The Best White Bed Frames to Inspire Decorative Style

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Is it time to update your bed frame? Are you looking for a fresh new look, something light and airy, perhaps? A white bed frame could be just what you need to achieve that clean, white bedroom look. 

The life span of a bed frame is usually 8 to 10 years. So if you don’t remember the last time you replaced yours, now is the perfect time to think about buying a new one—especially if you are updating your mattress. It’s even more important to replace your bed frame if you are getting a new memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses need better frame support because you don’t use a box spring with them.

If you’re looking to buy a new bed frame but don’t know which kind is right for you, this guide will help. Read on to find out why a white bed frame is a great decor choice for your next bed frame purchase.

The Purpose of a Bed Frame

Beyond its decorative style or ability to offer under-bed storage, a good bed frame has other important purposes. A quality bed frame keeps your mattress off of the floor where dust and mildew lurk. It helps you stay healthy by preventing sleep deprivation, and keeps your mattress from getting lumpy over time, especially if you are using a memory foam mattress. Most modern mattresses do not require a box spring but they do need support, which comes from the slat support system of a modern bed frame. As such, it’s important that the frame you choose offers the extra foundational support your mattress needs.

As mentioned, one essential use of a bed frame is to keep your mattress off of the floor. In doing so, you keep your mattress hygienically safe from dust and bacteria. Having your mattress higher off the floor keeps allergies at bay and improves your sleep quality by keeping you from breathing the particles that accumulate on the floor. Having your mattress raised also prevents problems from humidity. The floor can attract humidity, and in turn, that attracts mold. A mattress can get moldy when air can’t circulate around and underneath it. 

A bed frame is the foundation for your sleep. Research shows that people need to get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night; when you don’t get enough sleep, you feel groggy, cranky, and uncomfortable throughout the day. Most people chalk this lack of sleep up to stress or general insomnia. But what if that is not the case? What if poor sleep habits are the result of something as simple as a bad bed frame? 

If you’ve ticked off any of these concerns, it may mean you need to change your bed frame. It also means you get to decide on the color you want for your frame. One of the most easily styleable colors you can choose is white.

Modern bedroom with a vintage white bedframe

Why Choose a White Bed Frame? 

Decoratively speaking, white can make your room seem more open, light, and airy. Pippa Blenkinsop at House and Garden, says, “White is one of the most versatile shades in all of design—it instantly brightens while evoking a sense of calm and flawlessness.” In a bedroom, that fresh airy feel promotes sleep and helps you feel comfortable in the room. Whether you are looking at platform bed frame options, a canopy bed, a poster bed, or an upholstered bed, you should consider getting a white bed frame.

Designers suggest white is ideal for a relaxing and restful bedroom. It is soothing, comfortable, and cozy. And contrary to what some folks might think, white is not boring: It’s vibrant and refreshing. It gives a room a feeling of spaciousness. Plus, accented colors pair well with white. If you have blue, grey, pink, or purple tones in the room, the white bed frame works well as a tie-in color to make it all harmonize. 

Does Bed Style Matter?

Yes: Style matters. Whether you choose a bunk bed, a canopy bed, a loft bed, or a poster bed will depend, in part, on the size of the room. Some bed styles are larger than others. Use a smaller space-saving style like a bunk bed, a trundle bed, or a storage bed in a smaller room where you need to save space or make the room seem larger.

Large bed frames like a canopy bed, sleigh beds, or king size beds work better in larger spaces. In either scenario, white bed frames can make a space seem larger and more open.

Does Decor Affect Sleep?  

They say that your environment affects your emotional well-being. In the bedroom, this means the decor should evoke feelings of calmness, rest, and peace.

Color therapists say colors tend to reflect light into your eyes and impact your biorhythms and your body clock. Different hues influence your mood and emotions. Essentially, the color you see before you close your eyes is going to impact the quality of your sleep. Because white is a neutral color, it can have a calming effect, and using it as an accent in your bedroom can help promote rest and relaxation.

The 5 Top White Bed Frames to Consider

There are still thousands of styles to choose from, so where do you begin shopping? What are the best white bed frames out there? How do you choose one? We’ve put together a list of our top five white bed frames to consider. 

1. Zinus Arnav Metal Platform Bed Frame / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed

The Zinus Arnav offers strong mattress support—something you especially want for a memory foam mattress. It’s a simple bed frame, but elegant in its clean, angular lines. It has a sturdy coated steel rust-resistant construction. 

The wooden slats are closely spaced to prevent the mattress from sagging. Pre-drilled holes make it easy to attach a headboard, although it is not included with the frame. This frame sits a little closer to the floor than others, with only a six-inch space underneath. Consider pairing this white bed frame with a taller mattress or a mattress and box spring combo. 

The frame is available in twin, queen, and king sizes. However, the twin bed size only has a weight capacity of 350 lbs, which should be enough for a single sleeper. All other sizes can support a weight of up to 700 lbs. 

This white bed frame is easy to assemble and comes with all parts, tools, and instructions to set it up in about an hour. You can find this bed frame on Amazone for $147.00.

ZINUS Arnav Metal Platform Bed Frame
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2. DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Diamond Button Tufted Headboard and Footboard

This twin faux leather white bed frame offers gorgeous elegance to a room. The Dakota upholstered bed offers drawers, functionality, and beauty. It is a contemporary style designed with a faux leather, button-tufted headboard and footboard that is modern, but extremely easy to clean. 

This bed frame comes with side rails to prevent mattress slipping and a center rail with an additional leg for increased support. 

The wood frame base is sturdy with a slat system to offer better mattress support and under-bed built-in drawers for extra storage. Despite its complexity, this bed frame is easy to assemble. You can find it on Amazon for $206.00.

DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Diamond Button Tufted Headboard
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3. Dumee Metal Full Size Bed Frame Platform with Vintage Headboard and Footboard Sturdy Premium Steel

Need a lightweight, high-quality frame? The Dumee offers a white powder-coated finish. It is rust-resistant, offers support for any mattress type, and you won’t experience quaking or noises here. It is also scratch-resistant due to its heat-processed coating

The Dumee white metal platform bed also offers a great deal of under-bed space which you can use as storage or leave as is for a modern, sophisticated look. This full-sized bed sits 12 inches off the floor, allowing you to place storage containers or drawers under the bed area. 

The look is reminiscent of the 18th and 19th-century metal bed frames, but with the simplicity of a contemporary design. It is a style that will fit well with most types of bedroom decor.

It is easy to move and assemble. The bed frame comes in a flat-packed box so you can move it to the set up location without encountering space hindrances. You can find this white bed frame for $149 on Amazon. 

DUMEE Metal Full Size Bed Frame Platform with Vintage Headboard and Footboard
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4. Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard | Modern Design | Queen Size – White   

Traditional and romantic are the terms that come to mind when thinking of the Novogratz Bushwick white queen-size bed frame. This design duo has been designing furniture and spaces for more than 25 years. Their love of architecture and design shines through in this white metal bed frame. 

The metal slats are closely evened out to prevent sagging in memory foam or standard mattresses. The bed is also equipped with side rails to prevent the mattress from slipping.

The most amazing feature of this bed, however, is the style, reminiscent of the 18th and 19th-century bed frames with decorative, intricate scrollwork and detailed spindles in its headboard and footboard. Although it looks like an antique bed, this frame is resistant to scratches and rust because of its high-grade white powder coating. The special heat activated powder coating is a high-tech finish that prevents scratching and rust. 

It is easy to assemble, and there are two bed frame options to choose from. One has an under-bed clearance of six inches, while the other has a clearance of 11 inches. Find this white bed frame for $167 on Amazon.

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard
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5. Zinus Patricia White Metal Canopy Platform Bed Frame

Elegance and romance are stand-out features of this beautifully crafted white bed frame. The Zinus white canopy finish inspires glamour without the hefty price tag that usually comes with this type of design. 

While reminiscent of a time gone by, the clean lines are also modern and sleek. The matte finish paint is scratch and rust-resistant, and the solid steel canopy is durable, so it can hold fabric hanging, netting, or any other fabric design element. The combined canopy and platform design also offers extended under-bed spacing of about 12 inches. 

The design has sturdy metal slats to support any type of mattress and does not require the use of a box spring. 

The Zinus Patricia queen-size bed is easy to assemble, and all parts, tools, and instructions are included. The assembly time is about an hour but it does require two people to set it up. You can find this bed frame on Amazon for $185.78.

ZINUS Patricia White Metal Canopy Platform Bed Frame
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Key Considerations for Purchasing a White Bed Frame

Once you make up your mind as to the color of the bed frame you want, you need to consider things like durability, moveability, installation, and sturdiness. Think about the time you will spend on this bed. Remember, you will spend about a third of your life sleeping, so you want to make sure you are always comfortable in your bed. You want a bed frame that will offer pleasing aesthetics, comfort, and durability, so consider these aspects before you think about the price and before you buy a new white bed frame. 


White metal bed frames come in a variety of materials. You can get stainless steel, alloy, brass, and other metal combinations. Base your final decision on your personal style and on your location. For instance, if you live in humid areas, be sure to choose a metal that does not rust. Iron tends to rust, but an aluminum or stainless steel bed frame won’t. 


White wood frames tend to weigh more than metal frames, so if you need a frame that you can easily move, you might want to choose something other than a wood frame. Even so wood is timeless and offers a warm, inviting look for any bedroom

These bed frames are elegant and are made with different types of wood, plywood, or particle board wood combinations. Cheaper particle board frames are less resistant and may come loose where they bolt together—especially if you assemble and then disassemble them more than once. 

Keep in mind that wood bed frames can also be more challenging to assemble, so you will want to check product descriptions for ease of assembly. 


If assembling furniture drives you crazy, look for bed frames that are not difficult to assemble. If possible, have someone help you put the new bed frame together. Local handypeople will usually help you with this type of project and don’t typically charge too hefty a fee. A good handyperson will have the experience and the tools to tackle a bed assembly project.


Think about your home decor style when you are choosing a white bed frame. Is your home style traditional, contemporary, eclectic, industrial, or rustic? Choose a white bed frame in keeping with your bedroom or overall home decor style. This way the frame will complement other design elements in the space. 


The bed frame is a fundamental furniture piece. It is not something you want to skimp on. Even so, modern bed frames are not all that expensive. You can find a good quality bed frame for under $200. Before you shop for a bed frame, set a budget. This way you can try to stay on target when you make your final decision. 

Is There a Headboard?

Most bed frames do not come with a headboard, although some models do have them designed into the frame. Even so, almost all bed frames have pre-drilled holes to support one. This features allows you to easily bolt in the headboard so it doesn’t move. Just be sure to use a headboard made for the size of the bed frame. If you have a twin bed frame, you must use a twin size headboard. The same is true for a queen or king bed.

If you plan on attaching a headboard, make sure the frame supports a headboard and has the requisite pre-drilled holes. 

Do Metal Frames Squeak?

A major concern for many people buying metal bed frames is whether they will squeak or not. Older metal frames often have noise problems because the frames are old and worn. Over time, a metal bed can begin to squeak, especially if it is moved around and the bolts and screws become loose. Tightening all the parts and adding lubricant to joints can help remove sounds from older metal beds. 

Final Thoughts on White Bed Frames

A white bed frame is elegant, and its neutral color can help those color accents in a room really pop. The white bed frame can be either modern or traditional, depending on your bedroom decor. Any of the bed frame styles discussed above will add a modern and romantic touch. In addition, some of these models can also offer more storage, because they have a larger under-bed area where you can place baskets or drawers.

When you buy a new bed frame, you don’t have to worry about scratching your floors. Most new bed frames have plastic caps for the ends of the legs. These caps prevent floor scratching when you move the bed to clean underneath or to change its location in the room. 

The frames we’ve reviewed are extremely durable. They are powder coated using a specific painting technology in the furniture-making industry. This powder coating prevents scratching and rust. Most of these frames also have easy assembly methods. The instructions are clear and straightforward. However, if you have a problem with assembly, you can hire a local handyperson to help you. 

Be sure to check out our suggested options as you are sure to find the perfect white bed frame to meet your decor and comfort needs.

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