Looking For a Bed Fan? Check Out These Great Picks.

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Does your partner keep turning the air conditioner up when it’s bedtime? Or do you particularly enjoy the monotonous hum of a ceiling fan or a bed fan to lull you to sleep at night? Maybe, you aren’t sure what a bed can do for your bedroom, especially if you sleep on a hot mattress or are a hot sleeper. We have some valuable information we’re ready to share with you about what a bed can do for you, why you need a cool room to sleep in, how to maximize your cooling system, and why your sleeping position affects how cool or hot you sleep. We always like to follow the good stuff up with even better stuff, like the best fan and the best cooling mattress options we know will make a massive difference in how well you sleep. So, have you ever thought about adding a fan to your sleep space?

What Can a Bed Fan Do For You?

It may seem obvious to some, but maybe to others, a fan has never even crossed their minds. Today, may the fan enter your mind to enhance the options for maximizing your sleep space’s potential. The fan or bed fan (and yes, there is a slight difference in some options) will be a great way to keep the air circulation up to speed while you sleep and will be a relief for some very hot sleepers who can’t get a good night’s rest. The importance of an active cooling system is especially great when you or someone you love is suffering hot flashes at night, whether from pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms or other physical ailments. You will be so glad to finally have the relief to sleep through the hot flashes. If you find yourself with a sleep disorder like insomnia, you may need to check out one of these bed fan options. Some instances of a sleep disorder can be caused by having your bedroom way too hot and stuffy.

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The Importance of Being Cool

First of all, that hot and stuffy feeling that can feel like suffocation and lead to panic attacks is a real problem. When you set up your sleep space for a good night’s sleep, the happy medium temperature all across the globe is 65 degrees F give or take a few degrees. The temperature variance should not exceed 69 degrees F. Things like humidity, and the outside temperature may affect the household temperature, but not by much. A great many sleep disorders in toddlers and children result from the household temperature that is too hot for a good night’s sleep and adults. And the remarkable science behind how your body temperature is affected by your sleep position is coming up in a few, but first, what makes a great bed fan?

What Makes a Great Bed Fan?

It may seem easy to pick out a suitable bed fan, but the reality is that the fan companies are putting out their best fan options now, with all the bells and whistles. So, why get a simple little bed fan that can disappoint even the most easy-going people? The bed fans that are available now are customizable, and some aren’t typical fans or fans at all. While a ceiling fan is a beautiful noisemaker and a mediocre air pusher, you will not get what you need in that ceiling fan or that little simple bed fan. Now, it’s time to see the materials of the best fan.

Customizable Options

When you wake more and more in the night, you will shorten your time in REM sleep, causing all kinds of problems each morning. When this happens, you will face the day feeling groggy and exhausted, and you JUST woke up! So, what a personalized cooling system can do to keep you in REM sleep longer, is up to you. It’s up to you as your needs are provided in different settings on a bed fan. There’s an option to improve the airflow in your sleep space by an oscillating fan or to keep the fan still in most settings. The settings usually range from low to high, and some can charge your phone while you sleep. Beyond that, customizing options are brilliant now, with smart alarms and sleep tracking apps to automatically adjust the airflow and temperature in your sleep space.

All Cooling Systems You Need to Know About

So, with all that being said, a few passive and active cooling systems are so advanced that they deserve mention—some great options for a more personal cooling system that uses water rather than airflow. The ChiliPad Cube and the Pod are great systems that cool or warm water to get you to your ideal body temperature. These options use a smart app on your phone to adjust to your needs at night to assist you with a better night’s sleep. They are also used by placing the pad comprised of water tubes on your mattress and then lying on it, so essentially, it only cools the side of your body that you’re lying. However, there is a plentitude of smartphone app-powered or remote control powered air cooling systems nowadays.

ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System
Photo source: amazon.com
Cube Sleep System

by ChiliSleep 

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Air Circulation Capabilities

Because we can’t stress enough that the air circulation is key to a restful night’s sleep, the room temperature is too. Still, the temperature will be compromised with stuffy air that isn’t moving without an excellent airflow. You need to have the air in your sleep space that’s refreshing and crisp. You will wake up to a whole new you with the lower temperature. Now, let’s take it to the next level for all the hot sleepers who can’t get it right.

Maximum Cooling with a Cooling Mattress

Getting it right may be a job for a cooling mattress like the Helix Midnight Luxe. But “what is a cooling mattress?” you might wonder. A cooling mattress is any mattress that infuses things like rayon from bamboo or eucalyptus trees called bamboo lyocell and Tencel, respectively. Anything like gel memory foam or a breathable mattress fabric like polyester will be a winner for cooling.

Helix Midnight Luxe mattress
Photo source: helixsleep.com

The Cooling Capabilities of Your Current Mattress

Having the aforementioned in mind, let’s see what your current mattress is doing or not doing for your cooling needs. What is your mattress material? What kind of fabric is the cover, and what does it have inside that helps you stay cool as a cucumber?

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you probably feel like sleeping in a Brazilian rainforest. Thank your foam mattress if you wake to a hot sticky, and dripping mess. Don’t discredit what foam can do for your body, like pressure relief and cradling your body to make you feel secure, and your body weight is distributed evenly for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The body heat accumulated while you sleep just so awful on a foam mattress. Many mattress companies are now trying to infuse gel memory foam or bamboo to even the body temperature problem with foam mattresses. Also, a mattress topper can work wonders to add to your cooling necessities, and that way, you aren’t forced to invest in a brand new mattress before it’s time.

Hybrid Mattress

The good news with the hybrid mattress is that it’s typically cooler than an all-foam mattress. Although a hybrid is made partly from foam, the counterpart generally is an innerspring or a latex component. When sleeping on a hybrid, your body temperature isn’t necessarily regulated entirely. While the hybrid mattress will be better at cooling, the memory foam in the mattress will still have its role in how your body heat is either absorbed or deflected. So, since we now know that an innerspring component to the hybrid mattress helps its cooling, how cool can an innerspring mattress be?

Innerspring Mattress

If you are already familiar with how an innerspring mattress works, you could safely assume that it’s probably the most breathable and cooling mattress. The innerspring, or the pocket coil mattress, is indeed a dream for hot sleepers and is suitable for all types of sleepers. Side sleepers tend to do well on memory foam. However, when that side sleeper is a hot sleeper simultaneously, an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress may be the best choice.

Snooze’s Top Bed Fan Picks for Good Sleep. Finally

Once you are on your way to better sleep with a more than mediocre sleep space, the best cooling mattress, the best mattress topper, and the setup are missing something. You already know you need the best bed fan to create the ultimate sleep space. Well, here are the best fan picks for your best sleep ever.

Clip Convertible Table-Top & Clip Fan Two Quiet Speeds

by Genesis 

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Clip-On Bed Fan from Genesis Designs

Let’s start with some fantastic clip-on options for cooling you while you sleep. It may not seem like an effective way to a cooler sleep environment, but we implore you to keep an open mind with these very individualized cooling fans. The first of two clip-on options is the Genesis Designs 6″ corded electric fan that has all you need for individualized cooling. If you are the hotter partner in the sleep space and your counterpart sleeps fine without the help of extra cooling, then a tiny and mighty clip-on may be what you need. This Genesis design is easily converted to a tabletop fan to set on your nightstand instead of the bedsheet or other clampable place. Either way, you prefer to set it up. The fan has two quiet fan speeds, high and low settings.

Moreover, the fan is fully adjustable to ensure the airflow is relevant to your needs. The clip-on is easy to mount and dismount from any place you need extra airflow with a simple butterfly screw on the head of the fan. And with the super affordability of this fan, it almost begs a chance to be your next bed fan.

Why It’s Great

It’s the best quiet fan that you’ll find that is also portable and easy to use. The versatility of the clip-on to tabletop options in the fan is quiet and efficient with the two speeds and the ability to aim the airflow directly where it’s needed. The best part is the fan is less than $15!

Classic 6 Inch Clip Fan - Portable Fan

by Hurricane 

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Clip-On Fan from Hurricane

Now, the next clip fan possibly has the most variety in the sizes and styles to choose. The 6″ clip-on bed fan is the smallest fan out of the Hurricane bed fans. The other Hurricane fans go all the way to 20″, and the styles include wall-mounted fans, box fans, pedestal fans, and tower fans. You really can’t go wrong with the Hurricane, and you can’t ever have too many fans to cool every nook and cranny of the house. With the help of a fan, you can relieve your air conditioner by a degree or two, only if you even want to. The clip-on fan has a high and low setting to maintain the temperature you want.

Why It’s Great

We love this Hurricane fan because of the simplicity of its design. The great clip can grip all of 2″ of a surface area to attach the fan to more places making it more convenient. We also love all the different sizes and styles that are sure to please everyone desperate for the best airflow in bed.

HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Black

by Honeywell 

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Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Bed Side Tabletop Fan

Next up is the Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force air circulator, which surely IS a force of nature. No matter its size, this little tabletop or floor fan will surprise you with the cooling power it contains. But that’s not all. You can just as easily mount the fan to a wall and still get all the pivoting action and the airflow you need to sleep more relaxed than ever. This little powerhouse can easily make small to medium rooms cooler and comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep. The quiet fan has three speeds and a 90-degree pivoting head to channel the airflow in the direction you need it most. Its aerodynamic turbo design maximizes air circulation so that you can feel its power at 27′ away! On top of the turbo design, the fan saves power usage and energy in your home.

Why It’s Great

If it isn’t already apparent to you, the fan has a lot to love. We love its small and versatile design, and the power it puts out is impressive. We love the efficiency and money-saving value this fan brings to the table with the turbo force to give a 27-foot range to feel its force. We also love that Honeywell is a well-known and highly reputed brand that backs up all its appliances with money-back guarantees and warranties. This tiny powerhouse of a bed fan is less than $20.

Oscillating Pedestal Fan, 52 Inch

by Lasko 

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Lasko 2535 Pedestal Oscillating Fan

Now it’s time to check out the bigger fans that are sure to please every hot sleeper and the partners who both need to feel the air circulation or the gentle hum of the fan to sleep peacefully at night. No matter how you need the fan in your sleep space, this one will be the best oscillating fan with a pedestal design. The 52″ pedestal fan’s design is narrow and tall to fit into the small spaces to keep out of the way while it continually delivers cool, crisp air. The unique features of this Lasko fan are nothing short of amazing with its sleep timer, wireless remote with an LED display, and directional airflow with the oscillation. It is an excellent addition to anyone’s sleep space or any space. The timer allows you to control the output of the fan speed. By setting the timer, you can have it cut off when your first alarm rings in the morning to get you up and out of bed with the cool air trapping you in your covers. The remote control is a great companion to the fan to be in control when you’re coming home from a vacation when you want to come home to a fresh and airy home. You could also keep the remote at arm’s reach to adjust the airflow.

Why It’s Great

First off, did you see that it has a 52″ airflow span to cool a bigger room more efficiently? We like the 3-speed options accompanied by the remote backlit LEDs so you can find your way around it even in the dark. The oh so practical sleep timer built into the fan and remote makes this our best bed fan! This fan can easily make anyone’s sleep environment feel solid and one you can implement into a bedtime routine, or you can set it and forget it. It’s a versatile fan with the handiest features to add to your budding sleep space.

Cruiser Pro T1 Tower Fan

by Dreo 

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Dreo Tower Fan with Remote Control

Finally, we have the Dreo tower fan to introduce you and your sleep environment. It may be a fan favorite, but all of these fans are! So, picture yourself propped up in bed, and the fan is getting too cold because, well, it’s a Dreo, and Dreo fans are powerhouses. You’re getting cold, and you don’t want to get up out of your warm blanket; what do you do? You grab the remote control, of course! The Dreo tower has a 42″ airflow span without blades like box fans employ, just powerful air circulation for the best airflow your ultimate sleep space needs. The tower fan has a LED working display to see the buttons even in the dark, and if that doesn’t work, you can always grab the remote and change the setting. This baby has six speeds and three modes(normal, natural, and sleep) to ensure the most individualized comfort you can get from a fan. When you want to have the fan run smoothly at the temperature in the room, set it to automatic, and it will maintain the ambient temperature and keep it crisp and cooler than any other fan will.

Why It’s Great

The Dreo is the ultimate sleep space luxury fan. We love all the things about it, and we love the user-friendly interface and the settings that are actually for the best comfort that you’ll want in every room of your house. And you could run them all because they are energy-efficient air circulators. We can’t recommend this fan enough. The six speeds are quiet, no matter if you set it too high. It will hum its melodic tune and, at best, lull you to sleep every night.

You’re Officially in the Fan Club

We are here at Snooze to make your life easier with each snippet of information you read here. We hope it inspires you to pay attention to your tired body needs. There’s so much that goes hand in hand with sleep, and everyone’s needs are so different, so we strive to include all the versions of the best sleep necessity possible to cover everyone’s potential needs. While a Dreo is a fan that you never knew you needed and have to have, someone else may have their eye on a simple Honeywell design. With the ever-elusive sleep, we know these sleep accessories are the difference between living your best life or struggling day after day. So, continue to set up a sleep space that is quiet, dark, cool, and one that is uniquely your own, and we’ll continue to support your journey to the sweetest of dreams with the best information to get you there.

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