Purple Sheets: Does the Mattress Company Offer Good Sheets?

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People often say that investing in a good bed is very important, as a person spends one-third of their life sleeping. However, investing in a good bed is not only restricted to investing in a good mattress or pillows but also finding comfortable and soft bedsheets that will contribute to a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for the best bed sheets on the market, investing in Purple® is totally worthwhile. Purple sheets are incredibly soft, stretchy, and refreshingly breathable, which helps unleash the entire comfort level of the mattress.

Purple Kids Sheets
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About Purple Sheets

Purple® was launched in 2015 and it has been recognized for its quality and durability ever since. The company was able to expand its presence with its Purple Grid comfort layer in the Purple Mattress. This product utilizes a hyper-elastic polymer that is created in a grid-like pattern. The unique quality that this mattress has is the ability to spring back instantly and adjust to the shape of the user’s body for the right amount of pressure relief.

While the company was initially focusing on mattresses, it slowly expanded and included sleep-related products such as bedsheets, bed frames, weighted blankets, and duvets. Additionally, Purple is also known to produce other products that include a hyper-elastic grid that includes sleep cushions, pet beds, and pillows. The best part about their products is that the Purple sheets are specially crafted to function with the Purple Grid. They are conventional and stretchy sheets that enable the hyper-elastic polymer to flex and bend as required. The purple sheets might be created for the purple mattress, but they can be used on other models as well.

In addition to this, Purple also has good packaging, not that it will have an impact on the feel of the sheets, but it provides a good experience to users who receive them. This packaging makes them great to be sent as a gift to someone. The sheets come in a box that includes a magnetic lid. Not only this, but there is also a cut-out sample attached which will enable to get the feel of the fabric before even using them.

Types of Purple Sheets

Currently, there are three types of Purple Sheets available on the market. These include SoftStretch Sheets, Purple Sheets, and Purple Kid Sheets. Although all of these options are stretchy and comfortable, many people might choose one over another with respect to their preferences. Here’s a comparison of the pricing, materials, color options, and pricing of these Purple sheets.

Purple sheets come in slate, white, sand, and purple color. Whereas, Purple SoftStretch sheets come in True White, Stormy Grey, Soft Lilac, Natural Oat, Morning Mist, Deep Purple. Purple Kid Sheets come in grey, blue and pink colors. Purple SoftStretch sheets offer the most color options. The price for purple sheets ranges from $89 – $119, depending on the size. The price for SoftStretch sheets range from $99 – $169, and the price for purple kids sheet is $99. People consider the Purple sheets are the most budget-friendly option to invest in, as for the value that they offer. Both the Purple SoftStretch Sheets and Purple Sheets come in the six standard mattress sizes and split king, while the Purple Kid Sheets are only available in twin size. The pillowcases are made to fit a standard or king pillow, while the sheets are built to fit standard mattress sizes.

When it comes to cleaning the sheets, it is best to follow the instructions mentioned in order to preserve their life span and avoid any damage. While the material might be different, the care instructions are almost same for each sheet.

Here are some high-quality Purple sheets to invest in:

Dark Purple SoftStretch Sheets, Full

by Purple

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SoftStretch Sheets

The SoftStrech Sheets from Purple are an amazing product to invest in. They are highly comfortable and long-lasting and will provide great support. This sheet is available for a queen, twin, twin XL, full, king, Cal king, and split king. They are extremely breathable, stretchy, and comfortable. You’ll love everything about these luxury sheets and they provide comfort that cannot be matched with any other sheet. Moreover, this sheet is crafted to improve the true comfort of your mattress, with the ideal softness and stretch that will force you to snuggle in the bed, every chance you get.

In addition to this, this sheet is refreshing and cool for hot sleepers. You can feel fresh after waking up in the morning with these sheets. These sheets will aid in regulating your body temperature so that you don’t sleep too cold or too hot. Finally, these sheets are extremely durable and long-lasting. Even after many washes, your superiority of the quality would remain the same. It will also add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bedroom.

White Complete Comfort Sheets, Queen
$103.00 ($34.33 / Count)

by Purple

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Complete Comfort Sheets

The Complete Comfort Sheets are crafted to be extremely soft and durable. They are made with a two-way flex, in which the fitted sheet will move along with your mattress so can feel the support of the sheet at every inch. Additionally, the sheets are made in such a manner to allow better bed-making. The SecureStretch elastic and deeper pockets enable the bed making to be easy and convenient. You will no longer find bed-making a chore with these sheets. In addition to this, the sheets are long-lasting and are made to withstand regular washing and daily use. The sheet provides all of this, along with feeling and looking great. Additionally, these sheets are woven from 100% cotton, and the pillowcases and the flat sheet will not trap any heat so will stay comfortable all night long. The sheet is available in queen, twin, twin XL, full, king, California king, and split king.

The Purple Sheets (Purple, Full/Queen)

by The Purple 

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The Purple Sheets (Purple, Queen/Full XL/Full)

The Purple Sheets are viscose bamboo sheets that come in queen, full XL, and full sizes. They are crafted in a completely pleasant and soft material that is a luxury on the skin. It will enhance your sleep and is perfect for people who deal with restlessness and insomnia. These bed sheets are made with a mix of 10% Spandex and 90% Bamboo-derived Viscose fabric. The uniqueness of these sheets is that this particular combination aids in regulating your body temperature so that you don’t feel too cold or too hot at night. It is perfect for hot sleepers.

In addition to this, the fitted sheet set involves deep pockets for mattresses that are 13″ high, in sizes twin XL, twin, full XL full, queen, king sheets, and California King. For XL twin and twin sizes, the set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and a pillowcase. All the other sets include one fitted, one flat, and two pillowcases. Colors that are available include slate gray, white, sand, and purple.

It might not be wrong to say that once you have these purple sheets, you’ll want to go to bed early. Since these sheets are crafted with Spandex, they will flex and stretch whenever you do. With a greater thread count, you’ll get a stronger weave, which can result in less breathability and circulation. Purple sheets are extremely breathable, soft, and will stay cooler in the heat. The ultra-stretchy quality also provides a great feel to the purple sheet. Another important piece of information to note is that due to the limited supply of these sheets, there is no return policy for the purple sheets. But Purple is worth the investment as it will let your skin feel fresh and comfortable to sleep in.

Not only this, but the ultra-soft blend of material will add a touch of luxury to the sheets. Moreover, the bamboo bed sheets offer extra circulation and softness so that the user will not have to keep trying to find a cool spot to sleep in. Say goodbye to restless nights with purple sheets.

The Purple Sheets
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Why Invest in High-Quality Bedsheets?

It is a fact that sleep plays a significant role in controlling how your body functions. Lack of sleep may result in impacting your physical and mental health. To receive good quality sleep, you should invest in high-quality bedding. You need to begin investing in high-quality mattresses and sheets. Good bedding can bring in a huge difference in your sleep quality. Do you love the comfortable bedding you get in luxury hotels? You should receive that kind of sleep every night. All of this is possible when you invest in high-quality bedding. Additionally, high-quality bedding does not always mean high prices. You might also find the right bedding at reasonable prices. Here is why you should invest in high-quality bed sheets.

Weight Control

Not receiving adequate quality sleep can lead to different health issues or tiredness. It can also lead to weight gain. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you might feel hungry most of the time, and it may lead to poor choices in food. Feeling cranky and tired will make you eat fatty and ‘comfort food’ which can contribute to increasing your weight. When you are well-rested, you are more likely to work out and start the day fresh and make healthy food choices.

Better Concentration

Feeling tired or sleepy may consequently impact your cognitive abilities and focus. You’re more likely to make bad choices when you’re sleepy and tired. Additionally, sleepiness also impacts the performance and work or school, and you’ll not remain as alert as you are when you’re fresh. Lack of alertness or focus may lead to confusion in everyday tasks such as reading, driving, or in-office work.

Enhance Mood

If you’re sleepy and not well-rested, it can surely have a negative impact on your mood. You’ll feel irritated and frustrated. Additionally, when you’re tired, you’re more likely to get negative feelings such as sadness, stress, or anger. This can negatively impact your overall emotional wellbeing and may lead to depression and anxiety.

Illness & Heart Diseases

Quality sleep is required in order to stay healthy and for a well-functioning body. Quality sleep is also necessary for your heart. If you’re sleep-deprived, it can have a negative impact on your heart and body causing inflammation, high blood pressure, slow metabolism, and high cholesterol. These health issues can lead to illnesses that may become life-threatening such as a stroke or as heart disease. In addition to this, good sleep results in a healthy and strong immune system that fight diseases. When you’re not well-rested, it can weaken your immune system due to which it might not be strong enough to defend the body from various health issues.

Things to Consider While Buying Sheets

If you’re waking up grumpy and groggy in the morning and are unable to get quality sleep then this is the right place for you. You might be surprised to learn that your pillowcase, mattress, and even your bed sheet might be responsible for this. There are many things that contribute to a person’s sleep quality, some of them include outside noise, your health, your daily activities, and even the bedding. So if you’re still wondering why you might not be able to sleep well, it’s a good time to have a look at your bedding.

14 stacks of bed sheets of different patterns against a white background

Thread Count

If you’re buying bed sheets with a high thread count with the thought that they might be of high quality, it might not be true. A high thread count doesn’t always imply that the quality of the sheets would be good. Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into a fabric. Thread counts that are above the 500 range usually indicate that the fibers have been manipulated to artificially increase the thread count. Hence, while the bed sheet will feature more threads per square inch, a bedsheet will a lesser thread count might be better in quality compared to that.

Choice of Fabric

Choice of fabric may differ with respect to the season in which you’re buying it. For instance, some fabrics might sleep ‘cooler’ than others in some instances. If you’ve selected synthetic fabrics, you should be aware that they trap heat and might leave you feeling too hot while you’re asleep. This fabric option is not good, particularly for hot sleepers. It can lead to restlessness, sleep quality, and continuous waking at night. High-quality cotton sheets are more comfortable and breathable and will also enable the user to regulate their temperature leading to a better sleep experience. Egyptian cotton sheets and Pima cotton are two of the high-quality sheets that can help you sleep cool on a warm summer night.

The finishing of the fabric also plays a significant role. Cotton fabric can be finished in different ways that can provide you with additional comfort. Sateen finished cotton is quite plush and soft. There are various types of sheets available in the market, some include flannel sheets, bamboo sheets, silk sheets, sateen sheets, and more. Sateen, silk, and flannel can contribute to a good night’s sleep. The material is extremely breathable and soft and can help with restlessness. However, cotton still remains the most popular fabric for many people, but many prefer non-wrinkling blends of cotton. However, it’s also true that along with comfort, sateen and silk sheets also add a touch of luxury to the bedroom.

Color of Fabric

Some people also say that the color of the bedsheet also plays an important role in leading to a good night’s sleep. Cream, white, gray, and purple bedding can create a relaxing atmosphere which is essential for a soothing and calm sleep.


Before you decide to purchase a bedsheets for yourself, you should be aware of the exact measurements of your bed. Make sure that the sheet is big enough to fit your mattress size. And not that you have found a twin XL sheet set and your bed is a California King.

Pick the Right Store

Some known department stores carry both house brands and some name-brand sheets in different patterns, colors, and quality. This is where Purple® comes in. Purple Sheets are one of the best sheets on the market. If you’re looking for quality and comfort, both together, this might be your ultimate solution.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re already fed up with trying different home décor ideas or downloading sleep-inducing apps for better quality sleep, Purple sheets can provide an ultimate solution. Purple® was launched in 2015 and it has been known for its quality products and super soft sheets ever since. The sheets that Purple offers are good in terms of quality, breathability, and durability. The packaging is also great which enhanced the user experience and makes people want to purchase more of it. In addition to this, purple sheets will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, giving a feeling of royalty to anyone who uses them. The user should clean the sheets according to the instructions provided by the company.

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