The Best Pillow Stuffing You Should Buy

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Key Points

1. Pillows can be restuffed for better support, comfort, and aesthetics, though some pillows might require cutting and sewing.

2. High-quality, washable pillow stuffing can enhance pillow longevity and reduce allergens.

3. Proper pillow care, including regular washing, ensures pillows remain clean and supportive, but they should still be replaced every 1 to 2 years.

The stuffing inside of a pillow is an essential part of its structure. While the fabric of the pillowcase may hold the aesthetic, the filling is a type of pillow insert that allows you to feel supported and comfortable while using it.

Many pillows already come stuffed, but some have the ability for them to be restuffed. You may also be someone who sews their own bed pillowcases and is looking for a new kind of filling to use inside of them.

In short, there are plenty of reasons you should stuff your own pillows.

You Can Stuff Your Own Pillows

If you're looking for a new pillow, you might wonder if you can stuff one yourself. It's possible to do, but there are a few things to remember. Not every pillow has a zipper or seal that allows you to remove its stuffing. If you have a current pillow that you want to restuff but don't readily have that option, you can restuff it by cutting out the filling and sewing it back together afterward.

Before you start stuffing your pillow protector, however, make sure that the stuffing is in small pieces to be evenly distributed throughout the case. Once the case is filled, tie off the end to close it up and give the pillow a quick shake to fluff it up.

You can also buy a pillow cover or pillows that allow you to restuff them. You may even have these types of pillows around your home–they'll have a hidden zipper around the sides.

Should You Restuff Your Pillow?

Whether or not you restuff your pillow is entirely up to you, but all pillow materials will lose their consistency eventually. Pillows are essential for supporting your head and neck, and you could develop soreness if you lack the support needed while sleeping.

Also, aesthetically, a pillow that has lost its shape is unappealing. Stuffing your bed pillows, throw or decorative pillows, or an alternative pillow is a great way to bring a sense of freshness and beauty back into your home. 

How Often You Should Change Your Pillow's Stuffing 

Changing your pillow's stuffing can vary compared to changing a pillow that cannot be restuffed. A pillow that cannot be restuffed isn't equipped with washable filling. This means that instead of being able to refresh the stuffing, you must get a brand new pillow altogether.

For pillows that are stuffed, if you have a washable filling, your pillow can last much longer than a traditional one. As long as you keep up with regular washes, you can keep your pillow for as long as it feels comfortable. 

Types of Pillow Fill, Explained

The type of pillow fill you use will dictate the firmness and feel of your pillow. Polyester fiber is a popular choice for pillow stuffing because it's usually affordable, dense, and provides a high-quality feel. However, there are other options out there as well.

Down and Feathers 

A goose down pillow often contains natural insulation used in clothing and bedding. They are soft, lightweight, and compressible, making them a popular choice. However, down feathers also have a downside: they can be challenging to clean and may not be suitable for people with sensitivities or allergies.

Because feathers are harvested from birds, certain people may not want to use down stuffing in their pillows if they tend to avoid using animal products. Even though down is a high-quality stuffing, if you're not comfortable using the material, there are plenty of other top-quality fillings, such as premium polyester

On the other hand, beloved actor Nicolas Cage recently revealed during an interview at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that he prefers soft, goose-feather pillows. So, if that matters to you, have at it.

Woman pours bird feathers into a pillow


Cotton pillow stuffing is one of the most commonly used materials for pillows. This is often because cotton is very cheap and readily available. Cotton pillows may feel great initially, but after prolonged use, they tend to lose their shape and are unable to become firm again.

Another drawback when it comes to cotton stuffing is that it is typically not washable. This is because the cotton tends to hold moisture for long periods and doesn't dry evenly. As the water sits within the filling, the filling becomes susceptible to the growth of mites, fungi, and mold, which may worsen symptoms of asthma. 


Foam pillows have a sponge-like feel that adapts to your head and neck shape. This customized material may feel fantastic at first, but using it long-term can cause the material to lose its resilience and become permanently shaped to your face. This causes it to lose its support and renders it ineffective as a pillow.

Like its cotton counterparts, you can't wash a foam pillow like you can other materials, which means dirt and sweat will accumulate and create a breeding ground for unwanted allergens

Health Benefits of Stuffing Your Pillow

Many pillows are stuffed with materials that may be allergens or irritating to certain individuals. There are specific types of stuffing, such as poly-fil, that's made of polyester, which is often hypoallergenic. Pillows can be a breeding ground for dust mites which can cause sneezing and itching. This is another reason why being able to wash your pillow semi-regularly is essential to help avoid unwanted irritants. 

However, if you have specific needs, it may be worth considering a specialty pillow.

Health Issues From Unsupportive Pillows

Sleeping on a poor-quality pillow can lead to several health issues. One of the most common problems is neck pain. A poorly designed pillow can cause the head and neck to become unnaturally pitched, leading to discomfort and pain.

Another common problem caused by poorly formed pillows is snoring. A too-soft pillow can cause the jaw to sag, leading to snoring. A poor-quality pillow can also cause headaches and insomnia. If you share a bed with someone who's a light sleeper, they may not appreciate your late-night snores.

Pillow Stuffing Products

Now that you've discovered how stuffing your pillows can benefit you and the downside to other forms of pillows, it's time to find the best pillow stuffing to buy. All of these options are made of high-quality poly-fil, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pillow filling and extraordinary comfort at an affordable price. 

Fairfield Poly-Fil 32 oz

Fairfield's Poly-fil is a superior stuffing, best suited for pillows, dolls, stuffed toys, and crafts. If you're looking to stuff a traditional-sized pillow, this 32oz bag is large enough for you to fill two pillows. The filling contains a smooth consistency that makes sleeping on this pillow a dream come true.

Poly-fil understands the annoyance of pillow stuffing bunching together, especially after long-term use. Luckily, their fiber fill will not bunch, and it's machine washable too. Having a high-quality, washable filling is essential for keeping your pillow fresh and clean.

This formula is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those who have specific allergies related to pillow stuffing. Also, Poly Fil's stuffing is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option.

Fairfield Poly Fil Premium Fiber Fill

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Fairfield Poly-Fil 5lbs

Fairfield's 5lb-pillow fill is made of 100% premium polyester material. Their resilient filling will hold its shape for long-term use, helping support your head and neck consistently. If you enjoy a thick but smooth pillow consistency, this filling is for you.

Because it's essential to keep your pillow clean, Fairfield created this product with the ability to be washed. You won't have to worry about lumps and or an uneven pillow because Poly-fil was designed not to bunch together even after heavy use. Don't be like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and worry about how lumpy your pillow is.

The poly-fil is also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone sensitive to fabrics or pillow stuffing materials. The five-pound box ensures you'll have enough stuffing to fill your pillow to its desired height and firmness. With this giant box, you may even have some leftovers to add to your pillow periodically or use for other projects such as making toys, stuffed animals, or other crafts. 

Fairfield PF-5 Poly-Fil Premium Fiber

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Fairfield Silky Poly-Fil

Not all pillow stuffing contains the same consistency, and some textures are best suited for different types of pillows. The Silky Poly-fil is most similar to traditional down. Its silky texture is soft and luxurious and favors those who enjoy a smoother, more plush pillow. If you have trouble sleeping on thick, stiff pillows, you may want to try stuffing yours with this formula, as it'll provide you with enough support to help you sleep comfortably without unnecessary stiffness.

The poly-fil is also hypoallergenic polyester, so you won't have to worry about unnecessary allergens leeching out This bag option is enough to fill a 12" pillow and is also best suited for smaller pillows or stuffed animals. If you're only looking for a smaller-scale pillow, this may be the right pillow stuffing option. 

Silky Poly-Fil Fiber Fill

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Fairfield Poly-Fil 12oz

The Fairfield 12oz bag of original poly-fil is the perfect amount to stuff a 12" pillow, a stuffed animal, or a smaller-sized toy. The pillow stuffing is made of 100% premium polyester fiber and is intended to give your pillow a whole, supportive feel.

Not only is this fill material compact, but it's also resilient and will hold its shape easily, even after long use. The smooth consistency makes it an excellent choice for pillow stuffing because sleeping on it will feel like a cloud. Your pillow's soft cushion will strongly support your head and neck.

Keeping your pillow clean is vital, which makes this pillow's washable feature a great positive. If you're someone who struggles with allergies, Poly-fil is non-allergenic and is an excellent option for you to use without worrying about allergens or irritants. 

Fairfield FAIPFT12 Fiber Poly Fil Bag

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Bupete Fiber Fill Stuffing

Lastly, Bupete's pillow stuffing is made of premium polyfill material. The filling is fluffy, soft, and dense. The filling is also designed to have high resilience, so you won't have to worry about your pillow not keeping its shape and form. This fill material is washable, either by hand or by machine.

Afterward, the filling is as good as new, and you can reuse it however you wish. In this product, you'll receive 3.5oz, enough to stuff a small pillow or any other craft you're working with. If you're looking for a larger option, Bupete also offers this product in various sizes, ranging up to 28.2oz.

Upon arrival, this package uses compression bag packaging. That means you'll have to allow it to reshape and reform itself, which may take a couple of hours. But, this will demonstrate the resiliency of the fiber, which can help you better understand just how superior this product is for pillow stuffing. 

Bupete Polyester Fiber Fill

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Reasons to Stuff Your Own Pillow

Of course, there are reasons beyond just your health to stuff your own pillow, important as that is. In general, stuffing your pillow gives you more control over key factors such as overall feel, support, and, of course, aesthetics.


One of the best parts about stuffing your pillow is that it allows you to use your creativity. Often, traditional pillows may not be stuffed to your standards. These products also allow you to create your pillow from your favorite fabrics.

Not only is this a great way to customize your pillow, but it also allows you to express a sense of creativity and make a pillow that matches your bedroom, living room, or overall aesthetic much more accurately. 

Customized Comfort

Even though there are various pillow textures and firmness, it can still be difficult to find a pillow that you genuinely enjoy and fits just right. If you're someone who prefers a full-feeling pillow, you can be prepared to spend more for that quality. These are typically more expensive than pillows with less structure.

If you plan to stuff your pillow, buying pillow stuffing is a cheaper alternative that allows you to form your pillow precisely to your liking. Also, if your pillow loses some of its firmness, you can easily add some of your stuffing without purchasing an entirely new pillow.

Pillows With Great Designs but Poor Stuffing

You've certainly seen a pillow you loved at the store, maybe one for your living room or one that matched your bedroom set perfectly. These pillows are made of beautiful fabrics and come pre-stuffed. Many of these pillows allow you to unzip their materials to remove and restuff the pillow.

Unfortunately, pre-stuffed pillows aren't always full enough to hold their shape after prolonged use. You can restuff just about any pillow you find in the store, allowing you to have an aesthetically pleasing pillow with enough body and fluff to be enjoyable for you. 

How to Care For Your Pillow

Now that you've stuffed your pillow to your heart's content, it's important to understand how to care for your pillow and make it last. While pillows don't last forever, you can take steps to ensure they stay clean and fluffy.

Can You Wash a Pillow? 

It seems like a silly question. But the answer is actually "it depends." Most pillows can be machine-washed, but there are a few caveats.

First, if your pillow has a removable cover, you should wash that separately. The same goes for any feathers or other stuffing inside the pillow — those should be taken out and washed separately.

Second, some pillows are made with materials that shouldn't be machine-washed. Check the care instructions to see if this is the case with your pillow. If it is, you'll need to hand-wash it instead. 

How Often You Should Get New Pillows

Do you change your pillows regularly? Pillows should be changed every 1 to 2 years. During this time, it's also essential to keep your pillow clean and wash it regularly. Pre-stuffed pillows come with materials that either cannot be washed or clump together and become deformed after washing.

Luckily, if you stuff your pillows with material like poly-fil, you'll be able to clean your pillows without worrying about them becoming disproportionate or uncomfortable. 

Start Stuffing Your Pillow Today

Stuffing your pillows is a great way to customize both your sleeping experience and your home decor. Figuring out what firmness is best for you at night helps enhance your overall sleep quality and makes you feel more comfortable. Pillow stuffing is relatively inexpensive and is easy to purchase. It's also a no-risk, simple project to do.

Don't settle for an uncomfortable sleeping experience or keep sad-looking deflated pillows around your home. Start stuffing your pillows today, and say hello to comfort. 

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