The Cutest Pillow Pets You Should Buy

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As a kid, did you ever wish that your favorite stuffed animal was big enough to function like a pillow? Maybe you even tried using it as a pillow, but abandoned the idea when you realized that it just wasn’t comfortable for more than 5 minutes. Like many other kids (as well as adults!) you probably thought, “I just wish there was a way to combine my favorite stuffed animal with the comfort of a pillow.” You’re in luck! Meet Jennifer Telfer, the creator of Pillow Pets. Pillow Pets takes the design of a classic stuffed animal and gives it multiple purposes. During the day, Pillow Pets can be velcroed into an upright position to be a stuffed animal. When you’re ready to hit the hay at night, the strap can be unfastened and the animal turned into a pillow. With hundreds of different designs, there’s a Pillow Pet perfect for every one. Today, we take a deep dive into the world of Pillow Pets and discover just how they were created. We’ll also discuss steps you can take in order to best take care of your Pillow Pets and why consumers love them so much. We’ll finish the article by looking at the cutest Pillow Pets you should buy for you or a loved one. 

How Were Pillow Pets Created?

Like many inventions, the idea behind Pillow Pets started out as an observation of a problem. Telfer was putting her son to bed one night and realized that he had actually flattened his stuffed animals in order to lay on them like pillows. She realized that her son loved his stuffed animals so much, he didn’t want to be separated, even when going to bed. So she got to work – and created a genius product that would allow her son to cuddle the stuffed animal during the day and sleep on it comfortably at night. Thus the Pillow Pet was born!

2009 was when Pillow Pets really took off. The famous jingle “It’s a pillow, it’s a pet, it’s a Pillow Pet!” was created as advertising for the brand, and was far more successful than anyone could’ve imagined. What started out as a singular brown puppy design soon blossomed into hundreds of other animals and shapes that kids all over the world enjoyed. Flash forward to the current day and Pillow Pets are still sold, with new additions being made to the collection every year. 

Top Care Tips for Your Pillow Pets

Having a functional stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow was a well-thought-out invention in all aspects of the product. In fact, Telfer even developed methods for cleaning and caring for the Pillow Pets so that they can be kept in  tip-top condition and enjoyed for years. This was an important factor of the overall design of Pillow Pets. As a mom of boys that definitely got their hands dirty, she knew she’d need a way to keep the Pillow Pets clean. Here are some of her top tips for cleaning your Pillow Pets.

Cleaning Normal Pillow Pets

Many speciality plush toys require you to purchase specific cleaners or brushes that are useful just for that plush. Pillow Pets, however, are much easier to clean. The only extra materials you need for effective Pillow Pet washing is a white pillow case. Telfer suggests a white pillow case because colored cases may bleed during the washing process.

First, simply place your Pillow Pet inside the pillow case and tie the open end closed. By placing the plush inside the pillow case, you’ll prevent your Pillow Pet‘s soft fibers from pulling loose. After putting your Pillow Pets into their pillow cases, toss them in the wash on a gentle cycle with cold water. 

After your Pillow Pets are done being washed, let them air dry. Putting them in the dryer may cause them to shrink or become misshaped. 

Cleaning Scented Pillow Pets and Products With Batteries

Scented Pillow Pets and Pillow Pet products that require batteries to function need to be washed a little differently than normal Pillow Pets. Instead of a white pillow case and washing machine, all you’ll need is a damp washcloth. Locate the surface stains and use a damp washcloth to rub them away. Do not to soak the Scented Pillow Pets and battery powered products with water. If you do, you risk losing the scent or damaging the electronics. Like other Pillow Pets, do not place them in the dryer and allow them to air dry. 

Why Consumers Love Pillow Pets

There are many reasons why consumers love Pillow Pets. Let’s check out some of these reasons:

They Provide More Than Just Cute Looks

In addition to the many cute variations of Pillow Pets, another reason why consumers love them is because they provide a function. One mom watched her friend’s son use them as padding on his crutches. Not only did the Pillow Pet provide some physical relief from a troublesome injury, it helped provide the boy comfort while he was healing. Other consumers like to use Pillow Pets to help relieve back pain, by either putting them in between their legs or placing them beneath their back and their mattress. So, there are many more uses to Pillow Pets than just a comfy pillow and a cute critter. 

They’re Easy to Wash

Another factor that many consumers loved (especially moms and dads) is that their children’s Pillow Pets are incredibly easy to wash. Consumers like this factor of Pillow Pets because many are parents that are constantly on the go, and having to set aside time to try to specially wash toys or other stuffed animals can be a hassle. However, Pillow Pets takes away the extra washing time and are specially designed to clean up easily whenever they need to be cleaned. 

Scented Pillow Pets Don’t Have Overwhelming Smells

We’ve all been there before – either playing with a toy as a kid or purchasing a toy for our own child that’s been advertised as smelling a certain way. These scents can range anywhere from fruity to chocolatey or even savory. However, how often do you give your child a toy that actually smells how it’s advertised? Many parents attested to being apprehensive about buying their kids Scented Pillow Pets just because they were worried about the smells being overwhelming or over chemically-smelling. However, many consumers found just the opposite to be true. One mom bought her daughter a Strawberry Milkshake Cow and both she and her daughter loved it. It smelled exactly as it was labeled, and her daughter wasn’t overwhelmed by the smell. Other consumers who bought different scents had the same reaction — the scent wasn’t too strong or too light, it was just right. The scents also lasted longer than expected. 

There’s a Pillow Pet Perfect for Every Occasion

One of the factors that everyone loves about Pillow Pets is that there are many different styles and designs. Moms love that they have the ability to order Pillow Pets perfect for special ocassions such as a Valentine’s Day Pillow Pet. Children love that they can choose a character from their favorite TV show or movie. Besides holidays and television shows, there are many different animals and color variations. There is a Pillow Pet that’s perfect for everyone and every occasion. 

The Top 9 Cutest Pillow Pets You Should Buy

Now, let’s take a look at the top 9 cutest Pillow Pets you should buy (either for you or a child!). 

1. Chewbacca Pillow Pet

Whether your son or daughter is a huge Star Wars fan, or they’re just looking for a cuddly stuffed animal to sleep with, this Chewbacca is undoubtedly one of the cutest Pillow Pets. Fitted with an adorable, toothy smile and fur that looks just like the real Chewbacca, no one can go wrong with this guy. When buckled into his stuffed animal form, his bandolier looks even more realistic. When put in his ultimate pillow form, he’s just as comfortable. This Chewbacca Pillow Pet makes for a perfect travel companion, stuffed animal, and overall perfect fuzzy pillow. If you’re interested in this cute critter, you can find him for $24.99 here on Amazon.

Pillow Pets Chewbacca
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2. Mr. Bear Pillow Pet

If your child loves everything to do with the outdoors and wild animals, they’ll love this Mr. Bear Pillow Pet. Mr. Bear is a cute and cuddly brown bear. When in stuffed animal form, you’ll notice the highest attention to detail on this critter with Mr. Bear’s four light-brown paws, button nose, and fluffly tail. When in pillow form he’s just as cute and is also really soft. Your child can use Mr. Bear for more than just a pillow — he can be a study buddy, movie partner, and everything in between. You can get your hands on Mr. Bear for $31.99 here on Amazon.

Pillow Pets Originals Mr. Bear
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3. Snuggly Puppy Pillow Pet

Another one of our cutest Pillow Pet options is the Snuggly Puppy Pillow Pet. Although he’s a classic, no one can go wrong with this sweet puppy. In stuffed animal form, he looks just like how you’d imagine a puppy to look. He even has the wagging tail and adorable smile. Snuggly Puppy wouldn’t be complete without his brown floppy ears, which is what undoubtedly makes him a fan favorite. Your child can take Snuggly Puppy along on road trips, airplane rides, and even to a friend’s house. He’s truly the perfect travel companion. If you’re interested in getting Snuggly Puppy (for you or your kids), you can find him for $31.99 on Amazon.

Pillow Pets Snuggly Puppy
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4. Appa the Flying Bison Pillow Pet

Ever since “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was released, kids all over the world have looked up to not only Aang and his magical powers, but also to Aang’s majestic beast. That is none other than Appa the flying bison. You can help your child’s dreams come true by giving him the present of a cuddly best friend he can treasure for years to come. Appa is an incredibly realistic Pillow Pet. When in stuffed animal form, you can find him having the same six legs he has in The Last Airbender series. He’s also got the cute brown markings going down his back in addition to his horns and big nose. In pillow form, he’s a fluffly companion that can accompany your child anywhere. You can find Appa the flying bison for $27.99 here on Amazon.

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5. The Cozy Cow Pillow Pet

Is your child’s favorite animal a cow? Or maybe you love everything that has cow print on it? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the Cozy Cow Pillow Pet is perfect for you. Fitted with the fluffiest cow-print design and his tail dipped black just like a real cow’s tail. The Cozy Cow has the cutest little horns and the biggest smile you can imagine. Not to mention his ears are just as fluffy and realistic, too. When in pillow form the Cozy Cow is a comfortable pillow that’s very soft. When in stuffed animal form, he can transform into being your child’s closest companion. If you’re interested in grabbing this Cozy Cow, you can find him here on Amazon for $31.99. 

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6. The Playful Penguin Pillow Pet

As majestic and adorable as penguins are, it’s nearly impossible to have one as a pet unless you live in Anarctica or a zoo! This Playful Penguin Pillow Pet is perfect for anyone who longs to add a penguin to their collection or for anyone who is looking for a cute friend to bring with them anywhere they go. When in stuffed animal form, you can enjoy the Playful Penguin’s four soft flippers and cute yellow beak. When in pillow form, you can use him as a pillow, backrest, or anything in between. Did we mention that this Playful Penguin is super cute? The Playful Penguin Pillow Pet makes for one of the cutest companions. You can find this little guy for $26.99 on Amazon.

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7. Chase from Paw Patrol Pillow Pet

One of the most popular kid’s shows today is none other than Paw Patrol.  The Paw Patrol‘s chief of Police Dog, Chase, is now in Pillow Pet form and ready to go with your child on all his or her adventures. In stuffed animal form, he looks just like Chase from Paw Patrol and is the most precious snuggle pal. He’s even fitted with a Police Dog outfit and cute little cap embossed with the Paw Patrol logo. In pillow form, he can be used as the comfiest pillow for sleeping. Chase makes a perfect present for any child who has dreamed of working with the Paw Patrol. He is also a perfect companion for everyday use and travel! If you’re interested in purchasing Chase, you can find him for $31.99 on Amazon.

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8. Harley Hedgehog Pillow Pet

Nothing can get more cute than a hedgehog your child can safely cuddle. Harley the Hedgehog Pillow Pet fits this description perfectly. When he’s in his stuffed animal form, Harley has the most realistic hedgehog spines (that are soft, of course) as well as tiny ears and an adorable button nose. While in pillow form, he’s perfect for sleeping on, being used as a backrest, or as the cutest movie-watching pal there is. Your child can take Harley anywhere they want, including to a friend’s house, on road trips, or anywhere else imaginable. If you’re interested in getting your hands on Harley, you can find him for $32.99 on Amazon.

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9. The Friendly Frog Pillow Pet

The Friendly Frog Pillow Pet brings all the fun and imagination of being able to play with a frog without all the slime and germs from a real frog. When the Friendly Frog is in its stuffed animal form, he looks just like a frog with four legs, huge round eyes, and a big smile. Transform the Friendly Frog into pillow form to enjoy him as a pillow or comfortable resting spot. Your child can bring the Friendly Frog anywhere, becaue the Friendly Frog is the cutest travel companionl! If you’re interested in the Friendly Frog, you can snag him on Amazon for $24.99.

Pillow Pets Friendly Frog Stuffed Animal
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Ever since the famous Pillow Pets jingle was created in 2009, Pillow Pets have exploded in popularity and can be found in children’s bedrooms and play rooms all over the world. There are so many cute and cuddly options. There’s a perfect Pillow Pet for everyone, whether you want a Cuddly Cow or a Pillow Pet from a favorite TV show. There’s even cute night lights and scented Pillow Pets! Just like there’s no limit to your or your child’s imagination, there’s no limit to the uses of a cute Pillow Pet

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