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The exciting time has come for new bedroom furniture! Ready to switch things up or continue a cohesive style? Making a selection that fits both your style and room can be hard. There are SO many options when it comes to knowing what you want in bedroom furniture. The internet has heard you! This is a great place to start for knowing different styles and storage options. Why are storage beds a good idea? Consider the clutter currently in your room. Having an additional space inside your bed could create a more peaceful space and more peaceful sleep. Discover how to find what you are looking for, and find the King Bed frame with storage for your room.

What are Some Common Bedroom Styles?

Starting fresh or need some new inspiration? Looking to match wall décor? Hoping to create a cohesive style from the guest room to the master bedroom? There are many choices to help you in finding your best style fit. Each offers elements that create different feelings based on your preferences. Consider the statement you want to make. Also, think about how you want to feel in your space. Creating a space that provides comfort is essential to your sleep. Imagine a way to do both! A room that meets your style and provides a sleep oasis. These are some of the top choices when it comes to styling your room!


A popular choice from the last few years, the Rustic Style, can be integrated seamlessly. Home and Gardens states, “This interior decor trend strikes the perfect balance between cozy and homespun; like an escape to the countryside without leaving the city limits”. Sign me up! The Rustic style has also transformed into a Modern Rustic Style. Although, the style change keeps many of the original elements. The Modern Rustic also includes industrial metals. Both feature a layering of different patterns and incorporate vintage pieces. Linen and earthy tones are popular choices for this style.

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The Contemporary style is exactly what it sounds like: Contemporary. Here and now! Designing Idea explains, “The important thing to remember about contemporary design is that it changes. The meaning of contemporary is that it is the present style, and what is trendy here and now”. This style focuses on natural light and colors. Neutrals are key to the contemporary style. Think crisp white bedding with natural light from the windows. Bringing in small touches of greenery adds color while maintaining a natural feel.

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Contemporary King Bed Frames We Like

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Want to feel like you are always on a vacay? Bring over a sailboat and a few cocktails! The Coastal Style is for you! Relaxed vibes and peaceful blues are major pillars of this style. Home BNC discusses Coastal style, “Decorations often include nautical rope accessories and traditional navy and white stripe. Distressed wood and bold pops of color and sea life accents to bring it all together”. A seaside escape in your home? It’s a win! Imagine your Coastal King Size Bed decorated with linen, stripes, or peaceful blues.

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Known for “being casual and laid back” the Cottage style is a charmer. It features patterned pairings such as plaid with floral. It can have a vintage feel and include natural elements. The Pros at HGTV suggest this style and can be either traditional or rustic. Think softer colors with an occasional pop of color. The Cottage style is cozy and quaint. Using occasional fun prints and patterns spices things up while keeping things tame. A king-size storage bed would have plenty of room for all the floral linens you could dream of! This is a top choice of bedroom styles and it is easy to see why!

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A relaxing sanctuary of plush fabrics and soothing colors is the romantic-style bedroom. Creating a romantic bedroom is working with a whimsical vibe. Romantic bedrooms often feature a four-poster bed. They also include feminine touches such as florals. Why create a Romantic Room? CNN weighs in, “They’re the spaces that speak to another time or place, or that help you forget about your iPhone, the bills or the socks you lost in the laundry”. Your bedroom should feel like a place of peace and quiet. Creating a romantic vibe in the bedroom can help you recall a time before bills. Think of Marie Antoinette or Katherine the Great eating treats in their luxury rooms! A king-size bed fit for a Queen! With a romantic room, you can choose neutral basics with pops of color or even deep jewel tones for a little drama.

Any of these styles can function well in your dream master bedroom. It is tricky to find the king bed frame with storage for your room. A tip? From Coastal to Romantic, choose a vibe that brings you serenity. Note the key features of specific styles and consider your space. Selecting a bed with storage helps eliminate the need for extra dressers. But, if you have a smaller room or a room with shorter ceilings, you need to consider less bulky items. Many styles have large ornate pieces which are beautiful! But only if they fit your room capacity. Be sure to consider elements of all styles to help you make the best selection.

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A Bedroom Set vs. Individual Pieces

After figuring out your style, the next step is deciding what actual pieces you want or need.

What is a bedroom set and how is it beneficial? A bedroom set is a collection of pieces designed to go together. They provide you with a cohesive look but can be expensive depending on the set.

Many sets include the king-size bed, 1-2 nightstands, and 1-2 dressers. You will need to decide which furniture you want as well as what will fit best in your space. Be sure to measure the bedroom you are buying for. There is no reason to select a two-dresser set with room for only one. Living Spaces suggests looking for custom options, “It’s sometimes possible to customize a set, meaning that you can pick and choose matching pieces so you get what you need”. This is a great option for those who know exactly what they need. A king-size bed is a priority for you and you need to make everything else work. Your space defines what else you can fit and where you can fit it.

Yet, finding individual pieces that best fit your style is also a good option. Mixing and matching colors or pieces is a great way to express personal style. Furnishing Tips agrees, “Furnishing a bedroom with individual pieces is a great pastime for anyone that enjoys shopping, being creative with decorating, or interior design”. This can also be a more budget-conscious option. If you find the king bed frame with storage for your room you but don’t like the price tag, you can opt to buy only one piece. Individual pieces may also be a good option for someone with unique needs. Establishing a home office in your bedroom? Unless your room is very large, you may not be able to fit all the pieces you need. Buying a desk or armoire can affect how much space you have for an entire set of furniture. Accent chairs and coffee tables are also important to consider if you like them. Most bedroom sets do not have an option for an accent chair or coffee table. Accent chairs and coffee tables can bring a lot of character to your space.

How to Figure Out Your Space

Can you imagine finding the perfect piece, only to get it home and realize it won’t fit? Sleep Advisor comments, “Taking measurements may not be the most glamorous part of redecorating your home, but it is one of the most important steps. It’s imperative to get the measurements right. You could end up with an expensive piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in your home”. Measuring your space is as important as the furniture itself.

  • Step One: Make a Plan! Measure the room itself. You need the height, width, and length of the room. Then, measure where you would want each desired piece of furniture.
  • Step Two: Write down the preferred sizes of each piece of furniture. But don’t forget to add the largest possible sizes that will fit. Make sure to leave room for walking or in front of doorways.
  • Step Three: Consider where the bed and other pieces would look best and the view your room may have. For example, you wouldn’t want your bed to block an entire window.
  • Step Four: Write down doorway spaces, hallways, or stairs. Be sure to identify any difficult walkways to ensure your furniture makes it into your room.

Taking into account your space AND desired furniture will help you make the best choice. Loving something in the store or online is not the same as having it in your home. Consider creating a collage of your paint colors! Add in any room features with the furniture you like.

Choosing Bedroom Furniture

No matter what style you choose and what pieces you need, it is important to consider how it will affect the space and your vision. Great American Home Furniture states, “Sticking to a unified theme will guarantee a professional result”. Each of your furniture selections should make the same statement. Whether your choice is Rustic or Modern, try to commit to one style. Focus on a feature that enhances your space. The best features? Beds that offer multi-functions! Storage included in or under the bed is great for those with a lack of space. Bed storage space can act as a dresser or a place for linens. No room for your winter coat? Not a problem! Don’t let your mattress size get in your way. Using your bedroom furniture and space will help you keep your room organized. Make your furniture work for you. Find the king bed with storage that best fits your home!

Least Expensive King Bed Storage Options:

Fremont King Wood Storage Bed: For $478 this King Wood Storage Bed can be all yours! Offered in four colors, this bed frame can work with the style you are hoping for. Designed with six drawers, this bed allows you to get a ton of storage out of your King Size bed. The Fremont King also has a slat support system with no need for a box spring. Constructed of laminated composite wood, this bed ships ready to assemble. The rich espresso laminate provides a great start to your new bedroom! At such a low price point, this option provides some flexibility.

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Dalia Faux Leather Upholstered Bed with Storage: A Contemporary budget-conscious option! The Dalia comes in both Black ($503) and White ($662). The king-size bed frame features button-tufted diamond detailing! This bed does not need a foundation. The company includes slats in your sale. This storage-friendly king bed also has two built-in drawers on Casters. With an assembly time of only two hours for two people, this new bed can be yours in short order! This is a great pick for those looking to maintain neutral colors but with a bit of sass. Find the king bed frame with storage for your room at a high price point? This is a great option to maintain a budget without sacrificing style.

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The Ikea Nordli: This King bed frame is also budget-conscious at only $699. It features a headboard with the option of nightstand-like storage on either side. The storage bed also has six large drawers under the bed. Talk about storage space! This is a solid king bed frame choice for anyone without a ton of room. This highly-rated product has a 4.5-star average review. If you don’t shy away from a DIY bed frame, the Ikea Nordli is for you!

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Mid Range King Bed Storage Options:

Royard King Panel Bed with 2 Storage Drawers: Rustic lovers, this one is for you! The Royard King Panel storage Bed is a lodge-style beauty. Made of acacia wood, veneers, and engineered wood it has a masculine appearance. Styled with neutral bedding, this bed can achieve the look of your décor dreams! The Warm Brown Colors makes a statement but isn’t overpowering. It includes two drawers assembled with dovetail construction. It provides plenty of space for your extra storage needs! It also includes the headboard, footboard, rails, and roll slats. At $983 this is a great option for your Rustic Style bedroom.

Royard King Panel Bed

Brooks King Low Profile Storage Platform Bed: The plank-style headboard of the Brooks King Storage Platform Bed is PERFECT. It allows the owner an opportunity to integrate many styles into their bedroom. Rustic? Cottage? Contemporary? All possible with this bed frame. The gray color keeps it neutral while still calling attention. The stainless steel frame brings a quality free from worry. The two-drawer storage at the foot of the bed is a great addition to this great piece. Versatile and still functional for your storage needs. The Brooks King Platform Bed does come as part of a set but is also available by itself. This platform bed option does not need a box spring. The best feature? The bun feet! This cute added detail design helps the bed to have a homey-like quality. The Brooks King Low Profile Storage Platform bed is $1,199 and has a one-year warranty. A great “Find the king bed frame with storage for your room” option!

Brooks King Low Profile Storage Platform Bed

Luxury King Bed with Storage Options:

The Pottery Barn Toulouse Storage Platform Bed: WOW! This bed makes a statement. The Toulouse Storage Platform Bed is a vintage look inspired by a Paris Apartment. A look that says Parisian Chic? Count us in! It’s created with washed grain sack linen and polyester upholstery panels. The panels complement the nailhead trim detail. It features FOUR storage drawers to maximize your space. The bed is designed to keep your room organized, without sacrificing style. It does not lack. Made of Meranti Solid Wood and Sungkai Veneers, this Pottery Barn bed is gorgeous in color. The bed is compatible with an adjustable mattress foundation. Pottery Barn beds are also responsibly made and certified nontoxic. The luxury bed comes at a luxury price. The Toulouse King Storage Platform Bed is $3,199. An expensive choice, but it is worth the cost if it fits your budget.

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Wyndham Panel Canopy Bed: Looking for custom? American Made and solid wood? The true King of King Size Storage Beds is the Wyndham Panel Canopy Bed. This custom piece of wood furniture is 100% American-made. The Amish craft this bed to your exact wood preference and color choices. Eight different wood choices are ranging from cherry to oak. After selecting your wood choice, you also get to choose the hardware and wood finish. A bed of this custom will fit any style you choose. An excellent choice in finding the perfect king bed frame with storage for your room! This is an heirloom piece, a purchase that will last. The Wyndham Panel Canopy Bed also has SIX full extension drawers. This provides plenty of room for winter coats, extra linens, and any other storage needs. The bed frame is also supported by a finished plywood platform deck. The price of this bed varies quite a bit, depending on your choice of wood, hardware, and wood finish. The approximate range for the bed is $5,853 – $9,480. A bonus? Buying American Made supports your country. The people who create these products depend on the industry to live well. Shopping small provides a special feeling of consciousness. This price point is high for many, but if you can afford it this bed is a top choice. A handcrafted Amish-made bed will last a lifetime!

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Each of these options provides some major perks. Each King bed frame features a storage drawer that is sure to please. Drawers inside of your furniture give you the ability to use your space to your advantage. No need to worry about lack of storage! The King Size bed frames each make a different style statement. Any option is a perfect addition to your master bedroom. Creating a style sets your room apart. Remember, your room should feel like a sanctuary for you! Your personal taste lined with comfort is the ultimate bedroom. From Pottery Barn to Ikea, each choice provides you with a product created to meet your needs! Say hello to your future in a well-styled sanctuary of comfort!

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