The Type of Sound That Could Help You Fall Asleep!

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Wondering what kind of music or sound will help you fall asleep faster? Take this quiz and find out now!

What’s incorporated into your nighttime routine?

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Are you a light sleeper?

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Can you fall asleep while getting lost in a story?

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Which place is most relaxing for you?

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How would you identify your stress levels that directly impact your sleep?

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Which option is your most used practice for alleviating stress?

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The Type of Sound That Could Help You Fall Asleep!
Guided meditation/ meditation soundtracks

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Guided meditation playlists can range from counting down positive affirmations to envisioning yourself in a very relaxed state. This can definitely help those with anxiety revolving around going to bed and aren’t as engaging as a storytelling method, but offer just enough vivid imagery for you to wander off beyond your own thoughts and into a deep sleep.
Stories to fall asleep

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Hearing a story to doze off to sleep is something very useful for people. However, it’s best to note that if you tend to focus on stories, this might not be the best type of way to facilitate sleep, as you might be focusing on the story all the way through the beginning and to the end. It’s best to find an application that has nonsensical stories so you’re able to relax and fall asleep in a jiffy!
White noise/rain app

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If you’re a light sleeper, or would prefer to eliminate any thoughts that race through your head at night, then white noise or nature sounds are, perhaps, the ideal thing to listen to! They offer low-stimuli and are consistent enough to provide comfort so that you’re able to sleep soundly.
Low-wave music

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Music can help lower blood pressure and help relax and, thus, get into a state of calmness that can lead one to sleep. Low-wave music can be great for someone who isn’t that sensitive to stimuli and who actually might prefer to usually fall asleep with something such as the television on.

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