What To Look For in Feather Pillows and Our Top Picks

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Key Points

  • Selecting the ideal pillow, aligned with your sleeping position, ensures spinal alignment and prevents neck or shoulder pain, enhancing the quality of sleep.

  • When choosing a feather pillow, consider factors such as fill power, thread count, and feather source to ensure quality, comfort, and durability.

  • Proper maintenance, including daily fluffing and regular washing, extends the lifespan of a down pillow, maintaining its comfort and support over time.

When was the last time you got a new pillow? Sleep Foundation makes it clear that "most experts recommend replacing pillows every 1 to 2 years." Even the best mattress can’t compensate for a low-quality pillow. A new pillow can be exactly what you need for great quality sleep.

Need more convincing? It is likely that an older pillow is filled with dust mites, dirt, and bacteria. Even those who shower before bed have a build-up of oils from their face and hair on their pillows.

Scientists have even found that dirty pillows could have the same amount of bacteria as your toilet seat. Gross! Are you a drooler or sweaty sleeper? If so, the dampness from the moisture could cause mold. Getting a new pillow can help you get better and healthier sleep.

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Why Are Pillows Important?

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping or trying to get to sleep. This statistic should explain why having high-quality bedroom items is so important. Pillows provide support for your neck and upper back. Your spine is naturally curved. You need support from a pillow to make sure your spine is in alignment throughout the night. Waking up with a tight neck or shoulders can ruin your whole day. Plus, they can help you recover if you've gone out to enjoy Blackpink's record-shattering 2023 world tour.

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A Brief History of Feather Pillows

In the chronicles of time, the inception of feather pillows marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of comfort and luxury. Initial traces of these pillows possibly go back to the Ancient Greeks or Romans. The wealthy amongst them filled their pillows with feathers, a fine improvement over cotton or straw.

Over the centuries, the appeal and utilization of feather pillows have spread far and wide. Across diverse cultures and regions, people find solace in the plush and gentle embrace of these pillows.

The fabrication of these pillows has grown more efficient and advanced over the years. First, feathers undergo thorough cleaning and sterilization to remove impurities. Next, the feathers are sorted, and the manufacturer selects the softest and most resilient ones. These feathers are then stuffed inside pillow casings.

Over time, feather pillows have entrenched themselves as staples in homes globally, offering a blend of comfort and tradition.

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Types of Pillows

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes. But not every pillow will work best for everyone. The best pillow for you will depend on your preferred sleeping position. Back sleepers will need different support than side sleepers. Your neck needs to be supported and help keep a proper alignment for your back. From feather pillows to memory foam pillows there are a ton of options available to you.

Side sleepers can select from very soft to medium options. Back sleepers should select a Medium soft to Medium-firm option. A stomach sleeper should choose a Medium Soft to Medium Firm pillow. Combination sleepers should identify which type of sleeper they identify most with and choose from there.

The perfect pillow provides the ultimate sleeping experience. Each pillow type and pillow size should be considered to help you reach your best sleep ever.

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How to Choose a Feather Pillow

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a new pillow. A high-quality feather pillow can last up to 10 years. With a lifespan that long, it is important to make a good decision for your best quality of sleep.

It's also important to consider if you need a more specialized pillow.

Pillow Composition

Not all feather pillows are made the same. Some “feather pillows” aren’t actually filled with feathers. Companies also sometimes use only a small portion of actual feathers. They mix a small portion of feathers with other materials, such as polyester. The alternative fill will not give you the quality and plushness of a true feather pillow.

Down vs. Feathers

These two terms are often used interchangeably. But, they both represent a different but important part of your pillow fill. Pillows filled with only feathers are generally denser and heavier. This can be ideal for side sleepers or combination sleepers. Down is considered higher quality. These feathers come from young birds or the underside of birds. Down is light and airy for a softer pillow. Both down and feathers can come from ducks or geese.

Fill Power

Fill power indicates the quality of the down used. It also is a measure of quality, size, and cleanliness. A higher fill power points to a fluffy product. Common fill power measurements can range from 600 to 900. A 600-fill power would mean that one ounce of down covers 600 cubic inches.

Thread Count

You will also want to consider the thread count on the case. A higher thread count represents a higher quality material. One problem with feather pillows is that the feathers can poke through the fabric. Using a higher-quality fabric with a higher thread count will make this less likely to happen. Search for cases with a 400 thread count or above to avoid pesky feathers.

Feather Source

Where your feathers come from matters. Higher quality standards for feather pillows exist in the United States and Europe. Feathers from these locations likely mean you are getting a higher-quality product. While other companies may provide a cheaper option, quality matters when it comes to feathers. You may also want to consider feathers that are ethically sourced. Companies with a dedication to ethics will provide a product you can trust.

Each of these factors is important to consider when looking for the best feather pillow. These elements will depict how great your pillow will be. A lower thread count can cause irritation due to the stem of the feather. While choices with alternative fills can cause allergens and a lower quality product.

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The Best Feather Pillows for You

Today, a good feather pillow isn’t limited to only the wealthy Greeks and Romans. You can have your best night's sleep without a difficult shopping process, as quality options aren’t hard to find.

Goose Feathers and Down Pillow
235,40 € (117,70 € / unidad)

by Puredown® 

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02/25/2024 04:02 am GMT

Puredown Goose Feathers and Down Pillow

Puredown Goose Feathers and Down Pillow boasts a filling of 95% grey goose feathers and a plush 5% grey goose down. You have the choice between classic and gusseted styles, with the latter offering enhanced neck support and proper spine alignment.

Ideally suited for back, side, or combination sleepers seeking medium support, this pillow promises a balance of comfort and support.

With a case made from 100% cotton, expect both breathability and durability. Maintenance is made simple with machine wash capabilities. Available in standard, queen, and king sizes, there's a perfect option for every bed.

Notably, the Puredown Store Goose Feather and Down pillow range enjoys a solid 4.2 out of 5-star rating, consolidated from over 15,000 reviews

Duck Feather and Down Bed Pillows for Sleeping


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JA Comforts Duck Feather and Down Pillow

The JA Comforts Duck Feather and Down Pillow stands out with its blend of 60% goose feathers and 40% polyester filling, promising both comfort and support. Its three-chamber design ensures a voluminous yet supportive structure, making it a notable choice for back and side sleepers who favor a medium-firm, even sleeping surface.

Wrapped in a 100% cotton casing with a 600 thread count, this pillow should help create a cozy and snug sleep environment. Its impressive 4.3 out of 5-star rating from over 5,000 customers attests to its quality and comfort level, positioning it among the best feather pillow options available. Experiment with the comfort it offers by opting for a two-pack, available in both king and queen sizes.

Brooklinen Down Pillow

The Brooklinen Down Pillow stands as a premier choice in the feather pillow market, offering quality and comfort. This product line presents three distinct constructions: Plush, Mid-Plush, and Firm, catering to different sleeping preferences. The Plush variant is most appropriate for stomach sleepers, while the Mid-Plush serves combination sleepers. Side sleepers can enjoy the support and comfort of the Firm option.

Each pillow type boasts a luxurious combination of down clusters and feather filling, encased within a Cotton Sateen Shell. Notably, the double-stitched edges should improve its durability, promising longevity.

While dry cleaning is the recommended method for upkeep, potentially adding to the expense, the pillow's quality and high ratings could justify your investment.

Garnering a remarkable 4.7 out of 5-star rating from a whopping 87% of reviewers, the Brooklinen Down Pillow establishes itself as a top-tier goose-down pillow alternative.

Casper Down Pillow

Rest assured with the Casper Down Pillow, an ethically sourced option. This pillow showcases a 5-chamber design that promises to support your head throughout the night.

This pillow also offers practicality, being machine washable for easy care. Encased in a 100% cotton outer shell, the pillow harbors a rich blend of 80% white duck down and 20% feather fill in its outer chamber, promising softness coupled with resilience. The inner chamber, on the other hand, houses a composition of 60% white duck down and 40% feathers, ensuring a perfect balance of comfort and support.

Parachute Down Pillow

Elevating your sleep comfort to a whole new level is the Parachute Down Pillow, which stands as a premier option in the realm of down pillows. Though positioned at a higher price point compared to other selections, it justifies the investment with its remarkable features. Boasting a generous 750 fill power of European white down, this pillow offers a harmonious blend of support and breathability, without sacrificing on lightness.

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You can personalize your comfort level with the available soft, medium, and firm options. To further reinforce its quality commitment, Parachute extends a reassuring 3-year warranty on this product. If down isn't your preference, Parachute also presents a down alternative option to cater to your comfort needs.

With an impressive 70% of reviewers bestowing this pillow with a stellar 5-star rating, it stands as a top contender in the market.

Down & Feather Co.

The Snuggle Soft Goose Down Pillow from Down & Feather Co. features an impressive 850 fill power, utilizing white goose down clusters. These sizable, three-dimensional clusters not only promise durability but also offer a quieter and more serene sleep experience. Catering to a variety of preferences, this pillow is available in standard, queen, king, and euro sizes, and in soft, medium, firm, or extra firm options.

If you're seeking quality without a hefty price tag, consider the Original Feather Pillow, a substantial, dense choice that suits side and combination sleepers perfectly. Incorporating premium Hungarian goose feathers, this pillow undergoes washing with recycled water, ensuring it is hypoallergenic.

Down & Feather Co. offers a 10-year limited warranty, adding value to your purchase. Additionally, a 30-night comfort guarantee facilitates an informed choice, guiding you to select a pillow that aligns with your shoulder width, mattress firmness, and sleeping style.

Upholding stringent quality standards, Down & Feather Co. maintains certifications such as responsible down certification, allergen-free status, OEKO-TEX certification, and proudly states that their products are made in the USA, reassuring you of their commitment to excellence and responsibility.

How to Care For Your Down Pillow

Investing in a down pillow is the first step towards luxurious sleep. Maintaining it properly, however, is vital to ensure its longevity and quality. It's important to understand what goes into the maintenance, cleaning, and care of your new down pillow.

Fluffing Your Down Pillow

Fluffing your down pillow isn't just about maintaining its appearance; it also aids in ensuring its comfort and support. Engage in a daily routine of firmly patting the sides of the pillow to prevent clumping and restore loft. Additionally, air it out occasionally to refresh the down and remove any accumulated moisture. A properly fluffed pillow offers consistent support and comfort every night.

How To Spot Clean Your Down Pillow

Spot cleaning is a necessary measure to address minor stains or spills immediately. Begin by removing the pillow cover and using a clean cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. Gently blot the affected area, avoiding rubbing to prevent the spread of the stain. Once clean, blot again with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. It's advised to air-dry the spot-cleaned area thoroughly before putting the pillow cover back on.

How To Wash Your Down Pillow

Regular washing ensures the longevity and hygiene of your down pillow. Always adhere to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, washing the pillow with a gentle detergent in a machine on a delicate cycle works well. After washing, thoroughly rinse the pillow to remove any detergent residue. Tumble dry on a low setting, occasionally removing to fluff manually, ensuring even drying and preventing clumping.

Why You Should Consider a Down Pillow

Pillows hold significant importance as they support the natural curve of your spine, enhancing sleep quality and preventing neck and shoulder discomfort. Choosing the right pillow, customized to your sleeping position, offers optimum support and contributes to a fulfilling rest. The market offers various types, including feather and memory foam pillows, catering to back, side, and stomach sleepers, with diverse firmness levels.

When choosing a feather pillows, various aspects require consideration to guarantee a worthwhile purchase. These include assessing the composition to avoid synthetic mixes, understanding the difference between down and feathers for desired comfort, and checking the fill power and thread count for quality and durability. Furthermore, prioritize products with ethically sourced feathers, predominantly from the US or Europe, for a superior, trustworthy product.

Maintaining the new down pillow extends its lifespan, promoting luxurious sleep. Establish routines for daily fluffing to retain its structure and comfort. Address stains promptly through spot cleaning and adhere to proper washing instructions to ensure hygiene and longevity. Remember, a well-cared-for pillow brings consistent comfort every night.

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