What Is a Wood Headboard?

Plain wood headboard for king sized bed

Wood is one of the most often used materials for bed frames. Because many different kinds of wood are utilized in various styles, a wood headboard may easily complement any bedroom space. Another benefit is that wood is recognized for its durability, allowing bed frames manufactured from wood to last for years. However, one major downside is that users might find it difficult to move the bed because of its heavy structure. Furthermore, it is costlier than other varieties of bed frames.

 Double bed with wood headboard

Wood Headboard

Solid wood headboards have a higher grade of construction than veneer headboards. Veneer headboards have a low-cost foundation with just a thin wooden top layer. Solid wood headboards, on the other hand, might seem out of place in a modern bedroom. People who like to sit up in bed to watch television or read might prefer a softer, cushioned, upholstered, or fabric-covered headboard to the rigidity of a wooden headboard.

The styles of wooden headboards are surprisingly diverse. Each wooden headboard is unique, ranging from whole board to shaker-style panels to rattan, and are available in various wood varieties. Spillages, dirt, and dust are all easily removed from most wooden headboards. Except for rattan headboards, paneled or board-style bed heads only just need a simple wash down to be completely clean, making this a low-maintenance option.

Many individuals with allergies prefer a wood headboard because wood does not collect dust as fabric does and is generally easier to clean. Cloth-covered headboards need frequent vacuuming with a gentle brush, but hardwood headboards do not. In addition, pet hair does not adhere to wood headboards in the same way as fabric headboards. In children’s rooms, wood headboards are generally more preferred than fabric headboards since paint smudges and crayon markings are simpler to erase. Unless a fabric headboard cover is detachable, stains are frequently difficult or impossible to remove; therefore, wood is preferable in this case.

Wooden bedroom set

Types of Wood Headboards

Painted Wood

Pre-painted wooden headboards are not often available for purchase. However, after you bring it home, you may simply paint portions or all of the headboard. Or, you can refresh an existing wood headboard with a new coat of paint. For painting a headboard, you can use oil paint or latex with a semi-gloss finish.

Stained Wood

Using a stain to prevent the wood from degradation maintains or enhances the effect of grain in the wood bed frame, while also protecting it from deterioration. Shellac, varnish, polyurethane, or lacquer are your best options for protecting your headboard from dents and scratches while also sealing in color.

 Gray and wooden master bedroom interior

Rattan and Wicker

Wicker is a plant that grows in tropical climates and is closely linked to the palm tree. To build the furniture, the headboard may be weaved in such a way that it’s both robust and long-lasting. The weaving design is known as a ‘Wicker.’ So wicker is how the headboard is manufactured, and rattan is used to make the headboard. Wicker headboards may also be made from willow, rush, and synthetic fibers. Rattan is linked with tropical areas since it is derived from tropical palms. A rattan headboard is a popular addition to beach villas and coastal residences.


Plywood is a well-known multi-purpose engineered wood-based panel product used in Canadian building projects. Plywood joins resin and wood fiber sheets to create mixed material that is sold in panels. The front veneers on a standard plywood panel are of greater quality than the core veneers. The core layers’ job is to enhance the spacing between the outer layers, where the bending stresses are greatest, enhancing resistance to bending forces.

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Tropical bedset made of wicker

Caring for Wood Headboards

Unfortunately, there is no one way to clean a traditional headboard since the materials utilized vary, including hardwood, leather, metal, polyester, suede, and many more. Therefore, it depends on how much time you have and the severity of the stain; you should also consider if you can and want to do it yourself or whether it is recommended to hire a professional to clean it.

A quality wood headboard may last a lifetime and is often handed down through numerous generations as a valued treasure. However, even the best wood is prone to dents and abrasions if not properly cared for. Therefore, it’s usually good to ask for particular cleaning and maintenance recommendations when buying a wood headboard. Here are some recommendations to keep your wooden furniture looking at its best for many years.

Dust Often

No one likes dusting, yet it is one of the best methods to keep your furniture in good condition. Airborne particles may damage the surface of wood by forming a dust layer. Dusting regularly prevents dust accumulation. Lamb wool dusters are ideal for cleaning fancy carvings or difficult-to-reach areas since they efficiently gather and retain dust.

Muted gray wooden bedframe with large matching headboard

Avoid Using Strong Products

Most commercial polishes and sprays include either petroleum distillates or silicone oil to give your wood a new and lustrous surface while also providing some protection. However, applying too much product may generate a buildup that mixes with grime to form a dull, sticky layer. To prevent this accumulation, always buff well after applying products. Never use products with a wax protectant since the combination would result in another sticky mess.

Remove Tough Stains

Despite your best efforts, your lovely wood décor will eventually get discolored. Whatever kind of stain your furniture has, be sure to remove it as soon as possible. The longer it stays, the more difficult it will be to clean. To remove dark stains caused by water damage, gently wipe the stain with a towel soaked in vinegar. Next, spot any greasy or sticky areas on unsealed wood using a light cleaning solution of soap or a mild detergent diluted in water and a clean, moist cloth. After removing the marks, rinse well and wipe with a dry towel.

Repairing Broken Headboard

Small broken portions and gaps can be filled with wood glue or wood-filler epoxy resin. Wood glue and wood-filler epoxy resin are excellent solutions for restoring wood furniture with minor cracks, tiny splits, or missing parts. These components combine to provide a strong binding between the wood pieces.

Dark wooden bed platform with large headboard

Final Thoughts

While many bedframe designs come and go, the traditional wood headboard remains a preferred choice for many people. It is easy to maintain, and will complement any bedroom space.

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