What Is A Trundle Bed?

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A trundle bed is a space-saving, little pop-up secret, that you may want to know. The gist of the bed is that the trundle bed is not just one bed. It is two beds in one! The bed of many names is the truckle bed, the hurley bed, the trundle bed. It’s even known as the modern rollaway. It has as many names as there are years this bed has existed. Let us delve into why the trundle bed is so practical and loved by so many people in the world.

So, the beauty of the trundle bed frame is that the upper bed and the lower bed are stacked one on top of the other. The Merriam-Webster definition of trundle is “to propel by causing to roll or rotate,” which is as literal as it can get. The trundle bed is a combination of two beds, the upper bed and a lower bed that is typically situated on wheels for practicality. A regular bed is stable and attached to a bed frame, whether it be a daybed, an upholstered, or a wooden traditional bed … the choice is yours. The lower bed usually uses an eight-inch mattress that is on a metal frame that can pop up to the same height as the upper bed. Although this is the most common with the pop-up trundle bed, there are many options that allow for the lower bed to sit on the floor.

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Some Similar Beds to the Trundle Bed

The Bunk Bed

The bunk bed is great for sleepovers or multiple children in a household, and that is whom they serve best — children. In fact, children use the trundle bed just like the bunk bed; and some bunk beds have a trundle under the bottom bunk, so it can sleep one additional person. There are many variations of bunk beds and trundle beds, but the bunk bed with the trundle is the most practical for larger families or families who facilitate sleepovers often. The best bunk beds for the best bunkies in 2022.

The Loft Bed

Then there are loft beds. The loft bed is growing exponentially in popularity and it’s used in adult bedrooms, children’s rooms, and college dormitories because of the versatility of the design. You get a platform bed that is like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk, and this allows for more floor space underneath the sleep space. It does not allow more than two people to sleep, though, so if you still long for more sleeping space, this would not meet all your needs. A loft bed with a trundle, may be a prime pick for you!

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Sofa Sleepers and Futons

With sofa sleepers, you can fold out at night to accommodate any overnight guests, but it functions as a couch during the day, similar to the futon. With the futon, you can fold it up into a sofa in the daytime, and you can lay it out flat to make a full-sized bed for sleeping space at night. However, many people agree that with the sleeper sofa and the futon, the comfort just is not there. For both futons and sofas, they make the frames from metal and the mattresses are thin so the bed can go back into a couch more easily in the daytime.

The futon has a very low cost and is practical, especially for a first apartment, like in a studio apartment, where space and funds are typically low. Pottery Barn is here to help you to decide between sofa sleepers or trundle beds.

Trundle or Not to Trundle

When there are so many options to save floor space while having the additional sleeping space you need, it can be an impossible feat to figure out which is the right fit for your house and family. A bunk bed is a great fit for some families, while a trundle bed is more practical for other families. The bunk bed with the trundle is an incredible lifesaver for many families. A loft bed can serve some great storage purposes, especially for baby toys that have taken over the family room or if you work from home and need someplace to set up an office, but will only sleep one or two people.

You can well suit a trundle bed for a guest room so you can have the optimal sleeping space. When buying a trundle bed for the guest room, you may want to consider the age or physical shape of your overnight guest because there are more fitting trundles for children or able-bodied people, and trundles that are more easily separated, if necessary for an older guest. Another word of caution is that a trundle bed frame can hold a certain amount of weight per bed, so read the requirements of the bed before using it for people who may exceed the maximum limit.

How can you know if the trundle bed is the right bed for you? Well, you can ask yourself a couple of questions, and depending upon your answers, you will know.

Do you have overnight guests often? And, are most of your overnight guests children or adults? Are your visits comprising just one- or two-night stays, or longer stays?

Do you have a need for more space in the daytime and sleeping space at night? Meaning, if you wish to have extra floor space by collapsing a bed to tuck away under the main bed but wish to have one more bed for someone to sleep on, you’re in the right place.

It may be helpful to know that the trundle bed is a great buy for an individual or a couple who lives in a small apartment or a studio apartment who could use the extra floor space. You can attach the two beds together to make a split king-sized bed, and the deconstruction of the beds will be a snap in the morning. You can save yourself the backache for which the futon is known. Check this Full adult trundle bed from Amazon, with storage built-in!

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All the Trundle Bed Options

With all the trundle bed offers these days, you can find the bed frame, the trundle bed mattress, and the style you really want. From traditional beds to daybeds, to even a sleigh bed or a captains bed.

Currently, trundle frames allow for a twin-size mattress up to a queen-size mattress. What’s more, is that you can acquire a trundle with two different size mattresses. So, you can get the upper bed in full size, and have a trundle in a twin size mattress, for example. The most common size for a trundle bed is a twin mattress for the top and bottom, however, for adults or maturing adolescents, it may be more comfortable springing for that full or queen with an innerspring mattress or the memory foam mattress for maximum comfort and longevity of the bed. 4 innerspring mattresses that do all the heavy lifting for a trundle.

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 The Captains Bed and Other Storage Ideas

The Captains bed is the trundle bed at its full potential. The Captains bed is a combination of the traditional bed with the trundle bed with added storage drawers and shelving in the headboard. It is a nifty bed and in a guest room or a studio apartment, it will prove to be a real lifesaver! The shelves can hold beautiful keepsakes, pictures, or your phone and other belongings. The drawers can function as a dresser, or you can stow away things that don’t have a space assigned to them. And the décor for a guest room gets put together with some strategically placed items on the headboard. That is the magic of a captains bed. Captain beds like these from Amazon are beautiful and durable.

Another great storage idea is doing away with the bottom bed completely and using the space for storing toys or other things like sewing supplies or Christmas decorations. Or when doing away with the lower trundle bed, you can get handy with a DYI project of your own, and install more storage drawers of your own design. This project from Ana White will surely impress!

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Is The Trundle the Right Fit For You?

So whether you call it a hurley bed or a truckle bed, this bed will impress. It is so important to keep a balance of additional floor space and sleeping space, and it is even more important that whichever bed you choose serves its purpose in your house. Remember, what makes up your living space is vital to your family dynamic, so it should serve you and your household well.

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