What is a Queen Headboard?

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No queen bed is complete without a queen headboard. Headboards are available for beds of all sizes, including single bed, twin bed, double bed, queen bed, and king bed sizes. A queen headboard has many benefits.  A queen headboard can enhance the bedroom décor in subtle or dramatic ways, even adding a sense of luxury that can elevate the look and feel of your space. They’re also functional, adding height to the bed and providing a place to lean against when you sit up in bed. You can use a queen headboard for additional storage and a place to set accessories, such as an alarm clock.

If you are looking for a queen headboard for your queen-size bed you’ll find that there are many different headboards to choose from, so it is essential to find one that best suits your needs and style.

How Do You Install a Queen-Size Headboard?

You can install queen headboards in a few different ways. Most queen headboards attach directly to the head of the bed frame using screws, bolts, hooks, or brackets. However, other options are available as well. For example, some headboards can be mounted to the wall behind the bed frame. Freestanding queen headboards are also available, which stand up on the floor behind the bed.

If you purchase a mounted or freestanding headboard, you won’t be limited by the size of your bed frame. This allows you the option to choose an oversized headboard if you desire. However, if you purchase a headboard that needs to be attached to the bed frame, then the headboard should match your bed size.

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What Types of Queen Headboards Are There?

Not all queen headboards are the same. They vary not just in size but also in color, material, and style. The following are some of the more popular types of queen headboards that are available:

Upholstered Headboards

Arguably the most popular of all headboards is the upholstered headboard, which is a softer alternative to wood or metal headboards. This type of headboard comes in many materials, such as leather, cotton, linen, or suede. Some benefits of an upholstered headboard are comfort, minimal maintenance, and a variety of style options.

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Wooden Headboards

A wooden headboard can be made from various types of wood, including cedar and walnut. These headboards are usually painted or stained to create a cohesive look in the bedroom and can also be found in numerous styles, including sleigh bed headboards and tufted bed headboards.

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Metal Headboards

Metal headboards come in various finishes, including black iron, silver metallic, and chrome. This style is perfect for adding an industrial feel to your bedroom and is typically very low maintenance. Metal headboards are often less expensive than wood or upholstered headboards and are long-lasting. 

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What Are the Different Queen Headboard Styles?

In addition to the different materials that you can choose from, there are also a variety of styles of queen headboards available. Such styles include:

Standard Headboard

The standard headboard is the most traditional type of queen bed headboard and features a simple design with a rectangular frame. If you’re looking for a classic queen headboard, a standard headboard is a good option.

Wingback Bed Headboard

This headboard option features curved wooden side wings, which are meant to mimic the look of traditional furniture.

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Tufted Bed Headboard

This style of headboard is becoming more and more popular, as it adds a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Tufted headboards often feature buttons or studs sewn into the material.

Scroll Bed Headboard

Scroll bed headboards are also known as sleigh bed headboards. They feature curved sides and detailed scroll patterns along the top of the bed, adding a touch of elegance to any bedroom.

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Panel Bed Headboard

This bed frame option is sleek and straightforward, featuring a panel bed headboard typically made from wood or metal.

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Storage Bed Headboard

A storage headboard is perfect for those who want extra storage space in their bedroom. Storage headboards often feature drawers and shelves, which can be great for storing bed sheets or pillows.

How To Choose a Queen Headboard

If you plan to buy a headboard for your queen-size bed, consider the following:

Bed Frame 

Not every queen bed frame is the same, and not all headboards will fit every bed frame. Make sure to choose a headboard compatible with the bed frame you have.

Queen Headboard Style

As previously mentioned, there are numerous styles to choose from. Make sure to choose a bed frame that fits your personal taste and the overall design of your bedroom. It should complement the rest of your bedroom furniture, after all.

Headboard Size

The width of the headboard you choose should be at least two inches wider than your queen mattress. The width of most queen headboards is between 60 and 64 inches. The headboard height can also vary significantly. Queen headboards are typically between 28 and 48 inches tall. Choosing how tall you want your headboard to be will depend on your room’s overall design and your personal wants and needs.

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Headboard Storage

If you’re looking for a bed headboard that also offers storage space, then make sure to choose one that has the features you need. Many bed headboards provide a variety of storage options, including shelves and drawers.

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Queen Headboard Price

Bed headboards can range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, so it’s important to consider your budget for this bedding item. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find the right bed headboard for you.

Bedroom Space

Some queen headboards may be too large or small for your bedroom. Make sure to measure the space you have available and choose a bed headboard that will fit your space comfortably.

If you own a queen-size mattress and bed frame, then you should strongly consider installing a queen-size headboard. A queen headboard can add support to your bed as well as improve your interior design by complementing the aesthetic of your bedroom furniture.

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