Birch Mattress: Worth the Money?

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Helix’s corporate business, Birch, originally introduced the mattress brand in 2019. Since its beginning, Birch has built a reputation for bedding created from ethically sourced and environmentally friendly materials. The Birch Mattress is a hybrid mattress. Over two inches of vented Talalay latex, the mattress starts with a naturally derived wool batting layer. On this mattress, customers will not get the same deep body contour as they would on a memory foam mattress or polyfoam mattress. Instead, the surface adapts to a degree and has a springy feel. We can ascribe part of this to latex’s innate responsiveness. These fibers are also highly absorbent, which aids in the mattress’s temperature and keeps the sleepers cool.

They also included a pocketed coil support core in the Birch Mattress, supported with an added layer of wool batting. These pocketed coils are thicker and firmer around the perimeter, preventing sinkage. A duvet made of certified organic cotton covers the entire bed, and the mattress stands at 6 on a firmness scale of 1-10.

Why Is a Birch Mattress Recommended?

With its Birch branch, Helix Sleep is on a quest to provide the world’s most relaxing and environmentally friendly sleep goods. Experts praise the company’s commitment to its resources, derived from sustainable supply chains, even though it’s not the first to do so. However, remarkably, prime materials do not guarantee a good mattress. Experts have compiled a list of who should (and shouldn’t) choose the Birch to assist you with your purchasing decision.

Side Sleepers

Creators tested the Birch Mattress in various sleep positions to see whether pressure rose or decreased. Side sleepers weighing over 130 pounds reported an outstanding blend of conforming and support during this process. The Birch wool batting and organic latex cushioned the shoulders and hips well enough to stabilize the lower back, align the spine, and relieve pressure all over the body. This is partly because of the bed’s medium firmness, as sleepers in this weight range prefer mattresses with medium firmness. However, side-by-side sleepers received the Birch Mattress differently in lighter groups. Those under 130 pounds felt the mattress was a little too firm, not excessively so, but enough to cause stiffness in some places.

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Back Sleepers

The Birch Mattress is especially well-suited to back sleepers in several respects. The bed’s sturdy coil structure and responsive feel support the entire body, especially between the shoulders and waist, where many individuals carry extra weight. All the back sleepers, which weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, agreed that the hybrid mattress provides good body support and rarely sinks, decreasing pressure.

Back sleepers weighing over 230 pounds disagreed with this conclusion. While the mattress was supportive, some testers noted increased sinking in the lower back and hips. As a result, their midsections sagged, but the rest of their bodies stayed near the surface. Over time, a lack of support in these regions might lead to aches and pains. Sleepers under 130 pounds, however, found the bed a little too hard.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers, like back sleepers, typically require additional support to keep the bodies on an even plane. Sleeping face down might draw the entire body into the mattress if someone has excessive weight near their stomach. The mattress frequently causes pain in the neckshoulders, and lower back. Stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds found the Birch Mattress to be the most comfortable. The mattress conformed well enough to relieve pressure while sinking only a little.

Stomach sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more experienced the same problem as back and side sleepers weighing over 230 pounds. In addition, the Birch Mattress was too soft and sank too much in specific areas. The ratings from stomach sleepers in this weight range were still positive, but many believed that a firmer bed mattress would be more pleasant.

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Combination Sleepers 

Sleeping on the Birch is like slipping into a soft dough blanket. While this is a dream come true for quiet mattress fans, it’s ideal for combination sleepers who require a responsive surface to switch positions easily.

Birch Mattress Is Not Recommended For

Heavy-weight Sleepers

The Birch will probably not provide adequate support to keep the spine upright if a user weighs over 230 pounds. They recommend going with Birch’s hybrid version of one of the best mattresses for heavy individuals. Sleepers who prefer to sleep on their stomachs should look for a mattress with firmer cushioning layers than the Birch Mattresses. 

Top Picks

Below are the top picks of the best mattresses by Birch. Let us take a look.

Birch Natural Mattress

The Birch’s materials allow it to sleep highly cool. The company offers a 100-night sleep trial, a 25-year warranty, and free shipping to consumers. They created it in the United States from non-toxic components.

To provide the correct pressure relief and comfort layer for the body, every natural latex Birch Mattress employs superior hypoallergenic and organic elements from nature, such as sap tapped from rubber trees. This latex mattress, which has a medium-firm feel, is ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

The Birch Natural Mattress is devoid of polyurethane foams and dangerous chemicals (such as fire retardants, formaldehyde, and pesticides), and each mattress gets sourced responsibly to ensure your complete safety. In addition, to keep customers from being exposed to harmful emissions, birch experts avoid using dangerous chemicals, and their products have been certified free of VOC off-gassing. As a result, the eco-friendly mattress meets the highest safety criteria for a non-toxic, natural-material mattress, making Birch Mattress the best organic mattress.

This hybrid mattress’s cover comprises organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). They created it to be lightweight, breathable, and gentle to the touch to offer the sleepers the best good night’s sleep. Buy the Birch Natural Mattress here from their official website.

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Birch Luxe Natural Mattress

Birch makes a dedication to using only organic and natural material that has undergone extensive testing and has received the highest ratings and standards. Birch manufacturers also guarantee that their suppliers follow ethical methods and ethically get all organic and natural ingredients.

The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress includes organic cashmere, two extra organic comfort layers, absorbent natural latex, spine support for augmented contouring, exterior help, a comfy quilted Birch Mattress topper, a soft and breathable cotton cover, and even more eco-responsible production credentials. They also certified the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress for its safety and sustainability.

The downy undercoat of cashmere goats is used to make this luxurious textile. The insulating characteristics of these ultra-fine hairs allow for remarkable temperature management. In the winter, this keeps the goats warm, but it cools them off in the summer. Cashmere is a rare substance that is only combed and taken from goats once a year, despite its growing demand. The organic virgin cashmere creator’s use for the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress is unique since it is GOTS-certified and originates from herded free-range goats.

They construct the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress quilted cover’s gorgeous matelassé organic cotton weaving. Manufacturers chose cotton because it is a soft, comfortable, smooth, and long-lasting material. Birch employs only organic GOTS-certified cotton in their mattresses and throughout the complete product line to ensure the textiles’ organic status and socially responsible production. In addition, they work with Fair Trade enterprises to ensure that the cotton supply chain follows equitable trade models and practices.

All Birch Mattresses use GREENGUARD Gold and eco-INSTITUT certified latex foam to ensure high quality and safety. The Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance have certified the forests and plantations where Birch gets their latex.

The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress is a high-end version of the Birch Natural Mattress, with a quilted organic cotton Euro top, a soft and breathable matelassé woven cotton cover, three organic cashmere and organic wool comfort layers, high-density lumbar benefit for augmented contouring, and full edge support for structure throughout the mattress. Buyers can get The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress from their official website.

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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

We refer to the ability of a mattress to absorb movement from sleepers and keep it from spreading to other parts of the bed as motion isolation. Motion transfer is more noticeable on responsive mattresses, which can be bothersome for co-sleepers. Most, though not all, motion transfer will be eliminated by models that excel in motion isolation. The Birch Mattress is located in the center of this range. The latex and wool batting layers soak some movement, but not as much as adjustable polyfoam and memory foam mattresses. The latex is also somewhat sensitive, and the coil system adds to the surface’s bounce.

The Birch Mattress may be too disturbing if you and your sleep companion are prone to waking up due to slight movements in bed. However, the mattress traps some motion, so motion transfer should be minimal when one of you turns about in bed.

Pressure Relief

Your mattress may be faulty if you routinely get pressure on your shoulders, lower back, hips, and other body locations. The most fantastic mattress for pressure reduction will keep your body on a level plane without sinking too far beneath your heavier areas. In addition, the cushioning layer should conform to the body to appropriately distribute your weight.

Because the wool batting layer is not very adaptable, the Birch Mattress does not conform very well. While the latex conforms to some extent, it does not provide the same body hug as foam. The mattress, however, is hugely supportive and shouldn’t dip too far below the torso and hips. It renders the Birch Mattress suitable for people weighing at least 130 pounds, irrespective of their sleeping position. However, back sleepers will likely feel most at ease.

Temperature Control

Several components in the Birch Mattress enhance cooling and temperature stability. The wool batting layer is extraordinarily airy and naturally moisture-wicking. They additionally vented the latex with microscopic holes to keep air flowing to the mattress’s surface. The coil system further aids temperature management. Like the ventilated latex, the coils help maintain the bed’s core temperature by promoting continuous air currents. Also included is a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, which is exceptionally breathable.

The mattress is pretty firm, so it shouldn’t sink too much. It shows that there will be more airflow on the top. Beds that fit closely and fall deeply bottle up more body heat. We know latex hybrid variants for their superior temperature control. So whether you’re a hot sleeper, the Birch is the best mattress for you as it will most likely keep you cool enough to sleep comfortably.

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Edge Support

Most mattresses have a slight deformation along the edges when you get on and off them. Some beds have sturdy support features that prohibit you from sinking too deeply. Others will plunge to dangerous levels. Depending on the degree of edge support in your mattress, you may have difficulty getting in and out of bed or feel less comfortable lying along the perimeter. The edge support on the Birch Mattress is excellent, which can be because of two key elements. First, the mattress has a moderate firm feel and doesn’t conform too closely, so you won’t experience any compressive stress on the surface.

Second, the support core of the bed is essential, as coils would provide the best edge support. The Birch Mattress’s zoned support layer features bigger coils around the perimeter and lighter coils beneath the body, resulting in less compaction along the edges and greater body comfort. This mattress should provide adequate edge support even if you weigh over 230 pounds.

Ease of Movement

People owning softer beds frequently complain about feeling “imprisoned by the mattress.” If the comfort layers sink too much, you’ll have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Changing sleep positions might be problematic as well.

Because of its design, the Birch Mattress is easy to move around. The latex layer is inherently sensitive, allowing you to stay on an equal plane as you move across the surface. The coils also provide excellent support. Individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds will experience increased displacements on this mattress, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. The bed should be relatively easy for all those weighing 230 pounds or less.


“Off-gassing” refers to the first aromas people notice. Volatile organic compounds cause the “new mattress scents” (VOCs) with a characteristic chemical odor. We often describe latex mattresses as rubbery.

The off-gassing aromas from the Birch Mattress are unlikely to linger for long. Thanks to the vented latex and coil layers, a few days should flush out most scents. However, if the odors remain, place the mattress in a well-ventilated room for the next day or two to air out.

Birch Mattress Shipping Policy

Customers in all 50 states receive free ground shipping from Birch. They will ship your mattress to you within five to ten business days after receiving the order, and they will deliver the mattress to your home—additional items ordered with the bed they will ship separately. For shipping, the mattress is condensed, plastic-wrapped, and vacuum-sealed. Then they roll up the mattress and place it inside a rectangular shape, known as “roll packing.” They will leave the box on the doorstep without requiring a signature.

Customers can carry the mattress box to the room where they intend to use it once it arrives. They may require help because, despite its small size, the package is exceptionally hefty. Remove the mattress from the box and cut away the plastic wrap. The mattress will inflate right away, but full form recovery could require 48 hours. Birch does not currently provide speedy shipping, white glove delivery or the removal of old mattresses with any purchase.

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Birch Mattress Warranty

Included with the Birch Mattress is a 25-year warranty. This warranty is prorated in part. Birch will reimburse all repair and replacement costs if the mattress develops a flaw during the first ten years, including shipping and transportation fees. If a fault occurs after year 11 and a replacement bed is required, the company will charge clients 50% of the original mattress price. Customers will pay 95% of the total mattress price for a substitute until the warranty expires. They will pay 95% of the actual mattress price until the contract expires.

Sagging and surface imprints of one inch or more, physical defects that induce mattress materials to decay prematurely and manufacturing problems related to the cover are included in the warranty. The guarantee does not cover other issues. Birch also provides Mulberry accidental damage protection in addition to security. Spots, rips, tears, burns, and pet damage are all covered under this 10-year plan, extending beyond the standard warranty. Based on the mattress size, this package costs between $79 and $139.

Final Thoughts

Since its introduction, Birch mattresses have gained popularity due to their focus on sustainability and safety. Their use of natural wool batting and organic materials adds to the comfort and contour of the mattress.

These features, coupled with all the other features addressed above, make this mattress an excellent choice for most users. The Birch mattress is remarkably comfortable for back sleepers, side sleepers, combination sleepers, and stomach sleepers. However, it may not be suited for heavy-weight sleepers.

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