What Is a Wall Headboard?

bedroom with dark gray carpeting, curtains, and accent wall plus a dark gray padded wall-mounted headboard


When it comes to styling your bedroom furniture, there are a variety of decisions to make. You can choose the color of your items, the materials they feature, and the setup of the room. One particular aspect of choosing your bed frame is electing to get a wall headboard or a wall-mounted headboard. Many people who are on the hunt for a bed are curious about what this style of headboard actually is, as well as what styles it comes in. In today’s article, we’re going to explore exactly what a wall-mounted headboard is and some of the styles it comes in. Then, we’ll outline three key benefits that a wall-mounted headboard provides for you and your bedroom décor.

hotel room with twin beds and wall-mounted padded headboards

What Is a Wall Headboard?

A wall headboard, wall mounted headboard, or simply a floating headboard, are all names that refer to one particular style of headboard that can be featured on bed frames. The wall-mounted headboard is “mounted to the wall rather than being attached to your bed frame.” It is usually attached to the wall using screws or some kind of mounting system to hold it in place. Ultimately, it has the same function as a traditional headboard and achieves the same purpose.

Wall Headboard Styling

The three main components of styling your wall-mounted headboard for maximum bedroom décor are material, color, and size. Playing with each of these variables will give you the most creative freedom to liven up your interior design. Let’s go through each component and look at what’s important.

Bright white bedroom interior decorated with a photo of sea waves and a wooden headboard


Picking the right material or fabric for your headboard “matters a lot,” says MattressNut. there are dozens of options to choose from. Some of the most popular ones incorporate some kind of wood, leather, or fabric. Choosing the right material is an important part of this process; it plays a major role in how your headboard will finally look.

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The next critical element of your wall-mounted headboard is the color. Picking a color that complements your room and adds the kind of feeling you want is key. Graphic design company 99designs says that “colors and emotions are closely linked.” Warm colors can incite happy and comforting feelings, while cool colors can elicit peaceful and calming feelings. Pick a color that matches the emotion you want to feel in your room.

Bedroom with natural accents and a wall-mounted padded headboard

Size and Scale

The final component of your wall-mounted headboard is its size and scale. This is a fun element to play around with because it adds a dynamic quality to your room. MasterClass says your bed frame needs to “ensure that all furniture is to scale.” Big headboards that span your whole wall add height and depth to your room without taking away space. Small headboards offer a minimalistic feel to your interior design. Choose a headboard size that fits the kind of scale aura you want your bedroom décor to have.


Now that we’ve taken some time to understand what a wall headboard is, let’s explore four key benefits that this unique style of headboard offers to your bed frame and to you. 

modern bedset with a large wall-mounted padded headboard

Support and Stability

The first key benefit of getting a wall-mounted headboard is that it offers your bed frame an added level of “support and stability.” This is because they are firmly secured to the wall behind your bed, leaving no chance for any instability to come up. Folks who value that kind of stability in their furniture will surely favor the wall-mounted headboard for their bedroom.

Uniqueness and Creativity

The next benefit that wall-mounted headboards bring to the interior design conversation is their uniqueness and creativity. Unlike traditional headboards, which we’ve all seen a million times, wall-mounted headboards are a radically different approach to crafting a sturdy bed. They incorporate a range of different building styles and designs that make each wall-mounted headboard look completely unique and on its own. Furthermore, the creative element of getting a wall-mounted headboard is completely in your hands. You have complete control over each of the three elements: material, color, and size. You can even make your own DIY wall mounted headboard at home using just a few supplies! Having a wall-mounted headboard sets you apart from other bed-owners by giving you an architectural advantage. Your unique headboard distinguishes your bed frame from any other one.

Modern nursery with white and brown wall and bed with orange blanket and headboard house and large window overlooking

Space Saver

Another powerful advantage that the wall-mounted headboard brings to your bedroom is via what it doesn’t do – take up space! By attaching to your wall directly instead of to your bed frame, these wall-mounted headboardssave you tons of [square feet] space” that you can now use to store your things. If you have a larger room, this may not mean much. You have plenty of space in your room that you don’t necessarily need the extra couple of square feet. However, if you live in a small space or an apartment of some kind, it’s highly likely you’re already running short on storage space. That’s why the wall-mounted headboard can be a big saving grace for those in the latter situation.

Modern Aesthetic Appeal

The final key benefit of getting a mounted headboard on your bed frame is that it gives your bedroom décor a “clean, modern” aesthetic appeal. Your interior design is elevated by a floating headboard that is unlike any other upholstered headboard or a tufted headboard. There are nearly infinite combinations of headboard ideas that you can try. You can use fabric, wood, plywood, or linen. This unorthodox approach to creating a freestanding headboard gives your bedroom a modern feel.

Elegant bedroom in greys soft pastels staged upholstered headboard soft pillows and wooden feature wall


Now you know what a floating or wall-mounted headboard is. Consider the different kind of variables that go into styling your freestanding headboard: material, color, and size. Also keep in mind the variety of benefits that it brings you and your bedroom: support and stability, the ability to exercise your creativity, and a modern aesthetic appeal. You can even make a DIY headboard to mount on your wall yourself. There are so many ways to express yourself and be creative with a mounted headboard.

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