How To Pick a Plush Mattress and Our Top Picks

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Have you been putting off going to the mattress giant nearest you? Because of the pushy salespeople who are only worried about the commission they’ll get by pushing the overpriced and most irrelevant mattresses on you, you already know it’s an overwhelming thought, let alone, action. There are no pushy salespeople here, just passionate, knowledgeable sharers of all things sleep-related to ensure the best sleep experience that everybody deserves to have, especially you! So, let’s start with the basics of what a plush mattress is, does, and who it does it for. Then, we can share Snooze’s best picks for plush yet supportive mattresses to get your mattress shopping done, just like that! That way, you’ll be snoozing on it that much sooner.

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What Is a Plush Mattress?

A plush mattress, or a soft mattress, is a luxuriously soft mattress. In the mattress world, there’s a scale to rate the firmness of a mattress that starts with the plushest of the plush at 0 and goes up to the happy medium, you’ll find the medium mattresses at a 6 or a 7. Finally, the firmest of the firm mattresses end at 10. Of course, neither a 0 nor a 10 even exist, but they serve a purpose for the scale. Your plush mattresses are mostly found at a 2-4 before going up in the ranks to a medium-plush and so on. A soft mattress is indeed soft and, even with the softness, the mattress should still completely support your body and your body weight. On top of the support, the mattress should provide support for your pressure points like your shoulders, hips, and lower back. So, there’s, ultimately, a rhyme or reason to pick a plush mattress over a firmer mattress.

A Soft Mattress Vs. a Firm Mattress

Now, this is where the internet may have some contradictory information out when you’re trying to do your due diligence to educate yourself on the options you have before even looking at mattresses. We’re going to try to keep this simple and sweet. A firm mattress is going to be firm. However, some people seem to have this misconception about firm mattresses and how firm they actually are. A firm mattress is still going to be soft in its own way, but the comfort layer won’t be there as much or at all. The comfort layer is what most mattresses possess which makes them softer, more luxurious feeling and plush. Instead, what the firm mattress has to soften is sometimes a pillowtop or more cushioning around it without compromising the benefits of a firm mattress. The plush mattress will have the comfort layer and the materials it’s wholly made of like latex or memory foam, but it’ll also have what it needs to make it supportive. That brings us to the next point about a soft mattress.

How Plush Is Too Plush?

Hopefully, we’ve already got the support idea. A soft mattress can’t just be soft, it still has to serve a purpose. The purpose of any mattress is to give you the best sleep of your life, for the entirety of its life. And sometimes the difference in the firmness a person chooses to use is purely based on that person’s taste. Some people who don’t meet the reasons most other people meet, for they chose the firmness they did, is because they just like the way the mattress feels, and that’s normal too. Picking a mattress is such a personal thing and that makes perfectly good sense since people are so different. Hence, the millions of different types of firmness, building materials and profiles, and so on. Independently from the personal preference, there are recommendations of who the firmness is best for and who should go up or down on the firmness scale.

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Who Is the Best Sleeper for the Plush Mattress?

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff. So, ideally speaking, a plush mattress will suit the lightweight or petite person who can appreciate the fluffy construction and pressure relief it provides. Having said that, though, a person under 130 pounds will typically be heavy enough to compress the layers or the comfort layer that provides all the, well, comfort. On the other hand, a person who weighs more than 175-200 pounds will need to go up in firmness to a medium or higher to get the same effect of a plush mattress that a smaller person would feel. Are you following? Let’s recap: a person weighing under 130 pounds will not get what they need from the plush mattress but an average-sized or petite person exceeding 130 pounds will be perfect for the mattress. However, a heavier person may benefit from in-person feeling a few mattresses to gauge what firmness they’ll get the most out of. A little tip, a medium to a medium-firm is the universal happy spot in the firmness of a bed. Then, there’s the side sleeper who’ll greatly appreciate a plush mattress. Keep reading to find your sleeping position recommendation, too.

The Side Sleeper

We’ve arrived! The ideal sleeper for the plush mattress is the 130-175 pound, or petite side sleeper. This is why the weight of the sleeper is so important to the way they feel all of the good things inside the mattress. The plush mattress is made to be soft AND supportive of the whole body. The best plush mattresses are made of soft memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattresses with incredible edge support. The innerspring and memory foam mattresses are a popular choice, with good reason. The soft mattress is to allow the sleeper, in this case, the side sleeper, to sink into the mattress to be supported in a way the sleeper feels weightless. In the weightless feeling, the mattress will support the shoulder, hips, and lower back, the common pressure points of a side sleeper. The sleeper should wake up and feel completely ache-free and lacking soreness in the pressure points. Also, the mattress should keep the spinal alignment neutral all night long, thereby relieving the pressure we already discussed.

The Back and Combination Sleeper

The reason why the plush is not an option for you guys is that the softness of the mattress will give way to your sleeping position almost automatically. The spine needs to be neutral as you sleep to avoid waking with a sore back or tight muscles. A back and a combination sleeper will do great with a medium-firm or firm mattress (anywhere from a 6-8.5 on the firmness scale) and the responsive nature of a latex foam hybrid mattress or the latex mattress will be the dream firm mattress you never knew you needed. The firmer mattress will give you support and pressure relief from your sleeping positions and, in turn, provide a proper spinal alignment. Your back will certainly thank you!

The Stomach Sleeper

Last, but most certainly not least, the stomach sleeper is the trickiest to pinpoint to the layman it seems. The most proper assumption is that you need plush support, but that can’t be further from the truth! You need a firm mattress and a low loft pillow, for the sake of your back and spinal alignment. And, when we say firm, we mean, FIRM! Of course, how firm the firmness of firm (say that five times fast!) is will depend upon your body weight, your tendency to flip from your stomach to your side, and your personal preference. For instance, say you weigh around 157 pounds and you occasionally flip onto your side and then back on your tummy, and you aren’t so sure about the firm, firm mattress. You could be comfortable on a medium-firm mattress easily. On the flip of that, if you’re a heavy sleeper, you need to have the support of a firm mattress despite tossing or turning or even personal preference. You’ll do your body a service to invest in a firm mattress, guaranteed!

Pain Sufferers Who Need Lasting Relief

All the back pain or all pain sufferers, listen up! If you have things like fibromyalgia or arthritis (especially in your spine) or other chronic pain elsewhere, you need to get the pressure relief of a soft or medium-plush mattress or a medium-firm or firm mattress. The more pressure you can relieve while you sleep, the better your pain can be lessened. The lessening of your pain will undoubtedly let your body regenerate at night, thereby making mornings happy again- even if it’s well over time. The way that you’ll know which firmness to pick will depend on your comfort needs and your sleeping position, mostly. For a back sleeper, for instance, you would do good to go with the medium-firm or firm. But, if by chance you’re a stomach sleeper, go for the plush or medium plush. Again, remember your weight will also play a role in the firmness you ultimately choose.

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Snooze’s Top 5 Feel-Good Plush Mattresses

Finally, if you’re still here and you meet the criterium of the ideal plush mattress owner and sleeper, let’s have some fun! These top 5 picks are specially curated for the petite or otherwise relatively small side sleeper who needs to find the best mattress quick and be done with it. So, this is for you to save some time, energy, and frustration with your search. We considered all the things like the construction of the mattresses, the edge support in an innerspring mattress or pocket coil mattress, durability, price, quality, the response of the owners of the mattresses, and more. We’re so thrilled to bring you closer to the next and best mattress you’ve ever had with the most thorough process.

12 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress


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Zinus Cloud Mattress: The Full Extra Plush

Our first pick, and in no particular order, is the Zinus Cloud mattress in a 12″ profile. The extra plush memory foam mattress is the makers at Zinus’s interpretation of what’d be like to dream sweet dreams upon a cloud. In their minds, that would be the best sleep you’ve ever had, every single night. The cradling memory foam is conforming to support your every sweet dream and glorious wake-up. The pillow top of plush microfiber blended with the softest foam gives you a running head start falling asleep by providing you the best hug you’ve ever had. While you sink into a luxurious comfort, the comfort layer will meet you right where you are with the green tea and ACTIVcharcoal infused right into the memory foam to ensure the most hygienic mattress you’ve ever owned. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that will keep your mattress fresh and with the active charcoal you won’t need to worry about the moisture soaking into the soft mattress or odors, ever. Then, the mattress’s support layers are, by design, going to give you the relief of all the pressure you’ve acquired through the day to melt and relax away. And you want the 5″ of support high-density base foam, believe us when we say the support foam is what makes the mattress so practical and gives you what you need to balance the extra plushness so you can rise in the morning ready to take on anything. Besides, the other 7″ are all cloud-like softness and luxury to offer you a little piece of heaven all of your very own.

Zinus is very proud to only use CertiPUR-US certified foam for every foam mattress type for every single person they make and to have safer solutions for low emissions or no emissions while producing their mattresses and other sleep products. CertiPUR-US certification is the outstanding performance in rigorous testing all voluntarily. Zinus is proven to be safe for use in your home no matter who’s a part of your household, whether little, old, furry, or scaly, it’s safe for everyone. In fact, the twin mattress is capable of supporting a 250-pound person or a combined weight of a couple. The bigger sizes are made to hold a 500-pound sleeper or a couple of sleepers for the life of the soft mattress.

In other good news, the extra soft mattress carries with it a 10-year limited warranty so you can feel good about this mattress purchase for a long time to come. Besides the warranty, you can feel assured of Amazon’s return ad replacement policies that will allow you a gracious amount of time to either commit or return the mattress. As long as you return it within 30 days from the day it was delivered, you should have no worries about the purchase. When you receive the mattress, you should unbox it then roll it out and allow for the mattress to fluff back up after the vacuum seal made shipping possible. The bed-in-a-box extra soft mattress will be best used 72 hours after unboxing it.

Memory Hybrid Plush | Edge Support | Quilted Foam Cover Mattress

by Linenspa 

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LinenSpa Hybrid Mattress: The Twin XL Plush

Next, we have an equally exciting mattress as the Cloud above, but the plush hybrid mattress is made by LinenSpa. The great thing about this mattress is that it’s a hybrid mattress that makes it useful in any number of situations like the first mattress purchase together couple or a mom or dad that occasionally gives in and lets the kids pile into bed one by one in the middle of the mattress. And the greatest thing about a hybrid is typically the responsiveness and its motion isolation properties even in a plush mattress. This can be the answer to kids, dogs (which are your kids), and even a restless sleeper you may be married to or otherwise involved with that wakes you every time they move making your sleep non-existent. However, with the right hybrid memory foam mattress and the best innerspring mattress pieced together to form the best hybrid mattress you can sleep restfully through the whole night. The isolation and responsive nature of the innerspring mattress combined with the plush and cradling feel of the memory foam will have you asleep in 2 seconds flat every night. And with the pressure relief and the body contouring that a memory foam mattress is famous for, you’ll sleep through anything! And we won’t tell if you hit the snooze on your alarm a few times. Besides chances are that you’ll be up at ’em feeling brand spanking new before your alarm makes a peep with this hybrid mattress. Plus the LinenSpa hybrid high-profile mattress has the edge support that you’d find in an innerspring mattress to protect the provide more durability to it and keep all small living beings on top of the 12′ mattress rather than on the floor.

The CertiPUR-US certified foam within the mattress will ensure that the whole mattress is made with your and your family’s safety in mind. Yes, the voluntary and rigorous testing is to ensure the foam is safe and free of harmful or any chemicals and that includes the flame retardants that are found in every mattress. These days many companies are using salt and other natural fire retardants. The fact that the mattress companies are volunteering their time, money, and effort to test their products will make it safe to assume that they aren’t just skimping out on the rest of the safety protocols.

It’s also safe to assume that the brown flecks that are found in the packaging aren’t some kind of bed bug or anything more than a piece of carbon that made its way into the plastic wrap. When you do get your almost magical mattress, you’ll want to cut it free from the vacuum-sealed plastic and leave it to do its thing for a little while but in most cases, you can safely and comfortably use the mattress that night.

LinenSpa offers free shipping and returns and a 10-year warranty to get you to sleep on your mattress as soon as humanly possible. And it’s worth it to note that the company has a pretty responsive customer-oriented customer care team that’s answering questions and responding to less satisfied customers with a can-do attitude.

Memory Foam Mattress

by Signature Design by Ashley Chime 

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Signature Design Ashley Chime: The Full Plush

The excitement only just goes higher and higher with every mattress we get to share with you. Of course, because it means that you’re going to finally get the sleep of your dreams. But it also means that we’re using our knowledge for the greater good of others’ sleep needs. And you’re going to be pumped about this Signature Design from Ashley home furnishings that has officially joined forces with the bed-in-a-box brigade! The Ashley Chime high-profile ultra-luxe plush mattress comes to your front door in a box just as the others do. The memory foam mattress is made to hug your curves and your pointy parts, too. You’ll fall deeply into the comfort of the soft foam and will be met with a gel memory foam comfort layer to keep you cool as you sleep and to relieve the pressure of a shoulder, a hip, and your legs one at a time as you change sleeping positions through the blissful night. Under all the cushioned plushness, the support foam that you need for a perfect balance of relief and softness is the perfect touch with its added motion isolation to keep you in a deep, restful slumber all night long. You’ll wake up every morning feeling wholly rested and ready for whatever comes your way.

This, too, is a certified CertiPUR-US mattress, in fact, they all are. The fact that the companies here care for you and whoever you bring along for the ride’s health and safety speaks volumes to us here at Snooze. So, for clarity, we will never recommend a product in which we aren’t sure of the quality and safety it carries. Aso, we want to always give you the most reliable information to get the most out of the products seen here. With that, although you can safely use the mattress right away, you will want to unbox the mattress and let it do its thing for 72 hours untouched to get the fluffiest and best mattress out of it.

On a side note, the Signature Design from Ashley’s Chime 12″ profile mattress also comes in a wide array of various types of firmness and all are made to alleviate symptoms of allergies and repel dust mites and pollen, and the like to match every body’s personal needs and preferences for the best mattres

12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

by Zinus 

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Zinus Green Tea Infusion: Full Medium

And before you go taking a double-take, yes, we just shared the magic of another Zinus plush mattress, but really, the company is a stable and worthy one, so we are so glad to have another amazing mattress from them to share with you. This one is also a memory foam infused with green tea and its extracts to ensure the healthiest and cleanest sleep space that’s moisture-wicking and body odor-free with the active charcoal it employs within it. The rejuvenating green tea mattress is a pressure-relieving foam mattress that has layers upon layers of comfort and body-hugging foam to give your pressure points the rest they deserve. Therefore, the relief of your pressure points in turn gives your whole body the relief it craves and deserves. And, somewhere down in the mattress is your perfect high-density support foam that will support your entire body cradling it and hugging it ever so lovingly as you finally get the best sleep of your entire life. The side sleeper and petite sleeper will finally get the right mattress and the best mattress for their favorite sleeping position with the Zinus extra plush and the plush options.

8 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

by Lucid 

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Lucid Gel-Infusion: Twin Plush

The last mattress yet this one is most certainly not the least, with a low profile of 8″ there seems to be a bit of doubt surrounding the mattress’s capabilities. However, you have to experience the luxurious comfort of this small but mighty mattress. It all starts with the ultra-cooling gel memory foam of the mattress. When the deeper gel memory foam like this mattress has, you’re in for a game-changing sleep experience if you’re a hot sleeper. With the body temperature regulating properties coupled with the ability to improve circulation within your body, this mattress will exceed all expectations in one night’s sleep. The one and a half inches of the gel memory foam is followed up by an equally astounding 5 and a half inch support foam system. The support foam is so great for the hot sleepers and all sleepers with having a bamboo and charcoal infusion with the high-density memory foam. The bamboo infusion is an awesome concept of employing all the incredible things that bamboo is known and loved for like temperature-regulation, heat, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial properties. The active charcoal makes an appearance in many of the newer mattresses as a modern hack for a cleaner sleep space for everyone. And it’s greatly appreciated by so many people. And so much so that there have been customers whose deciding factor was in fact, the infusion of the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that naturally repel odor. Just like the properties found in the charcoal infusion.

All of the mattresses here have a variety of profiles, platform bed frame bundles, and “2-for” kinds of deals which are all pretty nice. However, no bundle would be more relevant and practical to share the details of it with the ones who struggle fighting the uphill battle of back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, pregnancy, spondylosis, or spondylolisthesis you are going to finally get your back, back! The Lucid plush mattress, as well as the firm mattress, have a bundle for the best soft mattress and the best adjustable bed base with no clicking around to find both sleep necessities. And it’s a third of the price of the GhostBed Luxe or any of the GhostBed options. It is s worth it and the bundle is a creative and money-saving hack to get you in bed sooner. Not only do the pain sufferers need this mattress and adjustable bed frame bundle, but the couples who can’t decide on the perfect type of mattress or one of you snores and the other tends to sleep kind of wild. We promise the adjustable bed will be your saving grace!

Here’s to Waking Up Feeling Like a Million Bucks

This is it! We’ve enjoyed imparting our knowledge to you and wish we could be there to see which you choose. It gets less helpful for some people to research their next best mattress to click on a link from sites like mattress advisor or the same types, to find a long unmanageable list of one mattress review after another. It’s also easier to trust the integrity of the “best mattress” mattress review when the Plushbeds botanical happiness mattress and the Helix Midnight aren’t possibly listed out of place, leading you to believe they’re better soft mattresses than they may be. What if the best soft mattress in the world is the Nectar mattress? Or maybe it’s the extra-plush cloud? Really, the thing is that the best soft mattress is completely dependent on the sleeper or even a great mattress topper like the Lucid mattress topper to add to the best sleep experience of your life.

Oh man, no matter your decision, it’s surely going to be the best soft mattress decision you ever made. All of this information is our way of giving everyone better sleep because you deserve to wake up every morning, a cup o’ joe in hand, and say to yourself, ” I feel like a million bucks!”. And with this guide, you will!

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