Zarbee’s Melatonin: Are They Right for Your Children?

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Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced in the pineal gland that is released at night. When the hormone is released, it signals that it’s time to sleep. This is sometimes interrupted by a child’s environment or even a sleep disorder or mental illness. When you have a little one or, a not so little one, that just can’t go to sleep or stay asleep, it is beyond words to describe the frustration and exhaustion you are enduring. With love and all our support, we want to hold your hand as you discover the next best solution to the sleep deprivation and long nights. To start, let’s dig deeper into Zarbee’s melatonin and how it works to end the never-ending nights.

Kid’s Melatonin Short-Term Solution

When you have a child who just has the internal clock that has them fighting with you and sleep at bedtime and/or waking in the night, it is safe to assume that you have tried all the things! Surely you have checked off your list: Sleep training, the critical bedtime routine, and maybe even “Cry-it-Out”. Now you are hesitant about the melatonin supplement. Most parents are a bit leery of sleeping medications. You are NOT alone! So, see what makes it seem scary and dispel the myth.

Since melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, the supplementation is really a “re-up”, if you will, of what is already occurring in your child’s brain. In fact, the night waking in a toddler happens during the second sleep cycle naturally, and while some toddlers can get back to sleep on their own, others just can’t do it. This would be a good time to think about a safe melatonin option. The supplement is usually either synthetic or from animal tissue. The synthetic melatonin is made, very meticulously, in a laboratory and is deemed safer than the animal tissue melatonin. The synthetic form of the melatonin is considered safer because it is free of biological contaminants. However, it is not yet FDA approved for children under the age of 18. It is not to be a cure or treatment of any illnesses or diseases. Zarbee’s Melatonin is a synthetic or dietary supplement that is trusted by thousands of families in the US.

Zarbee’s melatonin is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. And yes, pediatricians do recommend melatonin supplements in children older than 3 years.

Any parent of children under 3 years of age is strongly advised to refrain from dosing their toddlers with any medications without first consulting their doctor. At this point, sleep problems are purely behavioral rather than from medical or mental diagnoses. There are rare cases in which it may be of assistance to toddlers under 3, but it is very strongly advised that you discuss adding this supplement to your kid’s regiment beforehand. Which may have you wondering how many kids are having this sleep problem and what is causing it? Don’t worry, we are going to explore this too.

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Kid’s Sleep Quality is Declining

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 10% of children (absent of neurological/developmental and mental health disorders) are suffering from sleep deprivation. Children that are living everyday as conquerors of neurological/developmental and mental health disorders are at an alarming 50-75% of known sleep disorders and deprivation in America.

This is why the pediatricians are recommending that children use the safe Zarbee’s melatonin supplements. It is better to get sleep with a pediatrician’s guidance, than the child suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation. The causes of sleep deprivation these days include, but are not limited to, asthma and respiratory problems, chronic pain from sickle cell disease or rheumatoid arthritis as well as other pain. Some more terrifying causes involve abuse, physical or sexual, causing nightmares and night terrors, sleep walking and talking in their sleep. The 50-75% are justifiable exceptions of all the  rules of an early intervention with melatonin. And, with a licensed pediatrician by mom’s side, are the children who are battling attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders  (ASD) Atopic Dermatitis ( eczema related skin conditions) Asthma (which causes atopic dermatitis).

Then some of our babies are lacking sleep because of anxiety, mood disorders and of course behavioral and environmental factors. The behavioral would mean the child is not getting sleep because of the behaviors within a household are not conducive to restful sleep. The environmental factors that may inhibit a child’s sleep could be due to a room that is not dark or cool enough to facilitate good sleep. An environmental factor could include an uncomfortable bed or too many warm blankets.

So, obviously, there is much motivation to want to fix this problem for your kiddos. You are, in fact, here for the little boogers, you made them, after all! So, is it really a wonder you want to fix their every boo-boo?

This is where Zarbee’s Melatonin may help you and your kid to get some relief. Without some kind of intervention, the sleep deprivation your child is enduring is directly affecting their attention span, concentration, energy levels and mood. Even worse is that the lack of sleep is compromising their immune system. So you’ll need to get a plan together to nip it in the bud.

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 Better Ways to Better Sleep

With a deep discussion with your kid’s pediatrician, you can be able to really get a hold of the sleep deprivation that has run ramped in your house. What’s more is that if you have an idea that maybe little Sherry should have more structure in her daily activities, you may be right. Those feelings are “gut-feelings” and shouldn’t be ignored! The melatonin is only going to work if you, and your kid, work hard at sticking to the plan. With many healthy children, the sleepless nights stem from a lack of routine.

 Really, humans in general, but mostly children, thrive on having a schedule. Many of the experts all agree that any child should be following an age-appropriate schedule every day. This schedule should start at awakening and be followed through to bedtime. It may be hard to start a schedule for an older kid, but perhaps you don’t tell said bigger kid that he or she is on a schedule. You can formulate a schedule based on what your kid already does, with a few minor healthier changes. For instance, if your child already has school, build the schedule around that; waking up, breakfast, school, after school activities, and dinner time directly followed a bedtime routine.

Also, there are great ideas online for an infant or toddler’s schedule with particular obligations for the parent or child already taken into consideration all over the internet. For instance, if the child goes to daycare, or mom works from home, the schedules give samples for virtually every circumstance. These pre-made schedules are a great tool to get a parent started with healthier changes. Some of these changes really can make a great impact on children’s behavior, sleep needs, school performance and will lead to a better sense of security overall.

How does this relate to a sleep supplement? It really does go hand in hand with schedules and sleep, especially when you’ve established a good routine. The gummy is meant to be a short-term supplement to get a child accustomed to the sleep hygiene routine. In fact, Zarbee’s has a helpful guide right on the box entitled “9 ways to a good night’s sleep”. In this guide, Dr. Zak Zarbock wants to give a key to every parent, regardless of a child’s age, to unlock restful sleep.

In the guide, Dr. Zak, gives a good foundation to a bedtime ritual. Starting with turning off all blue lights, like tablets, television, and video games. Follow this by a 15–30-minute (per kid) bath time, a story or a relaxing activity like puzzles or coloring as a bedtime routine. Finally, withhold any sugar or caffeine 4 hours before bedtime. Dinner should be given 2 hours prior to your kid getting ready for bed.

Sounds like you’ve got a revving start to your evenings already. If you take seriously the need for a kid’s schedule, you will see improvements very soon after implementing the changes. After seeing changes, you can stop the melatonin supplement.

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Kid’s Melatonin Gummy Products for Brighter Days

The Zarbee’s Melatonin Nighttime dietary supplement is a synthetic hormone that can help with your child’s sleep for a short time. The children’s melatonin is also there when the child has a minor disruption in the future. See, even the slightest disruption like a late-night school play or a long run at the grocery store with your 3-year-old, may prove to be killer of all won sleep battles. When this happens you can rely on the safe non-habit forming and drug free Zarbee’s Melatonin gummies to get things back on track!

The ingredients of Zarbee’s are dark honey and melatonin. That is it! The gummies are naturally flavored with honey and natural flavors, similar to a grape flavor. These gummies are absolutely loved by kids, so keep them up high where the kids can’t break into them when unsupervised. Zarbee’s products are all drug free, non-habit forming, free from artificial sweeteners, dyes, and high fructose syrup  and alcohol and most of all safe for you and your kids. Zarbee’s is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand!

Kids 1mg Melatonin Gummy, Drug-Free & Effective Sleep Supplement
$11.26 ($0.23 / Count)

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Children’s Melatonin Side Effects

As with any other sleep aides, or any other medications altogether, children may rarely have some mild side effects. These side effects will subside with discontinuation of the supplements. Some kids will have next day grogginess, and some may complain of a headache, nausea, or dizziness. It is best to see to it that your child is not taking some off-brand or other foreign unknown brand of melatonin as the supplements are already not regulated by the FDA. If you give your child a supplement, it is important that the supplement be from a highly reputable and well recognized brand who does their own form of quality control.

 It takes a bit of you own discernment to weigh the options of the possible side effects of a taking a short-term supplement for better sleep and the terror of the sleep deprivation. Did you know that a teen driving on little or no good sleep is as dangerous as driving drunk? Also, more and more accidental toddler deaths are directly related to sleep deprivation.

Another concern of daily melatonin use in children by some specialists is the hormone development in teens particularly. There have not been any concrete or long-term studies to ensure that the ovaries and testes in a developing teen are not altered or damaged in the hormone supplementation of melatonin. Doctors DO need to be thorough in their research and the science that backs up their expertise, so it is worth while to warn of all unknown effects of anything our children are using. If nothing else, but for awareness or so moms can try other options now having all information available to them to form an educated opinion for their kids. It is not known currently that short term or long-term use makes a difference- or if there is even a threat to the children’s reproductive organs to begin with.

There are not enough studies that have been conducted to ultimately say that melatonin is or isn’t safe for children. There was one study that found no side effects in safe dosages for the children in the study. Also, in Ohio, the poison control center has seen over 500 cases of overdose on melatonin in which the children were easily healed and have not had any long-term effects stemming from the accidental ingestion.  So many pediatricians will get behind a short-term melatonin routine, while some are wishing for some solid foundation that doesn’t yet exist. However, the sleep of a child is a precious commodity that shan’t be left up to chance or let it go on all the while knowing the harsh realities of sleep deprivation. If left alone, sleep deprivation can lead to an unsound mind, heart disease, diabetes, and childhood obesity.

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Zarbee’s Child Products: Safe and Effective

So, we have looked deeply into a need for a safe sleep aide, but what about safety of some other helpful medicines Zarbee’s makes. Well, the truth about the safety of the melatonin product is the same honesty you can rely on for any product that bears the name. You see, Zarbee’s is on a mission to bring to life all the best natural products they can find without messing with nature and the efficacy of products. With a slogan that sums it up: “Inspired by nature, backed by science”. Zarbee’s was founded in 2008 and is backed by over 400,000 pediatricians all across this vast country.

The father and pediatrician, Dr. Zak was looking a remedy for keeping his family well and not introducing any of the typical ingredients like drugs, alcohol, or artificial flavors into the mix. So, the inspired doc made his first all-natural safe cough syrup with honey, zinc, and vitamin C. Yep, That’s it!

Now, Zarbee’s has a whole line of family-safe and effective vitamins, allergy for pollen, chest rubs of eucalyptus and lavender and the original innovation: the best cold pediatric remedy. There are solutions for every age starting with the best saline mist for stuffy noses starting from birth. The immune support that starts at 2 months old that may prove more useful these days with all the viruses lurking in the air, and well, everywhere really. The remedies are available for the whole entire family, adults included.

The Zarbee’s company made it so easy to get your hands on their inexpensive products making them available in every store- online and in-person. A few stores that carry the Zarbee’s line of goods are Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, most local pharmacies, Harris Teeter, HEB, Kroger’s and Amazon. The children’s Zarbee’s melatonin supplements are made in either a delicious gummy or a chewable tablet for everyone’s  individual preference and cost about $6 to 13 for either a 30 or 50 count.

A Little Help for “Those Decisions”

The real decision is absolutely yours as a parent. It is necessary to have every bit of the information accessible to you before you potentially make a scary move to peace from the insanity of sleep deprivation. Whichever you choose, may be the answer to your prayers. So, if you are looking to improve your family’s sleep life, choose the best overall Zarbee’s to ensure the safest and most reliable sleep supplement for your children. Finally, get the sleep you all deserve.

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