Snore RX Review: Can it Stop Snoring in its Tracks?


What is snoring all about?

When you are absolutely fed up with the chronic snoring you cannot sleep through coming from the one person you love so dearly, it does not seem fair that he or she seems to be sleeping so peacefully in that moment. Or maybe, you are the chronic snorer, and you are tired of the constant nagging from the one you love so much? Well, in either case, you are NOT alone! Far from it, with a good 60% of chronic snoring in the US going on, you are in good company! If you want to understand the mechanics of snoring and what causes the dreaded snore, read on.

The Mechanics of Snoring

A harsh or loud sound that comes out while sleeping that can disrupt your sleep and/or your partner’s sleep at night, is called snoring. What is the culprit within a mouth that starts the motor? Well, what is happening is, the snoring starts when the air pushes past the soft tissues in the throat that collapse into the airway producing the sounds we commonly refer to as snoring. Snores are from the lungs working harder to push past the tissue that has fallen into the airway compromising everyone’s sleep quality.


What Causes Snoring

If you are ready to pull your hair every time the snoring starts, let’s shed some light on what causes you or your partner to snore. There are many causes for chronic snoring. Some snoring can be caused directly by the anatomy of the mouth and nasal passages. A lot of chronic snoring is due to alcohol consumption, having recently undergone neck surgery, allergies, being overweight, or having a cold or the flu. Also, if you have an overbite, you are almost guaranteed, to snore.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

There are more serious causes to snoring like the sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or even central sleep apnea (CSA). In cases in which the snorer is displaying symptoms of pausing breathing during sleep, or gasping for air, or feeling fatigued during the day, please consult your primary care physician. These symptoms are indicative of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and may be deadly. Upon being diagnosed with OSA or CSA, your physician may want to explore your options. The CPAP (positive pressure airway pressure) machine will feed your lungs air through a cannula, a mask that fits over the nose and mouth. They may want you to have a visit with your dentist to discover other potential options. The dentist can fit you for a similar MAD but that one will include a lot of screws and bolts in your mouth at night. The SnoreRX was made to improve upon the dentist’s mandibular advancement device making it more comfortable and practical. Even with having OSA or central sleep apnea, you have a multitude of good options for stopping the snore.


Snore RX My Snoring Solution Review

The SnoreRX is a relatively new stop snoring aide, having been released to all snorers in 2009. The mouthpiece that eliminates snoring so that your partner and you can finally get a restful night’s sleep, is rated the best stop-snoring mouthpieces on the market today. So, let’s take a look at what makes this one so different.

New Stop-Snoring Aide Package

When you purchase this anti-snoring device, you will get a mouthpiece, a mouthpiece case, and the instructions (which you need to read in its entirety before attempting using). What you will need aside from the contents that it comes with are a mug of boiled water, a bowl of cool water, a pair of tongs, and a timer. A timer that is on your phone will do nicely, no need to jet out to buy a brand-new kitchen timer. Now on to instructions for your bite and set mouthpiece. Hence, the “boil and bite” name of the method.

Thermal Matrix for a Custom Mouthpiece

The cool part is that the SnoreRX has a thermal matrix in which the trays are personalized with the thermal molds that fit snugly to your individual bite. It may seem a bit daunting as you read the instructions, but it really is easier than it seems. So, no worries, just be sure to be intentional about following the instructions. You will see upon opening your package that the trays have labels for you to utilize. The one that says “Squeeze” is to align with the upper jaw. There is also a handy handle to use so you are safer from burning your fingers in the hot water. You only get about 2 or 3 tries before your mouthpiece is compromised, but that is more than other devices afford you. You do want to follow the directions exactly and bite the piece hard enough to make a good impression.

To begin, you should bring the mug of water to a boil in the microwave- NOT on the stove-top! Then, submerge the mouthpiece into the boiling water for exactly 60 seconds. Next you will need to dip the mouthpiece in the cool water for only 1 or 2 seconds and put it your mouth aligning your bite with the “squeeze” logo on the top jaw and bite down firmly for a whole 30 seconds. To finish take the mold out of your mouth and place it in the cool water and leave it for 5 minutes to allow your mold to set.

Please, keep in mind that these times are extremely specific for a reason so be sure to follow the times to the tee. This may seem like a lot to set the mouthpiece, but it is typical of the anti-snoring mouthpieces today. After setting your new mouthpiece for the whole 5 minutes, you are free to go ahead and use it for your first night of many. You can expect to wake feeling well-rested, and your partner can too!


Contraindications and Warnings for the SnoreRX

With a 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars out of over 2300 reviews on the snore RX website, and the lower price than some anti-snoring apparatuses, it almost begs to try. However there are plenty of contraindications and warnings you should take to heart before adding to your cart. These contraindications are noted on the booklet you will receive once you purchase and on their website,, as a PDF download.

This mouthpiece cannot be donned by denture wearers or if you have front partials or caps and crowns, braces, or other dental appliances. This device is not approved for use in the case of loose teeth, missing, broken teeth. If you have advanced periodontal or severe gum disease, or any abscesses on your gums, or under the age of eighteen, it is not favorable for you to use this apparatus. Also, this should not be worn if you have central or obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, or any other respiratory illnesses or conditions. Always check with your dentist or orthodontist prior to using this or similar anti-snoring devices.

What Customers’ Reviews of the Best Snoring Solution

Many verified customers found this mouthpiece easy to install and comfortable enough to wear, but ultimately, effective! There are thousands of customers who are absolutely raving about how effective this mouthpiece is at stopping snoring, and the way they have awoken to feel well-rested after even the first night. There are, of course, the ones for whom it did not work as well, and that is typical. Not every solution is going to work for everyone. One of the customers says she has an underbite, and it made it too uncomfortable to utilize. Some people found it moved their teeth or was too uncomfortable to use. The company compares the feeling or wearing and adjusting it to having braces tightened.

SnoreRX Features for a Better Rest

There are various things that SnoreRX has considered in the design and the production of their mouthpiece like comfort, adjustability, and a forgiving mouthpiece mold. To begin with, the comfort of the piece, SnoreRX has a cushioned mouthpiece inside of the plastic shield for your teeth. Moreover, you have full range of motion of your mouth- it even allows for mouth breathing with the V-Flow.


SnoreRX Posi-Lock for Snoring

The piece is adjustable by millimeters at a time and goes up to 6 millimeters. The SnoreRX mouthpiece is very intentional in their design in that the piece will not move once it is locked into place. It is also difficult to unlock the piece, especially when the device is in your mouth because of their Posi-lock feature. The booklet that comes with the mouthpiece advises that if you are not comfortable wearing the mouthpiece, simply remove it and go back to sleep. Furthermore, the booklet also advises that you wear the mouthpiece for a couple of hours during the day to get acclimated to having it in your mouth for a few days. It is also recommended by the company that you set it to 1 millimeter for the first night you use it, then as needed increase to personal needs one millimeter a night until the snoring ceases. Most people reach the desired effect at the 3rd or 4th millimeter. Remember, everyone is different and has unique needs and comfort levels, so you may reach the 5th or the final millimeter where your snoring halts or you may be helped well at the 2nd millimeter adjustment. This is why the makers of the product made it adjustable.

Better Sleep with the SnoreRX

The SnoreRX mouthpiece has been hailed as a savior of marriages for those on the brink of a snore divorce. Snoring is, in fact, a very disruptive and potentially hazardous part of sleep. Everyone snores once in a while, but about 40% of men and about 20% of women snore chronically. Snoring does not always point to illnesses, but sometimes it occurs because of something more serious.

Let’s take a good look at how the SnoreRX works to stop the snoring. The way that the anti-snoring device works is that it pushes your jaw forward with what is called a mandibular advancement. This means that the lower jaw (mandible) is advanced (pushed forward) to ensure the tongue or soft palate are well behind the mouthpiece. With the mandibular advancement Device (MAD), your airways are opened, and soft tissues are seemingly magically moved out of the airway.

Cleaning and Disinfecting your SnoreRX

Now, how do you clean these devices? Well, I would bet that it is easier than you would think. In fact, the easiest way is to ft them directly into your bedtime routine. As long as you need to brush your teeth before leaving your house, you can brush your mandibular advancement device with toothpaste and a toothbrush. The SnoreRX company feels strongly about using a SeptiGuard spray frequently and allowing it to dry completely before the next use. The SeptiGuard spray is actually retainer and mouthguard antiseptic spray that reduces the buildup of tartar and other bacteria and microorganisms. In fact, it very clearly warns against any abrasive or harsh chemicals like bleach. The company also is clear about not using a denture cleaning or soaking solution to clean your device. It is acceptable, though, to use a bit of mouth rinse, occasionally.

Durability and Cost of SnoreRX

The more durable mouthpiece as opposed to the competition, this device will last about 11 to 15 months before a replacement is necessary. However, if you habitually clench your teeth, the mouthpiece will wear out sooner. When it comes to replacing your SnoreRX, the price of the device is so much less expensive than the other leading MAD producers. The cost of one SnoreRX device is $59. The company has a discount if you and your partner both snore. The cost of 2 MAD devices for you AND your loved one is $99- and that is a savings of $19 as opposed to buying the single MAD, and then later on purchasing another.


Snore RX Plus Snore Solution

While evaluating the SnoreRX and the SnoreRX PLUS, there were not a lot of differences between the two devices, at first. Take into consideration, the handle on the mouthpieces that still were similar, but the Plus has a more pronounced handle than the other. The mouthpieces were equally effective for the elimination of snoring. However, the SnoreRX Plus was a clear device, whereas the other had an opaqueness to it. Then, there were improvements to be noted.

New Features for Better Rest

First was the new Flex-Jaw feature, the jaw impression phase was made fool-proof! Even if you were unsure of your first or second impressions you could still have a tight and secure device. Then there was this amazing feature built upon the Posi-Lock, where in the device can remember the way you like it, even after dismantling for cleaning. Most other MAD apparatuses are a real pain to dismantle, clean and then put the device back together. The V-Flow is a bit better by enlarging the hole betwixt the two arches for more efficient mouth breathing. Lastly, the therma matrix is new and improved by a better mold impression that improves in time. This new therma matrix is actually the one thing that SnoreRX Plus customers are most impressed with, according to the rave reviews on the website! The best part is the price is still more affordable than most. The SnoreRX Plus starts at $99 for one device; two devices will cost $154- which is a whopping $44 difference from buying one, one at a time!

Endorsements for New SnoreRX to Stop the Snore

The National Sleep Foundation approves this MAD and praises the company for such a user friendly and effective anti-snoring device. The SnoreRX company is located in California. The mouthpiece is created from an FDA-approved copolymer plastic. The SnoreRX is a bit less expensive than the SnoreRX Plus, however the price-point is supported by the higher performance of the mandibular advancement device. It is worth noting that the apnea sciences corporation endorses the SnoreRX and the SnoreRX Plus mouthpieces on their website.

Where and How You Can Purchase Your Anti-Snoring Device

The MAD is also FDA-approved for selling it over the counter, no prescription is necessary to obtain your mouthpiece. You can find the device at your local CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy, and Walmart Supercenters. Not only does SnoreRX and SnoreRX Plus sell all over the United States, but the company ships out of the country to a fulfillment center in Canada where it will ship quickly. The company reaches all the way to Australia and the European Union (excluding Croatia).


Google Actual Machine Review Of Alternatives to MADs

We are all unique in so many ways. If you cringe at the idea of having a mouthpiece in your mouth, this evaluation of these two devices that follows may be something to look into. Also, the SnoreRX is a bit bulky leaving people with smaller mouths unable to close their jaw while using it. Even if you just want to start your journey for your loved one to stop snoring, this is a great start to discover other products that will begin silent nights and better rest. Here are two alternatives to the MADs to get you started.

Smart Nora Snoring Solution

As you thoroughly research the anti-snoring device in all forms, and maybe you do not want a mouthpiece, but you do want better sleep quality. Perhaps you will enjoy the convenience of the Smart Nora. The Smart Nora actually does not go anywhere in your face. No, it is completely hands-free and face-free. Half of the device goes on your nightstand and the other half of it goes underneath your pillow. The Smart Nora gets in tune with your breathing and raises your pillow at any time the bedside monitor indicates a snore. The Smart Nora sleeping solution seems cool enough, right? Until you get a peek of that hellacious price. EEK! The heavy $359 price-point and 4 stars or less ratings are enough to turn even the curious or serious buyers away.

Good Morning Snore Solution

There is another option to be aware of, though. The Good Morning sleep solution is a tongue stabilizer. The tongue stabilizer is made of a dental-grade plastic resin and does not need a custom fit to your tongue. The device is made in the USA. In a study, 70% of participants found it useful for sleep apnea. While the apparatus is created for people suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea, it is not for people who have central or obstructive sleep apnea.

Find Better Rest With The Best Snoring Solution

Maybe your snoring is from just the regular amount of throat tissues getting in the way, or it is much more than that like OSA. Or maybe, you are not sure. It may be a promising idea to strike up a conversation with your doctor. In doing this, the doctor can recommend tests that can let you know for sure with what you are dealing. The doctor and your dentist can be a great asset to finding you the best device for your needs. That can be a TSD (tongue stabilizing device), a MAD, or maybe, you will need a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). If you do not believe your snoring problem is serious, then maybe a mandibular advancement device could be your solution. It is always important to let your dentist know of any devices you are using anyway; your health is your priority. We are so thrilled that you are looking for solutions, keep up the excellent work!

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