Is a Twin Daybed Right for You?

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Have you been getting a good night’s rest? Most Americans don’t. 60 million Americans are diagnosed with a sleep disorder every year. Most are women over the age of 65. Scientists aren’t certain why there is such a prevalence of sleep disorders, but they do know that there is a correlation between sleeplessness and chronic medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.

To determine if you have a sleep disorder, doctors use polysomnography and actigraphy tests. There are also some general symptoms commonly associated with sleep disorders that doctors look for in sleep disorder patients, including difficulty falling or staying asleep, daytime fatigue, strong urge to take naps during the day, irritability or anxiety, lack of concentration, and depression.

Your body needs healthy sleep, as sleep is one of the primary necessities in life to keep you both happy and healthy. Besides cardiovascular disease, sleep deprivation can lead to many medical conditions that can be chronic, or even worse, fatal. These medical conditions include hypertension, activation of the sympathetic nervous system, impairment of glucose control, and increased inflammation.

Additionally, without a good night’s rest, your life could be impacted by traffic accidents, quality of life impairments, and a decrease in work productivity.

To get a good night’s sleep, you need a good bed. A great option is a twin daybed. Twin daybeds are comfortable, stylish, and can fit in small spaces. When buying a twin daybed, there are many things to consider, like how this can impact your quality of sleep. Learning everything you can about daybeds is the first step to buying one. Here, you’ll learn all about twin daybeds, including the history of daybeds, how to use a twin daybed, how to choose a mattress for a daybed, and more.

What is a Twin Daybed?

Serving dual purposes, a twin daybed can function as a small bed to sleep on or a sofa to sit on. It’s usually made of wood, metal, or both.

It’s often thought that daybeds became popular during modern times, but that’s not true. The first daybed was introduced back in the late 1600s and was modeled after the resting couches made popular by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Since then, daybeds have increasingly grown in popularity throughout the world, mostly for napping purposes.

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How to Use a Daybed

Twin daybeds look like couches or chaise lounges, making them functional and allowing you to get creative with decorating. The small size and style of twin daybeds are what make them both easy and fun to use.

Where to Put a Twin Daybed

Where you put your twin daybed will determine how you use it. Since they’re so functional, there are many places in your house where you could put your twin daybed. 

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Small Home or Studio Apartment

If you live in a tiny home or apartment and the living room also functions as a bedroom, a twin daybed is a perfect choice. By decorating your twin daybed with a color-coordinated daybed comforter and matching throw pillows, you can make it look like a couch that you can use to watch TV, read a book, or even entertain guests. Then, when it’s time to sleep, easily convert your twin daybed to a bed by taking off the daybed comforter and replacing the sofa pillows with sleeping pillows. Be sure to always have clean sheets on the mattress for convenience.

Toddler Bedroom

Twin daybeds are perfect for toddlers, as they provide both comfort and convenience. A twin daybed is just the right size for a toddler and can easily be converted to suit your child’s needs as he gets older.

Twin daybeds are excellent for both boys and girls since they can decide how to decorate them. If your daughter’s favorite color is purple, you can adorn her twin daybed with several variations of that color. Alternatively, a boy could choose to use blue and a comforter with little cars on it, for example.

Additionally, twin daybeds are small enough to fit in any toddler bedroom, leaving plenty of space for a playpen and other necessary furniture.

Teen Bedroom

Teens love to hang out with their friends, especially in their bedrooms. Having a twin-size daybed in your teen’s bedroom will give the room the feel of a living room, making it a comfortable place for teens to socialize. The daybed takes the place of a sofa, thus freeing up space.

Home Office or Guest Room

If you decorate your home office or guest room twin daybed to look like a sofa, there are many functions that your daybed can serve. Such as a place for a power nap, a place where guests can sit while you work, or a place where an overnight guest can sleep.

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Living Room

You’ll need a daybed with armrests and a backrest for your living room. A daybed like this can serve as a sofa for sitting with guests and then can be easily converted to a bed for an overnight guest.

Porch or Dining Room Window

You can style your twin daybed so that it doesn’t have armrests or a backrest. This will convert your daybed into a deep bench, which you can use on a porch or in front of any window, such as a dining room window.


Daybeds that come with underneath storage are great for freeing up space in small rooms. Rather than have a dresser, you can use the underneath storage for clothes.

There are many types of twin daybeds on the market. How you plan on using your twin bed will help you determine which one to buy.

Tips for Twin Daybed Comfort and Style

To ensure you get the most out of your twin-size daybed, here are four tips that will help make your twin daybed both comfortable and stylish.

You Can Sit on a Twin Daybed

Twin daybeds are meant for both sleeping and sitting. With that in mind, always put your sofa daybed in a place where people will often sit, such as in front of a TV or near a window for someone to read.

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You Can Lounge on a Twin Daybed

While a sofa is comfortable to sit on, it’s not the best choice for lounging. A daybed sofa provides enough space for sitting, sleeping, and lounging. A few people can fit on a twin daybed at once and still be comfortable.

Underbed Storage is an Option

There are many kinds of twin daybeds that have an under-bed storage option. Choose this option if you have little storage space. Underbed storage gives you an alternative to a dresser or cabinet.

Twin Daybeds Can Go Anywhere

A daybed sofa is just the right size to go anywhere in your home. They’re the same size as regular twin beds and can fit into small areas and corners in your home.

What to Look for in a Daybed

Besides how you’re going to use your twin daybed, there are many other things to consider when buying one. It’s all a matter of your taste – how you’re going to decorate with it, where you’re going to put it, and how much you’re willing to spend for quality. Take a look at several things you need to consider when buying a twin daybed.


Style is extremely important when choosing a twin daybed. You want your daybed frame to match the rest of the decor inside your home. Daybeds come in Mission style, Sleigh style, or Victorian style. And they come in a variety of contemporary styles that can suit your taste. Here is a list of styles typically found in daybeds.

Design Style Common Materials Characteristics

Traditional: metal, wood, clean lines

Modern/Contemporary: metal, upholstery, sleek lines, tufting

Transitional: wood, metal, upholstery panel beds, rolled arms

Farmhouse/Cottage: wood, wicker panel beds, shiplap details

Industrial: metal, wood pipes, mixed materials

Coastal: wood, whitewashed or weathered

Craftsman/Mission: wood, stained woods

Mid-Century: wood with minimal design, splayed legs

Rustic/Southwestern: reclaimed wood, rough-hewn wood

Whichever style you choose, a twin daybed is an excellent addition to any home. The more you’ll use your twin daybed will determine the quality that you’ll need. It’s always better to buy the best daybed frame that you can afford.

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You can find twin daybeds in metal, wood, or a combination of both. Metal daybeds tend to be more traditional, while wood daybeds are more modern. Your style preference will determine what materials you want in your twin daybed.


The twin mattress you choose for your daybed depends on what you’re using it for in your home. If you’re using it for someone to sleep on every day, you may want to invest some money into the mattress. The good thing is that twin daybeds can hold a regular twin mattress, as twin daybeds are usually the size of normal twin-sized beds – 39 in. x 75 in. Wood slats or link springs hold the mattress.

It’s good to know the material of the mattress you choose to buy. Some mattresses, such as mattresses made of polyurethane, are not the best choice. A latex mattress or a foam mattress, however, may be an affordable option for you.

In a 2017 study on mattress types and how they affect pressure points in the body, 20 participants had to lie on different mattresses for six minutes in different positions. While the participants were laying down, they recorded their body pressure profiles with a pressure mat sensor.

The study indicates that latex mattresses decrease body pressure on the torso and buttocks. When compared with polyurethane mattresses, latex mattresses increased the number of low-pressure areas.


If you expect guests, a twin daybed with a trundle is an excellent option. Trundle beds are hidden under the daybed where you can pull out when needed. Not all daybeds come with a trundle mattress. A trundle mattress can either lay flat on the floor or raised to the level of the upper mattress, giving you the option to have a big bed that is about the size of a queen bed.


Your first thought might be to put regular twin-size sheets and pillows on your twin daybed. But, if you consider what the daybed is being used for, sleep or sitting, you may want to put a daybed comforter and throw pillows on top of the sheets. Doing this will make your daybed sofa look and function like a couch.

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Depending on how much you want to spend and can afford, you want the best quality daybed. The materials will give you a clue to the quality of the daybed. For example, an iron twin daybed is of much better quality than aluminum. Wood also comes in varying quality, oak may be sturdier and look nicer than pine.

How to Ensure Healthy Sleep on a Twin Daybed

While most people enjoy the comfort of a regular bed to sleep in, twin daybeds offer comfort in small spaces. The best way to make sure you get a good night’s sleep is by buying a quality mattress. Your mattress does determine how you’ll sleep. A poor-quality mattress will surely keep you awake at night since it’ll offer little back support. A good, firm mattress will give you endless nights of quality sleep.

In a large 2019 review on mattress determinants and their evaluation, it was indicated that mattress type and design can influence the way you sleep. That’s why when buying a twin daybed, the priority is the mattress.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for You

Knowing which mattress is right for you can be difficult. But, if you know what to look for in terms of materials, design, and function, you can find the best twin daybed mattress for you. Here are some tips for buying the best mattress.

Lie Down

Always lie down on the mattresses you’re interested in even before thinking of buying. Lying down on the mattress is the first thing you should do. You want to lie in different positions, especially ones that you usually sleep in, so you can feel the pressure points on your body. Spend five to 10 minutes in each position. You also want to check if it’s a soft or hard mattress.

If you’re buying your twin mattress online or in a warehouse club where you can’t lie down on it first, be sure to check the return policy.

Check the Return Policy

You want to make sure that you can return the mattress, if necessary. Most online mattress sellers and warehouse clubs don’t have return policies. Talk to your salesperson and read the fine print. Most “comfort guarantees” range from a few weeks to 120 days. Check if you can receive a full refund or store credit. Also, find out if there are fees to return the mattress. Most companies charge a fee to pick up and ship a mattress.

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Haggle with the Salesperson

Try to bring the price down. While you probably can’t haggle with a warehouse club, as mattresses are at a fixed price, you can talk to a store salesperson who may be able to lower the price because the big markup on mattresses gives them leeway with it. Often, you can get up to 50 percent off when the store is having a sale.

You Shouldn’t Need a Box Spring

Since you’re buying a twin daybed mattress, you won’t need a box spring. Twin daybed mattresses lay directly on wooden slats or metal springs.

Check the Warranty

Mattress warranties can range from 10 to 25 years, covering only manufacturing defects like sagging, loose, or broken coil wires. Usually, coverage is prorated, decreasing in value over time.

Pay Attention to Delivery Day

Be sure to check your mattress on delivery day. Take it out of the box and plastic cover. Examine it to see if there are defects or stains. If you find anything wrong with the mattress, you have the right to refuse delivery. Be sure the label says, “all-new material.” If it doesn’t, refuse delivery. Finally, take pictures of the mattress before returning it. That way, if the company requires proof of the damage, you’ll have it.


The bottom line is that the best twin daybeds available depend on the quality of the frame and mattress. Like all furniture, you want to get the most of your daybed. If used as a sofa, the most important aspects of your twin daybed are the design and sturdiness of the frame. If used for sleeping, a twin daybed with a quality mattress will offer you years of healthy slumber. And that’s one of the most vital things in life – to get good sleep.

When planning the design of your room, keep in mind that daybeds can be decorated any way that you want. Maybe your focus is on the style of the room and matching your twin daybed to it or you’re more concerned with comfort. Either way, a good mattress on a quality daybed will make your room a sleep oasis.

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