Long Pillows Can Help You Sleep More Comfortably

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Standard pillows support our head and neck, but what about our back? If you struggle with finding comfort at night, it may be time to try sleeping with a long body pillow. These pillows help offer more support while you rest, enhancing your overall sleep quality.

Some people prefer long pillows because they find them more comfortable than traditional pillows. Long pillows are for more than just sleeping; you can use them for reading or relaxing in the living room. You can even use them as a pregnancy pillow to help with nursing. In this article, you’ll explore how these pillows can enhance your nighttime routine, the different types of long pillows, and review five of the best long pillow options online!

Long Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions

There are many different sleeping positions, and each person has their favorite. Some people are stomach sleepers, while others prefer to sleep on their back or side.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a sleep position. It’s essential to find a position that is most comfortable for you. While a specific position may feel comfortable, it may not offer enough support to sleep comfortably throughout the night resulting in aches and pains when you get out of bed in the morning.

A long pillow can lessen the effects of specific positions on your body by adding an extra element of support. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, a long pillow may help you feel more comfortable and relaxed at night. Different sleeping positions call for extra pillows, so it is necessary to know which pillow is right for you.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach can be uncomfortable for some people, but it is an excellent position for those who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea. Sleeping on your stomach keeps your head and neck in a position that reduces this condition. It also keeps your spine aligned which can reduce back pain. A long pillow is recommended for stomach sleepers because of its beneficial effects on the neck and spine.

Doctors believe there can be an emotional connection behind your sleeping position. Here, Dr. Jarrett Grunstein talks about the reasoning behind stomach sleeping:

“There are some thoughts from the psychology community that stomach sleeping may have an emotional component,” chiropractic Dr. Jarrett Grunstein said. “Stomach sleepers often find it difficult to fully relax enough to fall asleep on their back or sides. Some believe this has to do with the ‘heart center’ (located in the chest region) needing a certain level of compression for this type of sleeper to feel safe. So, I will always recommend that my patients who gravitate towards sleeping on their stomach try to sleep on their sides.”

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is a good choice for those who want to avoid wrinkles. It also keeps your neck in a neutral position, which may reduce the risk of back pain. If you sleep on your back, a long thin pillow is best to avoid straining your neck.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is often the standard sleeping position for most people. Sleeping on your side helps improve your spinal alignment, reduces your risk of snoring, and lessens back pain. It is an excellent choice for those with back problems who want to avoid putting pressure on their lower spine.

If you sleep on your side, a medium firm long pillow is recommended to provide the best position for your neck and spine.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers can use just about any long pillow because they cycle through many different positions at night. Because of this, they may need more support than those who only remain in one position throughout the night. 

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Health Benefits of Using a Body Pillow 

People who use body pillows report better sleep, reduced pain, and improved comfort. Body pillows can help to support the spine and spread weight evenly. Good support results in fewer aches and pains throughout the body.

Body pillows can support multiple areas of your body simultaneously, which provides comfort and helps you sleep better throughout the night. Experts note that a good night’s sleep is a foundation for our health.

Body Pillows Can Help With Anxiety

Weighted long pillows can be used as a form of deep pressure stimulation, which helps calm the nervous system. Deep pressure stimulation is a therapeutic method of applying pressure to the body at night which activates relaxation and comfort throughout the nervous system.

Weighted long pillows act the same as a weighted blanket which is used to apply heavy pressure against your chest or stomach to help ward off feelings of anxiousness. A weighted long pillow may be helpful if you struggle with nervousness at night. 

Pillow Material

A body pillow’s material is a main factor in determining how comfortable it may be. There are many types of pillow filling, including cotton, down, polyester, and shredded foam. The filling that best suits your pillow needs depends on how you intend to use your pillow.

For instance, if you need a long pillow to help support your neck and head, then you may not want to choose a pillow that’s full of light, loose filling such as cotton. However, if you want a long pillow to hold against your chest or stomach at night, cotton might be just the thing.

Memory Foam

memory foam pillow provides you with a strong sense of firmness while also forming the shape of whatever part of your body it is supporting. Not only does this type of pillow offer you support, but it can also be very comfortable because you won’t have to necessarily “break it in.”

A memory foam pillow is resilient and won’t lose its shape or firmness.

Cotton Pillows

A cotton-filled long pillow is excellent for adding some bulkiness to your bed. Cotton pillows are great for resting between your legs, holding at night, or keeping next to you for added comfort. These are the best pillows to hold while you sleep, often feeling like a firm cloud that’s just as comfortable as it is soft. 

Down Feathers

Down pillows are made of goose feathers. This type of filling is very soft, plush, and luxurious. Down has been used in pillows and clothing for many years for its insulating properties, helping to keep you warm throughout the night. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality long pillow that will be long-lasting and provide you with firmness and comfort, this is the choice for you. 


A polyester-filled pillow is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a standard long pillow. Poly-fil is resilient, firm, and usually machine washable. Long pillows are similar to traditional pillows, where washing them periodically can be beneficial for your health. Poly-fil can be cleaned regularly and is also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone who struggles with specific allergies to irritants. 

Do You Need a Pillow Case?

Pillow cases are often an essential for standard sized pillows. But, not all pillows require a pillow case. In fact, some are intended to be used as is. Most long pillows will come made with material that doesn’t require a pillowcase. Using a pillowcase may be more aesthetically pleasing and can help maintain a pillow’s quality by protecting it from dirt and sweat, especially for low-quality fabrics that are more prone to wear, tear, and staining. 

Whether you use a pillowcase or not is entirely up to you and depends primarily on the type of pillow you have and how often you want to clean it. Pillowcases will reduce the frequency of cleaning your pillow, but they also store more heat. If you use hair products, eat in bed, or are prone to excessive sweating at night, finding a pillowcase for your long pillow will help keep it fresh. 

Long Pillows for Comfort and Support

Now that you’ve learned the potential benefits of long pillows, let’s look at five of the best body pillows on the market.

Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow

Snuggle Pedic’s Full Body Pillow is curated using high-quality, soft memory foam. The filling of shredded memory foam helps provide support regardless of your sleep position during the night.

These long pillows conform to your body shape, which can help maintain proper alignment of your legs, back, and hips. Sleeping with a long bed pillow can increase body temperature, but this material counters that to help keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. If you struggle with back pain, this cooling pillow is a great option to help support your back.

Snuggle-Pedic’s memory foam pillow was developed by a chiropractor to help combat neck and back issues and promote a pain-free night. The outer cover of this pillow is a luxurious, extra-breathable fabric that increases the flow of temperature to release some of the heat absorbed from your body and keep you cool on even the hottest nights.

This body pillow is machine washable so you can keep it fresh and clean. The foam material can hold its shape for years, so you won’t have to worry about pillow shopping anytime soon.

These pillows are for anyone looking for added support throughout the night. Snuggle-Pedic offers the best cooling pillow for those of us with “night sweats.”

Price: $69.99

Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow for Adults
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Oubonun Quilted Body Pillow

One of the best features of the Oubonun Quilted Body Pillow is that it is fully adjustable! Even the highest quality pillows may lack the individualized support you need, but the Oubonun quilted pillow is designed to solve this issue.

Adjusting this pillow is as easy as unzipping the pillow by using its strategically concealed zipper and removing or adding more filling to suit your need. If you need a less firm option, you can remove some of the filling to make the pillow less fluffy. Readjusting the pillow is as easy as inserting the removed filling back into the case. Long pillows can be used for just about any part of your body, and having the ability to adjust their firmness is a great way to tailor them to your needs.

The cotton pillowcases are “breathable,” meaning they can release stored body heat. This will help you stay cool and dry throughout the night. The quilted pillow top design creates a luxurious aesthetic that makes this bed pillow look like a plush cloud.

The pillow’s 7D polyester filling is strong, durable, and hypoallergenic. The pillowcase and the pillow stuffing are machine washable and won’t lose shape or clump together upon washing. You can even dry this pillow, which will help it remain fluffy and supportive.

Price: $39.99

Oubonun Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows
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Soft-Tex SofLOFT Body Pillow

Soft-Tex’s body pillow is 85 percent polyester and 15 percent cotton. It is very durable, consistent, and plush. The pillow has a luxury soft cover made of 240 thread count polyester, which adds an extra layer of smooth softness.

Pillows can be filled with material that irritates allergies. Soft-Tex addressed that problem by using SofLOFT fiber as its filling. SofLOFT is a hypoallergenic polyester fiber that creates a plush supportive pillow.

The pillow is 54 x 20 x 4.5 inches, making it long enough and soft enough for children and adults. You can use this pillow for any purpose, such as a pregnancy pillow, back support, leg support, or snuggling at night. You can even lay on this comfortable pillow for a full-body supportive feel. 

Price: $23.38

Soft-Tex SofLOFT Body Pillow
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Cosybay Large Body Pillow

Cosybay’s large body pillow is a premium, softer pillow with medium firmness. The pillow consists of a quality microfiber filling, offering you support and firmness while continuing to hold its shape.

The pillow contains no PVC and vinyl materials nor any toxic or harmful chemicals. This is an excellent option for anyone sensitive to common pillow irritants. The 100 percent polyester shell is soft and skin-friendly.

The breathable material allows you to stay calm and comfortable throughout the night while helping to prevent night sweats. The full-body pillow can conform to your entire body, making it easier to stay in certain positions while still having a sense of support.

Feeling uncomfortable at night is one of the main enemies of a good night’s sleep. This pillow can be a welcome ally in that battle by helping you feel comfortable all night long.

Using this softer pillow can also help relieve stress and pain by bringing comfort to different areas of your body, such as your back, hips, knees, and stomach.

Cosybay’s large 20 x 54 inch sleeper pillow is made for adults and children alike. You can also use this as a head pillow for you and your partner.

Cosybay recommends the new pillow be put through the dryer on low heat for about 10 minutes to help fluff it up and grow into its form. Cosybay guarantees you will thoroughly enjoy their plush, large body pillow. They back that promise up by providing a full refund, no questions asked, if you don’t. 

Price: $19.99

COSYBAY Soft Large Body Pillow Insert
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Acanva Extra Long Pillow

Acanva’s extra long pillow is filled with 100 percent polyester microfiber material. This 72-inch long pillow can provide support to your head and every other part of your body. It is long enough to be used as a one-person “mattress” and can be shaped to fit your needs while you sleep.

The pillow can be shaped and bent to fit the sleeper’s needs during the night. The microfiber filling is designed to have a quick rebound, meaning the pillow won’t lose its shape even after prolonged use. You can also machine wash this pillow to keep it clean and fresh, extending its lifetime. 

You can use this pillow for more than sleeping. Because its design matches your body’s position, you will feel supported while reading, watching TV, or just relaxing. You can fluff this pillow up quickly by drying it on low heat for 5-10 minutes which will return it to its full fluffy shape.

The pillow’s polyester cover is durable and skin-friendly. The material is breathable and soft and doesn’t hold on to your body’s temperature, helping you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the night. Acanva recommends using a pillowcase to help extend the pillow’s service life.

Acanva offers this pillow in various sizes for specific body types and sizes. 

Price: $25.99

Acanva Fluffy Bed Sleeping Side Sleeper Body Pillow
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Long Pillows Are a Bedroom Essential 

After reviewing the best long pillows to help you sleep more comfortably, you now understand why many consider them to be a must-have for the bedroom.

Traditional pillows cannot offer the same comfort and support as long pillows because they are only designed for your head and neck. Body pillows can provide full body support, helping you feel more comfortable while relieving tension and pain at night. 

Not all long pillows are made with high-quality support. Some are intended for aesthetic purposes. If you want a pillow for sleep, be sure to buy a long pillow that’s designed with comfort in mind.

Try out one of the long pillows on this list as they’re proven to offer supreme support for the body, are made of high-quality materials, and are designed for the highest levels of comfort. 

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