Nine Best Firm Mattress Options

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Mattresses provide the most essential piece of your sleep experience. A good mattress will make all the difference when it comes to getting the comfortable and quality sleep you need. If you are sleeping on a sagging mattress, you can experience back pain, hip issues, and a sore neck. It is crucial to have a solid mattress so, mattress firmness is very important to consider. The pressure relief you will receive from a firm mattress can be magical.

If you are experiencing less than quality sleep, it is time to consider upgrading your mattress.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Researchers and doctors often discuss how important sleep is to a person’s health. Sometimes it can feel like a broken record. But, how important is sleep really? Do we actually need eight hours of sleep nightly? The answer is overwhelmingly yes. John Hopkins Medicine explains the consequences from lack of enough sleep. “Symptoms of depression, seizures, high blood pressure, and migraines worsen. Immunity is compromised, increasing the likelihood of illness and infection. Sleep also plays a role in metabolism: Even one night of missed sleep can create a prediabetic state in an otherwise healthy person.” Sleep is truly essential to our physical health.

Sleep is also important for your brain. It helps to remove toxins that can build up in your brain. A lack of sleep not only affects the waste removal but affects your processing as well. Your brain needs a proper amount of time to rest and process what happens each day.

Sleep helps your body and mind recover. It is the best free medicine available. It is important to assess whether you are getting the proper sleep you need. If you are getting poor sleep, it is time to invest in your health and consider a new mattress.

Reasons You May Need a New Mattress

There are many signs that you may need a new mattress. While using a mattress topper can help with some issues, it is likely it isn’t enough. Here are some top factors to consider whether you need a new mattress.

Age of Mattress

Your mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years. If you are getting close to this range, it is likely time to start shopping. Consider the daily wear and tear of your mattress. What has your life looked like the last 7-10 years you have had the mattress? You have probably been through a lot of changes and your mattress has too. From a furry friend to the addition of a child, mattresses are largely affected by your weight as well as allergens, dust, and sweat. It is important to consider the age of your mattress when contemplating buying a new one.

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Your Mattress Is Sagging

Sometimes when we change our bed linens we may notice our mattress is looking a little sad. If your mattress is starting to sag, it is time for a new one. One important aspect of sagging you will feel is body impressions. Feeling large body sized holes in your mattress can be extremely uncomfortable. When your mattress starts to sag or get impressions, you are no longer getting the support you need. If your body is unsupported you will not receive appropriate body or spine alignment. This can cause back pain, hip issues, and problems with your neck. A saggy mattress can be a recipe for body disaster. If you notice your mattress is sagging or uncomfortable, it may be time for an upgrade.

You Wake Up Hot

Waking up in a puddle of sweat may not be only related to your air conditioning. Mattresses will break down throughout time. Materials that once provided you with cooling sleep, have now deteriorated. Additional pressure on your mattress can also restrict needed air flow. If you wake up hot, it can be a sign it is time for a new mattress.


Waking up with signs of allergies or a cold can be another sign you need a mattress replacement. Dirt, dust, and sweat can create dust mites in your mattress. Dust mites are small bugs that can live in your mattress and cause serious health issues. Consistent cough, congestion, and even asthma attacks can be traced back to your mattress. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, a new mattress may be required to get you back to optimum health. A mattress protector may be another beneficial add to your mattress. But, if it has been awhile without one, consider adding it to your new mattress for protection. Once the dust mites have invaded your mattress it is extremely difficult to get rid of them for good. A new mattress may be the way to go.

Each of these factors are important to consider when it comes to making a decision about a new mattress. Poor health affects us in many ways and a new mattress may be just what you need to recover.

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Why Choose a Firm Mattress?

A firm mattress is a great choice for your next mattress. Firm mattresses range from medium-firm mattress options to extra firm mattress options. A firm mattress will provide a solid and supportive sleeping surface. It is a great choice for heavier sleepers as it will not break down as easily as a soft mattress due to your weight. Firm mattresses are available in any size from Twin, XL to California King. They are widely available online and in almost any mattress store. Firm mattresses provide excellent spinal alignment and will relieve pressure to allow your muscles the recovery they need. A firm mattress can be the key to your best sleep.

What Type of Mattress Do I Need?

There are a ton of different mattress types available to you. You will need to consider which types are best for your sleeping position. From memory foam mattresses to innerspring, here are the most popular types.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a top pick. Memory foam will adjust to the needs of your body. This is also a top choice among any type of sleeper. If you are a stomach sleeper and your partner is a slide sleeper, this mattress will support both of you. Memory foam will also keep you from feeling the transfer movements from your sleep buddy. It is a great option for your firm mattress choice.


Innerspring beds have been a popular type of mattress for a long time. Innerspring mattresses are known for being both breathable and smooth. The coil and spring base will also provide support throughout the entire mattress. An Innerspring mattress is also generally very affordable. They are a great choice that is also great for your budget.

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Hybrid mattresses are a combination between memory foam and innerspring mattresses. The innerspring lower half of the mattress provides support while the memory foam top layer provides essential comfort. A hybrid mattress may be the best of both worlds for the sleeper searching for a Goldilocks fit.


A latex mattress is a great eco-friendly choice. It is also very durable and hypoallergenic. Latex mattresses provide the support your body needs while also providing an antimicrobial sleep space. Those with heavy allergies should definitely consider a latex mattress.

Best Firm Mattress Options

The best mattress choice for you will meet the needs of your body. It should be soft enough to feel comfortable but provide a firm surface to properly align your body. A plush mattress is unlikely to provide the structure you need. Here are some excellent options for your next firm mattress.

10" Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Design by Ashley Chime 

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1. Chime 10” Firm Memory Foam Mattress

The Chime Memory Foam Mattress by Ashley Furniture is a great choice for your firm mattress. The memory foam mattress is specifically designed to relieve pressure from your body. It also has a premium cover for added protection to your bed. This Queen size option is also available in a Twin, Full, King, and California King. It is also available in an 8, 10, or 12-inch thickness. The Queen 10-inch option is $299. An excellent price for your firm mattress needs. This mattress will arrive in a box and inflate to its maximum size in approximately 72 hours. The Signature Design mattress has a 4.6 out of 5-star review by over 40,000 customers.

6 Inch Innerspring Twin Mattress with Foam Layer

by Linenspa 

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2. LinenSpa 6 Inch Innerspring Twin

The LinenSpa Firm Feel Twin Mattress is a top pick for your single sleeper needs. The steel coils are an excellent pick for firm supportive sleep. It is a very affordable option at only $112. This LinenSpa mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and arrives conveniently in a box. It is 6 inches thick to give you a great night of sleep. This option is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by almost 60,000 reviewers. It is a great choice for your child or guest room.

10 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

by Zinus 

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3. Zinus 10 Inch Ultima Mattress

Zinus store offers the Ultima Memory Foam Mattress. The green-tea infused memory foam surface is soft and meets the needs of your body. It has several natural aspects including moisture-absorbing charcoal to prevent odors. This mattress has three layers of support. The first layer is the Green Tea memory foam that will contour to your body’s shape. The second layer is a Zinus comfort foam for ultimate support. The third and final layer is Zinus base foam for a strong structure. All three layers are contained in the convenient knit cover. This 10-inch option is $227 for the Queen size. It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. This is a solid choice for the firm support you have been searching for.

10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress


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4. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The next pick is the Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The gel-infused memory foam 2.5-inch layer helps to regulate your temperature and keep you cool all night long. This mattress also has a 7.5-inch high-density foam layer for additional support and a medium-firm feel. The Lucid Gel Memory Foam option has ventilation for extra breathability. The King-sized option is $445 and is rated a 4.4 out of 5 stars. One reviewer states, “It is medium-hard and forms to my body perfectly every time I lay down. I’m honestly thinking about never buying a regular mattress again from a store!”. 

12 Inch Support Plus Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress


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5. Zinus 12 Inch Support Plus

A second option from the Zinus store is this 12-inch Support Plus full-size bed. Comfort and high-density foam are blended together to create this solid option for your mattress. It has high gauge pocket springs to ensure you are supported throughout the mattress. The jacquard cover gives a soft surface even for those stomach sleepers. This option also has a 10-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. The 12-inch full-size option is $279 and it is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. The Zinus 12-inch bed is a top pick for your next full-sized mattress.

10 Inch Memory Foam Firm Feel – Gel Infusion


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6. LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Firm Feel Mattress

Lucid also offers a firmer support option. The 10-inch memory foam firm feel mattress has hypoallergenic bamboo and charcoal elements. This choice is great for any type of sleeper. It has 2.5 inches of memory foam, 1 inch of transitional foam, and 6.5 inches of bamboo foam support. The queen-size mattress in firm is $349. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. The Lucid 10-inch firm feel mattress is a great choice.

8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

by Lucid 

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7. LUCID 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Lucid Gel Mattress also comes in an 8-inch option. The twin size option is very affordable at $170. This choice is a solid pick for your teen or preteen needing a mattress upgrade. It has all of the great features of the other Lucid store options including a breathable cover and durable foam. It is also rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. This mattress will provide a great firm sleeping surface for your next upgrade.

12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam


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8. LUCID 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

The Lucid store also has a great hybrid mattress option. The 12-inch Hybrid Mattress is a combination of innerspring, latex, and memory foam. This mattress offers 6.5 inch steel coils for increased ventilation and to prevent feeling movement. The memory foam layer is then topped with latex for ultimate comfort and to prevent allergens. The hybrid selection is a great choice for combination sleep. The queen-sized mattress option is $529 and is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. The Lucid store is a very popular choice for mattresses and it is easy to see why.

9. Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic Mattress is a best-selling online luxury mattress. 82% of their customers prefer the Luxury Firm option which is 5-7 on the firmness scale. But, the company also offers a firm choice that ranks 8 on the mattress firmness scale. You can also choose between an 11.5-inch and 14.5-inch mattress thickness. It is available in eight size options. The Saatva Classic bed is the most versatile choice to fit almost any need. It is considered an innerspring mattress with additional benefits. This makes the Classic mattress a hybrid choice. It has five layers. The first layer has 3 inches of pillow top for comfortable support. It has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment to keep your mattress cleaner for longer. The second layer is memory foam with spinal wire to keep you in alignment all night. The third layer has 884 coils to provide you with the essential support you need. The fourth layer is a high dense rail with edge support to prevent a sagging mattress and help you get out of bed regardless of the height. Finally, the fifth layer is an additional coil layer to give you the ultimate breathability for your best night of sleep. The Saatva Classic Mattress is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is an excellent choice of mattress for you and your family.

Saatva Classic Mattress
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Making the Best Mattress Choice

No matter which firm mattress option you select, each of these choices makes for a great bed. There is a wide variety of sizes and materials to best fit your needs. When you wake up from a few nights of poor sleep, it is important to assess your sleep surface. If the age of your mattress is past its peak or you wake up sweaty, it may be time to consider a new mattress. Choosing the best type of mattress can be difficult. A sleep expert will tell you to consider your sleeping position, mattress type, and if you are a hot sleeper. A memory foam mattress can provide great comfort but may trap heat. An innerspring mattress will be breathable but may not be as comfortable as other choices. A latex choice will be eco-friendly but may break down quicker than other options. A hybrid mattress can give you a great blend of supportive options but is also known to break down. Assessing your sleep needs is crucial to finding your best fit. No matter what type of mattress you choose, a firm mattress can be the key to get quality sleep. Firm mattresses provide a solid sleep surface that is great for your body. Try out a few options to see what will be the best firm mattress for you.

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