What To Look For in a Portable Bed and Our Top Picks

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Spending an excessive amount of time on your phone can cause an impact on your family. The average American spends 10 hours a day on a screen. Add in the 8 hours of recommended sleep and that leaves you with just 6 hours for everything else. Families and quality family time is often pushed to the side due to screens.

We need direct quality time and social connection to eliminate feelings of loneliness. Those who spend quality time with their family experience improved mental health and self-confidence, reduced stress, and lengthens life expectancy. Even more, it can help your children academically, lowers behavioral problems, and teaches effective conflict resolution.

So what does this have to do with a portable bed? The answer is simple. Finding fun activities such as travel can help create the important familial bonds needed to produce mentally healthy people and well-behaved children.

Camping is an excellent way for your family to create great memories. Some will groan at the idea because of the lack of comfort available to you in the wilderness. But, times have changed. You no longer have to sleep under the stars in a sleeping bag only to wake up with back pain. The average portable mattress has been transformed into a solid sleeping space. You don’t have to be uncomfortable in the wilderness.

Moreso, the benefits of spending time outdoors are so great, that maybe a little discomfort is worth it. One study states that spending time in nature, “can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood”. These benefits far outweigh the discomfort you can experience from a lack of phone charger or connection to your screens for a few hours. Researcher Lisa Nisbet suggests, “the sense of connection you have with the natural world seems to contribute to happiness even when you’re not physically immersed in nature”. The time quality time you spend with your family outdoors is an experience that will benefit you and them long after your leave. Creating great family memories can start with a simple camping trip and the comforting support of a portable bed.

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What Is a Portable Bed

A portable bed is exactly as it sounds. It is a bed that can be easily moved to fit your needs. Think of a human-sized dog bed. A comfortable sleeping surface that can go anywhere. A lack of space doesn’t have to equal poor sleep. From air mattresses to folding beds there is a portable bed for you. Finding your best mattress will encourage you to be more adventurous knowing you can still get a great night of sleep.

Why Choose a Portable Bed

Portable beds are extremely useful. They are versatile to meet almost any sleeping need. They also are easy to transport anywhere. Here are some great reasons you may need a portable bed:


As previously mentioned, it is a great decision for your family and health to spend time outdoors. People are missing great family memories glued to the couch and their phones. A portable bed is a great option for camping. A camping mattress will provide a solid night of sleep while still allowing you to experience nature. The best camping portable mattress will depend on the type of camping you intend to do. For example, if you plan to sleep in your SUV you will need a different mattress than if you plan to hike for five miles before finding your spot. The most compact and lightweight option will be the most important factor for hiking. But, a plush and thick option may be the best choice for sleeping in your car. A good portable mattress will provide you with the sleep you need and be compact enough to take anywhere.

Overnight Guests

Having a small space doesn’t have to limit your hospitality. Regardless of your space, you can find a portable mattress to meet your needs. This bed option is also small enough to store anywhere in your home. When it is not in use, just fold it up and store it until you need it next. Not every home can accommodate an entire guest room. The portable bed is a great sleeping solution for overnight guests.


Having a child means being flexible. You never know when the need for an additional sleeping space can arise. From sleepovers to movie nights, portable beds are handy to have. Portable beds can provide a great sleeping surface for anyone in the family. Have a needy or sick child? A portable mattress is a good option to have to keep your child close while still maintaining a separate sleeping space. Considering moving your toddler from their crib to a big kid bed? A portable bed can be a great test to see if they are ready for a toddler bed. Additionally, hotels often do not offer the right sleeping space. Many hotels offer a travel crib but may not offer anything larger. Having a portable mattress can make a world of difference when it comes to travel. Imagine the comfort of knowing you have a toddler travel bed anytime you need it. Portable beds are an excellent choice to meet the needs of children.


Have a tight budget? No issue! There are a wide variety of price ranges to meet your needs. If you don’t have the budget for a full bedroom set, a portable bed can be a great choice for you. The cost of a traditional mattress can be hundreds to thousands of dollars. But, a portable mattress can be easily found for less than $100 based on size and features.

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Types of Portable Beds

There are a variety of portable bed options. Each type fits specific needs. They also range in ease of travel and storage size needed. Consider what factors are most important for you when looking for your best mattress options.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are also called air beds or inflatable beds. They are filled with air to create a comfortable and flexible sleeping foundation. Most air mattresses are made with PVC. One perk of air mattresses is their ability to change in firmness to meet your needs. A floor mattress doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. If your mattress is too firm, simply let out a bit of air. Many air mattresses also have a built-in pump to eliminate the need to physically blow up your mattress or use an additional pump. Air mattresses come in almost any bed size. One downside of the inflatable bed option is the possibility of a hole. A sharp object can keep your mattress from inflating or will cause it to deflate slowly through the night. There are patches available to help seal a hole, but, they don’t always work out great.

Rollaway Bed

A rollaway bed is a bed that can be folded up and stored away. This option is generally used for overnight guests. But, some do use them for hotel stays or camping. The rollaway bed can be stored easily depending on the thickness of your mattress selection. Rollaway beds usually have a wood or metal bed frame to provide additional support to the sleeper. Bed frames can support between 250 and 300 lbs., depending on the material used. Providing a solid sleep area for a bigger overnight guest can be difficult. But, with a rollaway bed, you can be a great host. This is a good option for your portable bed.

Folding Bed

A folding bed can be similar to a futon or day bed. Some may even refer to it as a sofa bed. Basically, it is a bed that folds to meet the needs of the consumer. Foldable beds have both a mattress and a frame. Some have wheels or traveling cases to help you move them easier. This is a great option for flex spaces for your on-the-go needs. A folding bed will provide plenty of comfort and support to help you get the sleep you need.

What To Look For in a Portable Bed

There are many options when it comes to portable beds. Finding the option that best meets your needs is key. Consider what occasions you will primarily be using your bed for. The best portable bed for camping may not also be the top pick for overnight guests. Make a list of priorities and features to help make your decision.

Material of Mattress

One top consideration of your portable bed search should be the material of your mattress. The material you choose can have a big effect on the durability of your bed. For example, air mattresses are generally less expensive than memory foam mattresses. But, air mattresses can get a hole and ruin your quality night of sleep, especially if you don’t have a patch or a portable air-filler. Quality memory foam will align to your body and give you plenty of support but isn’t always the best choice for hot sleepers.

Mattress Thickness

The best thickness for your portable mattress definitely depends on who the main sleeper will be. Thicker mattresses generally will provide more support. But, this option isn’t always the most compact. If you are using an air mattress on the ground, you may also want to consider what height will be easiest for you to get on and off of. A higher thickness will keep you further from any bugs on the ground and make it easier for you to get up. The best mattress choice will meet your needs and provide you with quality sleep.

Mattress Cover/Carrying Case

Another factor to consider is whether or not your mattress provides a good cover. Folding mattresses with a cover will allow you to keep your mattress cleaner. Tossing the cover in the wash will help to extend the durability of your mattresses. Similarly, a waterproof air mattress will allow you to wipe any dirt or spills on your mattress. Accidents will happen so it is great to have a way to clean your portable bed. It is also important to consider whether or not you will need a carrying case. Many air mattresses are compact and have a bag with handles. This makes transportation even easier. If you choose to buy a folding mattress, consider how you will transport and store it. There are a wide variety of sizes so your options are unlimited as long as you have a plan.

Portable Bed Top Picks

Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

by EnerPlex 

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02/20/2024 01:56 pm GMT

EnerPlex Air Mattress

The EnerPlex Air Mattress is very simple to use. This product has a built-in pump to give you the comfort you need. It will inflate in full in under two minutes. No access to an outlet? No problem. You can use a portable battery pack or a car outlet adapter. The support and firmness of the mattress can vary based on your needs and how much air you put in. The portable mattress offers coil beam construction to give proper spinal alignment. It is a waterproof mattress and great for the outdoors. It also has puncture-resistant materials, welded seams, and a premium quilt top. This option comes in twin through king sizes. It also has three different height options 13 inches, 16 inches, or 18 inches. It ranges in price from $89 to $169 based on size. The EnerPlex Air mattress also comes with a convenient carrying case with handles. This makes its portability a 10/10. The compact size is easy to carry and store. This option is rated a 4.5 out of 5-stars.

Luxury Air Mattress Queen with Built-in Pump for Home

by King Koil 

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King Koil Luxury Air Mattress

The King Koil Luxury Air Mattress is an enhanced airbed option. It has soft flocking and a built-in pillow. This choice also offers a built-in pump to inflate your mattress in less than two minutes. The International Chiropractors Association endorses this mattress due to its superior ability to promote proper spinal alignment. The company even offers a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. The King Koil mattress comes in twin, queen, and California king. It also has three height sizes, 13 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. The mattress is waterproof and is used to help keep your sheets in place. It is a highly rated option at 4.5 out of 5-stars. It ranges in price from $119 to $179. The King Koil Luxury Air Mattress is a great pick for easy storage and comfortable sleep.

Deluxe Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size

by Milliard 

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02/22/2024 12:50 pm GMT

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

The Milliard Diplomat is strong and sturdy. It offers a luxury memory foam mattress and has a supportive black frame. It doesn’t require any airing or other methods to maintain its quality. The frame is a full-steel wire lattice and can support up to 300 lbs. The memory foam mattress is an excellent choice for supportive comfort. It will align with the needs of your body and provide you with great rest. The mattress also has a removable cover to help you keep the mattress clean. This option also folds up to 14” to keep it compact for storage or travel. It also comes with wheels to make the moving process even easier. The Milliard Diplomat is quick to assemble and can be ready in five minutes. It is a bit more expensive due to the steel frame and is only offered in twin size. The twin bed and frame costs $349, but is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. This is a great option for those who don’t want an air mattress and want a durable and supportive portable bed.

Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold Out Bed


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Leisuit Rollaway Guest Bed

The Leisuit Rollaway mattress is another non-air mattress option. It has a 3-inch memory foam mattress for a solid night of sleep. This pick has an iron pipe metal frame and can fold up for your compact mattress needs. It is also very lightweight at just under 30 lbs. This product is reviewed highly with 74% of reviews scoring it 5-stars. One reviewer states, “I purchased this cot for my 72-year-old father to use while camping. Wear and tear have taken their toll on his back so he needed something more than your typical camping cot. This item worked perfectly“. If the Leisuit Rollaway works for a 72-year-old it will likely work well for you! This is a great option for your portable bed needs.

No matter what option you decide on, a portable bed is a great decision. They have great versatility and help to keep you prepared. Portable mattresses can be easily stored and transported almost anywhere. From camping to sleepovers a portable bed is a great sleeping surface to offer. Reengage in your family and build lasting memories and connections with the support of a portable bed.

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