Pillow Cube Review: Can It Live Up to the Hype?

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The answer to all side-sleepers desires. You’ll be sleeping on the cool side of the pillow.

A good night’s sleep is both the perfect ending and the comfortable beginning of each day. When we daydream about a maximum comfort snooze, we imagine a world where we are cradled in comfort and free from neck pain and worries. We fall back into clean and crisp bedding. Everything is cool and soft. Everything is pure comfort. The pillow is an essential part of any perfect sleep. In your sleep fantasies, your neck isn’t strained, and the firmness of the pillow is just right. You sleep deeply and soundly. You don’t wake up with a headache and you are well-rested.

Aches and pains in your neck and back could be no more. Those dreadful nights of tossing and turning can be alleviated by thinking through your pillow type choices. Are you laying with the stomach sleepers sleeping on a pillow designed for back sleepers? What is your normal sleep position? Do you have a feather pillow when you need new levels of neck support? Are you sleeping on what feels like a cement brick when you crave softness? Are you a hot sleeper? Choosing a pillow that doesn’t match your body and sleep position is a recipe for disaster. You have to do better. (Source: Sleep Doctor)

Sleepers fall into three basic sleep position categories. Stomach, back, and side sleepers are our three representative snoozers. While back sleeping is often touted as a number for spinal alignment is it really because they have long had pillows designed for them? Side sleeping is known to have an array of health benefits. It alleviates snoring and helps with sleep apnea. It keeps acid reflux at bay and improves digestion and circulation.

Sleep is truly essential for our health, both physically and mentally. It gives us the time we deserve for our body to repair damage and for our brain to cement learning and memories. The effects of sleep deprivation can be truly devastating. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased stress, weight gain, and even hallucinations. It’s not a laughing matter when you can’t catch your ZZZs. Better sleep is on the horizon.

Most doctors prescribe 8 hours of sleep a night to be fully functioning and prepared to take on the day. People who sleep less than seven hours a night were three times more likely to develop the common cold than their peers. Instead of combatting the sleep posture problems with aspirin and coffee, create a sleeping environment suited to you. Stop the problem at its source. Starting with your pillow type.

Check out our pillow cube review list! We’ll be analyzing the Pillow Cube Pro, Side Sleeper Pro, and Cooling Pillow. Do they live up to the hype? Or will they leave us with neck pain and an unbalanced spinal alignment?

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What is a Pillow Cube?

Let’s begin by stating that the world is full of combination sleepers. People like diversity in their snooze. Yet, side sleeping is by far the most popular sleep position in America. In one survey, an overwhelming 74% of Americans were found to sleep on their side. Yet side sleepers are often left to scrunch up their soft pillow to find the support they need for a good night’s sleep. The pillow manufacturing industry caters to back sleepers who only comprise ten percent of American sleepers according to the same survey. Cue the pillow cube to fill the hole in the regular pillow realm.

Pillow Cubes were invented in 2019 to specifically give side-sleepers a great snooze. Jay, the creator of Pillow Cubes, found that he could never sleep soundly without an ideal pillow. He then set out to make it his mission for all side sleepers to feel properly supported. There is even a pillow sizing quiz on the website to find what size fits your body best. The height of a pillow cube versus a traditional pillow keeps side-sleepers’ necks from straining to reach the pillow. When you think of the distance from where your shoulder meets the mattress to where your neck begins that is a considerable distance. Decreasing the distance a sleeper’s head must travel to meet its resting space will decrease neck strain and shoulder pain.

The miracle cubes themselves are constructed from mattress-quality memory. Using higher quality than your typical memory pillow ensures it will not go flat after just a few uses. With the height of the cube being its key to helping side sleepers, this is an essential factor. This high-grade material also ensures that your cranium is cradled exactly in its shape.

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What is the Equation For the Perfect Pillow?

When we imagine the perfect pillow we don’t imagine much at all. That is the magic of the perfectly right pillow. It suits our bodies and our sleep position so exactly that not a single muscle is strained. It fits between us and the mattress just so. Its perfection is in being unnoticeable. The unsung hero of the bedding world.

We all know a person who brings their favorite pillow along for every night away from their bed. We might find it a bit excessive but those people have found (or think they have) the pillow that fits their body and sleep position like a glove. They have learned that not having their pillow will lead to shoulder pain, headaches, and discomfort. Do you know what that means? These people are consistently having deep and pain-free sleep. Sounds like bliss right? A better night’s sleep is on the horizon.

But what about those of us without our perfect pillow? Are we resigned to having less restful sleep and thus more health problems? Are we happy with the constant neck tension? Well, we shouldn’t be. We can find the perfect pillow that creates the best rest for us. We will soon have a pillow on top of our roller suitcases everywhere we go too.

Our Honest Reviews of Three Pillow Cubes: Side Sleeper Pro, Ice Cube Cooling Pillow, and the Sidekick

Side Sleeper Pro - Xtra Thick

by Pillow Cube 

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10/02/2023 09:44 am GMT

Do you find yourself awake and dreaming of the perfect pillow instead of actually dreaming? Do you have a crick in your neck and a feeling that you haven’t rested well in years? End that pain, find that rest, and dream for real! Find your pillow match now! Don’t toss, turn, and live with back pain and headaches. Here we review three different pillow cubes to help you select your dream side-sleeping pillow.

Pillow Cube Pick #1 – The Side Sleeper Pro

Retail: $112.49


  • Mattress-grade Memory Pillow
  • Neck Support

The Side Sleeper Pillow Cube Pro takes the pillow cube classic and transforms it into a rectangular prism. It still boasts all the qualities that make a pillow cube great so we will overlook the technical 3D shape naming faux-pas. Created with mattress-grade memory foam, the Side Sleeper Pro will keep its shape and support over time. There is nothing worse than bringing home a pillow just to get two or three magical sleeps and suddenly find it flat as a pancake. Not with this memory foam pillow! That’s simply not in the cards with the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Cube. Maintaining the 90-degree angle helps side-sleepers fill the gap between their shoulder and neck in a way that doesn’t produce strain. This body posturing is “just right;” reducing pain, increasing sleep quality, and hitting all our marks. There is even a trusty quiz on their website for body types with broad shoulders, longer necks, and weaker spines. It’s a firmly innovative product for side-sleepers.


  • Limited Heights. We want more.
  • Manufacturing Smell. Don’t worry, it wears off.

The Side Sleeper Pro comes in three heights: 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch. Though these heights were chosen due to their suitableness for most bodies, there will still be some height and weight ratios that fall in between the cracks. Pillow cubes come with a sizing guide to help you choose which height will best suit you. They recommend laying on your mattress and stacking books until you reach a height where your neck is neutral and pain free. Measure the book stack and voila!

In addition, a pillow cube pro review or two included a note on an “initial smell”. This is common in pillows and is due to the rigorous standards they must meet to be safe and hygienic. This smell will fade over time or through a good airing out. It’s common across the board.

Pillow Cube Pick #2 – The Ice Cube Cooling Pillow

Ice Cube Cooling Pillow

by Pillow Cube

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Retail: $134.99


  • Cooling Memory. Fresh and chilled.
  • Washable Cover

The Ice Cube Cooling Pillow upgrades the already superior quality memory standard for a pillow cube and adds cooling technology. This ensures you always have the cool side of the pillow. A sweat-free sleep is a peaceful sleep indeed. Never skimping on materials, the Pillow Cubes casing is also of superb quality and can be washed to maintain hygiene.


  • Price ($$-$$$)

The Cooling Pillow is available in all heights and sizes that Pillow Cubes are manufactured in. It is essentially an add-on that keeps your pillow ice cold and always on the right side. No flipping is ever required. As all Pillow Cubes are created with high-quality materials from the start some might find the extra charge for cooling technology unnecessary.

It depends on what price point you go into pillow hunting with. An average number of pillows last one year maximum. If you think this is a hefty dollar sign for sleep, it might be good to consider other options. However, it’s key to remember you pay for what you get. Some of the more budget brand, pillow cube alternatives on the market fell flat (quite literally).

Some state that adding their own pillow case decreased the cooling power they came to love. No stress, the Pillow cube designer created a solution for this as well!

Portable, Travel, Bed Pillow for Side Sleeping

by Pillow Cube 

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Pillow Cube Pick #3 – The Sidekick

Retail: 52.49


  • Travel Friendly. A combat cube of our future sleep dreams.

This model of pillow cube is more compact and travel friendly. It still has the same functionality of the Side Sleeper Pro, but pocket sized. You should get a blissful sleep wherever you are. It gets high levels of praise for being able to condense via vacuum bags or hide in a small backpack for long-plane rides. The quality of the memory means it will bounce back, so no stress on flatness.


  • Small surface area

Nobody likes falling off the bed, same with falling off your pillow. Although it’s not as serious as we’re making it out to be, if you’re an active sleeper, you should pass. Those who sleep like a rock, only shifting once or twice in their sleep are the target consumer for the Sidekick size portion.

To make the Sidekick the next must have travel item the size was reduced. This leads to less surface area. Less surface area might lead to your head coming off the pillow at the night. With pillow cubes as your basis for good sleep, you wouldn’t want that. You will have to weigh the risk-benefit analysis of pillow cube size for yourself.

Quick Summary

As a side-sleeper, I cannot wait to commit to a pillow cube. From the items reviewed, I am leaning toward an Ice Cube Cooling Pillow. A Pillow Cube will ensure I sleep deeply and wake rested and pain free. With these needs met why shouldn’t I keep reaching toward the stars? With an Ice Cube Cooling Pillow, I can count sheep (for less time than ever) without ever having to scrunch a pillow for support OR flip it over looking for the cool side.

Here’s What Other Buyers Are Saying…

Pillow Cubes are taking the internet by storm with legions of buyers and fans. Their marketing is clever and viral. By now, you are definitely wondering if a Pillow Cube is right for you or your side-sleeping partner. If you want more than our opinion (and you are a smart shopper, why wouldn’t you?)

Check out what others are saying:

1. “How can this silly little square provide a good night’s sleep?! I don’t know the secret – I only know it works.” – Mary via Amazon.com

2. “It’s been 4 weeks since I started to use it, and I have never slept so soundly in my eighty years of life. I fall asleep, stay asleep, and can go back to sleep if I wake up during the night. Insomnia has plagued me all my life, but the Pillow Cube Pro has changed all that – I can’t believe the solution was so simple.” – Masako via Amazon.com

3. “I think this is a novel idea for a pillow and it really solves a common issue for side sleepers where the pillow is usually too thin and doesn’t provide adequate support for your head. With this pillow, you no longer have to scrunch up your pillow and constantly adjust it at night to get the proper loft.” – Sleepsherpa.com

4. “The ingenious simplicity of the design of this pillow is matched only by its efficacy, for it does perfectly exactly what it promises to do — and, indeed, even a little more. It is unquestionably the ideal solution to the problems that confront the frustrated side-sleeper, but, if my experience with it is any guide, it may also be, for some at least, the key that finally gives access to the wonderful new kingdom of back-sleeping. It is agreeably cool and odor-free, and fits easily into an ordinary pillow cover.” – Lauren via Amazon.com

5. “This is a game changer! My neck doesn’t hurt anymore and I felt better within a few days. I have recommended this to all my side sleeper friends. It does help as well when I’m also on my back.” -Rebecca via Amazon.com

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Pillow Talk

While representing the vast majority of American sleepers, side-sleepers have been grossly overlooked by a big pillow. Perhaps they have been too worn out from lack of sleep or too busy trying to get that crick out of their neck to make their voices heard. Not anymore. Pillow cubes deliver the answer to our side-sleeping prayers.

This exciting journey of comfortable pillow cube reviews should give hope to side sleepers everywhere. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Sleep at the end of your day! You don’t have to live off of Aleve and caffeine. You too can sleep well, and you deserve it.

Pillow cubes are designed for side-sleeping person who wants a positive change in their spinal alignment, and headache reduction. They fill that annoying gap between where your shoulder hits the mattress and where your neck begins. It is not a recipe for good sleep to have your neck craning to reach the pillow. Bring the pillow to you.

Pillow cubes are made of superior materials. From their mattress-quality memory to their hygienic and washable cases, no details are overlooked. If you go with an Ice Cube Pillow Cube, you’ll have that breezy additional cooling technology at your disposal. If you’re hitting a long train, the Sidekick is your go-to for feeling your grandest. You can rest easy knowing that the best was found for your bit of shut eye.

Neck tension be gone. Grogginess vanish. Side-sleepers rejoice! Better night’s sleep has arrived. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

What do you think of this Pillow Cube Review: Can it live up to the hype?

Let us know if you’ve tried these prismatic memory foam pillows!

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