Miracle Bamboo Pillow: Good or Bad?

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There are many varieties of bamboo, an evergreen perennial flowering plant in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the family Poaceae. You don’t have to look very hard to find it nowadays. This is because these rather tall plants are quite beautiful. People grow them in all sorts of shapes like swirls and some even braid the stalks, but the stalks naturally grow straight and are full of floppy green leaves. 

You’ve probably seen them around, many people keep the smaller ones for luck in businesses and homes as they’re good feng shui. The family of bamboos is one of the fastest-growing in the world. This is due to their rhizome-dependent system, a rather unique one. 

Did you know that some of the varieties in this grass species grow about a foot within a 24-hour period? That’s about one and a half inches per hour. Not only do they grow quite fast though, they have a high tolerance for marginal land so they’re great for afforestation, the establishment of a forest or stand of trees in an area where there was no previous tree cover as well as for carbon sequestration, the process of storing carbon in a carbon pool, and climate change mitigation.

Miracle Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose

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Furthermore, one of the largest of all bamboos, Dendrocalamus giganteus, known as giant bamboo, is native to Southeast Asia and grows in tropical and subtropical areas. Nobody knows the origin of the word “bamboo” but many think it might be Dutch or Portuguese, originally borrowed from Malay or Kannada.

The internodal regions of the bamboo stem are usually hollow, just like in other grasses, and the vascular bundles in the cross-section are scattered throughout the stem as opposed to the cylindrical arrangement of other plants. Furthermore, bamboo also lacks a dicotyledonous woody xylem, a tube that transports water to the top of the plant. 

Thus, the absence of secondary growth wood, the developmental process driving the radial expansion of woody stems (the rings you see on a fallen tree trunk) is the reason why they grow as columns. Palm trees are similar in this regard.


Bamboo in Commercial Applications

The versatility of bamboo has an economic and cultural significance in several parts of Asia as people build all kinds of things with it. Not only that, there are some edible varieties. In many ways, the applications of bamboo are similar to those of wood. 

Bamboo has recently become popular outside of Asia and you can find it all over the world. People make a variety of products with it. For instance, the fibers from this fast-growing grass are now in clothing, bedding and pillows, the subject of our article, and other goods besides its application as building material.

Bamboo Fabric and the Fibers It’s Made Of

What’s so great about a bamboo pillow? Isn’t it uncomfortable to sleep in a bunch of sugarcane-like stalks? Well, you don’t really have to sleep on the stalks, it’s the fibers that manufacturers use to weave all kinds of fabrics with this plant. In fact, it’s no different than cotton and other natural fibers.

Well, actually, bamboo is quite different from other fibers in that there are many advantages to using it in textiles. For one, it’s always been grown without pesticides. Other fibers like cotton require lots of pesticides to grow well. Indeed, there’s such a thing as organic cotton, but the environmental impact is still up there and can’t beat bamboo in that regard. 

Another advantage of bamboo fibers is this plant doesn’t need as much water as cotton to grow and no irrigation is necessary. This is great because, as you know, the world is having serious problems maintaining fresh water and farmers barely have what they need for their crops. In this regard, bamboo is a self-sufficient crop that uses water much more efficiently than other plants.

As if that wasn’t enough, bamboo is self-replenishing and you don’t need to replant it. It’s truly an amazing plant that multiplies quite quickly and will yield way more than cotton plants, which need to be harvested and re-planted year after year. 

Furthermore, bamboo is way stronger than cotton and also one of the most affordable fabrics. It’ll outlast cotton and maintain its shape, strength, and durability if you properly care for it. Bamboo fabrics are also softer than cotton. 

While Egyptian cotton is still a highly coveted fabric, it’s also expensive and hard to acquire. In turn, bamboo viscose is as nice as its more luxurious counterparts, silk included. The best part is its cost is much, much lower. It’s also hypo-allergenic and won’t cause any allergic reactions like some cottons. It’s also more absorbent and can wick moisture away from your skin and keep you dry and comfortable.. 

Finally, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and can help reduce fashion loving and human skin fetish bacteria. Thus, bamboo clothing, bedding and bath are a great opportunity to experience the benefits of bamboo firsthand. Let’s get to the pillows.

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Bamboo Pillows

Some sources online claim that pillows made from bamboo are naturally soft, durable, breathable and hypoallergenic. There isn’t too much scientific evidence as to the health benefits of bamboo pillows but we do know that the bamboo fibers in pillows have many such qualities.

A bamboo pillow is usually made with bamboo fibers in addition to others made from crushing, treating, or hardening a mixture of bamboo leaves and stalks. Usually, the bamboo in a pillow is part of the casing, not the stuffing.

The best known potential benefits of this kind of pillow is it can naturally wick moisture and heat. This is because the fibers of the bamboo plant are hollow and the small gaps and holes in them can absorb moisture and allow hot air out. This fiber can keep your head cooler and drier than other fabrics used to make pillow casings.

Not only that, fabrics made with bamboo are also softer, static-free, and anti-cling. They tend to be soft and shiny like silk. As we said above, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic so it can resist the growth of bacteria and is less likely to harbor microorganisms that could make you ill or stinky. However, according to studies, these properties are about the same in cotton.

Bamboo is also easy to care for when compared to cotton and is also more wrinkle-resistant and less likely to shrink when you wash it. The material is eco-friendly, compared to other trees, as it absorbs more carbon dioxide so it generates more fresh oxygen.

Miracle Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose

by Ontel 

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The Miracle Bamboo Pillow: Good or Bad?

Ok, now you know everything there’s to know about bamboo, or at least a small percent of it, so let’s get to the Miracle Bamboo Pillow. This is one of the “As Seen on TV” products manufactured by OnTel, a company that manufactures many other products like humidifiers and toys, in addition to this pillow. Their other brands are Pillow Pets, Miracle Socks, Iron Gym, Miracle Bamboo Cushion, and Dream Tents, among others.

The filling in the Miracle Bamboo Pillow is a mixture of shredded memory foam and polyester microfiber so it conforms and molds to the shape of your body that’s most comfortable for you. This pillow gets its name from its casing, a blend of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose.

Let’s take a look at the Miracle Bamboo Pillow to see if the claims are real as well as find out more about its construction and the materials it contains. We’ll also see what sleepers have to say about it.

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is 40 percent bamboo viscose and 60 percent polyester, according to the specs listed in Amazon. (Note that most of the reviewers on this particular ad say the one sold here isn’t the authentic Miracle Bamboo Pillow.) 

This soft and supportive memory foam pillow is adjustable for comfort in a variety of positions but is extra firm when used as lumbar support. Thus, you can lay it flat for medium firmness to cradle your head or on its side for softness. 

You can choose between two sizes: queen and king. Also, the pillow is adjustable so you can alter the loft and firmness. The casing has a zipper so you can add or remove the filling to suit your specific needs.

The pillow cover regulates your temperature and this is great because you won’t have to flip and rearrange your pillow. You may not know it, but memory foam naturally regulates temperature and is breathable so you can remain cool and comfortable throughout the night. Furthermore, the durable, odor-resistant bed pillow is a special blend of shredded memory foam that can contour to your body and evenly distribute your body weight.

This pillow holds a 7.3 out of 10 score in Slumber Search, an online company with the mission to use the wealth of public data to really help people find better sleep at night. Most people love it but some hate it. It’s highly rated in many key categories like being moldable and conforming and people say they can easily shape the pillow to their bodies so it’s great for supporting the head and the neck

Memory foam tends to trap heat but the way it’s built along with its casing keep Miracle Bamboo Pillow cool throughout the night. Thus, most people who use it don’t have a problem staying cool. However, they report that the pillow is of average durability and would probably last two to three years, common in memory foam pillows. It’s definitely longer than synthetic down and polyester pillows but not as long as those made of latex.

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow doesn’t exactly have multiple firmness options but you can adjust it, as we mentioned above, by unzipping the cover to add or remove fill to fit your needs. As you can imagine, you can make it firmer or flimsier depending on how much you pack it.

Furthermore, the pillow promises to be anti-odor but most memory foam pillows do have a slight smell when they’re new. This is due to the volatile organic compounds that off-gas from this material.

Pillow with torn bits of memory foam spilling out

In Short

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is made from shredded memory foam fill and it’s similar to other traditional pillows. It may be as comfortable to those used to traditional pillows with natural fillings, but provides extra contouring around your head and neck and it’s great for side and stomach sleepers

Thus, most hot sleepers find the pillow initially comfortable, but its durability and support don’t last a lifetime. As you read above, the interior of the Miracle Bamboo pillow features shredded foam, so it slowly molds to the head and neck. It still feels like a traditional pillow due to the airiness around the fill. 

In regard to price, people complain that it’s too expensive for what it is as the quality isn’t that great and only lasts a couple of years as it flattens over time.

The Miracle Bamboo pillow gets its name from the material of the cover: bamboo fiber viscose, made with a chemical treatment that softens bamboo to make it flexible to spin, thread, and weave. This type of viscose is similar to rayon viscose and feels cool to the touch because it wicks away moisture. Thus, the Miracle Bamboo pillow is affordable but the quality isn’t that great. 

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Miracle Bamboo Pillow Reviews by the Real people Who Bought It

Here are some of the best reviews we selected from Slumber Search, we’ve ranked them from “I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend” to “Where have you been all my life!”

I wouldn’t recommend this product to a friend

“Pillows are not a one-size-fits all proposition, as we all have different needs and preferences. While I’m delighted that so many users have found this to be a great pillow, it simply doesn’t work for me. I gave this pillow a solid chance for a few weeks. No matter how I fluffed and shaped the pillow at bedtime, I always woke up with a headache and stiff neck. I purchased mine from the medical department store. Some reviews noted that medical department stores charge a higher price for this pillow than other sellers. They also have a no return policy. So if you’re merely curious about the Miracle Bamboo Pillow, you might want to buy it from a more competitively priced seller.”

Miracle Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose

by Ontel 

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Good Pillow

“Third pillow over a few years. I’m still using my original pillow. This replaced one I got for my daughter at the same time as my original pillow. After about 4/5 yrs, these pillows become stiffer and heavier. This actually works for me from motor vehicle collision injuries I received in 2007.”

Highly Recommended

“Huge fan of this pillow, recently ordered one to test it out and after one night I ordered another. If you are one of those people who constantly has to flip the pillow for a cool spot, this is the pillow for you!”

For my 4 Month Old Baby

“I bought it for my 4 month old baby because she has a hard time laying on the regular pillows. I know babies have their own types of pillows but I didn’t want to waste money on something they only use for a couple of months and then throw out. Instead I bought this pillow for her so she can use it, this way I can use it too. Let me tell you, every time I put her on this pillow she falls asleep immediately, and sometimes she just lays on it and watches TV. I use it too and it’s comfy. I love this firm pillow.”

content couple asleep in bed

Bamboo Pillows = Best Pillows

“Amazing. This is literally my favorite pillow ever. Someone gave me the same pillow last year and it feels exactly the same as the one I recently ordered. After sleeping with it every night, it doesn’t feel any less comfortable than the new one. They’re a nice large size with that firm but squishy shredded memory foam filling. I ordered a set of two Zen Bamboo Pillow to complement these firm ones and add another softer layer. I’ll only be using bamboo pillows from now on!”

I Was So Satisfied with the First that I Got a Second

Second time I’ve bought this pillow/brand. I was so satisfied with the first that I got a second. At first, they’re too big but it quickly gets to a comfortable level and stays that way. I’m a sleeper who goes from side to side and on the back, so I can’t speak to the comfort of a stomach sleeper.

Where Have You Been!

Finally! The best pillow I have been searching for many years! I purchased about 20 different ones and they were horrible. My neck still hurts. My Pillow was my last one and it was horrible! I purchased a Miracle Bamboo Pillow at Kohl’s and it’s very, very comfortable; the right pillow for anyone!

Well, as you can see, opinions are divided in regard to this pillow so you might want to find out for yourself. Sleep it on. We’ll leave you with something that might help you fall asleep faster: Good night, sleep tight, Don’t let the bedbugs bite. If they do, squeeze them tight, And they won’t bite tomorrow night.

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