Intex Air Mattress Review – Can It Hold Up to the Competition?

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The Intex Air Mattress

Air mattresses have come a very long way since their debut in the 1900s. The early air mattresses were annoying to blow up. The hard work of blowing up the air mattress wasn’t the worst of it, either. The worst part was the durability of the air bed, which was just non-existent. It was too easy to rip or puncture the mattress, and the patching work was a pain in the neck. If you have ever been an overnight guest and slept upon an air bed back in the day, you know everything that we are saying. Also, you know it’s true! The deflating process is also a problem. If you were a kid, it may have been fun, but for anyone over the age of 20, deflating and putting it away really was a pain, too. As an overnight guest of more than a few nights, you probably longed for a real bed after sleeping on these air mattresses for a few or more days. Well, we have some really exciting news about these air beds! The whole air bed business has updated a slew of the products, and the Intex air mattress is totally worth the review. So, as long as you’re down for the ride, let’s go!

The Intex Twin Air Mattress Reviews

First, we want to introduce you to the Intex Dura-Beam airbed Standard Pillow Rest Classic Airbed Series. This magical bed has an internal pump, and it comes in many sizes for ultimate versatility. The Intex Dura Beam Pillow Rest Classic air beds come in twin, full, and queen, and the twin is $38.90. With the dimensions of the twin being 75″L x 39″W x 10″T, it is large enough to fully support a good 300 pounds. Furthermore, the air you are sleeping on is 10 inches tall and firm, so you aren’t left sleeping on the floor. That makes a good sleepover for kids, or even sleeping space for a couple of teens. The air mattress is a plastic material with a velvety soft top that is the standard of Intex mattresses. The durable internal pump, or built-in pump, provides a strong inflating and deflating system, but it has a slower pace with a 3- minute blow-up time for a twin air mattress. The Fiber-Tech construction makes for a strong and durable sleeping surface without the past puncture risks associated with the early air mattresses. Don’t think a rip or puncture won’t happen to the Intex air mattresses- especially around the seal of the pump. Intex does, however, slip a few patches in the boxes with the air bed. In other news, the bed has built-in pillows, so go ahead and have the best camping trip without bringing your pillows. The pillows are great for added support, and the rest of the bed is fully supportive of your body and pressure point. It’s like you’re sleeping on air, because you ARE. Intex designs its beds to relieve aches and pains that plague a lot of us in the mornings. Whenever rifling through the Amazon reviews, the ones that received 3 or fewer stars were sadly the same concept, but with different words. There were a few complaints of the bed leaking or not being comfortable. A single reviewer was adamant that she received a used, or at least opened, air mattress. One more unfavorable review was related to a heavy person “bottoming out” on the air mattress. Additionally, some people found the bed uncomfortable for one reason or another. 4-star ratings and up were the original words of satisfied and mostly satisfied customers. Some people were upset that they didn’t receive their carrying bag and patches. There were no replies from the seller or manufacturer.

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Pillow Rest Classic Air Mattress
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Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest

by Intex 

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Intex Twin Air Mattress Review Dura-Beam Pillow Rest

Now, we are ready for our second review. Our next pick is the Intex Dura-Beam Series with a pillow rest raised airbed in twin-size deluxe. The feel of the airbed is a firm one over overall, since it is 75″L x 39″W x 16.5″T. The 16.5 inch is the thickness for maximum comfort for anyone up to 300 pounds. The internal pump will inflate the twin-sized deluxe airbed in two and a quarter minutes. Now, that is a pretty quick pump! This is the perfect selection for camping or hosting a sleepover for kids or young teens at your house. The deluxe costs $47.99 and comes with a few patches and a carrying bag. Although the description will confirm this, some people didn’t receive the bag or repair patches with their air mattress. So, let’s scoot on over to the good stuff: the ratings and reviews. The 4.4 out of a 5-star rating is pretty telling all by itself! In the 3-stars and fewer ratings, there were instances of deflating at one use or sooner. One couple ended up with an airbed that went up in flames. Many dissatisfied customers were upset that the advertised size was way off, and the “customer service was awful.” Apparently, the cost to send the mattress back is way higher than buying the airbed.

Intex Plush Comfort Airbed Review

Next, we are going to take a good look at the Intex Plush Comfort Dura-Beam in a queen size. Dura Beam is an Intex brand exclusive design of thousands of polyester strings that provide exceptional support one beam at a time. So, we’re talking up to a hundred thousand strings that make up a beam. The innovative design is supposed to give the sleeper stability support where it is needed most with the fiber-tech patented technology. The dimensions of an Intex queen mattress are 80″L x 60″W x 18″T. The 120-volt pump makes inflating the mattress a breeze. In about 4 minutes you will be ready to make the bed and jump right in. Speaking of making the bed, the design of this model airbed is made to keep the fitted sheet fitting snugly with no corners popping off. This one is a 2020 model. It is a relatively new addition to the collection. What’s even cooler is that Intex has increased the thickness to 18 inches of the air mattress for getting in and out of bed more seamlessly. The Intex Comfort plush airbed model has a 600-pound weight capacity and is designed with your comfort in mind. A 600-pound limit is sometimes more than you’d get with a traditional mattress. The top layer of the new airbed is a luxurious cashmere that provides a plush firmness for the sleeper. The price is $78.09 from Amazon, and the department stores have varying names for the products, which make it seemingly impossible to locate the exact model. Since we have a good source of the happy dances and the disappointment the airbeds seem to invoke, we can start there. 75% of the ratings are 5-star ratings. The ratings are a whole group of random purchasers that aren’t necessarily buyers of this particular bed. Since the airbeds are so similar, they all have similar defects, and the other the way around. Some airbeds of this brand have a hit-or-miss quality control issue, but Best Views Reviews ranked this mattress #8 out of the best air mattresses of 2022.

Intex Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed with Internal Electric Pump Bed
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Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

by Intex 

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Intex Luxury Queen Air Mattress Review

Finally, we have made it to the last review. Now, this is the Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Airbed from the Comfort Series. More specifically, it is the Deluxe Comfort airbed with a plush firmness in a queen mattress 22-inch thickness and a 600-pound weight maximum. So, the air mattress’s dimensions are 60″ L x 80″ W x 22″ T, to give you an idea of what kind of monster compared to the other airbeds thus far. Of course, this one has an internal pump (110-120 volts) that takes almost 5 minutes to blow up. Some perspective for all: imagine manually inflating this big guy! This Deluxe Comfort is a bit more expensive than the other air mattresses we already reviewed, but the comfort is implied, right? Either way, the big boy is appropriately priced at $79.99 from Amazon. Besides, Intex stands by the claim that their air beds are 100% more durable, 35% more supportive, and 15% lighter than the traditional air mattress. Plus, the Dura-Beam Deluxe is the most supportive of the Dura-Beam Plus, Dura-Beam standard, and other traditional airbeds. All of that has been claimed, so let’s take a look at the reviews. Again, we have run into a 4.4/5-star rating for air leaks, little disappointments, and falling off the mattress. Some reviews were illegible, but then something amazing happened. Customers tried to help the other customers that hadn’t possibly fully read or comprehended the directions! Many 4 or 5 reviews written by customers insist that the expectations for air mattresses are way too high. The things only last about 8 months tops according to the reviews! What gives, really? It seems to be easy to believe that a special group of people doesn’t follow directions well, or at all. Then again, is this product defective? With literally millions of positive reviews, it makes you wonder about the company’s ability to better educate the general population on the correct usage of their products. We all have our opinions, but the Intex air mattress website clearly indicates that with proper care and handling any of the mattresses will last upward of 10 years. So, is this an operator’s error or a product defect? If you look at the whole picture, the air beds have a weight limit to them ensuring that the buyer of their mattresses is buying the one that best fits their needs. If you and your husband weigh 376 pounds combined, then you should buy an airbed that holds a minimum of 400 pounds. Furthermore, it would be even better to buy an air mattress that holds 600 pounds in order to ensure the longevity of the mattress. We have some great tips to use to keep your mattress working longer and better for you. First, you should always be careful that there are no sharp or hazardous materials around when blowing up your airbed. The air mattress is not lacking before you lie upon it every time. That means that when you blow the mattress up you should have a firm and steady sleeping surface that is free of air bubbles or holes. You should get close enough to hear if there is a leak and patch the area immediately and before sitting or lying on the bed. You must take the precautions that Intex has furnished for you for the initial set-up and the first night’s sleep. Failure to meet all the expectations here will result in an unstable bed. You should inspect the airbed every time you blow it up thoroughly.

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Air Mattress Series with Internal Pump
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Intex Air Mattress Reliable and Sturdy

Ultimately, the fact remains that the Intex brand has been a reliable brand. Whether, the need be swimming pools or air mattresses, the most positive feedback can’t be ignored- not completely, anyway! Think there are thousands upon thousands of ratings and reviews out there to peruse at your leisure. See, what we aim to do is consolidate the information from other people who may or may not have had a great experience with Intex. We want to provide you with a complete and honest review. So, of course, there will be good and bad with any company.

Best of the Best of an Air Mattress

We all pretty much understand all for which an airbed is used, but perhaps we don’t understand what makes an air mattress great. There are factors on which decisions like these are based. First of all, an air mattress isn’t considered great or even amazing without the best design. With that, the durability will be directly tied to the design. On the other hand, you also want an airbed that is practical and portable. Maybe, you want to think about the materials and construction that various brands use to get a better grasp of what works for you and your family. Perhaps, it’s just you, and you want to have a portable bed that you can take everywhere with you. Maybe you want some relief from the morning stiffness- which Intex does offer in some models- and the traditional mattress you have is making it worse. The point is that there are many motives for getting and using an airbed. Think outside the camping box, and you may throw your traditional mattress away and find relief and liberation in a portable air mattress. Now, here are some Intex pointers to get the wheels turning.

What makes Intex different?


What first to mind upon hearing the Intex? Affordable or low-cost, probably. The air mattress companies like King Koil, Sealy, and a few others are incredibly pricey, and it’s not even proven that their product is better or worse than the low-priced Intex brand. The ranges of Intex air mattresses go from $18.98 and all the way into the hundreds. King Koil, for instance, starts at about $120 and goes up exponentially from there.

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress with Internal Pump
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Design Elements

We touched on durability and how that goes hand in hand with the design. Various consumers will each possess their own tastes and needs for their airbed. This makes it important to know what you’re looking for in a design. With an Intex, you have a pretty good head start with this review, but do you want a firm mattress or a plush one? Do you want a pillowtop raised headboard, or do you need a taller option for ease of mobility? The Intex company may not have great warranties or great customer care, but one thing is true. They have unsurmountable practical designs for every need. And if you are looking for a warranty that is full of exclusions, look no further! Seriously, most of their airbeds are so inexpensive, you could get by on being careful to follow directions and not setting your expectations too high, as it pertains to the lifespan of the airbed.

Availability of the Product

Amazon is certainly amazing for quick deliveries and online shopping or even getting products into the hands of consumers who would otherwise be reachable. What about in-person shopping? Rather than impersonal shopping, let’s load up and go to Target. You know, they have Starbucks there, right? There are plenty of other retailers that sell Intex products. There’s Home Depot and Walmart, as well as Target and some Lowes Stores and little local stores to your location. But don’t get all dressed up to hit your local Home Depot; there’s really nothing wrong with online shopping. And while you’re there, you can check the Intex online store out to discover new gadgets and specials.

In Conclusion

We really dug a hole with some of these Amazon reviews, but many of the recurring themes of the mattress springing leaks and pumps catching fire. On average, the reviews were not horrible. In fact, the 3-stars and under were not even near reaching 25% and that leaves at minimum 75% of happy customers. Remember this, too- the reviews were well in the 10,000 altogether. And, lastly and most importantly, the decision is yours alone to make. We just aim to leave you an opportunity for better educated buying experiences with our reviews. Best of luck!

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