The Sheet Material You Could Be Missing Out On

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Which texture of sheets do you prefer?

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What temperature is the most comfortable for you to sleep?

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Which color of sheets do you tend to buy the most?

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Do you sleep with other blankets on the bed?

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How concerned are you in the aesthetics of how your bedding looks?

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How much are you willing to splurge on bedding?

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The Sheet Material You Could Be Missing Out On
Cotton sheets

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Cotton sheets can range from different types of cotton material, thread counts, and how the cotton is spun. For instance, Sateen cotton sheets insulate heat, so if you find yourself cold at night, then that might be the type of material that’s ideal for you. Egyptian cotton sheets are made with the longest cotton fibers, which is why they’re considered one of the most luxurious forms of cotton sheets. These sheets don’t pill as much, and don’t produce much lint, making them great for people who suffer from allergies. Supima cotton sheets use longer staple fibers, which create a softer feel, less appearance of wrinkling, and more! This type of sheet is less softer in it’s cotton than sateen, providing more of a crisp, cooler sleeping experience.
Linen sheets

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Linen sheets are great for a hypoallergenic environment and are breathable/lightweight at night! However, they tend to have a wrinkled appearance at times, so you might have to iron them or be okay with them having a relaxed look.
Microfiber sheets

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Microfiber sheets are great for practical uses! While they’re made with polyester, it’s woven in an extremely fine fashion. As a result, microfiber sheets might be best for stain-prone situations or families with children, pets, or both.
Bamboo sheets

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Bamboo sheets can be antibacterial, comfortable, and breathable. Bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic and can be great for sensitive skin. Different types of bamboo sheets can include extra soft organic ones, where there’s a beautiful sheen to them, such as 100% viscose bamboo material. Although new to the market, bamboo sheets, if totally authentic, have really become a nuance bedding alternative due to their durability and breathability. Additionally, bamboo sheets have been heard to be eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment.

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