What To Look For in a Floor Mattress and Our Top Picks

Woman Sleeping on The Floor

Floor sleeping has been a popular choice for centuries. Many people in Japanese culture still sleep on the floor today. Japanese floor sleeping dates back to the 10th Century. This custom created the traditional futon which is about 3-4 inches thick. This is also called a “Japanese bedroll”. This is much different than the floor mattresses we see in America.

Ever heard of a floor mattress? No, it is not necessarily just a traditional mattress on the floor. Although, you can put almost any mattress on the floor. A floor mattress is a great option for a quality sleep surface. Whether you are a stomach sleeper, combination sleeper, or side sleeper a floor bed can provide you with the ultimate support you need for a great night of sleep.

What Is a Floor Mattress?

A floor mattress is a specific type of mattress created for floor sleeping. It often has additional support features that help keep it comfortable without the use of a frame. Floor mattresses come in many different options and mattress types. A floor mattress can have gel memory foam, be a hybrid mattress, or even be a folding mattress with a special foam layer.

Types of Floor Mattresses

While some may snark at the idea of a bed on the floor, it can be extremely beneficial for your body. Compare it to a dog bed if you want, but a floor mattress can offer a great sleeping space alternative. These are the types of floor mattresses available.

Foldable Mattress

A Foldable mattress is a very popular choice. It is great for saving space and can be used for other activities such as yoga. This type of mattress usually comes in a tri-fold option or a four-fold option.

Foldable mattresses are made of a denser foam as they will need to be able to be folded easily. The foam used is very durable and thick as a floor mattress needs to provide extra support.


Folding Mattress

Roll-Up Mattress

The roll-up mattress is another common option for floor mattresses. They are compact and usually a bit thinner than the foldable option. They have flexible foam and feel soft to the touch. Roll-up mattresses can be compared to air mattresses but are a bit different. Even the best air mattress can get a hole. A rollable floor mattress is a soft and durable choice for your floor bed.

Floor Futon

The floor futon is a great selection when choosing a floor mattress. They may have a separate mat or are either filled with specific fibers or have foam with padding. A Japanese futon mattress is the longest-used option of any type of floor mattress and for good reason.

Why Do I Need a Floor Mattress?

Floor Mattresses are a great option for small children, guests, or while on vacation. Many floor mattresses are portable and a great way to save space in a small home or apartment. You can also use them outside the home. Enjoy the relaxing sound of waves comfortably with your floor mattress in a truck bed or on the beach. They are a great option for many outdoor activities such as picnics and camping.

Floor Mattresses for Kids- The Montessori Approach

If you are a parent, it is likely you have heard of Montessori. Montessori is an educational approach that helps children to define and develop their interests naturally through a variety of activities.

The Montessori method also has a unique approach to sleep. The Montessori floor bed has increased the popularity of floor mattresses. In the Montessori sleep arrangement, children use a floor mattress. This allows the child to get into and out of beds at any time. Creating independence in your child is a key to their growth. Of course, parents using the Montessori method ensure the room is safe for their child to roam independently.

If a parent of a very young child uses the Montessori methods, they should continue to use a crib mattress as this type of mattress is firmer to support safe sleep for the child.


Little boy sleeping on a floor mattress

Even Maria Montessori, the Italian inventor of the program understands the importance of sleep. She states, “The design of the home environment is tied to the protection of the adult’s sleep, not always keeping the child’s own needs and desire in mind – who would deny that children need sleep? But if a child is so alert, so capable of observation, he is not primarily a sleeper”.

This is an essential point. No matter what your reason is for needing a floor mattress, it should always come back to the need and protection of your quality sleep.

Benefits of a Floor Mattress

There are many great reasons to opt for a floor mattress, here are a few.


Times have been tough lately. From the financial cost of Covid to inflation, many people simply do not have the room in their budget for extra expenses. The average king-size bed frame runs from $300 – $1,200. With a floor mattress, you can cut the cost of a bed frame and box spring.

Blood Circulation

When you use a floor mattress, the bed will be firmer. This will help your body to have better blood circulation through the night. This can help you to better fight the cold, flu, or other diseases. It can also allow your muscles to recover more quickly.

Back Pain

A frequent complaint among Americans. In fact, 65 million Americans reported a recent issue with back pain. One of the benefits of floor sleeping is its solid support for your back. Sleeping on the floor creates a neutral sleep space for your body. It is especially helpful for lower back pain or issues with your sciatic nerve.


Man waking up with back pain


Your bed frame may be taking up more space than you realize. A platform bed is often larger than the mattress itself. This takes up additional space you may not have. If your room feels cramped, it may be time to say hello to the floor mattress. Whether the mattress is for a guest, in a flex space, or in the master bedroom it can provide extra room. The best mattress for your needs may be a floor mattress.


In 2022, we are still seeing massive supply chain problems. This is not reported to get any better any time soon. Supply chain issues are causing late deliveries, backorders, and an increase in prices. A floor mattress may be your best bet to avoid these issues and the additional drama of a new bed frame. Getting the best mattress and bedroom setup shouldn’t take months. Check out the floor mattresses you can get within a few days.


It is often said, heat rises. The same rule applies to your sleeping surface. The temperature on the floor of your room may be a degree or two cooler. If you sleep in a warm climate or are a hot sleeper, a floor mattress may be even more beneficial. You can find cooling relief more quickly by sleeping on the floor.

What To Look For in a Floor Mattress

Mattresses come in so many different materials and sizes. Knowing what to look for can be difficult in a regular mattress, it can seem even more difficult for a floor mattress. Here are a few things to consider for your best floor mattress experience.


You will want your floor mattress to be extremely breathable. There will be less opportunity for airflow on your floor mattress. Feeling cool is essential to achieving quality sleep.


It is important to consider the material both inside and outside your mattress. First, the cover material should be something that can be easily washed. An option with a zipper cover would be ideal for your floor mattress. As it will be on your floor, a sheet or mattress protector isn’t enough to keep your mattress clean. The cover material should also be resistant to dirt and dust.

Additionally, the makeup of the inside of your mattress is important as well. The mattress alone will need to be enough to provide support for your body as there will be no frame. From memory foam to cotton fill, consider the amount and type of support that will work best for you.


You will also want to consider both the weight of the mattress and your sleeper. If you are planning to keep your mattress at home and use it frequently, it doesn’t necessarily need to be light and portable. However, if you are planning to take your mattress for travel purposes, you will need to take the weight of the mattress into consideration. Additionally, if you are a heavier person some mattress options may be better than others. Be sure to check out weight limits and what types of filler are most likely to support the needs of your body best. A thicker floor bed option may provide additional comfort to give you the quality rest you deserve.


Firmness is probably the most important aspect of a floor mattress. The benefits of a floor mattress is that they are firm and supportive to provide an excellent sleep surface for your body. A soft bed will likely not provide the structure you need on the floor. Look for medium or firm options when searching for your floor bed. You should also consider a foam mattress as they will conform to the needs of your body better than other options.

Top Floor Mattress Picks

While there are many different floor mattress options to choose from, a few stand out as the best. From high ratings to high-quality material these options are the best in the market.


Mattress on the floor

Japanese Floor Mattress

The Maxyoyo store offers a few different Japanese Floor Mattress options on Amazon. These mattresses have polyester and memory foam filling. They are thick and will not collapse to the weight of your body easily. The foam mattress can give your body the sense of support it needs for ultimate relaxation. The mattress comes with one foam mattress, one dustproof cover, a bandage, and a storage bag.

The first selection of the Maxyoyo Japanese Floor Mattress is grey and comes in a Twin – King size option. The grey color is perfect for any room in your home or on the go. It ranges in price from $139 to $199 based on the size you select.

The next selection from the Maxyoyo Store has a Black Moon and Star design. It is a folding Tatami floor matt and is a great portable option perfect for kids or for camping. The mattress is described as firm and weighs 12 pounds. It comes in a twin, full, or queen option and ranges in price from $139 to $179.


Japanese Floor Mattress

The last pick from the Maxyoyo Store is a Grey Triangle Japanese Floor Futon Mattress. The Grey Triangle design is a fun modern option for kids or in common spaces. The three-layer design of these Japanese futon mattresses should provide excellent support due to their thick filling. This selection also ranges in price from $139 to $199.

The Maxyoyo Futon Mattress options rate a 4.1 out of 5 stars. One reviewer states, “Where to even start? This is as comfy as a mattress but needs none of the air that you need to spend time pumping into an air mattress — and at the same time, unlike a regular mattress, you can simply roll this up, put the tie around it, and place it back in its satchel, and call it a day”. These product selections are a great option for your new floor mattress.

JEAREY Floor Mattress

The Jeary Floor Mattress is another great choice for your floor bed. It offers a 100% polyester top layer for breathable and soft comfort. It is filled with a 7D spiral fiber that will give your mattress a fluffy feel while also providing support for your back. It is easy to maintain as it has a great dustproof cover. It is also extremely easy to fold for storage or carrying purposes. This mattress can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a great choice for your child’s playroom, an RV, or a tent. This selection comes in grey, black, or blue. It is available in a twin, full, or queen-sized option. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and ranges in price from $119 to $169.

YOSHOOT Grey Feather Futon Floor Mattress

The YOSHOOT store provides the next Futon Floor Mattress selection. This option has a microfiber cover and is filled with both microfiber and foam. It comes with a mattress cover, bandage, and storage bag. This futon pick offers a 4-inch mattress to provide ultimate support. The four inches are built from 3 different layers. The tatami style floor mattress is great for in your home or on the go. The YOSHOOT option comes in 8 different colors to fit any style. It is offered in a twin, full, or queen size. It is rated a 4.1 out of 5 stars. The price for this selection ranges from $119 to $158 based on the size and color option you select. It is a great choice for your next floor mattress!


YOSHOOT Floor Mattress

Cushy Form Floor Mattress

The Cushy Form Floor Mattress is another great pick available to you. The four-inch portable mattress is filled with high-density foam. It has a great storage case to make travel easy. It is also CertiPur certified to ensure the mattress is non-toxic and safe for your family. The tri-fold shape is easy to store in almost any space. This is a great choice for those who need a temporary solution with not much spare room. The cover is machine washable to make sure your sleep surface is clean and ready for your next guest. The Cushy Form tri-fold mattress is available in both 25 inches and 31 inches. It is top-rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is $89 to $149 based on the size option you select. This foam mattress is a great option that will meet your needs.

Whether you are a Montessori mom or you are looking for a great sleep option, these mattresses provide some great choices. It is important to identify the main use of your mattress to pick the best choice for you. But, no matter what option you choose make sure it will provide a supportive and comfortable sleep space. You may find that the best memory foam mattress for your family is a floor mattress. Quality sleep is an essential part of our lives. A good quality floor mattress will give you solid sleep and a great start to your day.

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