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Poring over the online bed sheets can cause a lot of confusion and be overwhelming sometimes. There are, indeed, many fabric options, and some are pretty steep in their prices. Let’s take a good look inside the newly popular and eco-friendly Tencel sheets and other bedding products to see how they stack up against one another. The most popular choices for bed sheets, pillowcases, and the like are the original and organic cotton, Tencel lyocell, and bamboo bedding. By taking a good look at these bed sheets blowing up the market, we can fully digest the pros and cons of each option to discover the best bed sheet for you and your mattress.

The Tencel Difference

First, you need to know that the Tencel name is the brand name of the end product, eucalyptus Tencel bedding. In fact, there are two types of Tencel, lyocell and modal. The two different names are from the two slight differences in the production of the fabrics, which we’ll get into a bit later. Essentially, there’s only one company that makes the Tencel fabric, Lenzing. There may be other manufacturers of Tencel, but Lenzing is the primary manufacturer. Although Lenzing is the holder of the trademark, don’t think for one second that there aren’t producers of their own type of eucalyptus fabrics that they call Tencel. Not to create paranoia, but there are many.

Starting off with the most used Tencel lyocell is the manufacturing of eucalyptus tree pulp into soft and silky bed sheets. As the most responsibly made, plant-based product, let’s see how it’s different than other rayon makings. It starts with a farm or plantation of eucalyptus trees that are planted and tended to without the use of harsh chemicals like pesticides. The matured trees are harvested; this is where the process really takes off. See, in other rayon manufacturing processes, the manufacturers tend to use hazardous and caustic materials, like lye, to soften the wood pulp. However, in more environmentally friendly companies’ processes, they use a non-toxic amine soak and a closed-loop process wherein the solvents are caught and recycled. In this alone, the process is safe for the environment and the same solvent is used again and again. In fact, Tencel uses more non-toxic options for its solvents than the makers of bamboo fabric, although there are some exceptional bamboo-producing companies like Cozy Earth.

What’s more, the process of the lyocell produces long strands of the eucalyptus pulp, reducing waste, unlike in other rayon manufacturing processes. Other wood pulps create strands that are more varied, creating waste with the undesirable strands. And the end product, Tencel, is more stable and predictable than most other wood pulp bedding solutions.

The 2 Types of Tencel: Lyocell and Modal

Of course, we just learned about Tencel Lyocell, but we’re nowhere near done. So, once the wood of the eucalyptus tree is processed into fabric through the very environmentally responsible, closed-loop method, it becomes an unbelievably soft, moisture-wicking, and naturally skin-cooling bed sheet. The eucalyptus claims the fame for the best moisture-wicking game, even in the days when the tree was still a tree, it didn’t require much water. That means the tree and the end product retain a lot of moisture, naturally. This, though, isn’t the difference between the two types of Tencel.

The difference isn’t even all that significant, considering. Knowing the method of the Tencel lyocell creation, you’ll easily see that the process is still a closed-loop one and the trees are sustainably sourced. The tree and its solvent, that’s the difference. Tencel Modal is made of beech trees and the solvent used in the softening of the wood pulp is N-Methyl morpholine N-oxide (NMMO for short). The end product of Tencel Lyocell is a soft and drapey fabric that has cooling and moisture-wicking properties built-in and the product is incredibly durable. However, Tencel Modal has durability and softness, too. So, what makes them so different? Well, Modal is delicately soft, lighter, and more flexible than its predecessor, Lyocell. Both types of Tencel make amazing sheets as well as lingerie and loungewear.

Tencel Lyocell VS Bamboo Sheets

When you’re trying to put exactly wherein the difference lies in the newer bed sheet options, it can be near impossible, however, we have you covered. Bamboo is credited as the softest fabric you’ll ever feel, but not if Tencel has anything to say about it! Tencel is also incredibly soft and very similar to bamboo. Tencel, if made by Lenzing, and not a copycat of Tencel, is typically more eco-friendly. That would make a big difference, but there are more and more companies that are taking the same manufacturing steps to make their rayons. So, bamboo fabric is a great competitor to Tencel, if you go by the more high-end bamboo bed sheet makers only. Bamboo has the heat, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial properties of Tencel and has a great softness, cooling effect, and a satisfactory drape. Both of these products have more high-end prices. But, you know what they say, don’t you? Good stuff doesn’t come cheap. They also say, “You get what you pay for”. So, when it comes to choosing sheets, decide if you’d rather have something acceptable and cheap over a product that’s more pricey but higher quality.

Tencel VS Organic Cotton Sheets

Now we’re getting to something that’ll give you more substantial differences, including the price tag. Whether the sheets are organic cotton or regular cotton, you’ll do well by your budget to find a good Egyptian cotton sheet set around a safe 200 or 800 thread count. Not only will your wallet thank you, but you’ll be surprised how comfortable they are. Not Tencel comfortable, but who needs a budget anyway? In all sincerity though, there are all kinds of blends in the Tencel “town”, including a Tencel and cotton blend, a Hansa hotel cotton or organic cotton -Tencel blend, and a linen-Tencel blend. If you go for a blend, you’ll still want to stick in the 200 to 800 thread count range to ensure the best comfort and durability money can buy.

Tencel Sheet Sets You Want to Own

Having said all that, you’ll need to check these specially curated options for the best, pure Tencel Lyocell and Tencel blends. There’s something for everyone here without sacrificing the true Tencel name. So, if you’re ready to buy the most incredible bedsheets, now is your chance!

100% Eucalyptus Sheets, Tencel Sheets Queen


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DreamCare 100% Eucalyptus Tencel Lyocell Sheet Set

If luxury is what you’re looking for, look no more! DreamCare wants to support your best and longest dreams with their cooling pure Tencel lyocell sheet set. This set is going to obviously keep you cool in the hot months, but Tencel will keep you adjusted to the ambient temperature as well as your body temperature to keep you cozy all year long. Plus, this sheet set has more than the other guys’ sheet sets with 4 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet that has not one but two deep pockets for convenience. These deep pockets are deep enough to keep your favorite book and your eyeglasses with room for the remote control and more. Not only is the flat sheet getting brownie points for the pockets, but the fitted sheet is going to make you happy, too. The fitted sheet has two reinforcements to keep the sheet on the mattress. First, the reinforcing corner strap that lays neatly over the fitted sheet seamlessly. Then, the 360-degree elastic band has you covered until you take the sheets off the mattress to throw them in the wash. The elastic band is more than a rubber band grip, it’s the best rubber band grip for the soft and silky nature of the lyocell sheets. The overall double-stitching makes the sheets rip- or shred-free and the company has a no-pill guarantee you can be rest assured of.

Tencel Lyocell care instructions

The rayon manufacturing processes have been through a ton of trial and error to come up with the best Tencel bed sheets with the easiest care. So, all you have to do is throw the sheets and pillowcases in the washer, separate from any other laundry, and add your favorite detergent, and nix the fabric softener. You can tumble dry the Tencel sheets and pillowcases on low heat and remove them promptly and make your bed; surely the mattress is lonely by now. Before we move on, though, the bed sheets come in a 100% Tencel lyocell tote bag that you can use for other stuff as a free bonus!

Colors, Discounts, and What to Expect with DreamCare

One major difference you’ll see when comparing pure bamboo sheets and true Tencel sheets is the color options. Tencel has designer colors that are more vivid whereas bamboo is much more difficult to dye, so you can only find neutral colors. Of course, if that’s the look that you’re going for then that’s a plus for the bamboo side. However, if you really want to buy sheets that’ll make your mattress pop underneath a floral print comforter, then Tencel is your guy. What you’ll see in the color range of the DreamCare bedsheets is white, ivory, sand, light grey, sage, stone grey, and charcoal. Then, if you’re looking for a twin XL, you’ll find a quarter fall grey with white accents for a super put-together and fashionable look.

When you are looking for the sets to meet your needs, you’ll discover that DreamCare has every standard size from a twin XL to a California king. The bedsheet sets start with the twin XL set that contains a pillowcase, a fitted, and a flat sheet. The 3-piece sheet set is a great way to start you off on your new bedsheet journey. You may be happy to know that DreamCare has very fair prices on said journey with the twin XL starting things off at an easy-peasy $19.99. The full mattress size is a 6-piece dream in a tote bag. The sheet set contains 4 envelope-style pillowcases that hug your pillows snugly to never have the mess of pillows falling out of their cases again. The pillowcases go perfectly with the flat and fitted sheets that have 360-degree security in the bed strap. The amazingly strong elastic grips your mattress so you’re never fumbling with the sheet to get it to stay put.

All of the sheet sets here are 10% off on Amazon, so if you’re looking for a lower-priced sheet set that has a discount on top of the already low price, you better act now! The gorgeous 6-piece bedsheet sets are $89.00 for the full size, the queen is $99.99, the king and the California king sheets and pillowcases are $89.99 and $199.99 respectively, and that’s before you nab any select discounts like the 10% off deal. So, you better strike while the iron’s HOT!

100% Tencel Lyocell Bed Sheets Set 4PC


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LinenWalas 100% Tencel Lyocell Sheet Set

Now, if you’re looking for bedazzling colors to line your mattress with, the LinenWalas Pure organic Tencel sheets are it! And, with over 15 options to take your pick from, you pretty much have it in the bag instantly. The colors of the bedsheets to choose from are all designer-approved and ready to ship to you. The 100% Tencel lyocell sheet sets come in sets of 3 for the twin and twin XL, and a sheet set of 4 for a short queen, regular queen, king, and California king. There are also options to just get some extra pillowcases in the queen and king sizes. Finally, they reserve the 5-piece sheet set for the split king which will come with 2 fitted sheets, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The fitted sheet offers the security of the strong elastic rubber band-like grip. You’ll never have to fumble with the bed sheets to make them stay put again!

The LinenWalas is exceptionally soft and silky to the skin, even for those who struggle with sensitive skin issues. The rayon is 500 times thinner yet more breathable and durable than cotton. Not only that, but sheet sets are moisture-wicking and keep you cool if you sleep on the hotter side. You’ll wake up dry and well-rested every morning with the LinenWalas sheet set, guaranteed! If you want an exceptional sleeping experience, you want these organic 100% Tencel vegan lyocell sheets, we promise! The sheets are hemmed with a beautiful single stitch detailing on the sheets and pillowcases and the fitted sheet will fit snugly to a 16-inch mattress easily and securely.

300 Thread Count Full Size Cotton Tencel Lyocell Sateen Sheet Set

by Welhome 

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WelHome 300 Thread Count Tencel Cotton Blend Sheet Set

This bed sheet set is different from the others because of the premium cotton and Tencel blend. The cotton is a 300 thread count that, along with its Tencel counterpart, is luxuriously soft. It has the breathability of Tencel and the added softness of cotton sheets. Above all, the antibacterial properties of the Tencel make this a clean sleeping space, free of dust mites and viruses. The blend is still cooling but not overly so, making this option the happy medium sheet amongst couples.

The complete set comes with 2 pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet that hugs any mattress up to a 16-inch profile. When it comes to waking up happy and well-rested, the organic cotton and Tencel will certainly fit any type of sleeper, whether you’re a hot sleeper or you maintain your body temperature throughout the night seamlessly. The sateen weave of the cotton and Tencel gives you a beautiful sheen on the bedsheets. That, coupled with the gorgeous double hemstitch detailing on the pillowcases and flat sheet, you’re sure to fall in love instantly with your new sheets. If you want some added comfort or warmth, the WelHome duvet covers and quilts are worth looking into adding with your sheet set.

Every sheet and pillowcase that’s made at the WelHome factory is certified environmentally friendly and safe by the met requirements of the Okeo-Tex’s Standard 100 certification. Okeo-Tex is an independent textile certification process that’s not required but is preferred by consumers. Put it this way, would you rather buy textiles for your home which are deemed safe and responsibly sourced, or would you blindly buy any sheets in which the company’s standards or manufacturing process aren’t entirely known? Because the certification process is voluntary, many companies skip the process altogether. A textile company, though, that finds the time and resources to show off its love for the environment and its customers is truly an outstanding one.

Since the sheet and pillowcases are cotton and Tencel blend, the care varies from the 100% Tencel, but not by much. The blend is 55% cotton and 45% Tencel in the WelHome sheets. These sheets and pillowcases are easy to care for, starting with the very first wash that’ll begin as soon as you open them upon receipt. You’ll want to use your regular detergent in warm water by themselves or with similar colors on the regular cycle. As long as you don’t use any bleach and you don’t dry clean the sheet set, you’ll never have any problems with the wash. After that, you should dry them in the dryer on a low heat setting and remove them promptly. Then, you make the bed and fall in the middle of your mattress and get enveloped in the purely luxurious softness and warmth of the freshly dried top sheet, and just stay there as long as you can. You’ve earned it!

Good Sheets Induce a Good Night’s Sleep… Every Night

In this article, we discovered what makes Tencel different from other types of plant-based materials and even the difference between the 2 types of Tencel. If you’re environmentally conscience or you just simply want good, durable, soft and silky sheets, Tencel has it all and then some! It seems that you need the whole shebang from the bed frame or the mattress and even the sheets and pillowcases to ensure the best night’s sleep. So, before investing in the most expensive sleep necessity, maybe try some sheets on for size first. Whatever you do, we’re here for the journey with all the best research on the best sleeping solutions. So, before you get overwhelmed when buying sleeping supplies online, check out our extensive list of helpful articles on all you need for a good night’s sleep.

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