Unisom Sleep Tabs: What You Should Know


Having a good night’s sleep is important for feeling well rested, and ready to conquer your day. Any college student who has struggled through an exam week on five hours of sleep a night will tell you that rest is important for doing your best. So, if you are having trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep, it can be very troubling. Medication like Unisom Sleeptabs can help certain individuals who are struggling to have a good night’s sleep. There are many OTC sleep aid brands, and prescription sleep aids to choose from, and it is difficult to find the right one for you. If you are considering using a sleep aid, read on to find all the information you need to know to see which sleep aid is right for you, and to learn everything you need to know about Unisom sleeptabs and Unisom sleepgels.


What to Know if You’re Considering Using a Sleep Aid

First of all, if you are considering taking an OTC sleep aid, and certainly if you are looking for prescription sleeping pills, talk to your doctor before you begin any course of medication. Your doctor will be able to take a look at your medical history, tell you of any potential drug interactions, and give you the most sound medical advice possible. If you have certain conditions, such as sleep apnea, you may not be able to take some sleep aids. Your doctor will also be able to tell you if your sleep problem is a sign of an underlying medical illness, such as insomnia.

Anytime you are pursuing a treatment for a condition, and especially when that help is for sleeping, it’s important to take it one day at a time. Taking an OTC sleep aid is a temporary solution, not a permanent fix to the issue. Since many sleep aid brands use an antihistamine drug that you can build a tolerance for, many drugs will lose their effect after consistent use. Make sure to follow the directions on the package, and refrain from using alcohol or other drugs while using a sleeping pill. Alcohol can enhance the effects of the medication and may interact in harmful ways.

Different Kinds of Sleep Aids

The main distinction between sleep medication, has to do with where you can purchase the medicine. If you want an over the counter sleep aid, you can pick this up at your local drug store. These medications are typically used as symptoms arise, and not as a nightly remedy. Prescription sleeping pills on the other hand, have to be given to you by a licensed medical professional. Whether you are looking for OTC sleep medicine, or stronger prescription sleep medication, speak to your healthcare provider, and determine what is the best course of action for you.

Prescription Sleep Aids

Prescription sleep aids are much stronger than anything you can find over the counter and more dangerous as well. Since there is a level of risk with these medications, you should only take them under a doctors supervision and only if you have a sleep disorder such as insomnia. These medications can be addictive and produce strong side effects. Speak to a doctor who has a full view of your medical history before taking any prescription sleeping pills.


Over the Counter Sleep Aids


Glycine is an amino acid that plays a key role in central nervous system functions and can help calm your body down for sleep. While the exact methods behind how glycine assists in sleep are unknown, blind studies have shown that people who take Glycine before sleep report feeling more rested and more alert after they wake up in the morning. Glycine is also shown to improve daytime alertness and mental capability in participants that were typically sleep deprived, such as overworked college students or people suffering from insomnia.

You can purchase glycine over the counter at your local drug store, in either pill or powdered form. You can also naturally increase the amount of glycine in the body by eating a diet consisting of food such as beans, spinach, and bone broth. All these foods have been shown to increase the amount of glycine in your body, and produce a naturally beautiful sleep.

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Melatonin is a very popular sleep aid, since it uses a hormone naturally produced in the body. Your brain produces melatonin to make you fall asleep and stay asleep as a response to darkness. It’s part of why you get very tired once the sun goes down, but in the age of electricity and smart phones the sun setting doesn’t mean the end of your day. Electric lights, in particular the blue lights emitted from cell phones and computer screens, can lower natural melatonin production, making it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

While it is always good to put your devices away and keep lights low when you are getting ready for bed, taking a melatonin based sleep aid can offset the sleep problems caused by bright lights. Synthetically produced melatonin can be a game changer for those who struggle with sleep, with few untoward side effects. Regular melatonin users can expect some dizziness, headaches, and irritability if regular use goes on too long.

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Valerian root is an ancient remedy for sleeplessness, anxiety, and even stomach cramps. This plant has been used in ancient Greece, and in the Roman Empire to treat insomnia, and this root is still used today to treat these conditions. You can brew valerian into a tea or, as it is typically used today, in pill or capsule form to produce a calming effect that leads into sleep. Capsules have become popular since valerian root has a strong taste and smell that takes some getting used to.

Since valerian is a natural product, it has very few negative interactions with other medication you may be taking. While it is still important to speak with a doctor before starting a new remedy, you can be fairly certain that valerian root is going to be safe to take. For this same reason, valerian has very few reported side effects. Some users report headaches, dizziness, upset stomachs, and vivid dreams. Valerian should still be taken with caution, and correct dosage should be followed.

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Doxylamine, or doxylamine succinate, is a medication that is used to treat insomnia in the short term. This medication is considered an antihistamine, meaning that it can treat cold and flu like symptoms, and will lull you off to sleep by blocking certain chemicals that your body makes. This produces the drowsy effect that is associated with antihistamines and will prevent you form having an allergic reaction to air born allergens.

Typically taken around 30 minutes before bedtime, Doxylamine immediately produces a drowsy effect that lasts for typically 7-8 hours. This will keep you asleep for the full time of the drugs effect, and those that wake before the medication wears off report feeling extremely drowsy, and a strong desire to return to sleep. While side effects from this medication are uncommon, they include the typical headaches, nausea, and dry mouth. This drug should be used according to the package instructions, taking no more of the medication than needed. If too much is consumed or if a child accidently consumes the medication, contact your local poison control center to seek advice about how to proceed.

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Diphenhydramine HCL

This medication is a real jack of all trades. It is an antihistamine that relieves cold and flu symptoms and prevents symptoms of motion sickness such as nausea. If this was not enough, this drug is a strong sleep aid that can be purchased over the counter. By blocking the histamine reaction from the immune system, this medication produces drowsiness that will lead you into a restful night’s sleep. Diphenhydramine is also generally available in gels that dissolve in your mouth, making it ideal for patients that may have trouble swallowing large pills.

This medication has many of the same side effects as the others listed above. Users report drowsiness, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, and blurred vision. While these symptoms typically are short lived, you should seek medical attention if they persist or worsen.

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Unisom Sleep Tabs: What You Should Know

Now that you know what to look for in your search for the perfect sleep aid, here’s what you should know about one of the best options out there: Unisom Sleeptabs.

Unisom is known for producing high quality sleeping medication that will have you drifting off to dreamland in minutes flat. They are the most recommend OTC product by pharmacists for sleep disorders, and sleep aid in general. Two of their best selling products, Unisom Nighttime sleep aid, and sleep aid gels, use different medication to produce the same powerful drowsy effect.


Unisom Sleeptabs

Sleeptabs from Unisom use an antihistamine drug to produce a strong sleepiness in users. Specifically, this medication is a variant of doxylamine succinate in tablet form. In clinical trials this medication causes participants to fall asleep a whole 33% faster than a placebo in the studies. The powerful sleepiness that this medication causes is safe to use, and will keep you asleep for around 7-8 hours. Be sure to set plenty of alarms when you take this medication as well as give yourself plenty of time to sleep it off. While users have reported drowsiness in the morning after taking it, you have to take the medication with plenty of time before you wake in the morning to let it have its full effect.

This medication is also non-habit forming. While prescription sleeping pills are associated with overdose deaths and addiction, Unisom sleeptabs produce none of these issues. Since the effectiveness of the antihistamines used in the medication looses its potency with continued use, this drug should be used as symptoms arise, rather than nightly. When taken following the directions on the package, very few issues from users have been reported.

While you can still experience the typical side effects associated with doxylamine succinate, such as drowsiness and headaches, Unisom has millions of satisfied customers who have improved sleep as a result of this medication. Pick it up today if you are serious about improving your sleep quality.

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Unisom Nighttime Sleep-Aid Gels

Another high quality sleep aid from Unisom, their gelled medication uses another antihistamine medication to put you to sleep in no time at all. These can be found in up to 50 milligram doses of diphenhydramine HCL and in bottles with up to 100 doses. When you have a stressful day that is running around in your head as you try to drift off to sleep, take a sleep gel and settle into your pillow. You’ll forget all about your long day as sleep takes hold of you.

Diphenhydramine produces a drowsy effect as a result of blocking the histamine pathways in the body. Similar to Unisom’s sleeptabs, the gel medication is non-habit forming when used as directed and is only used as needed. This antihistamine response will weaken with continual use, so if you stop feeling the effects as strongly, stop using the medication for a while and then return. The effect should return in full force.

The side effects typical of this type of medication can be experienced including dry eyes, blurry vision, and drowsiness, and you should stop taking the medication and seek medical help if you begin to have difficulty urinating. Since this medication is taken as needed, if you have a missed dose you will not need to make it up. If you take an overdose, then reach out to your poison control center and seek medical attention. Using the medication as directed on the package and avoiding alcoholic drinks while taking the medicine, is the best way to avoid experiencing negative side effects.

Unisom’s products have changed people’s lives when it comes to their quantity and quality of sleep. When you are looking for an OTC sleep aid, look no further than Unisom Sleeptabs and sleep gels. As always, consult a doctor before committing to a course of medication to make sure you will be safe to take the medicine, but you can be sure that Unisom will provide a quality night’s sleep to those who use their products.

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