Newton Mattress: Is It Right for Your Baby’s Crib?

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Researching The Best Crib Mattress For Your Little One

As you may have already realized, a whole lot of thought and good discernment goes into finding the perfect first bed for your little bundle of joy. Unfortunately, the research that goes into ensuring you’ve discovered the right mattress is potentially a real headache in the making. When a decision so important needs to be made because of the real risks associated with cribs like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), it’s enough to haunt your dreams! We are here for you. We are here to help you figure out what all the newer formulated crib mattresses are all about. We also want to give you a helping hand in finding which is the best crib mattress for you and your newest little snuggle bug. We have compiled the information you will need to form an educated decision before you get to the store or add anything to your cart.

Newton Baby

The back story of Newton Baby has to be one of the richer stories that is sure to make anyone love the family behind the store. Michael Rothbard, a loving husband, and father of 3 delightfully curious children, is the hero behind this innovative company. The Newton baby store is named for the famous Isaac Newton, as one of his children was beginning to scratch an itch in the science he was learning. Upon telling his devoted father about the exciting news of his discovery of the laws of physics in school, this struck Michael as the new name of their latest endeavor: Newton Baby. However, this began a long time before they had a perfect name. While his first child was in his first crib, and Michael and his wife were in the grips of sleep deprivation, the veteran of sleep industry entrepreneurship realized the reason for the lack of sleep. The mattress was obviously uncomfortable with the hardest and most unbreathable material. So, like any good dad, he set out to find the solution to his son’s sleep deprivation- and his! When he discovered a solution, he went forth to share his groundbreaking new mattress with all parents- and parents-to-be.

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Newton Wovenaire Technology

In all this hard work to break the bad baby crib mattress cycle, Michael founded the Newton wovenaire technology that changed the game! He found a way to make the mattress flame retardant without releasing any off gassing into the air where baby dreams peacefully. When the rock-hard mattress the baby is supposed to sleep upon is emitting chemicals and gasses into the air, it is pretty off-putting, for sure! So, this dad opted for the safest fire retardant– SALT! And with the natural phosphates (salt) this mattress meets or exceeds the standard set by the fire safety regulations by the US government. That means rather than soaking the innards of the mattress in all kinds of chemicals to make it “safe” in a fire, as the other crib mattress companies do, Newton found a better way. In their discovery, they went a step further to ensure that the mattress is breathable. He used a recyclable polymer to make into a weave. When the polymer is dipped in a pool of clean water, it is then solidified making an ultra-breathable cushion for soundly snoozing for babies.

The Newton Crib Mattress Difference

Surely you have seen those undesirable types of crib mattresses, whether on your journey to find the safest yet comfortable one for your own bun in the oven. Maybe you slept on one yourself as an infant. Although, you probably don’t remember unless your mom or dad made it a point to tell you later in life that you weren’t a good sleeper. Like most parents, despite their best efforts, they ended up holding their baby or have baby sleep in their own bed as a surrender to the sleep deprivation. Sometimes, this is due to an incredibly uncomfortable crib mattress! What if there was a mattress made of mostly air, and by that we mean like 90% air and the other 10% recycled yogurt cups for the wovenaire core for cushion? Well, all the intrigued parents, please read on.

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Crib Mattress Breathability for Life

The mattress any baby sleeps upon should be firm, but not hard. A baby crib mattress should be breathable to reduce the risk of SIDS, and the mattresses that are made of vinyl or polyurethane foam are simply disqualified immediately. With Newton Baby crib mattresses you get the most breathability. With 100% breathability by the design of the mattress, this mattress permits 97% more air to pass through the mattress according to a third party study performed to test for breathability. The vinyl-covered waterproof mattresses allow for only 3% of air to come through the mattress by comparison. So, this means that on the vinyl-covered mattresses, baby can’t regulate his/her body temperature or breathe while lying face down. The breathability of Newton’s crib mattress prevents overheating by regulating body temperature while baby sleeps. This also eliminates sweaty backs upon waking. And we all know, sweaty backs make for grumpy babies. Furthermore, a mattress that doesn’t allow baby to breathe, especially a baby sleeping face down could cause the sudden infant death syndrome that we all fear in that first year of our babies’ lives.

The Run-Down of the Non-toxic Newton Crib Mattress

While there are plenty of crib mattress companies that claim their baby mattresses are non-toxic, this is especially true of the organic crib mattress. These companies, who are not regulated by any real agency,  have no one to answer to. Crib mattress companies are not always forth coming with the truth about their mattresses! A company can advertise that they make organic mattresses when, in fact, they don’t. This, unfortunately, happens because they don’t have anyone to call them out for it. It takes a lot of resources and energy to make an authentically clean crib mattress. Most of these companies making crib mattresses are not solely producing baby sleep products. Some of them don’t make anything else related to babies at all. If you want to find a completely non-toxic mattress for baby’s crib, you need to be cautious in your journey.

Greenguard Gold Certified Crib Mattress

Newton is a certified non-toxic mattress company that prides themselves on not using any VOCs or other toxic flame retardants in their crib mattresses. Newton uses only natural phosphates. The governing certifications to pass a lab test showing their mattress has no off gassing or chemical emissions produced in the test. This certification is called Greenguard or Greenguard Gold. This is an outstanding award for having no off gassing or chemical emissions when tested in a non-biased lab. There is the Greenguard certificate for just making it to the safe zone. Then, there is the big award for passing with flying colors! That alone should help any mom or dad sleep more soundly at night- or naptime. We get it, you better catch some ZZ’s anytime you can.

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A Baby Mattress That is Completely Washable

Some Moms and Dads are going to love this feature of the Newton crib mattress. The mattress comes apart by unzipping it. You can put the cover of the mattress in the washing machine and tumble dry on the low heat setting. The inner part of the mattress is the wovenaire core, so you shouldn’t do any drying with it that involves heat. You can spot clean it or rinse it off in your bathtub or even hose it down outside. Whichever is your preference, just lay it flat to dry inside the house. Can you think of any mattress that cleans more thoroughly and easily than the Newton crib mattress?

Allergen and Harmful Materials Free Baby Mattress

There is a great deal of harmful materials in many baby’s crib mattresses that should not be there. So, when it comes to the ideal crib mattress for your little bit, Newton has produced a totally harmless crib mattress. This is thoughtfully done by producing a latex free, springs and polyurethane foam-free, adhesive-free, and vinyl-free, dream crib mattress. This means that you can be worry-free about the very place that your little sugarplum will spend most of her, or his, time.

Newton Original Crib Mattress Review

The Original and the Waterproof crib mattresses are made with sweet baby’s safety, comfort, and mom and dad’s concerns, in mind. The core of the mattress is a 90% breath-thru material that is all Newton’s own innovation (Newton’s wovenaire core). The other 10% is food-grade polymer from recycled yogurt cups. The Newton original mattress is beyond comparison with extraordinary ultra-breathability that is achieved by its design. To keep the mattress breathable, it is not recommended that you use any other crib mattress covers in conjunction with the Newton crib mattresses. It is suggested to use our Newton soft muslin cotton fitted sheet with your crib mattress. However, in all actuality, it is not required. As long as you look for the softest muslin cotton sheet that will fit snugly, it will prove compatible with the newton mattresses. The sheets Newton makes for mattresses are the best for ensuring the optimal breathability of the product and comfort of your little one. Newton’s Original mattress size is 52*28, so it fits all American-sized cribs, although be it, snugly. This does ensure there are no gaps that baby can get hurt from. The thickness of the mattress is 5.5 inches and with no glue or foam or springs inside, your baby will be in pure baby bliss.

Newton Original Crib Mattress
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Newton Waterproof Crib Mattress Review

This is a standard sized crib mattress. Moreover, it is a 2- stage mattress with a stronger moisture barrier than the Original and Essential Newton crib mattresses. The mattress caters to infants and toddlers, alike. The mattress is very innovative and practical by growing with your baby to their toddler years- with no mattress flipping. In fact, if you flip the mattress, it would be the exact same feel and protection on each side. The mattress is 100% washable. The Newton waterproof mattress is 100% breathable and is 5.5 inches thick for the best nights of your baby’s life. The Newton waterproof mattress works differently than other 2-stage crib mattresses by having the breathability for the infant stage, and then the waterproofing built in for later on when baby isn’t a baby anymore. Don’t worry, though, he or she will always be YOUR baby! And the same efficacy can be reached no matter what side of the mattress you use. The waterproof part is actually an inside out waterproof that is built right into the mattress cover. What’s more is you can buy just the waterproof cover, or you can splurge on a pack of two wherever Newton products are sold.

The Mattress Reviews You Got to See

At a rating of a 4.8 out of 5 stars, the consumers are absolutely raving about the best sleep this mattress provides their babies. It is definitely a competitive market for baby sleep products, especially mattresses! When you see the price tags of some “organic” mattresses with prices well over 400 dollars, it’s important you research the company before shelling out the big bucks. Newton has a semi-hefty price tag with the Newton Essential crib mattresses- the standard size and the mini crib size being $249.99 and $199.99, respectively. The Newton Original crib mattress is $249.99, and the Newton Waterproof crib mattress is $349.99. There are imitations of the Newton crib mattresses that are a bit less in price, but you get what you pay for. And the price is so worth having if it means longer stretches of sleep and not worrying for your little love’s safety throughout the night and day. It is arguably the most important thing in a little one’s life- aside from feeding necessities. These moms are exuding the love and feeling of security they are getting with the Newton crib mattress. Some moms are absolutely thrilled to know that their little one is sleeping on all safe and certified materials! There is a certain smell of plastic when unboxing the mattress, but the company says not to worry. The plastic smell may be from the plastic wrapping, and the mattress is completely safe to use right out of the box. Well, after the unboxing process is finished and its in the crib correctly.

Newton Waterproof Crib Mattress Review
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The Alternative Baby Mattress

There are plenty of newer crib mattress companies sprouting up out of thin air it seems. They seem to have very similar ideas to Newton Baby, and their own solutions to things like off-gassing or breathability. This is some really awesome progress to becoming more mindful in the ways in which a baby’s crib mattress is created. No more of the old vinyl covered “waterproof” crib mattresses that are responsible for suffocation and VOCs in the mattresses! We are at a point where it is cool to care and be more conscientious about our baby products.

The Moonlight Slumber Crib Mattress

We have the top-rated polyurethane foam mattresses on the market as we speak. The Moonlight Slumber crib mattress lines start at $119.99 and go all the way up to a whopping $349.99. They are UL Greenguard Gold certified and filled with a BabyCool foam, so the mattresses are polyurethane foam and have gauze like fire retardant woven into the core of the polyurethane mattress. The next top rated crib mattress is also a polyurethane foam created mattress.

The Graco Premium Crib Mattress

The Graco Premium Crib Mattress. Please, remember that the polyurethane foam is not safe for babies to sleep on. This crib mattress is ranking rather high on the best crib mattresses for baby. The Graco Premium crib mattress is favored for the high breathability it allows. This mattress is also Greenguard Gold certified for the low emissions it produces. The mattress also has a removable cover for easy cleaning.

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The Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress

And the best alternative to the price of the Newton crib mattresses, is a foam free crib mattress from Lullaby Earth. The only thing about the Lullaby Earth’s online store is that there are no REAL specifics about what the mattress is made of, but you are led to assume that this company is very very similar to Newton Baby. The price of their crib mattress is $89.00. That’s about half of the price of the Newton Essential crib mattress, mini.

Final Thoughts

On this arduous journey to discover the best crib mattress, it is recommended that moms and dads don’t cut any corners. Really, dig deep to ensure that the place where your baby will be spending most of their time is absolutely as safe and comfortable as possible. Please, don’t substitute safety for comfort, or vis-versa, baby needs both for a good healthy sleep life. Don’t forget, though, about the old saying “you get what you pay for” and “if it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is”. As the polyurethane goes, it is proven to be toxic. It’s imperative that you do your homework before you purchase your sweet little one’s first mattress.

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