The Habit You Might Need To Break To Sleep Better!

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Take this quiz and find out what your most significant oversight could be that prevents you from getting some shut-eye!

What other activities do you do in your bedroom?

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What’s your usual routine before bed?

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Do you stick to a daily schedule?

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How do you typically fall asleep?

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How long does it take you to fall asleep?

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Your overall demeanor around the evening time is:

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The Habit You Might Need To Break To Sleep Better!
Light Exposure at Bedtime

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Sometimes, exposure to electronics at night can make it harder for you to be able to sleep. One suggestion might be to put away electronics, or minimize them the best you can, at least two hours before planning on going to sleep.
Not sticking to a routine

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Sticking to a routine and a structured schedule is essential for sleep hygiene, especially if you’re not sleeping on a consistent schedule. You can try planning out your days, even down to the hours, so that you’re aware of how you manage your time and so you’re not stuck with a list of things to do at midnight.
Caffeine or alcohol consumption

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Caffeine consumption past a specific time can hinder your ability to fall asleep early. It’s important to make sure you plan your caffeine consumption, as it can keep you up at night and make you feel even more tired the following day. Alcohol consumption can also hinder the quality of sleep that you experience.
Stress management

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Stress can cause you to stay awake with your thoughts at night, and that’s never fun! Developing a nighttime routine where you stretch and meditate before bed could significantly enhance your chances of falling asleep earlier and faster.

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