Snore Stopper: Does It Really Work?

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Did you know that some snores come directly from a deviated septum? However, most snores derive from the back of the throat, called a soft palate. When you or your partner, whoever the chain saw and throat whistling comes from at night, goes to sleep, their tongue becomes relaxed therefore so do their throat muscles. The God-awful noise is caused by the air pushing past the relaxed tongue and tonsils, the soft palate, and the throat to and from the lungs. The lungs will have to work harder to push air through your airway, so all the hard work occurring in the mouth, nose, and lungs are all the chain reactions called snoring. The good news is there are endless amounts of different types of “the anti-snoring solution”. Surely, if you’re the one that dreads the nights that you don’t fall asleep first, you’ve had some lengthy daydreams in the earplug aisle of what it’d be like if your partner could get a handle on the deep rattly noise-maker of his, or hers. Well, we’re going to investigate the anti-snoring gadgets for you today. So, before you have an intervention or sleep divorce any loved ones, let’s see where this goes first.

The Snore Stop Extinguisher Trio for Your Snoring Type

The Snore Stop extinguisher snoring solution is the #1 selling homeopathic snore remedy on the market today to give your wife the best sleep of her life since she met you. The Snore Stop is a non-drowsy, non-habit-forming, and non-device wearing oral spray to take the snore away. The Snore Stop works by coating the throat with a few sprays to tighten up the loosened muscles and the soft palate to stop the snoring. The natural and therapeutic remedy that uses only FDA-approved ingredients like the Belladonna 6x. The Belladonna 6x is used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce any swelling in the throat that may be the cause of your snoring. Another active ingredient of the Snore Stop is 15% alcohol per bottle, which equals about 100 micro centiliter per spray, which is so minute that it’s almost non-existent but works to relax the throat muscles and the soft palate further. The therapy is a gradual shift in nightly therapy for the first few weeks, or as the therapeutic benefits begin to take shape, you can then start to use it a couple of nights a week. Ultimately, you should be able to use it one night a month, but many loyal customers use it nightly and after years of use report no side effects. And, if you aren’t quite sure what homeopathic means, it’s a holistic or natural remedy for whatever ails you. In this case, snoring that can drive the whole family mad with sleep deprivation. The customers on Amazon have a very strict love it or hate it thing in which there’s no grey area whatsoever. The company also carries a nasal spray that opens up the airway to stop the snore that comes from a nasal obstruction of some kind, a sinus infection, or plain old nasal congestion in which the nasal passages are blocked while a person is sleeping. Finally, the makers of Snore Stop have an edible solution for mouth snoring wherein the snorer is plagued by enlarged tonsils or even allergies. Ah, allergies, the other cause of mouth-based snoring with nasal congestion like a stuffy nose from all the pet dander or pollen. The botanical and mineral-derived sleep medicine can relieve an open a constricted pharynx or decongest a swollen tongue. The fast-dissolving chewable tablet is certified vegetarian and doesn’t get down with the testing on animals thing making Snore Stop an environment-friendly choice. The Snore Stop company is a very customer service-oriented business and is proven to be a responsive and helpful store online. The trio for better sleep has a snoring aid starter pack that is very affordable and very detailed for optimal results for everyone. In the chance that the product is not what you’ve expected, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee with proof of purchase. Snore Stop is produced and based in the USA. Though, none of these snoring solutions from Snore Stop are approved nor intended to treat central sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) – most solutions aren’t. Keep in mind that what works for one person, may not work for another and the snore solution you first discover may not be the ONE.

Extinguisher Snoring Solution

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Sleep Apnea: What Does It All Mean?

In the term sleep apnea, the word apnea is modern Latin for ‘cessation’. Sleep apnea generally is marked by a blockage in the upper airway that causes respiratory distress while sleeping. There is a real ever-present danger in the undiagnosed sufferer of sleep apnea, central sleep apnea (CSA), or OSA. Most of the world’s snoring is annoying for sure, but not dangerous or possibly deadly. In the case of obstructive sleep apnea, the difference in the snoring is marked by a cessation in breathing and it can be caught if a loved one is awakened by the noise or lack of snoring to hear the halting of breathing and then the gasping for air that typically follows. However, if a snorer is living alone or living through a sleep divorce with their partner, the signs can be missed and the result of living undiagnosed can very well be tragic. The most common form of sleep apnea is central sleep apnea in which the snorer will exhibit an intermittent reduction in their breathing and is still potentially dangerous. In fact, a person who has this respiratory disorder will be 3x more likely to succumb to the risk of heart disease, 4x more likely to have a hemorrhagic stroke, and 7x more likely to be involved in a serious car crash during their lifetime. The best thing you could do for your loved one is to drag them to their doctor and hold their hand through the sleep apnea testing- and maybe get them some fro-yo if they’re good. We can’t stress how dangerous when left undiagnosed or treated, so please understand that it’s better to know your partner is just a normal run-of-the-mill loud snorer by tests than to ignore it, have a tragedy on your hands and it could’ve been addressed, treated, and prevented.

The Weird, the Scary, and The Improved Anti-Snoring Device

There are about a million and one designs of anti-snoring devices or non-device types of so-called miracles like we just learned about the Snore Stop. Although, some of them work wonders for some and some don’t see the hype, there seems to be something that will in fact work for everyone. It’s very much a trial and error game until you find what works for you or your loved one. Never give up and stay sleeping in separate rooms forever. If you’ve already looked at some of the devices to stop the snoring, you very well have seen things that you just can’t justify as not military-grade torture devices or very heavy-metal scary medieval-looking gadgets, don’t be alarmed they really aren’t as scary as they look. As we all aim to kill the snore, not the person after all. However, many of the scarier than they look gadgets, are made by dentists and most importantly have been innovated to be less horrifying and more practical. For instance, the Snore RX reviewed in a related Snooze article is a dentist-made mandibular advancement mouthguard and is wildly popular. The dentist that invented the mouthguard used a dental appliance that was originally created from metal and seriously uncomfortable, and he made it practical and wearable, and easy to maintain.

Anti Snoring Chin Strap for Men and Women CPAP Users
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The Chin Strap: Approved for CPAP Users

After all, is said and done, you are typically motivated to help the thunderous snorer in your life, right? So, why not start with the more comfortable apparatuses, then make them go see their dentist for some good advice. Of course, that’s assuming that the sleep apnea tests were cleared of any respiratory-related ailments causing the never-ending and the worst earth-shattering train engine sounds every night. Well, if you want your honey to have a comfy trial at an anti-snoring apparatus, you could have a go at an adjustable chin strap. This ranks among the top 5 of all comfortable methods of making snoring a thing of the past for sure! This is breathable and the adjustable chin strap is a promising lead for a mouth-breathing snorer. The wearable snore solution will fit over any head to gently push their mouth closed and keep their head in a proper alignment by use of a nylon material that is soft enough for users with sensitive skin. Even a CPAP user will delight in the improved comfort and security of the chin straps as opposed to the ones the doctor prescribes. Those that CPAP companies provide are bulky and hard and don’t always effectively keep the mouth closed while sleeping. A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine is constantly feeding air into the nose or mouth which will undeniably make for a dry mouth in the mornings, especially when you sleep with your mouth opened. Many CPAP users will revel in the light of the new dawn with the more breathable and comfortable chin strap they can find online now. While the CPAP wearers love the prospect of a new and improved chin strap, the unwitting and inexperienced chin strap user may expect the strap to do more than what it is meant to do. The entire job of the chin strap is to hold the head in a position to hold the mouth shut for mouth breathers producing better sleep and a moister mouth upon awakening. Also, for the inexperienced chin strap wearer, you should be sure to follow all the instructions before donning the headband. Yet it is seemingly simple, the disappointment almost always comes from a customer who assumes they have applied the chin strap correctly when in fact they hadn’t. This chin strap will mostly work for a mouth snoring client, rather than the nasal breathing snorer or throat snorer.

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The Good Morning Snore Solution: The Tongue Stabilizer

With all the focus on wherein the snoring lies, here are some wild and imaginative snoring solutions on the market that will are based on the place from which your snoring comes. Some of these are likely to make you do a double-take. Introducing the Good Morning Snore Solution! Unlike anything you’ve ever even thought of let alone thought you’d ever see; the Good Morning Snore Solution is one of the more imaginative anti-snoring products on the market today. This tongue stabilizer is a mighty snore stopper that gently moves the tongue out of the way, opening the airway to stop snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution is a device that is relatively more comfortable than a bulky mouthpiece or a metal dental appliance and has been designed by scientists. Many customers totally back the scientists who back this product, because of the brilliancy of the solution alone. This may be a great idea though it will need to be given the patience it takes to get used to the feeling of the mouthpiece on your tongue.

Smart Nora: A Smartphone Snoring App and Anti-Snoring Pillow

Another great idea for a snoring solution is the Smart Nora. This is a smartphone app and pillow duo that will monitor your breathing to time the deflating and inflating pillow. The idea is incredibly innovative however the customers who reviewed the whole shebang have their ideas of how it can be improved. Although, the approval of this pillow is also not lacking either. As with many snoring solutions, every product carries the hit or miss factor, and you’d be lucky to find your jackpot on the first go around. Smart Nora is a smartphone app that is paired with a responsive or interactive pillow to stop snoring before it even begins. By the way, the app monitors your breathing, it can intercept each snore before it even has a chance to happen. This option is pretty cool and a bit more expensive than the others listed here, but considering the snoring problem, can you really put a price on quiet nights and better sleep? Besides, there are options with an Afterpay or Affirm assistance to get your snore solution in your hands.

Lavender Scented Breathe Right Nasal Strips to Stop the Snore

All of the above have the comfort of the snorer at the forefront of their design and this one is no different in that same respect. However, this next product is in a category all of its own. In fact, it is so dissimilar to the others that it may have that as its appeal completely. If you’ve heard of this littlest and mightiest of the snoring warriors, keep an open mind. The almost famous Breathe Right strip is going to help some people get some sleep tonight, undoubtedly! But this isn’t just any Breathe Right strip, but it is lavender-scented so that when scratched gives off a fresh lavender scent. The Breathe Right strip is going to instantly relieve your nasal congestion to be able to- well, breathe right. Finally, we’ve reached the snoring solution for nasal-type snorers and allergy-sufferers. As it’s a treatment for nasal snoring, know this type of snoring usually occurs when the snoring is caused by an outside influence such as the flu or a cold and allergies. The Breathe Right nasal strips are meant to be applied to the bridge of the snoring person’s nose to get to work immediately by clearing the nasal passages by 31% compared to before the application. The strips are 100% effective and drug-free meaning you can still take a dose of that Theraflu or Robitussin with no worries about drug interactions. This Breathe Right strip works magic on the nasal congestion we all face from time to time and won’t lead to any side effects and will leave you feeling well-rested in the AM.

Nasal Strips, Lavender, Nasal Congestion Relief
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Which Snore Stopper Will You Choose First

You now have so many options to start your trial and error journey to quieter nights and feeling more rested in the mornings- dare we say, you could possibly become morning people? Imagine it, believe it and in it, because it does happen, and it very well can happen to you and for you! There will be some trying nights, but if you involve your doctor or dentist, they can easily identify what is causing the snoring and make relevant suggestions thereby taking the guesswork straight out of what to try first. This will oftentimes lead you straight to your destination- peace, and quiet, FINALLY. Now, you’re on your way to the best sleep you and your family have had in a long, long time and we’re so glad to help!

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