What Is a Bed Skirt and Should You Use One?

The Bed Skirt

The bed skirt, commonly referred to as a dust ruffle or a valance, is known to keep the dust out from underneath the bed and also covers the box spring it rests on to add to the theme or color palette of your bedroom. A bed skirt is very much a need in every bedroom! The dust ruffle is applied to the bed by removing the mattress to expose the box spring. With the box spring accessible, the dust ruffle can then be laid neatly on top, and the mattress may be replaced, very carefully, after you are satisfied with the way the bed skirt looks. The bed skirt also serves as a great tool for hiding away any of the things people like to store, such as winter clothes or seasonal décor. Dust ruffles have been a staple in most bedrooms for years, but with the introduction of the platform bed, they have been deemed irrelevant by some interior designers. The design of the bed skirt is constantly evolving, so stick around to see the next big thing.

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The Perfect Bed Skirt

The perfect bed skirt should always be practical and aesthetically pleasing to your bedroom. If you have a metal frame and a box spring on your bed, the comforter, quilt, or duvet cover on it will simply not reach far enough to cover the box spring or those less-than-attractive metal rails. This is a case for a bed skirt!

Platform Beds Need No Dust Ruffle

Although the bed skirt is necessary for most bedrooms, the use of one with a platform bed would be redundant. Platform beds are lower to the ground and don’t require a box spring, leaving less to be seen under the bed. In the case of the platform bed, the bed itself is a decorative piece of furniture. Meaning, the bedding will automatically fit perfectly to the size of the bed. With that, you would only need the perfect set of sheets; one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet. Then, maybe a decorative pillow, to tie into your bedroom décor.

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The Best Fabric for a Dust Ruffle

When considering the best fabric for your dust ruffle, there are some things to consider. It is so important that the dust ruffle is useful and practical! You will want to buy a fabric that makes washing, drying, and reapplication a breeze. Of course, the fabric should be durable and reliable as well. Be sure to choose a bed skirt that fits both your bed and your taste. And with all the styles, designs, and various fabrics available, there is sure to be something for everyone.

The fabrics mostly used in the production of bed skirts are linen, cotton or a cotton/polyester blend, chenille, and microfiber.

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The linen bed skirt is made from flax, although some people mistake it for cotton. Flax and cotton are two different plants, producing two different fabrics. Linen is very strong and durable and therefore it is a more high-end fabric. There is a small annoyance when it comes to linen- the fabric happens to wrinkle often. You may want to iron the bed skirt after each wash to keep the ruffle looking nice and smooth. But linen is a high-quality fabric that will give and give. The linen bed skirt works well in the box pleat style or a tailored style because the linen fabric will really hold the pleats well.

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Cotton is the most used and loved among the dust ruffle fabric options. Today, there are cotton and cotton/polyester blends which are equally fabulous fabrics. Both are durable and dependable and will hold their own through many washings.

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Chenille is a weave of a variety of different fibers like rayon, cotton, silk, and wool, and the end product is oh so soft and fluffy. The downfall of chenille is the lifespan. Unfortunately, most of these beautiful and soft fabrics won’t hold up for a long time.


Microfiber is another soft material, but much more durable than chenille. This fabric is special because it has all the qualities most people are looking for such as durability, softness, easy to wash and dry, and doesn’t wrinkle. The microfiber bed skirt is ready to go right out of a dryer onto your box spring. Yep! That fast! One little thing, the fabric has a natural static charge that may collect more dust than it keeps out. All you need to do here is to get a lint roller and, voila! Dust be gone.

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The DIY Bed Skirt

To start, there is a do-it-yourself type of bed skirt that can be created with some willpower, a sewing machine, and some old fitted bed sheets. If you have a knack for creativity then the DIY bed skirt may be a great option for you! You will want to familiarize yourself with the measurements involved, like a seam allowance, which is a half-inch of give, when sewing the bed skirt. Another DIY option, which is way less involved, is covering your box spring with a fitted sheet that you can then can add your own embellishments to.

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So Many Designs for a Valance

First, the word valance may make you think of a window valance, like for a kitchen window. Valance is another word for a dust ruffle or a bed skirt. Valances will come in many designs and patterns and textures, and a valance can be tailored for an exact look, or in case you have strange bed measurements. If you want an example of different patterns and textures, a ruffle and eyelets pattern will make for a romantic or country feel, or layered tulle will serve as a super soft and feminine bed skirt. Then on the other side of the spectrum, you may enjoy the more neutral design of a split corner or a box pleat pattern. You may also enjoy the simplicity of the Bare Home microfiber tailored bed skirt 15-inch drop in a neutral gray. Check it out here! You may also enjoy the simplicity of the Bare Home microfiber tailored bed skirt 15-inch drop in a neutral gray. Check it out here!

You can find any style of bed skirt imaginable to complement your bedroom décor. It doesn’t stop there! There have been so many new and innovative leaps in the evolution of the dust ruffle, so let’s dig in.

Various Types of the Bed Skirt

Starting off, the bed skirt is constantly improving upon the original idea that started the ever-evolving market we have today. From the traditional bed skirt to a box spring “wrap” that envelops the box spring for a sleek style, with no drop cloth, to a Velcro bed skirt or a wrap around bed skirt that looks like a traditional bed skirt, but no more heavy lifting is involved with the process. Take a peek at the BiscayneBay wrap-around bed skirt.

skirt options. All of these improved bed skirt options have the 15-inch drop cloth without the fabric that goes between the mattress and box spring. This leaves a quick clean-up job and a quick reapplication process. They are all fantastic remedies for the original process of laundering.

Measurements For the Right Size for a Valance

When buying a valance, you want to be sure that you have the right size for your mattress and the correct distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. Many of the bed skirts come in a 15-inch depth and are sized by the size of a typical mattress. For instance, a regular twin mattress is 39 inches by 75 inches, but what if you own a twin XL? In special cases, there will be a need to get out the measuring tape. To measure accurately, you want to measure the length and the width of your mattress and then you will start to measure from the top of the box spring down to the floor or just above the floor according to your taste.

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Why You Need a Dust Ruffle

With a dust ruffle, you will have an easier time cleaning your bedroom. The dust bunnies that can accumulate under your bed can be very unsanitary. The dust is packed full of allergens, and little bugs called dust mites. These dust mites can bite you making you itchy and uncomfortable. In fact, if you already suffer from allergies, you absolutely need to have a valance for your bed. The great thing about the detachable bed skirt or the bed wrap from Biscayne Bay is the easy cleaning that could save you backache of the traditional bed skirts. You will have a curtain to hide away all the things that belong out of sight, giving you a sense of relief. So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and check the best bed skirts on the market.

In this journey to discover the best bed skirt, don’t be overwhelmed by all the options available to you. Instead, remember, a bed skirt is more than affordable, and it will not hurt to have a few of them on hand. It’s nice to have a variety of bedding options, and changing out the bed skirt is a cheap and easy way to bring new life to your bedroom.

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