Serta Arctic Mattress: Is It Right for You?

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Because of its excellent lumbar support, the Serta Arctic is a wonderful choice for back sleepers. Most stomach sleepers, however, will not benefit from this. And on the hottest nights, the Serta mattress boasts 15x more cooling power for cool, pleasant sleep.

Serta is one of the most well-known mattress brands in the United States. It’s a subsidiary of Serta Bedding, which has 36 manufacturing facilities in the United States. They’re also well-known on a global scale.

In stores and on the internet, there are dozens of mattress brands to choose from. However, most of them are simply reselling and promoting beds made by others. Serta is a mattress maker that designs and manufactures its own products. They use their extensive experience and size to encourage innovation and introduce high-quality beds to the market. As a result, Serta has boosted sales of mattresses while ensuring a high degree of quality and sales performance. They also have a lot of loyal consumers who come back again and again. There are review sites on the internet that collect and display what are ostensibly ratings. They do, however, only have a few reviews. Therefore, they don’t accurately reflect the millions of happy owners’ experiences.

The Serta Arctic is an excellent choice for people who are hot sleepers, which may come as a surprise given that it is a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for sleeping hotter than other mattress types like hybrids and coils. Additionally, this mattress provides excellent relief from pain and motion transfer. The pressure alleviation and support provided by the Serta Arctic will appeal to both sides and back sleepers. Let us look at the Serta Arctic mattress. Is it right for you?

Serta Arctic Is Recommended For

The mattress is designed for back sleepers. The Serta Arctic mattress is highly comfortable for back sleeping. The foam is highly supportive and contours to sleepers to relieve hip and shoulder pressure.

For side sleepers, the Serta Arctic is an excellent pick. The top foam layers should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, essential for side sleepers. And, of course, hot sleepers will appreciate the cooling technology in this mattress, especially since it is made entirely of foam! Hybrid mattresses are typically cooler than foam mattresses because the coils enable airflow, but the Serta Arctic’s cooling foams effectively pull heat away from the body.

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Serta Arctic Is Not Recommended For

It is not recommended for combination sleepers. Sleeping on the Serta Arctic is like slipping into a soft dough blanket. While this is a dream come true for quiet mattress fans, it’s not ideal for combination sleepers who require a responsive surface that allows them to switch positions easily.

Heavyweight sleepers: The Arctic will likely not provide adequate support to keep the spine upright if a user weighs more than 230 pounds. Going with the Arctic’s hybrid version of one of the best mattresses for heavy individuals is recommended. Sleepers who prefer to sleep on their stomachs should look for a mattress with firmer cushioning layers than the Serta Arctic.

14.5" Firm Arctic Premier King Mattress

by Serta

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02/26/2024 01:34 am GMT

Firm Serta Arctic Premier King Mattress

The proprietary Reactex System, which was meant to be the most fabulous heat-absorbing layer  invented by Serta, is featured in every model of the all-new Arctic mattress. As a result, customers will feel relaxed and comfortable all night long. Thanks to four different models, customers may now get extraordinary sleep support that adequately meets their sleep preferences. It is readily available on Amazon. Serta Arctic premier king mattress has the following features.


The mattress is available in four sizes Queen, King, Cal king, and Twin XL. The new Reactex System, which is developed to be the most heat-absorbing material ever built for all-night cooling, provides 15x cooling power. Three layers make up the Reactex System: a cooling cover, an inner liner, and specialty cooling memory foam. Because each layer has a higher cooling capacity than before, the heat-absorbing layer takes the heat away from the body and is absorbed more profoundly into the mattress.

Custom Fit HD Memory Foam molds the body’s shape for all-night comfort and provides a firm and cool pressure relief embrace. This mattress is ideal for providing a restful and peaceful night of sleep. 

The Serta Foam Core delivers constant support from side to side, making it ideal for any sleep position. It comes with a trial period of 120 nights and a warranty of 10 years. This mattress is recommended for the following sleeper types: hot sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and couples.

The mattress comes with the following care instructions from the brand: Liquids should not be applied to the product. Applying liquids to the cloth may discolor it and aggravate the polluted area. The mattress’s natural moisture or chemicals might cause early foam disintegration and product damage. Instead, apply baking soda to the filthy region of the mattress and let it sit for around 15 minutes to clean it. After that, vacuum and repeat as necessary. It’s also crucial to get as much air as possible into the product. It is recommended to use a mattress protector to protect the mattress from dirt and spills. This will also assist the mattress’s overall health and longevity.

Plush Arctic Premier Hybrid King Mattress

by Serta

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Plush Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid King Mattress

The Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid mattress has Serta’s unique Reactex cooling technology, layers of luxurious memory foam, and innovative coil systems to provide all-night cooling and personalized comfort. It is readily available on Amazon and has the following features.


CustomFit HD Memory Foam and Strong Reaction Max Gel Memory Foam combine to create a luxuriously comfortable mattress. Individually wrapped coils operate independently to contour to every curve and give durable support in an advanced innerspring system. This mattress has a height of 14.5 inches.

The Serta Micro Hybrid Coil layer has 2000 tiny micro-coils that operate with an innovative coil system to hug and support the body’s curves softly. Individually wrapped coils improve the responsiveness of the Serta mattress and reduce motion transfer between companions. Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid is a unique blend that will help you obtain the best night’s sleep possible.

Arctic 30x Cooling Oversized Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow

by Serta 

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Serta Arctic 30x Cooling Oversized Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow

The Serta Arctic Cooling Memory Foam Pillow, powered by an exclusive reactex system, provides cooling comfort mixed with supportive memory foam for a comfortable night’s sleep. This pillow has been 30 times cooler than non-reactex pillows, allowing consumers to sleep comfortably. In addition, this cushion offers cool respite for hot sleepers by combining cooling technology with a lightweight polyester fabric cover. It is readily available on Amazon.


Users may reach and maintain comfort using reactex technology’s pressure-activated cooling, which takes heat away from the sleeping surface and pulls it away from the body. Through a blend of active cooling and highly breathable fabrics, the reactex cooling technology helps the skin temperature achieve and maintain the appropriate range for a good night’s sleep.

Pressure-activated cooling takes about 8 seconds with reactex technology.  Heat is driven away from the sleeping mattress and retained away from the body to enable skin temperature to achieve and maintain the ideal range for sleep. In addition, the reactex technology releases reserved heat energy when not used to prep for the next night’s use. The double-height contoured high-density memory foam offers head-cradling, pressure-relieving support for side and back sleepers.

The reactex technology’s self-recharging system recharges itself when not in use, ready for the next night’s sleep. Cooling technology is integrated with breathable fabrics to provide an incredible comfort layer for hot sleepers. The breezy polyester fabric cover provides a layer of sumptuous softness.

Serta Arctic 30x Cooling Oversized Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow
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Serta Arctic Mattress Firmness And Feel

The Serta Arctic received a 5 out of 10 firmness rating from experts (with 10 being tabletop firm.) Medium firmness mattresses provide a fluffy, cloud-like feel when users first touch them. They get firmer as one sinks further into the mattress, giving them a balanced feel. The firmness of the Arctic is ideal for light and average-weight side and back sleepers. The Arctic’s layers of luxurious foam will suffocate most stomach sleepers, while heavyweight sleepers will simply not get adequate support.

The Serta Arctic mattress has a memory foam feel to it. Precise contouring around the curves, minimal pressure around the shoulders and hips, and slow response when changing positions are expected. The ordinary sleeper will sink into the mattress’s upper layers and be surrounded by the characteristic memory foam “hug.” The same may be said for lightweight sleepers, although they won’t sink as deeply into the foam. Heavier sleepers will sink deeper into the comfort layers and may even hit the firmer support layers.

Serta Arctic Offers Support And Pressure Relief

Back Sleepers

The simplest position to accommodate is back sleeping, which is also the healthiest for the spine. The Serta Arctic’s balanced texture is ideal for back sleepers, especially those of light or moderate weight. Unless an individual is a heavyweight sleeper, the Arctic will likely feel comfortable at first, but the comfy foam layers’ support may be lacking.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers want a mattress that relieves pressure while still providing spinal support. The Arctic accommodates both light and medium-weight sleepers. The Arctic isn’t the finest mattress for side sleepers because experts saw some curving along the testers’ spines when they slept on their sides, but it’s a consistently pleasant option. Heavyweight side sleepers should choose a firmer mattress because the curvature will probably be exaggerated.

Stomach Sleepers

A mattress that relieves the pressure while offering spinal support is ideal for side sleepers. Both light and medium-weight sleepers are welcome in the Arctic. The Arctic isn’t the best mattress for side sleepers since specialists saw some arching along the testers’ spines while they slept on their sides, but it’s always an attractive option. Heavyweight side sleepers may choose a firmer mattress because the curvature will most likely be exacerbated.

Combination Sleepers

Sleepers that switch positions throughout the night are known as combination sleepers. On paper, the Serta Arctic is an excellent fit for people who sleep on their backs and sides; unfortunately, the memory foam comfort layers are slow to adapt to the movement, which might make users feel “trapped” in the mattress. In addition, experts discovered that moving around in the Arctic required significant effort. Thus specialists do not recommend it for combination sleepers.

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What Is Serta Arctic Mattress Made Of

Researchers tested the Serta Arctic all-foam mattress, but users can also opt for the Arctic hybrid or the Arctic Premier, which includes different cooling technologies. The Arctic’s all-foam construction should provide plenty of cushioning, almost as if falling into a marshmallow.

Layer 1: Cooling Stretch Knit Cover

Serta’s Reactex® system, the mattress’s core cooling feature, begins with the Serta Arctic mattress cover. It uses a high percentage of phase change materials to prevent heat retention and keep the mattress surface at a constant temperature. A cushion of cooling foam is also included in the cover for added comfort.

Layer 2: CustomFit HD Memory Foam

The second layer is comprised of high-density memory foam, which fills in the gaps under the inverted curves (like the lower back) to give consumers more personalized support.

Layer 3: EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam

These two layers of cooling gel foam cradle the pressure spots and help the mattress regulate temperature by absorbing excess body heat.

Layer 4: Foam Care

Thanks to a robust foam support system, the mattress is durable and long-lasting. It also keeps the typical sleeper from sliding too far into the comfortable cushions.

Serta Arctic Mattress Performance

The Edge Support

Mattress edge support is often overlooked. It increases the valuable surface area of the mattress and allows customers to convert their bed into a couch for sitting. When lying down, the Serta Arctic’s foam core protects sleepers from rolling over the bed’s borders, but there is a lot of sinkage when sitting. In this category, reviewers rated it with middling marks.

Motion Isolation

Users who share a bed with their partners know that sleeping in a bed that distributes a lot of motion is not ideal. As a result, finding a mattress that can isolate motion at the base and prevent it from traveling across the bed is optimal for couples. 

Researchers utilized a seismograph to detect motion transfer while dropping a 10-pound ball onto the mattress from various heights. Each drop resembles a distinct type of movement one would have in bed. The Serta Arctic performed admirably in this test! Experts are astonished by its ability to suppress motion and prevent it from traveling over the mattress. Of course, foam mattresses are frequently excellent at isolating motion because the foam absorbs it effectively, so this wasn’t a surprise. Users shouldn’t have much trouble sleeping with their companion on the Serta Arctic if they share a bed.

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Cooling is another crucial factor for couples. Two people produce twice as much body heat, so if an individual or their partner sleeps hot, a cooling mattress can improve sleep quality significantly. The Serta Arctic is an excellent cooling mattress, as its name suggests. The top layer of Reactex System foam feels chilly to the touch. The third layer of cooling gel memory foam will also aid in drawing heat away from the body and reduce night sweats. But again, it feels chilly even just touching the bed’s surface. Some cooling mattresses can also ease back, hip, knee, and neck pain.

Pain Relief

When professionals evaluate a mattress for pain relief, they consider how it relieves pressure. The pressure that builds up when a person sleeps can aggravate existing pain or even cause new pain! The best example they give is if a user ever tried sleeping on their side on a firm mattress and woke up with a painful shoulder the next day. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand where pressure relief is needed and whether or not a mattress can supply it.

Experts discovered that there is hardly any pressure building in the back while lying on their backs. The soft foam provides excellent pressure relief for the back. However, a minor amount of pressure has built upon the side, although it is within the normal range for side sleeping. And while there was no pressure buildup on the stomach, they could feel their hips sinking into the mattress, which can cause back pain by throwing the spine out of alignment.

Researchers discovered very little pressure buildup on the hips, yet this is within the appropriate range for back sleepers, who reported feeling no strain on their hips. The pressure on the sides is minimal, yet it’s within a reasonable range equally distributed. There is no pressure building on the stomach, but the hips sinking can cause hip pain over time.

The Takeaway

Serta has a long history and continues to sell mattresses that are known for their durability and comfort. As a result, Serta mattresses are popular among customers. The Serta Arctic’s cooling properties are probably its most appealing feature and because the model tested was foam, experts were pleasantly pleased by how cool it felt. The Serta Arctic provides cool, comfortable rest for hot sleepers, and is a perfect choice for those who desire a memory foam bed.  Because there are so many Serta mattress models to choose from, it’s a good ides to try them out in a store to find the perfect one for you!

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