Which Bed Frame Matches Your Interior Design Style?


Which statement best describes your taste in interior design?

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Which accurately describes the square footage and layout of your bedroom?

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Which statement most accurately describes your morning routine?

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Which word speaks to you immediately when you think of your mood in your bedroom?

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What do you think you’d like your bedroom to have that other spaces in your home don’t?

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When you’re in your bedroom, you want to feel:

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Which type of accent material do you favor the most?

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Which Bed Frame Matches Your Interior Design Style?
Low profile

bedroom with grey fabric bedframe and neutral bedsheets

A low-profile bed frame with a headboard can give your bedroom a modernized look that’s able to retain a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Although you might not be able to store some things under the bed, the height of the mattress in comparison to the height of the ceiling can make a smaller space appear larger. With a low-profile bed frame, a room can be designed in a dynamic way, where it can be dressed up or dressed down, but it’ll keep a level of sophistication that’s always better than just having your mattress on the floor!
Detailed pleated bed with standard height

classic bedroom with upholstered headboard and crown molding

A detailed pleated bed that’s a standard height is great for encapsulating the elegance and grace of a classic interior design. This look can be brought back more into the classic era, with more detail, such as sketched molding on the outer layers of the headboard.
Simple sturdy bed frame with or without a headboard

bedroom with dark blue walls and navy headboard

A simple yet sturdy bed frame can become a blank canvas that provides a space for you to use your creative license as to the aesthetic you’d like to express. This look can be more refined by simply adding a headboard, or it can provide a sleek, modern, and industrial look without a headboard and with minimal accessories.
Bed with storage

modern bedroom with storage bedframe and closet

A bed that has built-in storage is great when you’re trying to make the most of your space, and like to minimize the appearance of items or clutter building up in your bedroom. This type of bed frame provides a sense of comfort, tradition, and practicality.