This bedframe is eco-friendly, free of toxins, and gives you peace of mind for your family. Loved due to its versatility in the decor space, this bed frame is a great selection. So many bedframes have such a specific style, it can be difficult to plan or change decor. This frame can go with SO many styles. The ability to give a room a refresh without changing every piece of furniture is amazing!

If you prefer a more specific style or something a little more luxurious, there are options for you, too! Many companies offer custom headboards and bed frames for an Alaskan King. There are several selections to fit your style and decor needs. Custom Beds and Headboards offer a variety of upholsteries, footboards, and tufting.

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How Does the Alaskan King Bed Compare?

The Alaskan King Bed is a superior mattress size in the mattress market. Casper.com states, “In comparison to a California King mattress, an Alaskan King mattress is bigger, measuring 24 inches longer and 36 inches wider.” Can you imagine the reality of this monster of luxury? It is one VERY large square: 11,664 sq ft, to be exact! Is this a great fit for you and your family? Do you need all the glorious space boasted by the Alaskan King bed? Beds this large give more personal space for each person. Think over your sleeping situation, this can be a huge win! Owning the largest mattress available is cause for constant celebration. The novelty of the Alaskan King may never wear off. Each time you enter your room you can be calm with its welcoming plush comfort.

Cost of Purchasing an Alaskan King Bed

The big question! Can owning an Alaskan King Bed fit into my budget? The cost of an Alaskan King Mattress can vary, but many start around $2,000. Here are a few options!

  1. “The Orginal” from The Alaskan King Bed Company starts at $2,950. It states it provides a sleeping surface of rich organic cotton. Next, it lists, “The Luxe”, considered the Royal Treatment of the site. Sounds pretty good, right? This option starts at $3,700. Finally, their “Grand Luxe” mattress will cost a whopping $10,000! The Grand luxe has a  “luxurious cashmere and memory foam to assist the latex for a healthier sleep.” Sleeping on CASHMERE? Count me in!
  2. Big Mattress Co. offers two different Alaskan King Beds. Each offers a luxurious, plush, handcrafted 13” high oversized mattress. The “Premier Foam” is a pillow-top style mattress that runs $4,699 but is currently on sale for $4,399. The “Premier Hybrid” mattress is for a “luxurious sleep experience”. It costs a pretty penny at $5,099 with a sale price of $4,799. This site also offers a bed frame for $1,899! They also offer a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, as well as Free Shipping and returns! Free Shipping AND returns? Yes! What a costly pain it would be to have to return such a bulky item!
  3. Mattress Insider has another take on the offerings of the Alaskan King. It has flippable and removable layers to help you best adjust the mattress firmness. It also offers a 2” cooling layer of gel memory foam AND a temperature-neutral latex layer. The site states that the mattress can also hold up to 50% more bodyweight AND lasts twice as long as other options. The Mattress Insider Alaskan King also comes in three pieces for easy setup. The original cost of this cooling dream mattress is $6,999 but is currently on sale for $4,699. This site is a one-stop-shop and also offers bedsheets and bed frames!

Prices do vary quite a bit with this size of mattress. No matter what you can afford, it can be a big investment to buy a mattress of this size. It is critical to consider many factors of your needs to make the best choice for you and your family.

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How to Choose the Best Type of Mattress

To make the best decision, you need to consider who will be using the bed and their preferences. Cooling technology may be a big consideration depending on the specific sleeper. Do you prefer a pillow top, something more firm, or a hybrid? Do you need a memory foam mattress? Are you a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, or a back sleeper? All these components play a role in finding the best mattress to meet your needs.

The Sleep Foundation suggests back sleepers need a medium-firm to a firm mattress. This ensures the torso doesn’t sink too deep and create strain. Side Sleepers will also need a medium firmness mattress. Anything too soft or too firm can cause misalignment. Stomach sleepers will need a firm mattress that won’t cause feelings of suffocation. The foundation also suggests that people over 230 pounds may need a more firm mattress. They can sink further into a soft mattress and cause spinal issues. Ouch! 

When Is the Right Time to Commit to a New Mattress?

The perfect time to buy a new mattress can be different for everyone! Not sleeping well can be an initial sign that it’s time to replace your mattress. You may wake up with an ache in your back or neck. Your hips may feel tight or misaligned. There may also be visible signs of wear and tear that flag the need for a new mattress. Web MD states these visible signs include, “sagging, visible tears, ripping, holes, stains, or other damage”. The article also suggests it could be time to get a new mattress if your allergies or asthma worsen.

Don’t even start to think about the critters that could be living in an older unkept mattress! Dust Mites are a major concern of mattresses. Each older mattress contains anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites according to Environment, Health & Safety Online. Yuck!

Even if your mattress is not yet past its prime, your health and wellbeing are the main priority. If your current sleeping situation is not conducive to restful sleep, it is time for a change! The Alaskan King Bed may be a great solution to your squashed sleeping problems.

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Big Questions in Considering the Alaskan King Bed

Of course, no bed is perfect, even if the Alaskan King Bed comes close. These are some of the key aspects to consider in making the best decision for your family.

  1. Do you have the space? The Alaskan King Bed functions best in rooms 16X16 or greater. At 108 X 108 inches, this bed will need some room. If your Master bedroom or other space doesn’t accommodate furniture this large – you may need to reconsider! This bed is much larger than the standard mattress sizes. No twin xl mattresses here! Don’t forget to account for the doors and moving the mattress in. Websites should have specific specifications, but if they don’t, ask! 
  2. Is the Alaskan King Bed in your budget? These mattresses can run from $2,000 – $10,000+! You need to consider the cost of the mattress as well as the bedding, mattress pad, bed frame, and possible box spring.
  3. Do you need a bed this size? Every household is different! The needs of a bachelor are far different from a family of five who co-sleep. Deciding which bed size is best for your family should influence your decision.
  4. Do you need to lay on the mattress before purchasing? The commitment to an Alaskan King Bed is a big one. If trying out the bed in person is important for you, you may want to reconsider! Most stores do not carry beds of this size in the physical store. But, some companies do offer free shipping and returns as well as a trial!
  5. Is the weight of the mattress a concern for you? Will you have help when it comes time to receive the mattress or when you need to flip it? The Alaskan King Bed is of such a large size, you need to make sure you prepare for the delivery and maintenance.

These questions should be effective in helping you make the best choice. Creating the greatest sleeping environment is a key ingredient in the recipe for a healthy, happy, well-rested home!

The Alaskan King Bed – Do or Don’t?

The ultimate superior sleeping canvas begs the question, to splurge or to skip? This monster of luxury is as intriguing and mystical as a unicorn! Is it worth its cost? That depends on how much you value your sleep AND what your sleeping situation is. Many parents or paw-parents cannot put a price on quality sleep. To be your best self and function at the top of your game, you may need the champion of personal space and quality sleep. If after a long hard day, all you want to do is walk into a tranquil room. Crawl into a large comfy bed, and remove your mind from life’s worries -the Alaskan King Bed may be the bed for you!

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