The Best Pillow for You

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Find Out Which Pillow Type Is Best for Your Rest!


What’s the chief complaint you have with your current pillow?

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Which position do you sleep in most often?

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Which complaint has been the main one for you throwing out a pillow in the past?

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What’s the material of the pillows you seem to favor?

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How many pillows do you tend to sleep with?

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Do you find yourself having any pain?

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The Best Pillow for You
Cotton pillow

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A cotton pillow is nice because it can be easily washed as opposed to other types of pillows that are made out of material such as foam. Cotton pillows can typically be hypoallergenic, however, they can become lumpy over time. Additionally, if you move around a lot at night, it’s said that a pillow that can move around and keep up with your movement is best. Soft to medium pillows are the best for side sleepers! There are down alternative pillows that are hypoallergenic, too!
Memory foam pillows

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Memory foam pillows can be great for all types of sleepers and can contour and adjust to your body. However, depending upon the type of memory foam used, in addition to your sleeping position, a memory foam pillow might not be the most breathable.
Contour Memory Foam Pillow

contour memory foam pillow

Contour memory foam pillows are great for side sleepers who experience some sort of neck or shoulder pain. This type conforms to your body, providing well-rounded support to all of your curves and edges!
Memory foam with gel coating on top

memory foam pillow with gel

This pillow is great for people who have neck pain or would like support and tend to get hot at night. A gel insert provides a cooling circulation that can help you rest assured that you won’t wake up in a discomforted sweat!

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